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Since it’s been over a week now, I would like to use this post to ask for your feedback on my new commenting system.

I know sometimes change can be a little challenging to get use to at first when something is different, so I appreciate your openness and willingness to try this new system with me.

I would like your feedback about any technical issues you may be experiencing that are making comments difficult in anyway.

On my end I had a few glitches at the beginning, but it seems to be working well now. However, I’m realistic enough to know that “shit happens” and there may be times when things get “weird” using any commenting system, but I can honestly say that I really like using Intense Debate. It feels more professional and polished, and I love all the great features it offers.

I know that some of you have mentioned in your comments about being cut-off from writing a comment because it was too long. I too have had that happen. But, I discovered this system is set up with a 2000 character minimum in commenting, which means longer comments will have to be broken up into two comments.

Also, some of you have mentioned that your comments disappeared when you clicked publish. They actually didn’t disappear, but rather this system is set up to moderate comments until I publish them. So, no worries, because your wonderful comments are not disappearing.

Some of you have also asked me how to add your avatar to your comments. There are those of you who have already figured out how to do it and they look GREAT! If you would like to add your avatar, simply go to Intense Debate and sign up for a comment account. It’s very easy and it doesn’t take long at all. Once you add your avatar, it will immediately appear within your comments.

So, are there any technical issues you are experiencing?

The whole reason for my adding this new system was to make it fun, easy, and enjoyable for you to comment. But, if it’s not doing those things then I honestly don’t have a problem switching back to Blogger. I will lose all previous comments created with this system if I do that, but I’m willing to have that happen if it means this system is not user-friendly.

Thank you for your feedback, my friends!

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