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As most of you know, whenever I see anything Hello Kitty it feels as though someone threw used kitty litter in my face. However, there seems to be a definite truth in the saying, “Whatever you try to avoid, will come after you.” Such as it is with Hello Kitty. 

 About two weeks after I published my last Miss Kitty post, I just so happened to walk through the children’s clothing and toy section of a department store. And just take a guess at what I saw hanging on one of the walls....
I wanted to SCREAM!

So, I thought since I was already being haunted, why not go online and find a few more hideous images of Hello Kitty and then spew putrid remarks about them on my blog.

And that’s what I decided to do.

Here goes…..

Now isn’t this delightful? Here we have a decorative Hello Kitty Toilet Set. And how appropriate this item has somewhat to do with the act of DEFECATING, because that’s exactly what I felt like doing when I saw this picture. Notice the cute little toilet roll holder. I would almost be tempted to wear it as a headband the next time I gave myself a home facial.

And speaking of headbands, take a gander at THIS. It looks as though Hello Kitty projectile vomited Pepto-Bismol. I guess these are Hello Kitty accessory pieces that a little girl can use to accent her wardrobe. I would sooner have my daughter wearing camouflage fatigues and muddy army boots.

Ok…I don’t like watching television to begin with so if you ever wanted to really torture me, just tie me to a chair and make me watch reruns of The Lawrence Welk Show while viewing them through this Hello Kitty TV. I’d rather have flaming darts thrown at my eyes.

This looks like what a Hello Kitty drag queen would drive around in. I think if I ever got behind the wheel of this automobile, I would have to test drive it into a brick wall.

This is where they'll eventually put me when I go totally INSANE from looking at all-things Hello Kitty. The Hello Kitty Mental Institution. I would sooner live in a cardboard box.

I would like to end this post by sharing a hysterical graphic that my friend Penny emailed me a few days ago.

Thanks, amigo….I laughed my kidneys off.

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