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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have challenges making a decision when it comes to certain things.

And for some reason it’s not when it comes to making major life decisions (those I seem to make with definition), but rather it’s about the simple everyday decisions, like….

…“What should I use my Visa gift card for?”

…“What should I use my Border’s gift card for?

…“What should I use my Starbucks gift card for?”

…“What should I use my Wine and Spirit Store gift card for?”

I think if I used the Wine and Spirit Store gift card first, it may help me decide how to use the other ones.

Hey, can you tell I got a few Christmas Gift Cards this year?

LOVE them!

The reason I’m having a problem deciding exactly what to use them for is because I’m a LIBRA. And a typical Libra tortures themselves by analyzing everything until they can dissect it like a frog in Chemistry class.

You’d swear it was a matter of life and death that I had to make absolutely sure (beyond the shadow of a doubt) to use the gift cards for the BEST possible things.

OY VEY….could you just take out a gun and shoot me, please?

And yet, I know from past experiences when the time is right, I will instantly know what to use them for because it’ll just happen.

Another thing I was having a challenge with, was deciding on which DSL Internet provider I should go with.

And YES….Fred Flintstone has joined the Jetsons and finally signed up for DSL!!

I should have it installed by next week thank you baby Jesus.

All last week I kept vacillating back and forth about whether or not I should simply upgrade the Internet service I already have, or go with a different provider.

And after exhausting myself; doing a week’s worth of research (and STILL couldn’t decide), Monday afternoon I found a letter in my mailbox from Verizon who was offering a faaaaaaabulous DSL special, which also included the phone package I already have.

I mean what could be more ideal, right?

So, I did it.

However, this should be another life-lesson for me; reaffirming what I already knew but often forget.

When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, the time will be right.

The Age of Aquarius.

And the decision will be made.

You silly Libra….

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