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As you can tell from this post and the one I published on Monday, this has been a week of WTF’S.

Ok, here we go…..

First, I ask that you notice the words Time Released Freshness on the laundry product above.

Second, I ask you….WTF???

I bought this detergent about two weeks ago and really like how it cleans my clothes, but I’m having difficulty understanding how the “time released freshness” works.

Indulge me here, as I try to figure out what happens when you put on your clothes after washing them in this stuff.

I mean do you think it works like a time-released Advil or Motrin?

Does the freshness gradually release over a 4 hour period whenever you experience pain?

Or is it like one of those self-winding watches?

Does the freshness gradually release as you move in your clothing throughout the day?

Or perhaps it’s like one of those time released seasick patches you wear on a cruise ship.

Does the freshness gradually release into your skin if you should suddenly get nauseous?

I even thought that perhaps it works like one of those automatic public restroom deodorizers.

Does the freshness gradually release every time it recognizes whenever you sweat or pass gas?

Or maybe, just MAYBE, do you think it’s all just a sales gimmick and the “time released freshness” is nothing but TOTAL….

Yeah….that’s probably it.

Wishing you a weekend of time released freshness, everyone!


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