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During the first year of this blog, I wrote a somewhat similar post about people who stand too close in my personal space.

Since then, I think I’ve begun to understand why some people may do it.

Maybe it’s because I’m extremely sensitive to people’s energy, but I don’t like anyone who I’ve just met, standing too close to me while we’re talking. And when I say close-to-me, I mean like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

THAT close.

Have you ever met people who do that?

I have.

I once had a customer stand so close while she was talking, I felt saying….

“You know, if you stand just a little bit closer you might be able to get a sample of my DNA.”


She was totally oblivious to personal space.

Me, I try to be aware of everyone’s space and will never stand too close while we’re conversing. I’m even more so that way when it comes to contact with little babies and animals. I’m always appalled when I see someone run up to a strange baby and start touching it without any thought of a baby‘s sensitive energy. Or those people who complain about getting their hand bit by a strange dog because they immediately start petting it without first trying to sense if the dog even wants to be petted.

Cat’s have the right idea - they just get up and walk away when their space is being invaded.

Babies and animals have personal space too. And they deserved to be respected.

I also love while in a grocery store, how you’ll be standing there looking at an item on a shelf and someone will walk directly in front of you; stop, then turn their back to you while looking at the same shelf as if you weren’t even standing there. Some people have absolutely no sense of anyone else even being around them.

It seems to me that people are losing their ability to SENSE one another. And I’m beginning to wonder if a lot of that has to do with technology. So much of what we do now-a-days to communicate with one another is from a distance, so we can know longer sense closeness.

Whether it be sensing someone else’s space or even sensing when other’s are around us, has almost become numb.

Perhaps some people have gradually become unaware of personal space through forgetting how to interact and communicate close.

Think about it…..

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