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Spinach is one of my favorite veggies.

Therefore, I eat it a lot.

And when I say a lot…I mean I eat it with EVERYTHING.

With the exception of my morning cereal and my afternoon-delight Dove Dark Chocolate candy bar, I will mix spinach in my salads, pasta, veggie burgers, and soups. You name it, I add it.

I try to eat it raw, but I also found these amazingly inexpensive frozen bags of organic chopped spinach at Trader Joes. So, sometimes I’ll use that instead of the raw stuff.

However, there is one BIG challenge when eating spinach. And that is, removing it from between your teeth.

I don’t care how much I floss, brush, rinse, and douche, I will still find particles of spinach floating around in my mouth 8 hours later.

Can someone please tell me....where the HELL does it hide?

And heaven help me if I should eat spinach while dining in a restaurant. You’re not going to believe this, and please don’t tell anyone, but I now carry dental floss and a small compact mirror in my backpack so I can check my teeth after eating. I’m surprise with my OCD tendencies, I also don’t carry around a flashlight and a portable water pik.

This reminds me of a funny story that will show you just how evil I can be.

I once had a friend who was equally as paranoid about having food between her teeth. One time while she and I were having lunch somewhere, she ordered something with spinach. However, on that particular day I did not. So, when she finished her meal she immediately asked……

(grinning her teeth at me)

“Ron, quick….look at my teeth, do you see any spinach?”

(and after examining her mouth very carefully)

I said, “No, hun….none at all.

See....I told you I was evil.

Have a FABU weekend everyone!


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