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I am your humble and obedient servant.

I will fetch your paper, bring your slippers, and protect you when you are in danger.

I will lay down my life for you.

If need be, I will hold my pee-pee in until you wake up in the morning.

I will patiently await for you to feed me. Take your time, I can wait all day.

I will love you through all eternity.....


I look GOOD, don't I?

I will permit you to stand there and gaze upon me, however please don't touch.

Tomorrow, and if I'm in the mood, I may allow you to scratch me under my chin. But only for a minute.

Please be sure to sift my litter box on a hourly basis, because I don’t like stepping over my own feces.

For now please feed me, then you are discharged.

I just know you would love to love me.

However, take number and wait in line.....

Cats and Dogs

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