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Last week my dear friend Leesa emailed me an adorable video commercial clip from France.

When I saw it, I HOWLED!

Not only was it funny, but so imaginative.

Leesa was kind enough to find the commercial(s) on You Tube and then emailed them to me for this post, because I was unable to embed the video from France.


Now, what I found interesting about this commercial is that it was supposedly banned from showing on American television because of being too, I guess, promiscuous?

Oh excuse me, I guess it’s perfectly ok to expose American adults and children to the surplus of violence, crime, destruction, and sexual innuendo's on television, but god forbid they show a cute little hedgehog trying to hump a scouring sponge, because I guess then it’s considered terribly taboo.


However, I for one thought it was brilliantly inventive and would make anyone go out and buy a dozen of these sponges.

And perhaps even a pet hedgehog.

They’re one of the most precious little creatures that look like a triple-crossbreed between a mouse, a racoon and a porcupine.

So, here’s the commercial for your viewing.

I hope you all smile as much as I did.

Thank you France, for an ingenious commercial.

And you GO little hedgehog......get your rocks off!

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