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I totally think it’s flawless that on the day I published my previous post, something happened that reflected the vulnerability of doubt and following my gut.

Isn’t that always the case ?

You talk about something and then it happens.

Wednesday morning while having my cup of coffee, I got a call from my boss sharing that my hours at work had suddenly been reduced.

And by quite a bit, I might add.

I can’t say I’m surprised and I’m not at all upset with my company, because everyone in my industry has been experiencing hourly reductions and layoff’s since last year. I on the other hand, have not. But I’ve never been naive or cocky to think that it couldn‘t happen. I have and always will, treat my job with respect and appreciation.

I have the type of job that allows me a tremendous amount of wonderful freedom, because I’m not constricted by a fixed schedule. I can work whenever I want, so long as I get the hours in. I get paid a great hourly salary and on top of that, I love my job. However, with that freedom comes the knowingness that my position could be eliminated or reduced at any moment, because what I do is a type of position that is usually first trimmed in this industry. That’s the reality of my job, but I love doing it, so I take that chance.

But, let me tell you how this whole thing played out.

It’s interesting to look back a few weeks ago, and see that something was being formed to prepare and support me for this moment.

I was offered a hefty amount of freelance hours for this month from a company I sometimes work for, but was very hesitant to take them because I didn’t want them to conflict with the hours I was already working for my own company. However, something in my “gut” told me to take them, so I did.

Not only that, but when I got to work on Wednesday this same company offered me even more hours.

And not only that, but after telling one of the managers at work that my hours had been reduced, she told me they just so happen to be looking for someone to fill a part-time freelance position with one of the men’s skincare lines, and that she would gladly give my name and number to the company.

And by end of the day, I was offered the job.

I am so fucking grateful.

So, between the hours I already work, and the additional hours I will be getting from the other two companies, I’ll be just fine for now. Later, I’ll simply have to trust that other companies will continue to offer me hours to supplement my income.

Do I feel vulnerable?

Yes, of course.

But, I’ll just keep following my gut.

Have a SUPER-DUPER weekend everyone!


Note: Starting next week and for the remainder of the month, I will be posting off-schedule. I’ll be working a lot, so my time will tight. However, I will be responding to comments and visiting you all whenever I am at home. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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