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Since my personal and professional life are primarily surrounded by females, I know without a shadow of a doubt that at least 90% of woman LOVE shoes.

And not only do they love them, but they COLLECT them.

Shoes for woman are about as mandatory and crucial as a T.V. remote is for a man.

Many women have an unquenchable thirst that prevents them from walking past a shoe store without feeling the gravitational pull of shoeaholicism.

I also know that several of you ladies have discovered clever ways to smuggle home new pairs of footwear, so your husbands and boyfriends won’t discovered that you bought, yet ANOTHER pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

And trust me, I know this to be a fact because quite often female shoppers will confide in me, while selecting a new shade of lipstick to go with their new Manolo Blahnik Red Satin Cross d’Orsay Slingbacks.

“OMG…my husband is going to divorce me when he finds out I bought another pair of shoes. I’ll have to hide them in the trunk of my car until he goes to sleep tonight, when I can finally bring them into the house and try them on again, before I hide them in at the attic with the Christmas decorations until I need to wear them to a cocktail party, at which point I’ll tell my husband that I had them for five years….he just never noticed.”

Honestly though, I can totally understand WHY women have more shoes than men.

Women need to have different styles and colors for various outfits.

Overall, it’s much more expensive for women to dress, than men.

Woman have so many more accessory items, such as jewelry, pantyhose, lingerie, purses, hair products, and cosmetics.

But when it comes to shoes, they seem to have more pairs than humanly possible to wear in one lifetime.

So, I ask you ladies.

Do you wear them all?

Or do you just collect them like rare stamps?

*Shoe Stamp created at Zazzle.

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