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The wonderful thing about blogging is that it allows us to reach across the globe, meeting people we may have never had the chance to otherwise know.

We communicate through little snippets called posts; sharing our daily thoughts, life stories, viewpoints, and talents.

I’ve often shared on this blog that I can tell more about a person through the energy of their written words, than I could if I was standing in front of them.

Words are energy.

Energy is universal.

Therefore, it reaches far and wide.

Blogs are like having our own little spaces in the Universe that gradually connect us to other little spaces, as we form a web around the world.

Even though we may celebrate different holidays, blogging unites us in celebrating them together; giving us a clearer understanding of all the various cultures, spiritual beliefs, and traditions.

For me, blogging has been such an amazing education because it’s opened my mind and soul to a wealth of knowledge.

During this time of Spring, we may each be celebrating various holidays, however I believe they are all in some way, celebrating a time of renewal.

For me, it’s Easter.

And I can’t help but be honest, and say there is a part of me that really gets into the whole manmade commercialism of this holiday, because I love dyed Easter eggs, black jelly beans, Cadbury cream eggs, and I still believe in the Easter Bunny.

However, I HATE marshmallow Peeps.

(I would rather eat a handful of sugarcoated thumbtacks)

So, whatever holiday you may be celebrating at this time, I just want say “Happy Celebration and Renewal.”

And even if you’re not celebrating a holiday, I hope this photo brings a smile to your heart…..

Thank you everyone, for always sharing your cute little butts with mine.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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