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The other day I decided to take a walk through one of my favorite stores in the whole wild world, Anthropologie.

I hadn't been in since the beginning of the summer, so I was there close to an hour oohing and ahhing over all delicious eye candy.

I spent most of my time downstairs in the home department because I wanted to investigate their unique selection of candles.

The bad thing about going into an Anthropologie is that once you get in there, you find that thing you went in for is usually forgotten because you end up getting distracted by so many other things.

So, I'm warning you....put your blinders on.

Here are some of items that really caught my eye...

The flickering warmth of candlelight gives new life to gracefully weathered mangrove branches and mouth-blown, recycled glass.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry Chandelier

An elegant art installation for your dining room or kitchen, this collection of vintage silverware creates a sparkling centerpiece. Handcrafted by Jose Esteves for Interieurs, each chandelier is exquisitely unique.

Scrolling metal is an intricate foil for the diamond-cut glass of this stately knob.

As if rendered by an artist's brush, this cushy chair is brimming with color and life. Its marriage of daubed-and-dabbled cotton upholstery, a stylized headrest and classic hardwood legs make it both modern and traditional.

Glazed explosions of shimmering color, like supernovas on a delicate, dainty scale. Minneapolis potter Kerry Brooks makes each set by hand in her studio; variations from set to set are natural and make each set delightfully unique.

Inky tentacles swirl up from the sea to cradle your coffee or tea.

A refreshing take on candlelight, formulated to burn for hours with an enduring fragrance. The natural essences and containers crafted from recycled glass add something special to every room.

*items listed in this post may be limited.

To find out more about these items and all the delicious home accents Anthropologie offers, please visit their at home department.


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