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I can't help it. I'm one of those crazy people who loves Christmastime and all the things that go with it, such as: Christmas movies, Christmas music, and Christmas decorations. I feel like a child this time of year, all giddy and excited, wanting to savor every single minute of it.

Even at work, I love singing along with and dancing to the Christmas music we play at the store. And what's really funny is that I never tire of it. In fact, I'm listening to Christmas music right now as I type this post. Even when it's not Christmas, I will sometimes listen to Christmas music.

Yup, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this time of year!

And honestly, Christmas has never been about buying presents for people I know, or expecting others to buy presents for me. I could care less about those things. What I like about this time of the year is how happy, hopeful, and uplifted I feel. My heart feels more open, lighthearted and compassionate.

I also get a bit melancholy and teary-eyed for those people in my life who have passed on, such as my mother and father, who I still miss dearly. Christmastime, especially, has a way of reminding us of the people who deeply touched our lives and the love we shared. Christmas can be bittersweet. Yet, I find that if I allow myself to remember how much I loved those people who are no longer with me, that love is what moves me from feeling bitter to sweet. It's as if the love soothes the heartache.

So perhaps that's what it's all about. Christmas is a reminder for us to not only feel the spirit during the month of December, but all-year long.

One of the things I like to do during this holiday season is to walk around the city and take pictures of all the Christmas decorations. So that's what I did last week, I strolled around Philly and photographed Christmassy things that caught my eye.

Please enjoy...

Oh, and just look at who I spotted one night last week walking around City Hall, waving at people and spreading the Christmas spirit.

Yup, it was that jolly ol' man in the red suit...

Wishing you, your family and loved ones, a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

And love to you all!

*Just in case you're interested and haven't listened to enough Christmas music (ha!), here are five of my many, many favorites...

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