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"Cemeteries should be more than places where stones lie on the ground.
Cemeteries hold the stories of the people who have lived in the past...
people who have shaped our past."

Most people think of cemeteries as scary, spooky places you want to avoid.

But not me.

I see cemeteries as places of immense peacefulness, sacredness, and history.

I actually find visiting cemeteries a beautiful experience.

Philadelphia, being such an old American city, is graced with some of the most gorgeous cemeteries; many of which date back to the early 1700's. And what I particularly like about the cemeteries here is that they're small and very intimate.

There are times, such as now, during the fall and winter months, when I especially enjoy walking through and spending quite time within these resting places. There is something about this time of the year that makes these graveyards seem extra special. The seasonal ambiance seems to amplify their historical and spiritual beauty.

This past Tuesday, I took a nice long walk through several of my favorite cemeteries in the oldest section of Philadelphia, Society Hill.

And the overcast sky and chilly temperatures that day created the perfect backdrop.

Please enjoy...

As I was exiting one of the cemeteries, I noticed a rose bush with a pink rose on one of its branches. I thought it beautiful, yet oddly unusual for this time of year...

But at the same time, it reminded me of one of my favorite sayings that seemed extremely appropriate for a cemetery; serving as a reminder...

"Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday."

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

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