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Yes, I have a thing for windows and doors. It's a cross between an addiction and a lust-after.

I see windows and doors as having their own unique personality and character. I can spend hours just walking the streets, hunting for interesting windows and doors.

I also see them as being symbolic; therefore inspirational...

Today I would like to share some photographs I took last year and the beginning of this year, that caught my eye.

Please enjoy some window and door lust...

The old Lit Brothers department store windows on Market Street. Aren't they faaaabulous?

An apartment building on Spruce Street

An abandoned building in Old City

Doors of Saint Mark's Episcopal Church on Locust Street

Fork Restaurant in Old City

French bistro along Rittenhouse Square

An open apartment window in Center City

I spotted this marvelous rustic, decaying door along a side street in Society Hill. Such character!

Urban decay in Old City, Philadelphia

The Barclay Condominiums along Rittenhouse Square

Have a terrific week everyone!

* the photograph at the head of this post was taken inside the New York City Public Library

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