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I know that I must have shared in previous posts about my love of trains and train travel.

My fascination with trains began when I was a kid in the 1960's, and my mother would take my brother and I into the city via the train. It was always such a treat. I can still recall how much I enjoyed the motion of the train and how relaxed it made me feel. Many times I would fall asleep as the train clickety-clacked and swayed over the tracks, while watching the outside scenery swoosh past me. To me, trains were just the coolest things ever!

Then, sometime in the 1970's, I saw the Agatha Christie murder-mystery movie Murder on the Orient Express, which made me fall even more in love with trains because of how elegant and classy the Orient Express appeared. And it was at that moment I developed a fantasy of one day taking a trip on the Orient Express, and (like in the movie), getting stranded by a snow storm, while trying to figure out the who's who in the whodunit...

About the Orient-Express...

The classic Orient-Express ran between Paris and Istanbul, but new routes (and variations on the name) were developed. In its pre-war years, it was associated with elegance, luxury and culinary excellence. It originally stopped running in 1977, was then beautifully restored and put back into service and runs from London & Paris to Venice, known as the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.


The classic overnight journey from London to Venice, or vice versa, costs from £1,920 ($2,398.) per person based on two sharing a double cabin and includes all table d’hote meals. The new seven-night package from Venice to Stockholm, including two nights at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice, two nights aboard the train, one night in Copenhagen and two nights in Stockholm at The Grand Hotel, costs from £4,860 ($6,079.) per person, including flight from and to London.

Prices for the annual journey from Paris to Istanbul (which is the one I'm interested in) start at £11,000 ($13,738.) per person. WOW!

Therefore, at that rate, I think my fantasy will always remain a fantasy.

However, let's just pretend that we all had an extra £11,000 ($13,738.) in our savings account and were able to take a trip on the Orient-Express.

Are you ready? Bags all packed? Okay, here we go.

Standing on the platform, we see the majestic train entering the station in Paris...

The staff members greet us warmly, by giving us a wave and a smile...

We then hear someone shout, "All aboard!"
And away we go....

I mean, could you just die?
Look at how stunning this train is...

*Above photos: Social cars 

Cocktail car

Dining car

Dinner is served!


Second-class sleeper 


First-class sleeper (what a beautiful way to fall asleep, hu?)

And in the morning...breakfast is served!

Two hours later, we arrive at our final destination, Istanbul...

Well, I hope you enjoyed this fantasy trip aboard the Orient-Express...

*please take a moment to watch this one minute video clip...

Have a grrreat rest of your week everyone!

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