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Judging from other blogs I read, I've noticed that much of the US (and Europe too) are experiencing the same kind of Spring. It's been like a yo-yo of up and down and back and forth. We'll get two days in which it's warm and sunny, then for the next four days it's dark, cold and rainy. In fact, today we had severe thunderstorms, lightening, and a chilly temperature of 41 degrees. However, yesterday was sunny and almost 80 degrees. It's been such a year of bi-polar weather because even last Autumn and Winter were so uncommon and unpredictable. I have a feeling that we'll get more cold weather this month, so I have no intention of moving my warmer clothes to the back of my closet just yet. I can remember many years ago when we had a snowstorm in late April, I kid you not!

Anyway, about a week and a half ago I decided to get out of the city for the day, and took a train to Chestnut Hill in the hopes of capturing early flowers in bloom. Chestnut Hill is only about 25 minutes outside of the city but it feels as if you're waaaaaaaaaaaay out in the country. It's quite charming because it has a vintage and cozy feel. My grandparents were from Chestnut Hill.

On the day I went, it was warm but kind of overcast. The sun would periodically show its shinning face for a few minutes, and then suddenly hide it behind a blanket of clouds.

After eating some lunch, I fired up my camera and walked all over the little town; snapping pictures of any flowers I could find. And I was happy to see that there were a lot more than I thought there would be. Flowers have a way of instantly putting a smile on your face, don't they?

Here, take a look...

Don't you just adore cherry blossoms?

Green and pink are my two favorite colors (besides black), so I had to take a picture of these beauties.

The main street of Chestnut Hill (Germantown Ave) reminds me very much of a little country town setting in an old-time movie. *notice the brick streets

Many of the homes here are constructed of stone. You don't see this kind of craftsmanship anymore, do you?

Another Chestnut Hill home. 

I love (and collect) Buddha statues, so I had to take a picture of these.

Lucky for me, a cute little bee landed on this flower the moment I clicked the shutter.

I freaking LOVE this house because it looks spooky and haunted. It reminds me of the house in Psycho. I can almost see Norman Bate's mother in one of the upper windows!

The center of these pansies look like a face, don't they?

And have a grrrrrreat weekend!

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