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I know that summer doesn't officially start until June 21st, however, I don't think the city of New York realized that on Monday when I went into Manhattan, where the temperature reached 96 degrees with what seemed to be 100% humidity. So in reality, it was more like 105.

OH. MY. GOD.....I thought I was going to keel over and die!

If I was an egg, I would have been a fried omelette on the pavement.

As you all well know, I adore NYC more than my own life. Yet, it is a place that is very challenging for me during the summer months because it's like a furnace. And as you also well know, I HATE BEING HOT!

When I made my bus reservations, I didn't realize what the weather was going to be like until the day before I was set to go. So, I bucked up and decided to enjoy the city in spite of the HOTTER THAN HELL HEAT.

To show you just how hot it was, look closely at the photograph above of Central Park. Do you see the bluish cast over the buildings behind the trees? Well, that's actually hot steamy humidity hovering over the city, I kid you not.

That day, I drank five bottles of ice-cold electrolyte water to cool off and replenish my fluids because I could not stop sweating. I bet I lost 10 pounds just from the water-loss. I kept running into stores to use their air-conditioning. I had planned on visiting many different sections of the city that day, but just couldn't. I stayed pretty much in Midtown Manhattan.

Anyhoo...I would like to share some photographs of Monday. So please pour yourself a nice cold glass of iced tea, or even a Blood Mary, beer, or Mimosa if you prefer. And enjoy New York City - 105 in the shade...

The famous Paris Theatre (the exterior of this movie theater has been used in many films and television shows).

A typical New York City street food vendor.

Fountain in front of The Plaza (this location has also been used in countless movies and television shows).

A candid shot of a NYC policeman petting a cute greyhound dog on Madison Avenue.

You see these taxi bikes all along Central Park, charging 3-4 dollars per minute. At that rate, it would be cheaper to take a plane to Europe!

One of the entrances to the infamous Bergdorf Goodman (notice the man dressed in black, bent over. I think he was getting ready to pass out from the freaking heat).

I LOVE the architecture of this building. It's located along Bryant Park.

Water fountain in Central Park.

Colorful summer hats sold by a street vendor.

Gilded statue in Grand Army Plaza.

The Peninsula New York - isn't it stunning?

I laughed my ass off when I read these two signs sold by a street vendor!

These next three photographs are of rush hour (5-6 o'clock) in Manhattan.


Only in the New York City will you find Mona Lisa on the corner of a building along 5th Avenue. 

And that's why I love this city so much. Everything is bigger than life!

*including the heat

Have a faaaaaaabulous rest of your week everyone!

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