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To be honest, since purchasing my first smartphone a year and a half ago, I've hardly downloaded any apps because besides taking up too much storage space, having an overabundance of apps makes me feel overwhelmed because I'm OCD about clutter of any kind. I realize that many people have a ton of apps on their phone, but I'm boring, I pretty much have the basics. I've even figured out how to turn off and avoid updates on all the bloatware my phone initially came with that I'll never use. I mainly use my smart phone for listening to music (on Pandora or You Tube) while taking walks, posting on Instagram, checking emails, and occasional texting. I barely use it to make calls because if I need to make a call and know that it will be lengthy, I'd much rather use my home phone.

To show you how little I use apps, here is a photo of my phone screen...


I recently downloaded an app on my phone that was recommended by someone I work with because she knew I'd LOVE it. And she was right...I DO!

It's called Bitmoji. Those of you who are more app savvy than I am probably already know about it. But if you don't, it's an app that allows you to create your own personal emoji/avatar that resembles you (and it's uncanny how much my emoji looks like me). You can even change the clothes and accessories anytime you wish. You can use your emoji by attaching it to text messages, emails, and other cool things. And what's particularly fabulous about this app is that it continually updates new scenes for your emoji.'s so much FUN!!!!

Here, take a look at some of mine...

Practicing good oral hygiene.
My imitation of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. "Burn baby, burn!"
Yup, I enjoy a glass of red wine every evening. In fact, I'm sipping a glass this very second. caught me in the shower! caught me doing a poo!
Bon appetit!
This will be my logo if I ever open my own Italian restaurant that will be called, "Mangia, Mama Mia!"
Yogi Ronnie
Striking a pose on the runway during Fashion Week in New York City. Don't you love the "attitude" on my face? I think I look a lot like supermodel Cindy Crawford.
Gay Super Hero

This last one is my fave because it expresses my favorite (and often used) finger gesture...

I was a graduate of F.U. University.

Have a grrrrrreat weekend, y'all!

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