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Spring is probably the shortest season of them all. So when it arrives, you have to get out there fast and capture it. Last year it went from Spring to Summer in 15 mins. 

Like so many of you, the weather here has been psychotic. For instance, several days ago we had temperatures in the 80's, but then today and tomorrow it's supposed to drop into the 40's. We also had a few days when it was warm and cold within the same day, and within the same hour. It was odd to see half the city's population wearing coats, scarves and gloves, while the other half was wearing shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops on the same day. 

I feel so bad for the poor little flowers because they don't know whether to wake up or stay sleeping. 

Fortunately, two days last week we had gorgeous Spring-like weather, so the flowers and trees went wild with blossoming. Therefore, I grabbed my camera and spent those days snapping photos.

Like Autumn, Spring brings with it lots and lots of color to feast your eyes on. 

Please enjoy signs of Spring...

Oh wait, and look at this. On the way home I walked through a park and found an odd-looking flower growing in one of the flower beds.

I looked it up online and discovered that it's a rare biological species known as, a "Binky"...

Have a colorful weekend, y'all!


  1. Ron, I love the signs of Spring you've photographed here (and the "Binky" flower cracked me up!!) It's almost sad that Spring is so short, considering how beautiful the flowers are. Maybe we really can't expect them to be gorgeous and long-lived at once, but we do, don't we?

    I have no clue what those white, spiky things are, but I love the Tulips, Daffodils, Redbud, and Hydrangea. Looks like you found a perfect day with clear, blue skies for your photo shoot, too.

    Enjoy the weekend to come. I understand we're expecting rain. Again. Sigh. xx

  2. Ron, you totally caught me off guard when you talked about a rare species and then saw that it was a BINKY LOL!!!!!! Oh my god, how funny you are! Your photographs are gorgeous. The color you captured is truly why Spring is one of my favorite season. My other being, Fall.

    Same here, the weather has been like a yo-yo. Up and down every week. I haven't put away my winter coat yet because I'm unsure as to when it will be over.

    Happy Spring, Ron! xo

  3. Lol, at a quick glance, that pacifier is flower-like! You found so many gorgeous blooms. Our dogwoods are still weeks away from blooming. And where the heck did you find hydrangea? They don’t bloom until July here. Aren’t the trees glorious? I enjoy them so much on my walks. Crabapples, redbuds, cherry blossoms, Bradford pear trees, all beautiful right now. Thanks for brightening my day! XO

  4. Aw...thank you, Debbie! Aren't the colors of Spring so beautiful? Like Autumn, Spring puts a smile on my face!

    Tee-hee! Can you believe I spotted that binky in a flower bed? I immediately thought, "How the heck did it get there? Did the baby throw it from its mouth or what?!?"

    "Maybe we really can't expect them to be gorgeous and long-lived at once, but we do, don't we?"

    Yes, you're right, we do. And just like Autumn too. I wish those colors would last forever.

    I don't know what those white, spiky things are either. I spotted them in a park that I go to, right in front of Independence Hall. I thought they were so beautiful.

    We had a lot of rain a few days ago, but it's been really beautiful the past couple of days - cooler, but beautiful.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a terrific weekend!

  5. Ha! I just couldn't resist, Candice!

    Thank you! I felt so lucky to have captured those past two days when the weather was so beautiful and the flowers were blooming. I love this time of year, however, it is very short-lived, just like Autumn.

    "Same here, the weather has been like a yo-yo. Up and down every week. I haven't put away my winter coat yet because I'm unsure as to when it will be over."

    Meeeeeeeeee neither! In fact, I had to wear a jacket AND an thermal vest underneath because it was very brisk outside today. I met a friend for coffee early this morning (at 8AM) and it was still very chilly. However, you know me, I LOVE the colder weather, so I was in heaven.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend Have a grrrrrrrreart rest of your day and weekend!


  6. "Lol, at a quick glance, that pacifier is flower-like!"

    I know, right? So the second I spotted it, I thought, "'s a BINKY flower!!!"

    "And where the heck did you find hydrangea? They don’t bloom until July here."

    That one particular photograph I took one day last week when I took the train out to a place called, Ardmore. It's about 22 minutes outside of the city, but you would swear you were HOURS outside of Philly because it's so completely different. I took that photo at an outside shopping center area in Ardmore called, Suburban Square. Those hydrangea were in the planters that were displayed all around the square. Aren't they beautiful? In an upcoming post, I'm going to be sharing photographs of Ardmore. I love that place!

    And yes....the trees right now are GLORIOUS!!! That's why I got outside fast and took a load of photos, to capture them in all their glory.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a faaaaaaaabulous weekend!


  7. Such gorgeous, perfectly compose flowers and tree blossoms!! I am in awe of the beauty!

    IAM rolling with the binky flower!! That's great; made me giggle.

  8. Aw, thank you, Anni! Spring and Autumn are such amazing seasons for color. LOTS and LOTS of color!

    Yeah, and how about that rare species called a BINKY!? LOL! I just about died laughing when I spotted it on the ground.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  9. Ron, I cracked the hell up when I saw (and read about your biological species BINKY finding)! HILARIOUS!

    All kidding aside though, these photographs are absolutely gorgeous! The color just POPS off the screen. I really love that final one of the white cherry blossom tree and the trellis/gazebo. I love how the sunlight beams on the wall and grass. It almost looks like a painting. What camera do you use?

    I too love this time of year, along with Autumn. Color, color, everywhere!

    Thank you for sharing the signs of Spring, Ron. Just lovely.

  10. Hey there, Daniel!

    Yeah, can you believe that binky species? RARE indeed. HA!

    Thank you for your kind words. I took that photo in a park down by Independence Hall. I love that little area with the gazebo. In Summer, the whole area is filled with bright-colored flowers. It's nice to sit there and just take in their beauty. I use a Canon Rebel t5 camera. However, I took that particular photograph with my cell phone because I had put my camera in my backpack and didn't want to pull it back out.

    Don't you just adore the color that comes with Spring and Autumn?

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Daniel! Have a great weekend!


  11. Hey, Ron, you found my Binky! Thanks, dude!

    Seriously, though, these photos are fantastic--as always! You have such a great eye!

    These colors are so beautiful they're helping me forget about this psychotic weather we're having!

    It was freezing in New York today, but we're supposed to be near 70 by Saturday--go figure.

    Great post, buddy! Hopefully Spring will get the hint and stick around for a while. Have a most excellent weekend!

  12. Bwhahahahahahaha! Rob, that cracked me up! No worries, I'll mail it to you FEDEX, you'll have it over night! LOL!

    Thank you. I love this time of year with all it's color. I was glad I was able to get out there with my camera for those two really nice days.

    "It was freezing in New York today, but we're supposed to be near 70 by Saturday--go figure."

    Same here! Tonight it's going down to 35 degrees, but then into the 70's by the weekend. I never know what to wear when I go outside because the mornings are cold, but then it heats up by mid-afternoon, and then gets cold again at night.

    Have a faaaaaaaabulous weekend, buddy! And thanks so much for stopping by!


  13. Ron, you're spot on about the weather (everywhere) being psychotic because it's the same here. I never know what to wear when I leave for work in the morning because the weather changes mid-day. I've been leaving a jacket at work just in case I need it when I leave for the day.

    Your pictures are beautiful. You seem to have much more color in your location than we do here. You have such a talented eye for composition.

    Happy weekend, Ron!

  14. Thanks for letting me know what camera you use, Ron. I'm seriously thinking of investing in a good camera instead of using my cellphone. I want to learn more about photography.

  15. Morning, Clair!

    Isn't it something how crazy the weather has been? And like you said, it's everywhere. Even in Europe.

    I hear you about not knowing how to dress in the morning because you never know if the weather will suddenly change midday. Yesterday when I left in morning it was chilly, so I worn a thermal vest and a light jacket. However, by lunchtime it was so freaking warm, I had to strip everything off, down to just my shirt.

    I'm surprised by how much color we have here because normally it come late and then disappears so quickly. I was so glad to have got these shots while the color was bright.

    Have a terrific weekend, my friend. And thanks for stopping by!


  16. You are very welcome, Daniel! I purchase my camera many years ago and got it on sale. I also had a $100.00 gift card so it brought the price down to a very affordable price. I got my camera at Best Buy.

  17. Oh Ron, your BINKY remark made me ROFLMAO! You are so damn funny, dude!

    And as always, your photography is gorgeous. You captured the true beauty of Spring within your images.

    Yesterday we had cold temps, but this weekend it's supposed to go up into the high 70's. CRA-ZY!

  18. Aw....thank you, Matt! I was so lucky get out there those two days to capture Spring before it vanished.

    When I saw that binky, I laughed my ass off. I'm sure the people walking by me were thinking, "What the hell is that guy taking a picture of?!?"

    Yup, same here. Yesterday was chilly, yet this weekends' forecast calls for much warmer temps.

    Thanks for stopping by, Matt. Have a most excellent weekend!


  19. Ron, THIS is the thing I miss most about no longer living in the Northeast and having four seasons. I dear miss Spring and Fall. God, how I miss them!

    As always, dear man, your photos just POP off the screen. The color, composition, and clarity are a-mazing. The pink and white cherry blossoms are my favorites. Such incredible color. And the hydrangea look they are so soft and satiny.

    Even here in Florida the weather has changed. It feels all topsy-turvy. And our summers are getting much more hot than they used to.

    Thank you for sharing the beauty of Spring, Ron. Gorgeous! xox

  20. Hola Denise!

    Me too. In fact, it wasn't until I moved back East and began experiencing the seasons, did I realize just how much I MISSED them.

    Thank you for your kind words. I really enjoyed taking these photos. And I was so lucky to have off on the two days the weather was so gorgeous. This week, I plan on taking the train outside the city to see if I can capture anymore color before it all goes away. I have a feeling Summer is going to come in May and be EXTREMELY hot and humid. God, how I dread summer in the city. UGH!

    Hope you're having a fantastical weekend, girl! And thanks for stopping by!


  21. Each and everyone of these pics are gorgeous, Ron! The colors you captured is exquisite. I can't imagine living anywhere where I didn't experience the change of seasons. You're right, the weather has been psycho. Fall and Spring are the shortest lived, while Summer and Winter are starting later, but lasting longer. Even though I'm not a fan of Summer (because of the heat) like you, it makes me look forward to things cooling off in the Fall (which is my personal favorite season).

    "I looked it up online and discovered that it's a rare biological species known as, a "Binky"..." Hubby and I both laughed at that!

    Have a wonderful week, Ron! xo

  22. Helloooooooo there, Elaine!

    Thank you! :) And me too, I LOVE the change of seasons. And I didn't realize how much I did until I moved back East in 2001 and experienced them again.

    "Fall and Spring are the shortest lived, while Summer and Winter are starting later, but lasting longer. " are so right about that. I remember when I was a kid and we would start to get colder weather at the end of October. Now, however, we don't get colder (Autumn/Winter) weather until January. Last October we had temps in the 80's!!!! Me too, Autumn is my favorite. But I also love Winter. Crazy, I know. LOL!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, neighbor. Hope you're enjoying a super-duper week!


  23. Ron, I noticed your "What I'm Watching At The Moment" on the sidebar of your blog and wanted to say that I'm watching that series too and am really enjoying it. Isn't she wonderful as Julia Child?

  24. OMG, isn't the series FABULOUS?!?!?! I discovered it completely by accident when I spotted the trailer on You Tube and then found out I could stream it through the free website I use. And YES...she Is freaking BRILLIANT as Julia Child. I am so enjoying it too, and hate to see it end :(

  25. This was just the post to pick me up and improve my attitude! April was such a hectic month for me that I blinked and spring was gone. Our weather has been just as psychotic and it was so disappointing to not be able to enjoy it when I did have time. I love, Love, LOVE your spring captures. They are gorgeous! The white tree blooms look like clouds. But, I'm very unfamiliar with the type of flower in that last shot! I was able to cut and bring my double daffodils into the house before they were blown away or froze to death. Their scent was heavenly. I hope you're enjoying life these days. X

  26. I agree with what those who commented before me have said, Ron, these are some fabulous colors of spring. It gives me hope that soon the weather will remain consistently warm in Nashua, NH. Binky flowers are not just found anywhere, so must be unique to your part of PA πŸ˜‰.

    The red blooming tree in front of that office building was outstanding and really popped with color. I was intrigued with the pinkish flowers around the tree in the first photo and wondered if you knew the name of this one.

  27. Aw...thank you, D! I was sooooooooooooooooooo happy that I had those two days to get outside and capture these photographs because for you know it, Spring is gone.

    " Binky flowers are not just found anywhere, so must be unique to your part of PA πŸ˜‰."

    LOL! Yup, I think it's PA's national flower!!!

    The red blooming tree in front of that office building is a red/pink dogwood tree. And I think (not sure though) the pinkish flowers around the tree in the first photo are Redbuds.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, D! Hope you're enjoying a faaaaaabulous Spring!


  28. Hey there Lisa!

    Thank you! Glad you smiled :) I did to when I went outside those two days and saw how the flowers and trees were starting to show their color. LOVE IT!

    Isn't it something how FAST Spring comes and goes? And it seems to get shorter and shorter every year.

    " But, I'm very unfamiliar with the type of flower in that last shot!" LOL!!!!!! Me too, that's why I had to Google it!

    Don't ya just love the look and scent of daffodils? They look like such HAPPY flowers, don't they?

    Hope all is well with you and that you're able to get out there and enjoy Spring before Summer rushes in at 95 degrees.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend!


  29. Ron, did you see the final episode? Wasn't it fantastic? I hated to see it end as well. I loved this series so much, I may just start from the beginning and watch it again. LOL!

  30. Yes, I watched the last episode on the 5th and I freaking LOVED it. The final scene was so touching, it literally brought me to tears. Such a great story, acted by such GREAT actors and actresses. I googled Sarah Lancashire because I had never heard of her and wanted to see her filmography. I look forward to seeing more of her films.

  31. Beautiful!! I love dogwoods and redbuds. Oh, who am I kidding, I love ALL flowering plants! I planted a fothergilla (7th photo, the shite spiky one) recently. It's a native and a cool plant, I think. The butterflies love it.

  32. "Oh, who am I kidding, I love ALL flowering plants! "

    LOL! I know you do! And you are soooooooooo talented with plants and flowers. You have such a GREEN thumb!

    And thank you SO MUCH for sharing the name of that plant (the white spikey one) because people have been asking me what it is and I had no idea. I took a photo of it, though, because I thought it was such an unusual-looking and beautiful plant!


  33. Of course, ALL your photos are lovely, Ron! Spring has sprung, love it! Hydrangeas are one of my favorites. We had a beautiful one out front years ago, but a guy Ron hired to do some yard work when he was very busy transplanted it and it didn't make it. Don't even remember now why he moved it. He was in the landscaping biz, so we assumed he knew what was best. Oops.

    I saw some containers at a garden center recently so I might go back and get one, or two, or five. Well, no, things are a bit too expensive to buy extra. *sigh*
    Thanks for sharing all that prettiness. Happy Spring!
    p.s. the rare binky flower .... hysterical! LOL

  34. Aw...thank you, Mary! :) Isn't Spring (much like Autumn) such a beautiful season for COLOR?

    Bummer! Sorry to hear about your hydrangeas. And you're right, one would assume because he was in the landscape biz (meaning: a professional), that he would know what's best.

    I like your idea of going back to the garden center and picking up one or two. And you're so right....OMG, things are so expensive at the moment, aren't they? I was a Trader Joe's today and noticed that even their prices have increased. And by a lot.

    Happy Spring, my friend. And thanks so much for stopping back and reading my posts. Appreciate that.



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