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Today, I combined two favorite topics within one post.

- Autumn leaves

- And the voice of Eva Cassidy

I only first discovered Eva Cassidy last year, when I came across a recording on YouTube entitled, Autumn Leaves - Eva Cassidy and the London Symphony Orchestra.

"Autumn Leaves" is a song I absolutely adore. My father used to play it on our stereo console in the living room when I was a kid. Throughout the years, I've heard many interpretations; all of which I enjoyed. However, the moment I heard Eva Cassidy's, it instantly went to #1. And what makes it so special is not only the quality of her crystalline voice, but that she sings the song against the melody, which gives it a completely different feel. When I initially heard it, it was like hearing it for the very first time. 

It is truly the most gorgeous interpretation because it's like listening to a sacred hymn that goes straight to your heart. She brings feelings and emotions out in the song I never knew existed. 

One of my favorite things to do in autumn is to sit on a bench in the park as the leaves fall (which I did yesterday afternoon), while streaming the song through my earbuds. And I'm not ashamed to say that it always moves me to tears. 

It's especially when I listen to Eve Cassidy's Autumn Leaves I realize what a blessing it is to have a sense of hearing. 

And for me, what makes listening to this song so bittersweet is that Eva Cassidy was only on this earth for a very brief time. 

During a promotional event for the Live at Blues Alley CD in July 1996, Cassidy noticed an ache in her hips, which she attributed to stiffness from painting murals. The pain persisted, and, a few weeks later, she was diagnosed with melanoma. By the time of her diagnosis, the cancer had spread throughout her body. Cassidy’s health rapidly deteriorated, and her final performance was in September 1996.

Eva Cassidy died on November 2, 1996, at 33.

She was described by the British newspaper The Guardian as “one of the greatest voices of her generation.” She had a diverse repertoire of jazz, blues, folk, gospel and pop. Cassidy remained virtually unknown outside of her native Washington, DC. It wasn't until she passed, did her talents become more broadly known. 

I wish I had discovered Eva earlier because I would have been one of her biggest fans. 

Below are more photographs I took of my favorite season and the beauty it brings in the way of autumn leaves.

In conclusion, I would like to share the video I first saw of Eva Cassidy singing, "Autumn Leaves." It's an artistic masterpiece - musically, vocally, and visually. 

When you have a moment, please enjoy. And be sure to listen right up to the end. You won't be sorry.

Here is a quote I found in the comment section of this video that expresses exactly how I feel about Eva Cassidy:

"Her tone, her phrasing, her crescendos, her oh so perfect notes held in mid-air that feel as though God speaks through her. This woman possessed a voice unequaled or unsurpassed anywhere or any when! Her talent ended way too soon but these recordings are a testimony to the proof that she lived among us and the world should be grateful of that. Her voice never fails to bring my waterfalls out."

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone! 💗


  1. Ron, your photos are exquisite! I love how you captured the shadowy light in the photo right before the last one. Wow!

    I'm hanging on to fall as long as I can because I hate when it goes away. Our trees have started losing leaves over the past week, and quickly. So I think I'll spend this weekend doing what you do, listening to Eva Cassidy while watching the leaves fall. I've never heard of Eva, but you have me very curious to not only hear her voice, but know more about her life. I briefly listened to the beginning of the song/video, but quickly turned it off because I could tell it's a beauty and want to focus on it when I have more time. I'll stop back later to let you know how much I enjoyed it.

    Thank you for sharing, Ron. Happy November! xo

  2. Good morning, Candice!

    Thank you! On my days off, I've been outside with my camera; snapping photo after photo of my favorite season. Like you, I hate to see it end. Tomorrow I may be going out to Villanova to capture more photographs of the trees outside the city. The trees there are much more vibrant.

    Yes, watch the video when you have more time because it's truly gorgeous. The way they edited it by placing footage of Eva singing the song within the video is so moving. I listened to it probably SIX times yesterday when I was sitting in the park, while watching the leaves fall. It was such magical moment.

    Happy November to you too. And thanks for stopping by!


  3. I remember last year's post by you about the song "Autumn Leaves" and how you really like it. This year, tho, your leaf photos outshine the song Ron. So artfully composed each and every image. And the colors? Outstanding!!

  4. Ron, thanks ever so much for sharing all about Eva Cassidy. You're right, her voice is amazing. I watched the video (twice) and wondered how the hell did I not ever know about this woman? I also followed the link you shared on celebrity fans and was in awe by the list. How sad that her life was cut short at such an young age.

    I'm so glad you shared her discography because over the weekend I want to check it out.

    Thanks again for sharing, Ron. I've become a new fan of Eva Cassidy!

    By the way, beautiful photographs. Such an eye you have!

  5. Aw...thank you, Anni! And coming from someone who's photography talent I very much admire and respect, I so appreciate your kind words.

    Have a faaaaaaaaaaabulous weekend, my friend!


  6. Helloooooooo there, Daniel!

    Isn't her voice freaking A-MAZING???? I thought the same thing when I first heard her --- how the hell did I not ever know about this woman??!?

    I know, I was so impressed by the list of celebrity fans; many of whom I greatly respect their own talents.

    Since discovering Eve Cassidy last year, I've gone back and listened to her other recordings and they are all fantastic. I really love her interpretation of "What a Wonderful World" - another one that brings tears to my eyes.

    If you have time this weekend, check out the documentary. It really gives you a wonderful look into her life and career. It's not very long, either.

    Always great to read your comments, Daniel. Thanks for stopping by!


  7. What a sad ending to her life. I knew someone else who died from melanoma around that time period, also at a young age. What a tragedy that the world missed out on her voice for ever after. The song sounds vaguely familiar, so maybe it was on one of my parents' albums, but I don't know who would have sang it? Her voice is quite enchanting, but also haunting.

    Your leaf photos are stupendous. I especially like the one with the leaves on the stone path. So pretty! Most of our leaves are down now and in piles awaiting the city to come and pick them up (in the pouring rain today). Yesterday was so gorgeous! I took two walks and met a few friends to sit at an outdoor winery for lunch. I bet you enjoyed the day as well. Have a super weekend, Ron!

  8. Ron, I knew of Eva Cassidy because I'm originally from Bowie Maryland, which is where she grew up. even though she was born in DC. I am so glad you post about her because not a lot of people knew of her and her beautiful voice. She was very popular in the UK. The Brits loved her!

    'Autumn Leaves' is my #1 as well. I grew up listening to the Nat King Cole recording, which is also a beautiful version. I loved his voice. So smooth!

    Even though I knew of Eva Cassidy, I haven't seen the documentary. I'll be watching it this weekend, for sure.

    Thanks for sharing about a talent that was too short-lived but very potent in the music industry. I always felt she had the voice of an angel.

    You photographs are such a lovely compliment to the song!

  9. "Her voice is quite enchanting, but also haunting."

    You are so right, her voice is quite enchanting, but also haunting! Which for me, makes this particular interpretation all the more richer. It's an interpretation like no other. My father had the Nat King Cole version, which was on one of his albums. So perhaps that's the one you're reminded of.

    Isn't it sad how deadly melanoma is? I also knew of someone who I worked with in Orlando, Florida, who passed away from it. And she was only in her 30s as well.

    Thank you....X I've been outside almost every single day I'm off, taking photographs of the trees and leaves. I love this time of year and want to hold on to it as long as possible. I may be heading out to Villanova tomorrow to photograph the university and grounds.

    Yes, it's raining here today too. I've plans to make a delicious lemony lentil and chickpea soup tonight for dinner.

    "Yesterday was so gorgeous! I took two walks and met a few friends to sit at an outdoor winery for lunch. I bet you enjoyed the day as well."

    Ooooooo....sounds fabulous! It was gorgeous here yesterday as well. I didn't want to come inside.

    Have a glorious weekend, my friend. And mucho thanks for stopping by!


  10. OMG, Clair, you KNEW of Eva Cassidy?!?!? You're the very first person who knew who she was!

    *doing the happy dance*

    And yes....I read in her bio that she was born in DC, but raised outside the city in Maryland. And you're absolutely right, the Brits loved her! In fact, they were a big part of trying to promote her when she was still alive.

    They Nat King Cole version is without a doubt beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! It's version I grew up listening to in our home. And yes....a voice smooth as silk!

    I think you will enjoy the documentary. I learned so much about her childhood and career in watching it. I loved the interviews with people who knew her and worked with her.

    "I always felt she had the voice of an angel."

    Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee too! I'm so glad I came across this video last year.

    I can't thank you enough for stopping by and sharing your love of Eva Cassidy. Have a beautiful weekend, Clair!


  11. Ron, this is just one of the reasons why I love Autumn so much! Your photos are gorgeous, and I enjoyed seeing all that color again. Sadly, ours are pretty much finished. The ones still hanging are brown, and the cold front that blew through yesterday has turned our skies gray and somewhat blustery.

    Thank you for introducing me to Eva Cassidy. What a short life she had, but what a lovely voice, too. I listened to her entire video, and you're right: I wasn't disappointed. Not one bit!

    Enjoy the coming weekend, my friend. Probably time to get your Elf off the Shelf and do some holiday decorating, huh?! xx

  12. Ron, I've been reading your blog for so many years yet, I'm constantly in awe of your photographs skills because you seem to outdo yourself each and every year with more impressive photos. No lie, these photographs are KILLER! As HootinAnni said in her comment, "So artfully composed each and every image. And the colors? Outstanding!!" I second that! You have such an eye for capturing the best composition and lighting.

    And thanks so much for sharing the talent of Eva Cassidy. I listened to the song all the way through and was hypnotized. I got chills at one point towards the end when she hits that high note. Holy shit, she's amazing! I'll be passing this post on to my GF when I get home tonight. She's going to love it, I just know.

  13. Helloooooooooo there, Debbie!

    Thank you, my friend. And me too, the colors of Autumn are just one of the reasons WHY I love this season so much. I just wish it lasted longer.

    "The ones still hanging are brown, and the cold front that blew through yesterday has turned our skies gray and somewhat blustery."

    OMG, please send some of that blustery weather to me because today it's raining and almost 80 degrees and extremely humid. It feels like early summer weather. I know most people don't care for it, but I so look forward to some nice cold wintry weather and some snow. LOL!

    " I listened to her entire video, and you're right: I wasn't disappointed. Not one bit!"

    Thanks. Isn't her voice gorgeous? As well as the video itself? I've seen it like100 times since last year and never tire of it.

    And funny you mentioned Elf on a Shelf because I was talking about that to someone at work on Wednesday. Yup...I'll be taking out my holiday decorations on Thanksgiving Day.

    Have a spectacular weekend, my friend. And thanks for stopping by!


  14. Hiya Matt!

    Aw...thank you kind sir. I've been out and about trying to capture all the fabulous color this season brings. I want to hang on to it for as long as I can. I was out in the park yesterday for HOURS; enjoying it.

    " I got chills at one point towards the end when she hits that high note. Holy shit, she's amazing!"

    Isn't her voice (and the video) super amazing???? Meeeeeeeeeee too! And I know the point you mean because I get chills there too, not matter how many times I've heard it.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Matt. Have a faaaaaaaaaaaabulous weekend!


  15. Mornin' Ron! I just wanted to stop back to let you know not only did I watch and listen to the video when I got home from work (which I loved), but I also watched the documentary (it was wonderful). Broke my heart to hear the people who knew her talk about how talented and down to earth she was.

  16. Candice, thank you so much for stopping back to let me know. Wasn't the doc wonderful? Since discovering it, I watched it twice. Like you, I was moved by how others spoke of her. She was truly a very special soul.

  17. Oh Ron, you REALLY know how to capture the beauty of autumn! These photos are spectacular!!!! As I was scrolling through them, I kept thinking to myself, "How the hell does he know when to snap the camera on something he finds interesting to photograph?" You have such a talent for taking the most interesting AND beautiful shots. I love the one of the little leaf stuck inside the metal grate on the street. You see, that's what I mean, what made you think to take that shot? Oh well, that's why people like you take photos and people like me don't. LOL!

    I read your post on the first day that you published it, but wanted to wait until I could sit down and listen to the song from beginning to end and enjoy it. And boy, did I ever enjoy it! As Bijoux said, he voice is so haunting. Autumn Leaves has always been a favorite of mine too, so hearing it sung by Eva in her own rendition was such a treat. How sad that she died so young. She was such a beautiful young lady. Gorgeous eyes!

    As always, I enjoy when share talent that you discover. And you're always spot on about it!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend, neighbor! I can't wait until we start getting some REAL autumn weather. It's been way too warm, don't you think? I hear that tomorrow and next week the temperature drops into the high 40's. Thank god! xox

  18. Hello there, Elaine!

    Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. They made me blush. Taking photographs of certain images is something I just "see" and then snap the camera. Even when I was a kid with my first camera (that my mother gave me for Christmas), I was always fascinated with finding interesting images to capture. I don't even think about it, it just happens. It's very much like when I was an actor. I could never explain HOW I acted, it just happened.

    Isn't Eva's voice and rendition of this song simply gorgeous? When I heard it last year, I instantly fell in love with it. It's like no other version. What's interesting about her is that she wasn't a song writer herself, she was someone who sang songs composed by other musicians. She enjoyed singing songs that she loved by given them her own "take" on the song. If you have time, watch the documentary because it explains a lot about her life and talent.

    OMG...RIGHT??! It's been so freakin' warm the past 4-5 days, it almost feels like spring, moving into summer. I can't stand it. I was out and about today, walking around and literally sweating to death. And yes, I saw that the temperature gets VERY low tomorrow into next week. Hallelujah!

    Have a fabulous rest of your weekend, and thanks so much for stopping by!


  19. Ron, you are true artiste!!!!! These photos are fanfreakingtabulous! Your photographs always look like they came out of book or magazine - the composition, the color, the clarity, the lighting - so professional! These photos also made me miss living in Northeast. Ain't nothing better than autumn, right?

    And OH MY GOD...I watched and listened to the video and was mesmerized! And I can see why you had tears in your eyes, I did too. As I watched the video, it was like watching Eva singing from heaven. It felt spiritual! And to have left this earth at such a young age is heartbreaking. For the short time she was here, she left her mark though!

    Thank you for sharing your photos and Eva, Ron. Loved them both! xo

  20. Hola Denise!

    Thank you....X With the exception of only one photograph, I took these all within the same day because the leaves started to fall all at the same time. LOL! I will be going outside the city on Monday, so I'm hoping to get more photographs of the leaves. I'm obsessed with this season and want to capture as much of it's beauty as I can.

    " Ain't nothing better than autumn, right?"

    Yesiree! It's the best season ever. However, my second best season is winter. And I can't wait until we get some cold weather and SNOW!!!

    You're right...the video and her voice are mesmerizing! That's the perfect word!

    "As I watched the video, it was like watching Eva singing from heaven. It felt spiritual! "

    I felt the same thing. And yes, very spiritual. It was like was angel, singing from another realm. And I agree, for such a short time on this planet, she most definitely left her mark. I just wish I had found her years ago.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, girl. Hope you're having a superb weekend!


  21. Ron, I was finally able to find time to watch the documentary last night and really, really enjoyed it. By what everyone said about Eva Cassidy (as a singer and a human being), it made me wish I had discovered her while she was still alive. She was so young when she left this world. It amazes me how many incredible talented people (writers, photographers, musician, and singers) become famous after they die.

    Thanks again for sharing this talented lady! At least we have her recorded songs, which keeps her spirit alive!

  22. Daniel, I am soooooooooooo happy to hear that you watched the documentary and enjoyed it. I KNEW you would!!!! What I loved about how everyone spoke about Eva, was that they gave a very clear picture of what she was like - as a person, a singer, and when it came to what she wanted and did not want when it came to her career. She was a very strong and determined person, and I admire that.

    " It amazes me how many incredible talented people (writers, photographers, musician, and singers) become famous after they die." are so right! I can think of many talented people who became known and famous after they died.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop back and let me know, Daniel. I really appreciate that!


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