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Two weeks ago I took the train 30-minutes outside Center City to Villanova; specifically, Villanova University. The train leaves you off directly in front of the campus, which makes getting there easy peasy. Again, like the post I shared in October on Bryn Mawr, even though I was born in Philadelphia, PA, I had never been to Villanova, therefore I was excited to visit for the first time. 

Weather-wise, the day was scrumptiously beautiful. A cold snap had just moved in, so it was the first day that it actually felt as if it was Autumn moving into Winter. As most of my longtime readers know, I cherish this time of year because I much prefer being cold than hot. Also, the sky that day was the most gorgeous shade of blue and the sun shined brightly.

So without further ado, allow me to take you on a pictorial tour of Villanova University...


Villanova University is a private Roman Catholic research university in Villanova, Pennsylvania. It was founded by the Augustinians in 1842 and named after Saint Thomas of Villanova. The university is the oldest Catholic university in Pennsylvania and one of two Augustinian institutions in the United States (The other being Merrimack College). It is classified among "Doctoral Universities – High research activity".

St. Thomas of Villanova Church, on the Villanova University campus...

The most prominent campus feature is St. Thomas of Villanova Church, whose dual spires are the university's tallest structure. The cornerstone was laid in 1883, and construction ended in 1887. Built in the Gothic Revival style, the church was renovated in 1943 and 1992. Aren't they stunning?...

I didn't want to take photographs inside the church just in case something was going on, so I found these photographs online to show you what the interior looks like...

This is the pedestrian bridge (over Lancaster Avenue) that leads to the campus...

Augustinian Community Cemetery in Villanova...

Located on the Villanova University campus, this is the final resting place for Augustinian priests and brothers who'd taught at Villanova...

Everywhere I looked on campus, I saw crosses. It reminded me of my eight years attending Catholic school. I half expected to see a nun come running after me with a wooden ruler; cracking me over the knuckles for poor penmanship. LOL!  

These final photographs are of various locations on campus. Compared to the photographs I shared of Bryn Mawr College, you'll notice students walking around the campus...


*Interesting fact: Don Bragg (a Villanova University graduate) was an American athlete who competed mainly in the pole vault and won a gold medal in that event at the 1960 Summer Olympics...

I leave you with a gorgeous drone video entitled, Dawn to Dusk: An Aerial Tour Of Villanova University. Once again it reminded me of just how beautiful the state of Pennsylvania is. Enjoy...

Have a gorgeous week, everyone! 💗


  1. Ron, a friend of a friend attended Villanova and I remember her saying what a beautiful campus it was. And she was right, it's stunning! Wow, that church and its spires are magnificent!! And they looked exceptionally beautiful against that blue sky.

    Really enjoyed the video clip too! It gives you a clear idea of just how grand the campus is.

    Thank you for sharing your visit to Villanova, Ron. Picture perfect!

  2. Morning, Candice!

    I had always heard what a beautiful campus it was, but had never seen it. In fact, I worked with gal who graduated Villanova and mentioned several times how stunning it was. So glad I finally took the train out there.

    "Wow, that church and its spires are magnificent!! And they looked exceptionally beautiful against that blue sky."

    I know, right? I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.

    That's what I thought too. They video really shows you just how BIG the campus it. I found that online last minute before I posted this last night.

    Thanks for stopping by. my friend. Have a fabu week!


  3. Yes, that video does showcase how beautiful PA truly is with all those trees. And I did notice the students, LOL, though there weren’t a ton of them. The gothic revival architecture is probably my favorite. I love the picture of the bridge to the church. It looks like it’s from England. The sanctuary is stunning as well. It reminds me of the church my daughter was married in. I bet they were built at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing this visit. I’m glad you had such fabulous weather. Enjoy your week! XO

  4. These pictures were absolutely beautiful, Ron.
    Thank you for taking me somewhere I've never been before.
    Have a great week. ❤️

  5. "I half expected to see a nun come running after me with a wooden ruler; cracking me over the knuckles for poor penmanship. LOL! "
    Ron, being that BOTH my husband and went to Catholic school, we laughed at that because it's so true! And do you remember those composition books that we used to use for penmanship that had two sold lines and a dashed line between them? And god forbid we didn't get the upper case and lower case correct -- *slap" with that wooden ruler!!!

    What a beautiful campus. And the church is stunning! The interior photographs are equally as stunning. Perfect place to get married.

    I agree, PA is such a beautiful state! My husband was so enamoured by the video. He watched it three times.

    Glad to hear you finally got to visit Villanova, Ron. We may have to take a train trip out there soon.

    Hasn't the weather been beautiful? FINALLY winter! xo

  6. Thank you, Kari! :)

    I was so happy to finally get out to Villanova to see what I had heard about it for years - its beauty and grandeur.

    Have a great week too, and thanks so much for stopping by!


  7. Isn't the video faaaaaaaaabulous? And I only just discovered it just before I published this post last night on YouTube. I really loved drone videos.

    " And I did notice the students, LOL, though there weren’t a ton of them. " I know, isn't that something? However, there were periods when I saw a ton of students; particularly walking over the bridge to the church. And isn't that bridge gorgeous? You're absolutely right, it DOES look like it's from England!

    Yes, I love the gothic architecture as well. Funny how both Villanova AND Bryn Mawr had gothic style architecture.

    Isn't the sanctuary stunning as well? " It reminds me of the church my daughter was married in." Oh, how wonderful! It's like the perfect wedding backdrop.

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by, my friend Enjoy your week too!


  8. " you remember those composition books that we used to use for penmanship that had two sold lines and a dashed line between them? And god forbid we didn't get the upper case and lower case correct -- *slap" with that wooden ruler!!!"

    I most certainly do, Elaine!!!!! And it's funny you mentioned those because I was in a Five Below store last week and saw that they still sold those composition books. I was half tempted to buy one!

    I agree, the church is the greatest highlight of the campus. It's just so gorgeous and grand.

    Isn't the campus beautiful? And it wasn't until I watched the drone video did I really notice just how freaking HUGE the campus is. I'm so happy I found that video on YouTube last night.

    I took the Regional Rail and it only took 30 minutes. Go, I think you'll really enjoy it.

    Have a terrific week, neighbor. And thanks for stopping by!


  9. beautiful pics ron and thanks for the tour. i’ve never been there but i shared your post with a friend of mine who attended. maybe she’d like a walk down memory lane.

  10. Beautiful indeed!! I can't believe this was your first visit. Incredible beauty, and lasting history!!
    Love the twin spires...breathtaking with the indigo blue sky.

  11. Breathtaking photos, Ron! Holy cow, the blue sky behind the spires is magnificent! It really makes them pop! You have such a talent with the camera.

    I don't know why, but I have such an attraction for cemeteries so I REALLY enjoyed the ones you shared. I love to read old tombstones (the name, dates, etc.).

    The interior of the church is simply gorgeous.

    I'm glad you got the chance to visit Villanova after all these years. The video gives such a beautiful look at not only the campus, but PA as well.

    Did you go to college? If you did, what college/university did you attend? I'm curious.

  12. I've never known anyone who attended Villanova, but your photos of the campus are stunning! Certain aspects (the crosses, for one) remind me of the Notre Dame campus, and it looks as if you had a perfect day for your visit.

    I'll come back to watch the video -- I'm still playing catch up!

    That church with its twin spires is awesome. I'll bet you would have been welcomed if you'd tried to go in. At Notre Dame, there's a Basilica on campus, which is open to the public (though they discourage photos when Mass is being offered). I love that pedestrian bridge, too!

    Thanks for another educational trek around Pennsylvania, my friend. I enjoyed it very much! xx

  13. Aw, thanks, Val! X

    I had the perfect day to take photos. And what fun it was!

    And thanks for sharing this post with your friend. I am so happy to know that your friend attended Villanova. Perhaps it will bring back great memories.

    Have a faaaaaaaaabulous week, my friend!


  14. Thank you, Anni! And yes, can you believe it was my very first visit. I had heard so much about Villanova University (and also Bryn Mawr College), but I think because my family moved to Florida when I was a mid-teen, I didn't get the chance to explore this area, or even much of PA for that matter. It's been so much fun exploring it now, and seeing just how beautiful it is.

    Aren't the twin spires gorgeous?

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a faaaaaaaaabulous week!

  15. Hey there, Daniel!

    Thanks! The day could not have been more perfectly beautiful to take photographs. It was such a great backdrop for the images I captured.

    "I don't know why, but I have such an attraction for cemeteries so I REALLY enjoyed the ones you shared. I love to read old tombstones (the name, dates, etc.)."

    OMG, I'm the SAME WAY when it comes to cemeteries, I kid you not!!! In fact, if you go into my archives and search for "cemetery" you will find some of the posts I shared years ago. And because Philly is such an old city, they have some of the most beautiful cemeteries with old tombstones. I find cemeteries very peaceful and soothing.

    Me too, I am so glad I finally visited after all these years. And what a treat it was. Now that I have my Senior Travel Pass, I will be exploring a lot of different areas and posting about them.

    No, I did not go to college. I'm not a "school person" and let my parents know early on that I didn't want to attend college. When I graduated HS, I moved to NYC and attended an acting school because I knew that's what I wanted to do. And my parents supported me in my decision. I feel really blessed about that.

    Thanks for stopping by, Daniel. Have a grrrrreat week!


  16. Helloooooooooo there, Debbie!

    Aw, thank you! I was so happy the FINALLY see the campus up-close because I had heard (and seen in photographs online) how beautiful it was. And it WAS!

    Yes!, you're right, I've seen photos of Notre Dame and it does resemble Villanova! The architecture is very similar. And I think because both are Catholic schools, that's the reason for all the crosses. HA!

    It's that bridge fabulous! And it's such a beautiful vision of the church as you walk over it. I walked back and forth several times.

    I was going to take a peek inside, however I didn't know (carrying a camera around my neck) if I'd be welcomed had something (like a service) been going on. There were students going in and out, so if was obviously opened. Oh well, maybe next time!

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by, my friend. I know you're busy right now, so I really appreciate you taking the time.!

    Happy Holidays!


  17. Ron, I think it's so awesome that your parents supported your decision to not attend college, and instead attended acting school. I also think it's awesome that you knew what you wanted and did it. College is not for everyone. And besides, it's expensive, so think of the money you saved your parents.

    So ironic that we share the same love of cemeteries. People think I'm weird when I tell them that. You're right, cemeteries are peaceful and soothing. I don't find them depressing at all. I find them sacred.

  18. Ron, these photographs ROCK!!!! Holy moly, that church is mind-blowingly BEAUTIFUL! And so GOTH! You're right, the weather and sky couldn't have been any more accommodating as the perfect backdrop.

    The series of photos of the crosses are amazing. I especially like the 7th one down and how you captured the cross between the building and the statue. VERY cool!

    Once again you impress me with your camera skills, dude. Oh, and the video was super amazing! My girlfriend is a graphic artist who has such a special eye for visual things. She wanted me to tell you that she really enjoyed the drone photography!

  19. Thank you, Matt! :) Isn't that church freaking gorgeous?!?! And yes, like me, I know how much you love anything GOTH! The weather was truly perfect that day. As I shared, it was super cold, yet the sky was crystal clear and bright. At one point I sat on a bench and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my face against the cold air. It felt amazing!

    I took that shot of the cross just before I left the campus. There were literally crosses everywhere you looked!

    Glad you and your girlfriend enjoyed the video. I did too, that's why I wanted to share it on this post. LOVE drone photography because you can capture so many gorgeous angles from above. I haven't tried my hand at drones, but maybe one day I will.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my friend. Have a grrrrrrrreat week!


  20. Ron, I just watched the video, and all I can say is Wow. Just Wow! What a beautiful place. I wonder if students ever fully appreciate the beauty as they walk from class to class, building to building. Perhaps that's part of the maturing process, something that hits them after they graduate. Thanks for including it!

  21. Isn't the video so well done? It really gives you a sense of not only how beautiful the campus is, but also how GRAND.

    I wondered that too! And I think you're right, that's part of the maturing process, something that dawns on them after they graduate and perhaps many years later. I don't think we fully appreciate things when we're younger. It's only in looking back.


  22. Ron great pictures!!!! Love the architecture.

  23. Hi Tom!

    Thank you, bro! Isn't the campus (and architecture) fantastic? I was so happy to finally get out to Villanova. And the weather that day was perfect for taking photographs.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Appreciate that!

    Talk to you on Christmas day!


  24. Simply lovely! The architecture is stunning. It looks like there's a mixture of gothic and modern design. I'm sure you found a lot of beautiful doors too! I think I could wander around campus all day taking photos! X

  25. Lisa, isn't the architecture incredible? And I think you're right, it's a mixture of both gothic and modern.

    I'm so glad I finally got out to Villanova University because it's been a place I always wanted to visit, ever since seeing it in photographs. It's a HUGE campus. There were areas I didn't even get to. Villanova is such a gorgeous area in PA.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy Holidays!


  26. Ron, your photography is just beautiful! You really captured the GRANDNESS of the university. That church is A-MAZING! Don't you love living in Northeast? It's such a beautiful area of the States. I'm such an "east coast" person.

    The photos you captured of the tombstones are so cool!

    Thank you for sharing your day in Villanova!

  27. Aw, thank you, Clair!

    I was so excited to finally be there that I just kept snapping my camera at everything I saw! And the day couldn't have been better, weather-wise.

    Isn't that church gorgeous? Even though I'm not married to one religion, I thoroughly enjoy visiting churches of all denominations because you can feel the "peace" within each one.

    Meeeeeeeeeeee too! I am SUCH an East Coast person. I LOVE it over here.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Always enjoy reading your comments!



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