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Let me begin by saying that I am far from being someone who is ALWAYS happy. 

However, many people ask me why I always seem to be in a good mood; have so much energy; and have a positive attitude. Which, I guess, makes it appear I am perpetually happy.
But truth be told, no one can always be happy. And that's because real life is not always happy. It has its up and downs, and everything in between. Throughout my 67 years on this planet, like all of you, I've gone through some extremely challenging and dark times.

And was I happy going through them? Shit, no.  

Trust me, I have my moments of anger. I am also very impatient; therefore, I can easily become frustrated with myself and others. And I have to watch how I say things because I can be very direct and to the point when I feel strongly about something. With age, I've gotten much better at taking a deep breath before I speak. But I still slip back. 

So no, I am not always happy. 

Rather than being happy, I think what people sense about me is that I'm joyful. Which I can honestly say, I am. And I believe that my joyfulness comes from being grateful. It comes from always looking for the good stuff in my life and feeling tremendous gratitude. I often feel I am the wealthiest person in the world because of all the blessings I have in my life.   

In my lowest of low times, I can always direct my attention to the abundant wealth in my life. In fact, that's how I got through those low and dark times. Focusing my attention on the good gave me the strength to walk through the darkness. And step by step, I got through it and to the other side. 

Regardless of where my life takes me, I always feel it as half full. 

It is my opinion that the expression "Half full or half empty?" is really saying, "Are you optimistic or pessimistic?"

And I am definitely an optimist. 

But being optimistic doesn't mean that I'm not a realist. I am. I see things for what they are. I don't lie to myself. Yet, even in darkness, I can stay hopeful and confident that whatever the outcome; not only will I survive, but I will blossom. I refuse to see things as random. I think everything that happens to me happens for a reason. And that includes the dark stuff. 

As each new year approaches, I'm not one to make resolutions. Rather, I make the intention that whatever happens; I will embrace the change that comes into my life throughout the new year.  

And dance with it.

Wishing you all a new year of change and dance!


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