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This Is A Perfect Example Of A Twisted Commercial

Truth be told, television was never a medium I thoroughly enjoyed. Sure, there were periods within certain decades when I watched TV, but I was never one of those people who couldn't wait to get home from work and sit in front of the television set with the remote, watching show after show after show.

I no longer own a television. And it's not something I miss.

One of the reasons I no longer watch TV is because for the most part, nothing interests me. I can watch reality shows on the streets of Philadelphia every single day of my life. If I'm going to take the time to watch something, I want to escape reality, unless of course it's a documentary. Besides, reality shows are not really reality, they're just a combination of contrived dialogue and poor (re)acting made to look like reality.

The second reason I no longer watch TV is because unless you pay for cable, you can't get any stations. And there are so many other things I can do with $150.00 a month.

And the third reason I no longer watch TV is because television is a mass medium of advertising.

As Our Summer Flowers Open, So Does Philadelphia

I think it's so wonderfully ironic that the opening of our cities, states, and countries after many months of being in lockdown have coincided with the opening of our summer flowers.

Now if you know me well, you know I'm not a fan of summer. Well, it's not actually summer I'm not a fan of, it's the heinously satanic heat and humidity that comes with summer that I'm not fond of. However, I do try and find the positives within the summer season, such as: getting a tan, looking at men's legs in shorts, eating good produce and seeing brightly colored flowers!

Here in Northeast, Philadelphia was one of the later-to-open cities because we had high numbers in cases of Covid-19. We officially opened June 18th, but it's only been within the last five days that our retailers and restaurants have begun to open, and with much caution. Most restaurants offer outdoor seating only, but a few offer indoor as well. I think it depends on their size because the larger restaurants have more inside space to distance their tables.


I've Decided To Label Myself A "Squirrel Whisperer"

I am so grateful for having had the mother I did because her love and respect for animals was something that became imprinted within my own heart.

My mother had a special connection not only with animals, but with nature as well. She could be anywhere and if there was an animal present, it would immediately come to her.

So it's no surprise to me that her favorite Catholic saint was, Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment. 

I remember when I was a kid how she and I would swap our weekend chores. I would clean the house for her, while she would be outside tending to the yard work for me. She loved to get her hands in the dirt. I only other hand, as you all well know, loved to clean. 

Growing up we had all kinds of pets in our home: dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, ducks, bunny rabbits, birds, lizards, and frogs.

One of the most valuable things my mother taught us was how to respect an animals "personal space" by allowing the animal to get used to you before approaching and touching. I remember her teaching us how to hold out our hand (palm down) to a dog before petting it. Which is why I'm dumbfounded by people who complain that they were bit by a strange dog because they immediately ran up behind the dog and started petting it without even introducing themselves. 

DUH...excuse me, and you wondered why the dog bit you?

Animals have personal space just like people that needs to be respected.

When It Comes To My Smartphone Screen, I Suddenly Become Joan Crawford

Let me start by saying that although my sun sign is Libra, my rising sign is Virgo. And if you know anything about astrology, you know that both Libra and Virgo are very particular when it comes to organization and cleanliness.

And to make matters worse, my moon sign is Aries, which also carries with it a personality trait that can be very exacting about having things orderly and spotlessly clean.

Therefore, between having planets in Libra, Virgo, and Aries, I am OCD when it come to cleanliness.

And so much so that I clean my bathroom twice a week, I clean my computer keyboard with a Q-tip sprayed with Mr. Clean Clean Freak twice a month, and I shower twice a day.

(have you noticed how I do things twice?)

Anyway, the reason I'm sharing this with you is because Hollywood icon, Joan Crawford, was an Aries and had an obsession with cleanliness. And if you have ever seen the movie, Mommie Dearest, you got a very clear picture of just how obsessed she was when it came to dirt.

Yes, dirt to Joan Crawford was literally a dirty word.