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One of my recently favorite bloggers, Grace, at The Wild Pomegranate, wrote a very “feel provoking” post on speaking out; judgment; and karma. It’s a wonderful post, so I encourage you to check it out for yourself.

I have my own opinions concerning judgment that I’ve decided to vent.

The negative rap surrounding judgment, is undeserving. I can be highly judgmental, but I consider that a positive thing. Judgment gives me the ability to distinguish between seeing something that is either right or wrong.

I know that seeing something as “right or wrong” goes against what many people feel as being, unfair and unkind to our fellow human beings; however, I beg to differ with that.

Now, I’m not talking about judging the way someone looks, or judging someone’s personality traits, or political or spiritual preferences. I’m talking about judging an act of blatant, obvious wrongness - and speaking out about it.

If I witness someone being abusive to an animal…I judge that to be wrong, because it is, and I will speak out vehemently about it.

If I witness someone being cruel to a child or an elderly person…I judge that to be wrong, because it is, and I will speak out vehemently about it.

If I hear someone ridiculing an individual who is handicapped…I judge that to be wrong, because it is, and I will speak out vehemently about it.

If I am creating negative karma for myself by harboring judgment against these actions as wrong…well then, so be it.

But to sit by and not speak out about these things, to me, is a total injustice.

And for those who believe that God is the only real judge…I believe that God sometimes speaks through our own voices.

I learned something a long time ago.

If we all have the freedom to create our own life in this world, there are a vast array of “intentions” being created. And there are many people out there creating a lot of shit.

So I damn well better be able to judge.


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  1. I do not judge people, only their actions, and I have a very keen sense of right and wrong. If I judge an action to be wrong I will say so and I would expect others to do the same to me.

    I'm known as Mrs Do As You Would Be Done By!

  2. I very good insight into your soul thank you for sharing your views and your judgements.
    All of us in one way or another make judgements on many things and many people. It is an inate characteristic of all of us. You and I have the right to express our feelings about the actions and reactions of others it does not define the other person or thing it defines us. When we judge we tell the world how we react and how we feel about issues that are poisitive and negative to us as an individual. Judgements are how we react to actions or inactions of others. So, we will continue to judge as long as we exist and that is just how it is. Thanks for the opportunity to say something on this. It has been on my mind for a while now.

  3. Morning Akelamalu~

    Good for you!

    What you said is's the ACTIONS that are judged! Great way to express that.

    I LOVE your "saying" too!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings here, my's always appreciated!

    Have a great week Akelamalu,

  4. Hey Dave~

    Boy...leave it to another Libra to express their view points on judgment.

    Thank you for your total honesty here, Dave.

    Beautifully expressed!

    My mother (another Libra) and I often talk about this over the phone...and it too, has been on my mind lately - so thank you for adding your feelings to this post - you taught me something.

    Enjoy your week, Dave!


  5. Good Post, Dave. I think for myself, I need to back off on judging. Compassion and discernment are the more difficult qualities for me to exercise.

    Finally got around to catching up with you... so busy. I'm about to go check the post you referred to, but in the meantime, hey howdy! =]

  6. Hi Blackburn1~

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. However, I'm a little I know you?'re right...compassion and discernment are far more difficult to exercise - and I admire your will to exercise them.

    However...there are times...when I will still judge.

    Stop by anytime...I appreciate your imput.


  7. Sorry! Yep, Greg here. We've traded comments... Blackburn is one of the family from the story and my Blogger user.


  8. Oh my God, Greg...that is too funny.

    I thought, "Who the hell is Blackburn???"

    When I clicked on your name link, it sent me to a profile with no blog attached to it. So, you use to be a blogspot blogger??? I use to have Foot Notes here last year, before I switched to Wordpress. I're name!

    Anyway...thank you for stopping by and leaving me a's always good to hear from you!


  9. ((( Ron )))

    :) Thank you for writing such a powerfully in-Spirited post. As you probably can guess, I'm right with you. I work hard at not judging people personally, only what they do. But to have 'good judgement' is a necessary tool for a life of balance and healthy well as one in which we understand that speaking out against an injustice is a 'good' thing.


  10. Morning Grace~

    I'm so glad you found this.

    You inspired me very much with your outstanding post last week - that it caused me to speak out on this topic.

    There are certain aspects to "being spiritual" that feel right to me...however there are other aspects (such as judgment, unconditional love, and forgiveness) that are NOT cut and dry.

    I must always remember that this is the EARTH I live on (not heaven).

    Having free will is a interesting thing. I believe that God sits back and says, "Ok, people...GO FOR IT...create what you will."

    And I also believe that He gave all of us the "notice" what is created through Him...and without Him.

    This is judgment.

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by here glad we met!

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Ron ,
    this site amazes me all the times I come in! It always looks different, it’s GREAT!!!!
    About judgement... what an issue...
    Speaking aloud about clear and sound injustices is something I did almost all my life with real vehemency! But these “loud screams” not always deeply emotionally involve us. And on this “aloud screaming” we are “socially supported”. Judgement, though, is also the every day chatting about behavioural issues surrounding us. What I mean is that we often feel the urge to judge when we are in emotional trouble. I think many times we just judge people addressing to them responsabilities that they don’t really have. I found that most of the times we really are expressing our innermost fears, we don’t simply judge, we really attack the others, not to attack ourselves. And I found, working on my soul and trying not to escape from my fears, that most of the judgements and rage I expressed versus others were really expressed versus my ownself. It is if people we find ourselves to judge, that we refuse, that we ridicolize, that we deny, that we rage at, really are mirroring and reflecting a particular issue of our soul that we dislike and don’t want to see because it hurts too much. So we rebound our difficulties on who represents this hurting part of us in that particular moment. In THAT particular moment. I remark this because I think that Life, through people, gives us every day the opportunity to face and resolve our hurtful issues. If we are not ready to cope with them, then we judge the person or situation who in that moment is facing us with them. If we are ready to cope with them, we deeply and truly comprehend with compassion all the actions and words – just the same actions and words – we were to judge on that same person or situation, the day before.

    Hope you understand, difficult thought to be expressed in english...

    Love you much for giving me the chance to express my soul in your blog :-)



  12. Greetings Francesca!

    Thank you for stopping by Vent!!!

    Yea...I change it every other day...but it's so much damn fun...I'm having a BLAST and learning things about web code - yepeee!!!

    I didn't think I would ever have a black page blog, but I was inspired by one of my great blogger friends - and I really LOVE black now!

    Thank you so much for adding your feelings to this post. I know it's a topic that allows for "passionate feelings" - so LET IT OUT..LET IT OUT!

    I use to feel as you do for many, many years, Francesca. I read all the books that stated exactly what it is that you so beautifully express here.

    However, I no longer believe that everything I see in simply a reflection of the things that I need to see within myself.

    For many years I closed my eyes, so that I would not see the "not-so-nice-truth" in others. It took me years to finally come to grips with the fact that I was actually "seeing" these things for a reason - so that I would actually SEE TRUTH in others (whether it be positive or negative).

    Like I said in the close of this post...if we all have the ability to create of our own free will...some of us create WITH the Universe...and some of us create unto ourselves.

    Judgement, is my way to see the difference.

    So, I will always judge.

    Thank you SOOOO MUCH for sharing your feelings on this, Francesca. This is the great thing about blogging...freedom to express our opinions!

    Please stop by here as often as you's great talking to you.


  13. Ron,

    with your answer you gave me a very intriguing starting point of meditation...
    You are much far ahead in your journey through life my friend, and I bow to your master thought...

    Thanks by heart...


  14. Good Evening Francesca~

    Thank you very much for stopping by with your comment, to my comment!

    You are so kind in your compliment to me...however, remember...this is a continuing journey of learning for ALL of us (myself include)...and as I learn...there is so much MORE for me TO learn.

    So I am far from being a Master...I'm actually a LEARNER!

    Your presence and what you share here, Francesca...teaches us all!

    So thank YOU, my dear friend.


  15. This post is amazing! I feel exactly the same... I've often tried to explain my opinion on this subject, but you certainly worded it perfectly! xx