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Contrary to how most people feel about Winter…I LOVE it!

I truly believe that I must have been a penguin in my last life, because physically - I feel at my best when I’m cold.

Now, I don’t mean 40 degrees cold…I’m talking teens to single digits. I’m especially fond of those blistery, snowy days when the chill factor is below zero, and it feels as though the wind is tearing the skin off my face with razor blades.

(I must have been a penguin into S&M)

The cold makes me feel so alive and vibrant. My entire “being” feels more open.

Not only do I love how Winter makes me feel, but I also love how the snowfall makes the city look.

It’s like being inside one of those glass snow globes and someone shakes the hell out of it. All those big flakes of confetti falling from the sky, swirling and dancing around the street lights, transforming the city into a Magical Winter Wonderland. All the grime and filth has suddenly vanished; being replaced with white globs of cake frosting. During the day, when the sun hit’s the snow just right, it all sparkles like diamond dust.

Another thing that I love about Winter, is the fact that it keeps the city people off the streets. Especially in this city, where most of it’s inhabitants act as if the cold and snow are a retched curse from the Gods - and they will perish, dare they step outside.

Even the rainfall paralyses the people here.

(but I guess if you’re made of marzipan…..)

During the Winter, I sleep better too. All snuggled in my bed with 4 pillows, a fleece blanket, and my teddy bear - I sleep so soundly and peacefully.

Oh…and I love Winter food. Stews, bread and butter, soups, hot apple cider…all the things that make my nose runny.

About 3 years ago, I went on a 7 day retreat in the mountains. The temperature never got above 20 degrees and the snow was bountiful. I spent 7 days making snow angels and taking pictures of them.

(Oh…did I tell you it was a mental institution?)

Anyway…I can’t help it…I’m a snow bunny in heat.

And for those of you who HATE Winter…just think of ME during the summer…and know that I will be suffering like you are, now.

But until then….too bad.

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  1. :) While I'm not sure I was a penguin, I'm totally with you on feeling better/sleeping better/thriving in cooler temperatures. I oftentimes wish I lived in another climate...having 80plus degree weather at Thanksgiving sucks! LOL (especially if I'm going to be cooking a turkey in the oven for hours)...

    This year, I think I'll BBQ and hold out for a cool, rainy Christmas!


  2. Afternoon Grace~

    I stopped by your place this morning and read your recent post....and LOVED it!

    I did'nt have time to leave a comment because I had a client coming over for a session...but I'll be over later!

    Hey....I use to live if Florida, so I KNOW what you mean by 80 degree temps at Christmas!!!!! I was always grumpy during the holidays because I missed the cold and snow!

    Now that I'm back in the North-East...I'm in heaven at this time. Today it's 30 something degrees and were expecting a little snowfall....YEAPEEEEE!

    Thanks for stopping by's always fun to read your comments!

    If I could...I'd send you some chilly temps.!

    Enjoy your day,

  3. Brrrr I'm the total opposite Ron, I hate it!

    Still it wouldn't do for us all to be the same would it?

    I'll just hibernate until Spring! :)

  4. Afternoon Akelamalu~

    You shared something very wise!

    You're SO right...if we ALL liked the same thing...there would be no variety in this world.

    And if I could live in Winter constantly...I don't think it would have the same effect on me, as it does, in the "looking forward to it."

    I enjoy the CHANGE of seasons!

    Thank you for sharing your comment here, my add much!

    Now...I'm going to go outside...and FREEZE!!!!!!


  5. Ha! I remember when you went on that retreat, and the glimmer in yer eyes, lad!

  6. Hey Ben~

    Thanks for stopping by, buddy...good to see ya!

    YES!!!!!! I DO know that glimmer in my eyes...and thanks for reminding me.

    And THANKS for reminding me, to remember, to but your blog on my roll...oops!

    Having 2 blogs is slowly making me insane!

    Talk to you later,

  7. I am more of a fall kind of man. I enjoy the chill in the air and the crispness of the evening. The winter in front of a fire, now I really enjoy that espically with a good red wine.
    Stews and Fleece are a comfort too. And Hot tea with lemon will help me make thru a winter's day. Though I would rather hot apple cider and popcorn.
    Now pass the pumpkin pie

  8. Hey Dave~

    Yea....I'm a "Fall Guy" too!

    It's that pre-Winter time of the year when everything begins to change and slow down. It makes me feel so calm. wine infront of a fireplace...Oh my God...HEAVEN!!!!
    And I need to try cider with popcorn...I love both of them!

    You said the "magic" word Dave....PUMPKIN PIE. If I could only choose ONE would be pumpkin pie. My mouth is watering...thinking about it. It's so simple...yet so full of flavor!

    (I wonder what you and I are going to be eating for dessert on Thursday?????)

    Enjoy my, friend!

    I'm very thankful that we met..have a wonderful holiday!


  9. Good Wednesday morning to you, Voicebox ! How are you ?

    Great winter-time post ! I love the cold too when I am snuggled under a winter weight 750 full power goose down duvet, or have on thermals and a down jacket am outside walking, or being able to be out at night hen the snow is falling gently, and then going inside to a crackling fire in the fireplace :)

    Just wanted to come by and say hello, and thank you for leaving the nice comment ! I am going to add you to my links :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and those you love - may you have a yummy and wonderful holiday -

    Loving Annie

  10. Hi Annie~

    Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by my new place!

    I decided to start a new blog where I can express another aspect of myself...and I'm LOVING it!

    I also wanted to start experimenting with web design. And blogspot allows me more freedom to try out my learning. So don't be surprised if you see it change...a lot!

    Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving Day Annie!

    And thanks for being my "blogging buddy"


  11. Hi Dave!

    I recall winters when I was a kid. Seems like they've slowly been diminishing from those diamond-white frozen mornings to something more like rain with the occasional white snowfall that's gone in a day or two.

    I also sleep much better when it's cold out. Here's hoping for a healthy winter. Happy Thanksgiving!


  12. Hey Greg~

    Thanks for stopping by! said it...the winters are pretty much the same here too!

    I get so pissed, because we only get 2 or 3 REALLY decent snows...and April...we get blizzards!?!!?

    Oy Vey!

    Hope you have a peaceful and wonderful day tomorrow, Greg.

    Happy Thanksgiving!



    PS I've posted the first of my Christmas Carols quizzes today if you fancy having a go. :)

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, my friend...even though I know you don't celebrate it in the UK.

    I'm so thankful for knowing you!

    Enjoy your day!

    I'll be over to check out your blog, shortly.


  15. I just had to laugh about your 7 day retreat in the winter. Only because I can so relate to it.

    Found you through the ever wonerful Grace and once again, am loving another blog. When will I ever get any work done?


  16. Hey Cynthia~

    So nice to meet you!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by for a read and a comment...appreciate that!

    It's SO good to hear that someone else relates to my insanity!?#@

    The snow does that to me!

    Please stop by anytime, it's always a treat receiving a comment!

    And don't ya just LOVE Grace?

    P.S. I'll stop by your place later on this evening.

  17. Hello again Cynthia~

    Just wanted you to know that I tried to visit your live journal, but each time it said..."web page not found."

    I did however, visit your web site...VERY original and cool... Great stuff!


  18. OMG! I was only just thinking about how it's getting chilly here! And how exciting it was to me, because I LOVE THE COLD!!!

    My friends think I'm nuts! But I LOVE to snuggle up and get warm, rather than try everything to cool down in the heat! xx