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This is my dramatic interpretation of Rudolph caught in the headlights of a tractor trailer on Christmas Eve.

(poor little thing)

No, actually... this was my Dollar Store Halloween costume for our 50's theme party at work.

I think I look very 50's...don't you?

(well...I was born in 1955)

You can't see them in the photograph, but I also had candy canes hooked around the belt loops of my pants, and jingle bells on my tie.

(I looked like the consummate professional)

I had so much fun walking around the store and saying, "Merry Christmas everyone!"

The children who visited the store that day, were the only ones who understood my insanity. They giggled and pointed at me and said, "Look of Santa's reindeer...Dumbo."

However, (and if you can believe this) a few of the adults looked at me (with this totally serious and constipated look on their face) and said, "You know...I think it's a little early for Christmas...don't you think?"

(I swear to God!)

I felt like saying, "You know...I think you need a HUGE glass of Pinot Noir to loosen up that TIGHT ASS of yours!"

*foot note: the vast majority of people who live in this pitiful city...have a ZERO sense of humor...and that's the TRUTH.

Moving on........

Anyway, since it's the first day of December, I thought I'd start you off to a fun and humorous holiday season.

And even though I'm in retail, I totally LOVE this time of the year. I always feel like one of Santa's elves, helping people to find that "perfect gift" for their friends and loved ones.

(even though December 26th - they'll be back in the store either exchanging it or returning it, so they can get something they REALLY like, annoying the living hell out of me)

But that's Retail Biz!

So, enjoy the journey of this once-a-year magical season, my friends. Because once it gets'll all be over.

(and I'll be sad)

And please know, that I'll be soaking my tired and screaming feet in Epsom salts and Rosemary essential oil, each and every night.

Peace be with you, deer readers!


  1. My, what big antlers you have! LOL

    This was a great post :) Looks like you're a guy who knows how to have a good time and doesn't take himself too seriously...both very admirable qualities in a reindeer!

    Hey, I sent you an email a couple of days ago on your 'gift'. Looking forward to hearing back from you :)


  2. Afternoon Grace~

    Ho, Ho ,Ho!

    Serious???? What's that?


    Oh, my God...didn't you get my email back to you? I sent it to you the day I received yours.

    I didn't get anything saying it did not go through.

    I think I saved it in my sent box...let me see if I can re-send it to you.

    So sorry Grace...I don't know what happened?

    Thanks for stopping by today for some holiday cheer!


  3. You were a great Rudolph, Voicebox !!!

    And too sad about the no-sense-of-humor ! Lighten up, people !!!

  4. Evening Annie~

    Ho, Ho, Ho!

    Thanks...I think I could actually be his "double" don't you?

    (I think it's the NOSE)

    Yea..."lighten up" you're sooooo right!

    So good to see ya today, Annie...thanks for dropping by!

    Have a wonderful evening,

    P.S. We may be getting some SNOW tomorrow.....yepeeee!

  5. HO, HO, HO, I think you look fantastic Ron!

    I love this time of year too, I've already put the decorations up on my blog, just need to persuade MWM to get the home decs out of the loft now! :)

  6. Greetings Akelamalu~

    Jingle bells, jingle bells....

    Your blog looks SOOOO wonderfully happy and's so nice to see!

    I decorate my studio apartment with small Christmassy things. Right now, I have those reindeer antlers on one of my Buddha statue looks so funny to see Buddha with antlers!

    I have a small baby Christmas tree that I need to get out and set up. I also like to have a few dishes of potpourri with a holiday scent!

    So glad to hear that you enjoy this time of the year too!

    Hey...we got a little snow today...not much...but enough to make me smile inside!

    Thanks for stopping by, Akelamalu...enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

    Stay warm,

  7. P.S. Akelamalu~

    Hope your Dad is doing well!

  8. Dashing through the Snow trying to get the right words down to describe the feelings I have inside me now that I seen the lost Chirstmas reindeer. Olive. That is it! It is Olive the other reindeer. After a liter of Pinot Noir the glow of the evening and the ambiance of the season has taken on a new feeling. I love what you have done and it is the season to be Jolly. You are tops my friend.

  9. Dashing through the a one horse open sleigh...laughing as we go....drinking Pinot, all the way!

    You know, Dave...I think it takes
    another Libra to totally understand the Libra sense of humor!

    Olive...that's good....Olive....tee-hee.

    Thanks for dropping in for some holiday cheer,'ve added MUCH joy!


  10. Hey Ron,

    I'd say you've got Rudolph down to a science. I have to say that you've got more guts than me, and more power to you!

    Let the party season begin! =]


  11. Ron your decorations in your apartment sound lovely!

    Dad has come home today and is planning to go playing whist tomorrow evening! :) Thanks for asking. x

  12. It's Monday the 3rd. Did you get enough snow ???

  13. Hi Greg~

    So good to see ya!

    I don't think it's's more like insanity!@#?

    The Christmas season does that to me!

    Thanks for stopping by, buddy!

    Ho, Ho, Ho...MERRRRRRY Christmas!


  14. Evening Akelamalu~

    Oh...that's glad he's home and doing well!

    What a wonderful, magical Christmas gift!

    Thanks for stopping by, my friend!


  15. Evening Annie!

    I am SOOO disappointed.

    It ended up just being "freezing rain" (meaning hail).

    But I couldn't resist...I went outside and walked in it. It was a gray, cold, damp day - and for some sick reason...I LOVE that.

    However, I hear that sometime this week, there may be a chance for REAL SNOW. It's freezing and very windy right now.


    Thanks so much for stopping by to check on the snow forecast, Annie!

    I'll keep ya posted!


  16. Rondolf the read nose reindeer... has a furry face and a shinny red nose.. and if you ever saw it.. hum hum hum hum hum hum hum...

    Question... What happened to Christmas being "The most wonderful time of the year"?
    It doesn't seam that many people even try to enjoy it. If they do, you would never know it. You go to any store these days, and people look absolutely miserable.. They walk around with this look on their faces as if someone just took a giant @#!% in their Wheaties.

    Christmas comes once a year. It a time for joy, peace, love & FUN!

    Although I have come across some bumps in the road this year..I have decided to put my boots on and go out "singing in the rain" opps...wrong song.. "Dashing through the snow"..

    I wish for you a Very Merry Christmas my friend.. don't let those miserable tight ass's get to you.. Wear those ears with pride and let that red nose shine..
    Oh,one more hell with the glass of Pinot Noir.. make it a bottle.

    "Pease. That's my Christmas wish to every boy and girl in the whole world."

    Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night!

  17. Hello Santa's Little Helper!

    Thanks for stopping by...I feel so honored!

    Your're so right...WHY does everyong look miserable??? I think it's hemorrhoids.

    Your "well-wishes" have inspired me to be a wonderful retail person this year...thank you!

    Have a fabulous holiday season...and tell Santa I wish for only one gift this year....TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS CITY!

    Peace on Earth,
    P.S. So glad you like my antlers.

  18. A sad but true little fact of nature, Yankees have no sense of humor...(I'm just repeating what I heard at the post office in South Alabama) This from a town that puts antlers on pigs....
    By the way I thought you looked ~giglish~
    kid speak for gorgeous giggles~

  19. Hi Sorrow!

    Welcome...and thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    I've seen you around Annie, Greenwoman, and Grace's blog. I always enjoy what you share!

    Don't ya love these ladies?

    Oh....and THAT'S THE TRUTH....Yankees have NO SENSE OF HUMOR (except of course, for me...tee-hee).

    I moved back here about 6 years ago and I'm thinking..."Why the hell did I do that?" I really enjoy having the season's again and love the "look" of the North...however, the people...oh, well!?

    I'm going to be venting a post on this, after the stay tuned!


    Giglish...I love that!

    (considering I am a kid)

    It's so nice meeting you. Stop by anytime!

    I'll check your place out soon!

    Have a nice weekend,

  20. Ahhhhh, I found the picture!!!
    Very funny!

  21. Hey Nicole~

    So glad you found it.

    And sorry that I gave you the wrong post title!?!

    Oh, Deer!