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The time I spent as an actor in the theater, was perhaps the most spiritually enlightened years of my life.

It was the closest I came to feeling totally united with the Source of Light.

Any stage actor will tell you - that in order to BE a stage actor - you have to be willing to completely SURRENDER yourself.

You must be keenly AWARE, yet at the same time…be willing to LOSE CONTROL.

It’s one of the most schizophrenic things that I have ever experienced.

When you act in the theater, your performance is repeated almost every single day (and sometimes twice a day). And the challenge - is to allow that performance to be created, as if the audience is seeing it for the first time.

Once an actor learns the technique of his craft, the technique must become so ingrained, that it becomes second nature. He must be willing to TRUST that the technique will be there, when it is needed. He must have unshakable FAITH - and abandon himself.

And the only way this can be achieved, is by living each moment on stage, as it is presented to the actor…as if he has no idea what’s coming next.

He must never anticipate.

He must play out each scene, MOMENT to MOMENT.

Being on stage is like flying…without having any fear of falling.

And what was interesting, was that I could do this "on stage" without any effort - yet I never learned how to do this with my "off-stage" life.

One evening during a performance, I heard a voice as clear as could be, say to me, “Your time in the theater for now, is complete…you must learn how to apply this to your whole life.”

I realized, that as much as I loved acting in the theater, it had only been a tool that taught me the "technique" I needed to learn - in order to continue with my journey.

To surrender myself to a Higher Power.

To be aware, yet willing to lose control.

To trust that power, in complete faith.

And to allow that power to present me, my future…moment to moment.

I’m still learning…..

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    I love what you're saying here and - since I'm not an actor myself - can totally 'see' what you're saying in the comparison.

    "All Life Is A Stage"

    Did someone "famous" say that? LOL ;)

    I used to think that meant that each of us had a 'part' we acted. NOW I look at it in an entirely different way.

    Thank you!

  2. Thank you Miss Grace!

    Yes...William Shakespear said that...good girl!!!!

    When I took this break from the theater, I thought I would die. It was very difficult. Especially since most of my friends were actors. Acting for me, was always such a sacred thing. So when I left, I thought that my "connection" to the Source would somehow diminish - and yet it actually grew even stronger - because I needed to TRUST more.

    And another thing...I always felt that acting was what "identified" who I was in this world. And now I can see that it was just a bring me closer to who I really am.

    I feel one day, that the theater will be a part of my life again...because after all?

    Aren't I so FRIGGIN' dramatic???

    Thank you for sharing your voice within this post, Grace...this was a "special one" for my soul!

    Bless you Bud,

  3. Excellent post. What you wrote:
    To surrender myself to a Higher Power.

    To be aware, yet willing to lose control.

    To trust that power, in complete faith.

    And to allow that power to present me, my future…moment to moment.

    I’m still learning…..

    So true to life, such a meaningful message. I am there with you still learning.
    I do thank you for sharing this

  4. Bill~

    Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by to say Hi...and for a read!

    It's so good to see ya!

    Yea...I'm still learning too. But I guess that's the whole idea behind the "journey". If I wasn't still learing...there would be no journey!

    Stop by anytime, Bill...your energy is always welcomed here!

    Be well,

  5. Ron~
    What a powerful thing
    to let lose the need to control, to be "in" control
    What a place to be,
    As Grace so succinctly put it " Fantastic! "

  6. Evening Sorrow~

    So wonderful to have you here!

    Yes..."surrender" seems to be what it is, that I've come here to learn - to be out of be "in" control (so true).

    It seems that the LESS I keep trying to "move" things...the more the Universe is able to move ME. And this is what my time in the theater has taught me.

    I can be a "control freak" - so what better way to learn this lesson...than to "let go."

    (son of a bitch)

    Oh, well...such is life!

    Stop by anytime, my's a pleasure!

    Mr. Chicken Man

  7. My dear friend, Ron.

    You have said it all when you said that you had to surrender to a higher power to enhance this journey. When we let this higher power become one with us then we are one with the power and together as one there is no thing that cannot be accomplished.
    I too, thank you for your friendship. It was determined long before now that our paths had to cross. I have learned so much from you this past year and I look forward to reading your words in the upcoming year.
    May the light stay in your heart and warm us all.
    Merry Chirstmas

  8. Evening Mr. Dave~

    It's always a hapy time when I receive a comment from you!

    Surrender....I know that you WELL understand that.

    I too, look forward to sharing many more experiences with you, bud.

    It's PURE pleasure knowing you!

    Thank you, Universe!

    If we don't talk before then...Merry Christmas, Dave!