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Ok…each time before I place my used socks into the laundry basket, I always turn them inside of each other (forming a little “sock ball”) so that they stay as one pair.

But somehow, between the time of washing and drying my clothes…one pair will often become a single.

Am I going insane? Because I can see that they are definately in pairs before I place them in the washer. But when the dryer cycle is complete…one ends up missing.


(and please don’t tell me that it’s stuck to another article of clothing; or that I accidentally dropped it on the floor; or that it‘s stuck to the side of the machine…because I’ve checked, time and time again…and it’s not there)

It’s like either the washer or dryer suddenly got hungry and decided to ingest one!

It just vanished into thin air….

(one of the 7 wonders of the world, I guess)

Personally…I think it’s a case of UFO abduction.

I think extraterrestrials are doing some freakish DNA testing. And what better way, than to abduct a single sock (which contains a million particles of sweat and skin flakes) to do a smear test.

It’s the perfect article of human clothing.

They’re probably making little “clones” of me on some distant planet as we speak.

(like UR-ANUS)

But the sad part, is that now I have a drawer filled with single socks.

(it’s like a “Single Socks Club” and they’re patiently waiting to find a mate)

I suppose I could start a new trend in fashion and maybe wear them “odd.”


Ok…that’s all I wanted to say today.


P.S. And guess who did laundry today?

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  1. Your sock ran away with my keys...the ungrateful cheating bastards!!

    Thank you for sharing this experience with us.
    I no longer feel alone in the "Outer Limits" :O

    Sending Light to you my new friend!! :)


  2. LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL sorry I could help laughing Ron because this happens all the time to MWM's socks! It got so bad he went out and bought a whole load of new socks all the same colour so he can just match them up when some go missing! :)

  3. OK, I have been reading your blog for a while but never commented. I am a housewife so I am about to give you the best ever advice to rid youself of this problem forever. Go and buy 2 of those little zip up hosiery bags typically used for women's delicates, one bag for white socks and one bag for colored socks. Keep them both wherever you normally keep your dirty laundry. WHen you take off your socks, put them in the bag and zip it up. Wash and dry all of your socks right in the bag, never ever unzip the bag until you are standing in front of your sock drawer ready to put them away.

  4. Hi Gypsy-Heart!

    Tee, hee, hee, hee!!!

    That was GREAT, my friend. I laughed my butt off at your answer!

    That's it...I feel like I'm in the Outer Limits! Don't touch that dial...YOU ARE IN THE OUTER LIMITS!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful sense of humor!

    And thanks for the LIGHT!

    Right back at ya!

    Sock Man

  5. Oh my God, Akelamalu....that's a GREAT idea!!

    I never thought of that!

    Tell MWM I said, THANK YOU!


    And thanks for stopping by today, fine lady!

    Sock Man

  6. Your missing socks are creeping into your office late at night, where they have a missing sock blog,and then they catch up on where all the other missing socks are.
    And if they go MIA, they have run away to meet up with their blog sock buddies in slocker land, or commonly called "The land Of The socks".

    Even socks get tired of being walked on ,you know.

  7. Greetings Nicole!

    Thank you for reading here, and for also taking the time today to leave a comment!

    Oh, my....I've gotten the BEST advice from housewives!

    I've seen those "things" that you're talking about, but NEVER thought of using them for my socks!!!! should start a blog on "Everyday Helpful Tips." I bet you'd find a million readers!

    I will definately try what you suggested here!

    (however, I wonder if the UFO'S will abduct the whole bag??)


    Please stop by anytime to read. It was a pleasure meeting you!

    Sock Man

  8. Washing machines eat socks. It's a known, corroborated fact.
    If you really want to mess with its tiny mechanical mind, put in an odd number of socks before you add the detergent :)

  9. There's a problem with mismatched socks?


    The faint of heart need to step away from my sock drawer. LOL

    Hearts and stripes today, sir.

    Bugs the byjeepers outta those obsessive/compulsive types. (It's kinda fun to watch 'em sit and spin over mismatched socks. LOL) AND I never haffta worry about one going missing!

    Ah, the simple pleasures.....


  10. Annie...that's an awesome idea.

    Oh, my...that will SO MUCH FUN playing "mind-games" with a washing machine!

    (I've never tried that before)

    I've already done my laundry this week...but I'll save it for the NEXT TIME!

    Thanks for the great tip, Annie!

  11. Oh, have me in stitches here!!!!

    That is too damn funny, girl!!!

    What a wonderful sense of humor you have!

    I loved your last line.

    I wonder what the socks talk about on their blog??? I would love to read their comments.

    You know something? You've given me a GREAT idea for a new blog.

    I'm a sick man!

    Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to leave your wonderful energy's so enjoyed!

    Sock Man

  12. I knew you would take the blog sock idea, and run with it, so to speak...If it gets big, I expect a percentage of the dont want all that money cluttering up your simple life style *laughing*

  13. Oh Mel...your comments ALWAYS make me laugh til I poop!

    The "Hearts and Stripes" just about killed me!!!!

    You know, you're absolutely right...I should just wear them as they are!!!!

    To HELL with matches!

    Live on the edge, Ron!

    Maybe YOUR socks could meet MY socks... and have a "Singles Dance."

    Thanks for always sharing your wonderful WIT, Mel. I so enjoy it!

    Sock Man

  14. I am AGAIN, snorting as you make me laugh!!!

    AGAIN...your last line was just too-too BRILLIANT!


    But of course...we would split the royalties 60/40...YOU get the extra percentage for giving me the idea!

    And I thank you!

  15. Its a deal Ron, ron ,and we could aslo make a fortune on sock bounty hunters, to bring back the runaways.

  16. Don't let the aliens win. Go barefoot or just wear sandels.

    Start a nudist coloney for feet!

  17. Hi Jeff!

    Good to see ya!

    Hey, one of my commentors gave me a GREAT tip on how to hold on to ALL my socks, so I don't think those damn aliens are going to be messin' with me again!

    *Unless they can abduct an entire BAG of socks!!

    (but I wouldn't put it pass them...those little mothers!)

    Hey...but I like your idea of the Nudist Coloney!!!!!

    Thanks for stopping Jeff!

  18. Well Ron Thanks for the suggestion on making a blog with everyday helpful suggestions. But unfortuntely, I've got about 5 good suggestions in total, this being one of them....
    I use the bags for my kids so that I never end up with that one laundry basket full of socks that need to be sorted. I hate sorting. Most of my tips derive from of my extreme laziness. I'm always looking for a way to avoid work.
    Although, I recently figured out what to do when someone leaves a bottle of white-out in their pocket, and it gets washed and dried, leaving white spots all over the clothes. I mean, in case you ever have that problem, just let me know.

  19. Hi Nicole!

    Oh, MAN....a bottle of WHITE-OUT?!?!?!? I probably would have just thrown every out!

    Hey...but that's not a bad idea for a new laundry detergent. "White-Out...for the whitest clothes possible"


    If that ever happens to me, you'll definately get a comment on your blog!

    I checked out your blog, and REALLY enjoyed the photos of your kids. I love kids.

    (probably because I still am ONE!)

    I'm planning on doing a post on keeping the "child" within us all.

    Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a nice weekend!


  20. *chuckling*

    That's near worth tossing a bottle of whiteout into the laundry.

  21. Ok, Mel...I'm sitting here trying to eat my dinner, while reading your comment at the same time, and spitting food on the computer screen...laughing!

    I think I actually did that with a ball point pen once!

    All my clothes ended up looking "Tie Dyed"!!!

    I've been working all day on how to create a simple header for my blog. I'm trying to teach myself how to do little things on web design. I haven't even had time to post today.

    Oh, well...there's always tomorrow!

    Good talking to you again, Mel!