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If years ago, someone told me that I’d be blogging, I’d probably think they were on hallucinatory drugs.

Yet, here I am…a delighted addict!

There are a thousand reasons why people blog.

I’m someone who has always enjoyed the evolutions of my life. I feel as though I’ve incarnated a hundred times already in this single lifetime. Parts of me have remained the same, yet other parts have evolved in ways that I could have never imagined.

The thing I love about blogging the most, is that it’s very much like my life…constantly moving forward. It lives in a “single moment” as each post is created, savoring that moment; then moving on to the next…and then the next.

Not only is blogging a wonderful way to express myself through writing, but for me, my blog is a complete representation of “where I am” at a particular evolution in my life.

I can change the entire “feel” of it’s visual design, to match my own interior design.

Blogging is all about energy.

I always believed that communicating with people via the Internet, would somehow cause a distancing between me and the rest of the world. But on the contrary, it has allowed me to connect “energetically” with others, without any physical limitation.

The term “web” is so appropriate for blogging, because blogging creates a tremendous web of energy, that allows people to connect on a very powerful level, where they even unconsciously start blogging about the same topics.

It’s like a “Universal Web” that brings people together who are meant to meet, who would maybe never be able to meet otherwise.

It amazes me how many times I’ve been connected to people who have taught me valuable lessons through their own evolutions.

Blogging is so much more than the technical aspects of a computer. It reaches way beyond anything physical.

It reaches...the soul.

Thanks everyone!

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  1.'re talking to the woman who swore there wouldn't BE a computer OR an internet connection in her home...LOL....who married the man she met in a 'chatroom' and now owns five computers.

    *shaking head and chuckling*
    Oy brother...
    And 'blogging'? Give it UP!

    I don't snicker when folks talk about the folks they've crossed paths with online.
    I know that real people with real emotions and real lives are behind the words on the screen.
    I know the tip of the iceberg of that 'connectedness' and how many times it's made a difference in my life.

    It's way cool.....
    And I'm glad my sister MADE me take that Mac.

    I blame HER for having himself in my life....and she shoulders that blame proudly! LOL

    Blog on, Mr. Jetson....Blog on.

  2. Oh, Mel...your sense of humor is such a delight!

    I said the same damn thing about the Internet and a computer!!!!! And look at us NOW. cool that you met himself online (and SEE people have said that's NOT possible)! And FIVE computers???? I only have two (but one is a piece of shit).

    You said it ALL KNOW to LOVE blogging!

    And ain't it TOOOO much FUN????

    Thanks for always sharing your "energy"'s a blessing! on with your badself!

    Mr. Jetson

  3. I got 'dragged kicking and screaming' into blogging but I'm so glad I did because I've met some wonderful people, like you Ron! :)

  4. laughing....yeah...I would have never bet on me having a weblog...or the number of other bloggers I count as friends.

    I found you by way of Mel...

  5. Evening Akelamau~

    AWWW...thank you my friend...and I feel the same way about YOU!'s been almost a WHOLE year since we've met...can you BELIEVE that????

    Time sure FLY'S when you having FUN!!!

    Thank you BLOGGER!

    May we have many more years of sharing, Akelamalu!

    Mr. Jetson

  6. Greetings Katherine!

    Welcome...and thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a comment!

    Any friend of Mel' a friend of mine!

    Isn't she SPECIAL????

    You said it...I have MORE close friends via this blog...than I do in the city in which I live. And it means A LOT to me!

    Please stop by here any time it moves you...the door is always open.

    Nice to meet you!


  7. *waving at Katherine*

    And a fine Friday to you, good sir!


    I was scared someone was gonna tell me it was Thursday......

    And there's five 'puters cuz we're two people.
    That doesn't explain the five, huh?
    LOL Come to think of it, nothing's probably gonna explain five. LOL

  8. Tee-hee, Mel...

    All week I've been asking everyone..."What the hell DAY is this????"

    I actually thought today was going to be Saturday, yesterday.

    These past two weeks of holidays...always does this to me. It's like...WA? WA? What day is it...and who am I?

    Your fifth computer...I probably for when you have a house guest!

    (that's sounds good, right?)

    Have an AWESOME rest of your Friday, to you soon!

    Ronald Regan

  9. It really IS a web of connection, isn't it ? Seems like the updated 'pen-pals' of 2008 :)

    Like the new look !

  10. Hey Annie!

    That's a GREAT way of looking at it...PEN PALS!!!

    (oh, God...what ever happen to a pen and paper????)


    Thanks Annie...I feel very "Jetson's" lately...and I wanted a template more colorful and playful.

    Have a WONDEFUL weekend, my blogger friend...and thanks for stopping by!


  11. So true. I'm glad we have reached each other!

  12. Hi Starbucks!

    So good of you to drop by for a visit...thanks!

    Me glad we've met. And looking forward to many more cups of "java" together in 2008!

    Have great weekend!


  13. Hi Ron!

    Some of your posts could become entire blogs in their own right. Topics that could go on into many posts, or a story, a serial. You're a virtual think tank.

    It is funny, isn't it. I once told my brother (in what seems another lifetime) that the internet was useless, a fad, and that I wasn't interested. It's stunning to recall the words.

    Now I try to imagine life without a pc. Harder still to imagine that there are people out there who don't have pcs... my dad, for one.

    Another thought-provoking post, and great to see you maintaining those alpha waves!

    Surf's up,

  14. Hey Greg~

    Once were on my mind and you are!

    Today was my "squirrel day" and they were ragging with hunger. They were actually ON the bench sitting with me and eating out of my hand!

    (the birds were NOT happy)


    The whole reason I started this blog, was to express all the many feelings that go through my soul. For me, VENTING is talking about a potpourri of things. Things that make me happy, sad, angry, or reflective.

    I also have an interest in many things. Vent gives me the space to share them with others.

    Like you...I thought the Internet was useless. I'm certainly eating those thoughts now!

    My God, when I think of all the wonderfully gifted, talented, and nice people I've met through the web...I feel blessed!

    I've learned to NEVER say never...because you NEVER know!

    Thanks for being one of those people,'s been a pleasure!

    Weaving the Web,

  15. Doing a little blog surfing tonight. Found you via Mel and Katherine, both top notch ladies in my book!

    I've only had my blog going since October and I'm blown away about how many great people I've met.

    Being a outgoing people person, I used to think this type of format (internet) would be the opposite. Only for the introverts. Once again, a lesson in why assumptions are often wrong.

    I could go on, but I don't want to use your comment section to create my own post. So I will simply conclude with nice to meet you.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Hey Jeff...thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a comment!

    When I read the comment that you left on Mel's blog...I howled!

    Damn...that was funny!

    (because the "bird" is something I quite often do)

    Yea, me too. I always thought blogging would somehow move me away from people. And yet it has caused me to meet some pretty remarkable people!

    I stopped by your blog after reading your comment on Mel's but was short on time, so I didn't leave a comment. I'll be back, however.

    I saw you were from Oregon. That's a place I have always been drawn to. I really enjoy rain and grey winter days (I know, I'm sick) so I think I would be in my element!

    I use to blog with someone from Oregon last year...and she use to post photos of the landscape....WOW!

    Please stop by anytime, Jeff. Nice to meet you!

  18. What a marvelous post, missed it my first dash over after company, but came by again to make sure i was caught up proper!( glad I did!) You said this perfectly and i couldn't agree more. Blogging has been such an experiment in connections for me, and it all started because someone out there really made me stop and think!
    This is WONDERMOUS! thanks for the Love!

  19. Evening Sorrow~

    Thanks for your return visit!

    Boy...I learned something very valuable too. I can never be "too sure" of when I say, "I would NEVER do something."

    After meeting so many fabulous people via the blogworld, and what they have shared with me, I can't even imagine what my life would be like right now.

    I feel so wealthy!

    And thank you dear lady, for adding to that wealth!

    Your "energy" reaches out and touches MANY!

    Bless you.