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About 4 years ago, I started noticing that whenever I wore a wrist watch for longer than 2 weeks, it would begin to lose one hour of time. So if it was actually 2:00pm…my watch would show 1:00pm.

At first I kept changing the battery every few weeks, but suddenly I would notice that the time jumped back an hour. I eventually purchased a new watch, thinking that it simply needed replacement, however this was not the case - the new watch followed the same routine.

I remembered either hearing or reading somewhere, that some people have difficulty wearing a watch because something in their skin interferes with the battery. I had also read that it could possibly be contributed to something about the wearers energy.

I started to have an “inner feeling” that this freaky thing was happening to me for a reason other than just a watch issue. Something kept telling me to remove the watch and stop being so consumed with time. So I tried an experiment - I took the watch off and placed it in my desk drawer and forbid myself to put it back on or even look at it.

On the days that I needed to be at work, I allowed myself to keep an eye on the alarm clock, but other than that throughout the day, I tried not to look at any time mechanism.

This experiment caused me to notice how many times I habitually wanted to look at my watch. I was so overly concerned with what time it was, making sure I was keeping up with it; yet ironically, the more I looked at the time…the less aware I was of my natural ability to have an energetic rhythm with it.

I always seemed to be thinking that the time should have been later…when in fact, is was earlier.

(thus the reason for my watch always running an hour behind)

This also has taught me a great lesson about in staying in the moment and enjoying the present. I realized how much I was either thinking about the past or projecting into the future.

Since I’ve tried this experiment, I’ve been able to really enjoy my days off too. By not looking at a watch all day, concerning myself with a time frame, I’ve been presented with some of the most magical moments that the present time has given me.

I do believe that watches and clocks serve a practical purpose in my life and I need to look at them occasionally, however, when I become needlessly consumed with them…it causes me unnecessary stress.

It’s been a while since I no longer wear a time piece. And what I find incredibly interesting, is that I’m NEVER late. I’ve even gotten to the point where I sometimes just KNOW what time it is.

They say that on an energetic level, all time is happening simultaneously. And if this is true…then what the hell am I so concerned with?

Because it’s all happening in this moment anyway….

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  1. You must be very intune with your mind and body. You don't need no stinkin' watches! LOL

  2. Afternoon Nitebyrd~

    It's funny, because as long as I can remember...I've always felt that something inside of me (and I believe everyone) has the power to guide me.

    Even when it comes to my diet, I try and let my inner voice guide me to what's good for my body.

    (I wonder if chocolate is one of them?!?!?)

    I'm by no means a health guru...I like to endulge in decadent stuff!

    Time has always been something that has been too much of a concern with me. My father was the same way - Mr. Punctuality!

    I always want to be responsible if I need to be somewhere...but I think I was alittle "overboard" with it. And I believe this "watch experience" was trying to show me that.

    It is amazing though, how I discovered that if I just sort of relax into time...time takes care of me.

    However, that doesn't mean I still don't sometimes fret over time...because I do. I just need to slap myself on the side of the head occasionally!*#!

    So good talking to you, Nitebyrd. Thanks for flying by!

    Have a good "time"


  3. Very, very interesting!!!
    Watches tend to just stop on me. i seem to have an inner clock too..if i know i have to be up at an ealier time i will always wake up before the alarm goes off.
    Another thing about energy..i was told that i seem to attract electrical lightening for example :O. At times on a crystal clear day my hair will stand straight up on top of my head...which means electrical currents. We have learned to pay attention to that especially when out on the docks. Just about every time an electrical storm follows...with major lightening.
    i would not be surprised if you are also such an attraction.
    What this all means i do not know. (i hear peoples thoughts sometimes too..especially suffering).
    That is getting too serious though..
    So i'll leave you with this husband, me, and Ringo (the guru dog) running to get off the hair is almost shoulder length so it looks petty weird standing straight up reaching and waving to the sky. It only confirms what my neighbors already suspect..
    ~i am either crazy or a witch. hee, hee.
    Hmmm? could i really be "lightening woman" and i just do not know it..maybe that is the restlessness i have been feeling.

    GOOD energy to you Ron dear heart!

    Ps one of the reasons i am a hermit is static electricity..i guess the universe is tasering me!!

  4. This is really interesting Ron because MWM stopped wearing a watch when he retired and doesn't even think about the time unless he has to go somewhere. He does wear a watch when we go out but only because he bought himself a Rolex when he retired and likes to show it off! :)

  5. Afternoon Dear Gypsy-Heart~

    Oh, my're a FREAKING WITCH!!!!!

    (I guess that makes ME a warlock)

    I think you and I belonged to the same "witch clan" in a pastlife!

    (it was called, "Stitch Witchery")


    The next time that happens to you, take a picture and email it to me. I'll sell it on Ebay and you'll be FAMOUS!!

    Hey, I found what you shared here soooo interesting...and I TOTALLY believe it! A friend of mine in Flordia, could always tell when an electical storm was coming, because he would actually get a sever headache and become incredible nauseaus!

    I feel, such as yourself, that some people are like "electrical towers" and their purpose is to distribute universal energy outward.

    (and I honestly believe that)

    It seems that people that do this, are highly sensitive...almost like being an open nerve. It can be VERY "unnerveing" because it leaves you open to EVERYTHING. And this why we require "hermit time."

    Being a Reiki practitioner has helped me tremendously with keeping a energy balance. I honestly don't know what I'd do without it.

    Oh...and I could go on and on sharing with you, Gypsy-Heart. We seem to have much to share with one another. And I am SO grateful for that!

    Thank you for adding your thoughts and feelings to this bring much good energy and light!

    Enjoy your day, my friend!

  6. Gypsy-Heart...

    P.S. Have you ever tried, Static Cling?


  7. Oh, Akelamalu....your comment made me LAUGH!!!!

    A Rolex???? A GREAT item to show off!

    Thank you for sharing this about MWM, because it made me realize something. Maybe as we grow older...we learn to just let go of our grip on time. And just allow time to guide it's own TIME!

    Ahhh...the wonderful lessons through AGING!!!

    Good for you MWM!!!

    Thanks for sharing your insight on this post, fine lady. You've added much goodies!

  8. Ron! CONGRATS on the new role! I have never been in theatre (well, once which was odd, the play Oliver Twist which I have no idea how I got into that- it was for Trinity Rep Theatre in New England many years back). Anyway- I think its FABULOUS you get this role! YAY! You will do great! I would love you to have someone film a small clip of you then you can post it here for the rest of us.

    ALSO: As to the watch issue; I very much relate. I never wear a watch but I can tell you I have the same issue with electrical devices and unbelievably- PENS. I can promise you any pen in my hand stops writing. This is why I prefer now a keyboard. It frustrates me to no end. Writing the bills - won't write. Writing a check - same thing. You can't chalk things like that up to "chance" when they happen predictably over years of time. So I do not doubt at all your experience with the watches.

    I agree it is chemically related. And i too have a fascination of the time concept (as you saw in my earlier post about the man with no time some weeks ago). I often wonder if it is not also attributed to electrical energy as well. I observe this to be so in my own experience. And also, blood type. I notice that those with a rare or odd blood type (i have this kind) - has oddities occur. If everything carries an "energetic charge" - it makes sense to me that cells do also. SO INTERESTING isn't it? With your background and interests, there is no coincidence in my opinion that you have these happenings. What a powerful healing ability you must have.... !

  9. I have this problem also but my watches completely break. Something inside me breaks the springs. Fossil watches are good though. Even though thats not the point you were making. Just thought I'd let you know if you ever feel the need to live by a watch again. : )

  10. Evening Sibyllae!

    So GREAT to see ya!

    Hey...I think you may have misread the previous post on Cinderella. I was explaining the experience of how I performed the role of the Wicked Stepmother in the PAST.

    But thank for the CONGRATULATIONS! And you'll be happy to went well...yeppeee!!

    And I think it's wonderful that you were in Oliver...I LOVE that show!

    It's funny, because this post has allowed me to see just how MANY people can relate to my experiences with watches...too cool!

    And it's SO interesting what you shared about PENS. I've never heard of anything like that before, but I TOTALLY believe it and find it fascinating!

    You're right...if everything is composed of energy...then it makes complete sense to me that some people may have an energy that interfers with the energy of an object, thus...the pen and the watch stop working! I've even had weird stuff happen to my computer when I'm on it.

    My father had a rare blood type too. And he was in GREAT demand at the blood bank!

    I've always believed in the power of energy. And since becoming a Reiki practitioner, it's made me even more aware of it's ability to do amazing things. Things that cannot be explained...but are TRUE none the less. Reiki is all about trusing the energy and allowing it to do what it's meant to do. It continues to be an amazing journey for me, in which I NEVER stop learning!

    I can't thank you enough for sharing your thoughts, feelings and ENERGY on this blog...I feel very blessed to have you visit here!

    Thanks, Sibyllae!

  11. Greetings Butterfly~

    And Welcome!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It's always so nice to meet a new visitor!

    It's amazing...because when I decided to write this post...I had NO IDEA that so many other people had this same issue with watches. It actually makes me feel GREAT to know that I'm not alone!

    Thanks for the Fossil recommendation too...Fossil watches are so cool looking!

    Hey, I stopped by your blog and noticed that you were a hair stylist. That's so funny, because I USE to be one for 16 years! I don't know if you've explored my blog posts, but if you want to read something that I think you'll greatly indentify with...please click on the "hair styling" link on the sidebar. I wrote this just may enjoy it!

    Please stop by anytime you wish. You're visits are always welcomed!

  12. Hey Ron!

    Man... I go out of town for a few days, and you've got chapters on the go. Yowsers.

    Funny to read about your issues with watches, and to be able to relate. I used to wear one as a teen, and noticed the same obsession with looking at it. Almost hypnotic.

    When I started playing guitar I had to lose the watch- no fun chording with one on- and like you, I noticed how much I really didn't miss it.

    Yep, everything's happening in this moment... the more we can live outside of time's magnetism, the more freedom we have.

    Stay healthy! I think I just caught someone's cold. Ugh.


  13. Greetings Greg!

    ACHooo! Sorry hear about your cold. Last week I felt like I was on the verge of getting one myself, so I did some at-home remedy stuff with reflexology, reiki and essential oils and it seemed to chase it away...thank God!

    It's amazing how many people I've read about (since posting this) that have had the same issue with watches!!! I think it's too cool.

    I so enjoyed your last statement here about living outside of time's magnetism and having more freedom...beautifully stated!

    Hope you enjoyed yourself while being out of town. I always find it so refreshing to take a break from my environment every once in awhile.

    Thanks for dropping by today,'s always a treat talking with you!

    Be well, bud...

  14. Did I misread that? For whatever reason, I saw that you are getting a new role. HOW STRANGE. Well, maybe something new WILL arise! DOH! (But i often type in a flurry so probly my bad just as well). PS: I have a long rant on aromatherapy in reply to the Walmart comment. Apologies in advance. I laugh at myself! I never talk about it but when someone brings it up- I dont shut up (obviously) lol! You dont have to post this comment either; but wanted the chance to say SORRY FOR THE NOVELLA in advance tee hee!

  15. Hiya Sibyllae!

    That's so funny...because after I posted my comment reply to you about the comment you left for me (about Cinderella)...I thought..."Maybe she's SEEING something in the furture about a new role!"

    So maybe your comment was a message from the Universe!!!! How cool. So thanks!

    Hey listen...I comment NOVELLA'S always feel free here, to say as much as your heart desires! I enjoy your comments!!

    I'll be over to check out your post soon...can't wait!