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There has been so much written and shared about the power of intention, manifestation and creating my reality.

However, what I would like to share here is a different kind of power.

I’m talking about the power of surrendering to what IS.

You see, it’s very easy for me to accept something joyous that I may have created for myself.

But what do I do when I’ve created something challenging?

Perhaps telling me that I have created a terminal illness, or a sudden financial loss, or even the death of my child for a higher purpose, is not REALLY what I want to hear at a time like this - especially if I happen to be someone who may not necessarily believe in this philosophy.

And even if I did believe, how do I actually move through the experience of what I’ve created?

Just because I simply BELIEVE this, does not somehow magically make the experience any easier to accept. Especially when fear, anger, grief and confusion are present.

Some of the things that I will create in my life…will not always be conscious.

So whether I believe or not believe, and whether it’s conscious or unconscious…it still comes down to an experience that feels like a total bitch.

And this is where the Power of surrendering comes in.

I may think with my “mind” that I have an amazing capacity to create things…but you see, creation is not a one-man band.

Creation comes from a Power far greater than my mind. And I know that I need this Power to assist me with ALL of my creations…especially when I’ve created the tough ones.

Surrendering comes from a complete and utter exhaustion of not being able to SEE, so that I humbly move into a state of Power.

To be powerless is to sometimes be Powerful.

And when I finally succumb to TRUE power…I clearly see just how powerless I can be.

I must never forget…that this is ALSO a part of creation.

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  1. I thought it was just me!

    Like everyone I too get upset when someone gets cancer, or dies, or is going through a divorce or whatever - but - I can't change it so I accept it, it doesn't stop it hurting but I don't fret about it and make myself ill. Let go, let God I say. x

  2. Morning Akelamalu!

    Good to see ya....

    You know, with all the stuff written about creating and manifesting...there came a time in my life when I got very cocky about how powerful and in control I thought I was.

    I needed a few "challenging creations" to give me a slightly broader view.

    And you said it PERFECTLY, my friend...I had no other choice than to "Let go and Let God"

    Thank you for sharing here...

    It's always appreciated!

    Have yourself a FABULOUS weekend Akelamalu!!!!!

  3. My, My, such deep thoughts for a cold day. When you release the need for power and just be and realize that now is the only time you ever have then what you describe as power becomes enlightenment and the reason to find out why and when just goes away and you become one with a spirit and an energy that only can give comfort.
    Getting to that point now that is something quite different and it is in this journey that we subcom to what you and the rest of us label power.

    What a very nice thought provoking post.
    Thank You

  4. Evening Mr. Dave~

    Thank you SO MUCH for adding your beautiful thoughts and feelings to this post.

    So TRUE, the reason to know the WHY and WHEN seem to become "not the point." For me, it's always been in the allowing myself to be supported and carried through any creation.

    And it's in that journey to succumb...where I always find the Power!

    Your presence here, my Libra friend...always adds much light!

    And I thank you for that!

    Enjoy your weekend, Dave.

    P.S. I'm STILL laughing at your comment you left GREAT!

  5. "whatever stands in our way, is the way" Eckhartd tolle...thank you for this Ron, it is such a timely piece for me.I agree with so much here..I,m not sure how much we really create anyway, i think we just move the pieses of the jigsaw puzzle areound, until it fits the way we like, and then go"oh look at what I did" when the puzzle existed there in the first place.
    and you are right, surrender is the highest...and sometimes surrendering the fact we just feel terrible, helps.

  6. PS I like the new look, it s really cool and groovy, man.

  7. Greeting Enigma~

    It's incredible that you mentioned Eckhartd Tolle, because it was his first book that actually started me on the process of looking at things differently and surrendering. The book came to me at the best time (as I was going through a lot of shit) it touched me deeply.

    And I must TOTALLY agree with you (and that's the whole point of this post) about not being sure of just how much we REALLY create. I'm planning to write a post this month about my thoughts on Destiny and how it pertains to my own life.

    Your analogy of a PUZZLE is brilliant!!!! And I couldn't agree with you more.

    I believe that everyone's life takes different paths, however for me, it's ALWAYS been about surrendering to what IS. It's a challenge, for sure. But it's given me strength for surrendering to the next thing.

    (which "includes" surrendering to the fact that I just feel terrible)

    Thank you SO MUCH for adding your enlightenment to this post, Enigma. It's much appreciated!

    And thanks for enjoying the "new look" was so much FUN putting it together!

    Have a wonderful weekend....

    Talk to ya soon!

  8. Hi Ron,
    I love Ekhartd...I am hoping when i finally get over there, to go to some of his talks.
    I use a lot of his techniques in my counceling practise(my other job), and another one of my favs is the work of Byron katie, I have been working as a facilitator of her work for about 5 years now...unfortunatly i have had to drop a lot of it recently, due to the smash and bash work.
    And the new site IS very groovy.

  9. Hey Enigma~

    And that's incredible AGAIN...because I've often seen Byron Katie's books on the shelves and felt drawn to pick it up.

    Must be a SIGN!!!!

    So, I think I will!

    Thanks again for sharing your path!

    Later gator...

  10. Isn't it interesting how so many from such diverse backgrounds are sharing some common themes. I couldn't resist Enigma's comment: "I'm not sure how much we really create anyway, i think we just move the pieses of the jigsaw puzzle areound, until it fits the way we like, and then go "oh look at what I did" when the puzzle existed there in the first place.

    Really, in so many ways this just couldn't be any better said. The Byron Katie thing is too coincidental also; which I have a personal reason for taking note of. And as for your post: Ron, I relate to what you are speaking of; without a diatribe to substantiate that - I honestly relate. Whatever is going on in your world or anyone's world, sometimes I wish there were magical words to "think it away"; but really, there are no words. So much courage abounds around you - and everyone here.

  11. Evening Sibyllae~

    What a BEAUTIFUL and MUCH APPRECIATED comment, my friend!

    Thank you so much!

    Enigma's comment affected me just the way it did you. She expressed herself so clearly and fully.

    As did YOU, with saying that there are NO magical words that can THINK it away...because there are none. I truly believe that.

    For me, I've always believed that my life is playing out as it should. And the best way that I can help myself, is to stay closely attuned to what I feel is TRUE Power and then allow it to guide me through my life. I don't ever know what's coming next, but I DO KNOW that I will always be supported and loved through every thing that is created!

    Again, thank you very much for layering this post with your thoughts, feelings...and courage!

    I feel so happy to have you here, Sibyllae!

    Enjoy your weekend....

    P.S. And I will definately check out Katie Byron's that you both mentioned it!!!

  12. Sibyllae.....

    P.S. And I too find it incredibly interesting that people who closely blog together...will at times be experiencing the SAME common themes.

    It shows me just how Powerful ENERGY is...even through the Internet!!!!

  13. *sigh*

    Well....I'm not sure where I fit into this one....which is why I refrained from responding for a bit.
    (could be that 'mood' I'm entertaining as of late...LOL)

    That 'Oh, look what *I* did' to a puzzle that's already designed feels about right. (Like I get credit for putting pieces together?--like the Big Guy cares? LOL It's HIS puzzle--maybe He enjoys me putting it together?)
    There's no guarantee that I'm gonna 'like' the picture that I'm fitting the pieces together to create that's already created and I'm just bumbling my way with putting the pieces together. I guess that's where the surrender comes into play, eh?
    And smaller pictures aren't a respresentation of the whole--this I know.
    Pictures that I THOUGHT I understood--I didn't.
    That's the 'more WILL be revealed' jazz, I'm sure.

    Hindsight's always 20/20 for me.
    It's that unwillingness to surrender that bites me in the rearend every freakin' time.

    LOL And this ends Mel's tangent for today.

    Yeah, yeah---I know......SURRENDER, Mel! LOL

  14. Hiya Mel!

    Thank you for your wonderful insight've added much!

    Whether or not the Big Guy created the puzzle and we're just moving the pieces around, or He's doing it on His everyone's own personal belief.

    My point with this post, is that sometimes shitty and challenging things will be created regardless of WHO'S doing the creating.

    And it's at these times, that I've been shown, how by surrendering to TRUE power, it has help me through them.

    And let me tell you, Mel...I don't surrender nicely either!! I kick and scream and yell and have been known to shoot the Big Guy a "bird."

    I also shared this post to say that at one time, I was very arrogant and cocky about how I thought I was in complete control of creation. And like I said...I was shown just how out of control and powerless I could be. And by that happening to me...I was humbled and shown just how much I NEED the Big Guy to create that BIGGER PICTURE.

    I can't always be too sure of myself...and that makes me feel powerful.

    Thanks again, my dear friend for taking the time to add yourself to this post. It's ALWAYS appreciated and enjoyed!

    Bear Hug {{{{{Mel}}}}}

  15. Heyo Ron!

    Great post (as usual) that reads on a number of levels.

    "But what do I do when I’ve created something challenging?"

    In my own little world (and completely removed from actual pain or tragedy) was the challenge of learning/putting together a flash website about 3 years ago. It's the last time I truly felt out on a limb, found myself stuck and cursing, trying to learn and failing far more than I seemed to be succeeding.

    During the process I began to see a pattern in which I was continually moving into challenges that I had no idea how to deal with. Frustrating as all get out, and yet I'd fix one issue, breathe a sigh of relief and immediately move into a new area of difficulty.

    I think some people thrive on adversity and challenge, without realizing it, even as they curse and kick against the current. Maybe it's adrenaline. Maybe it's the feeling of being that much more Alive. I'm not sure.

    It wasn't a place I enjoyed being, and yet found myself seeking, as long as the goal was ahead of me. That place of learning and challenge isn't a place I would choose to go to again, and yet I'm better for what I learned.

    Which almost seems contradictory to the problem of tragic or painful adversity. Perhaps it's a matter of "accepting with serenity the things that can’t be changed, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference."

    Maybe it's the fact that I'm over forty and am no longer immortal. ;)

    As the sparks fly upward,


  16. Hiya Greg~

    Good to see ya!

    Your last paragraph so beautifully summed up the meaning behind this thank you.


    That's it! Relying on something OTHER than myself to guide me.

    Whether the challenge has to do with something life altering, such as a terminal illness or even what you shared about the frustrations of designing a web's ALL challenging and a royal bitch.

    It may not have been a place that you enjoyed...but you surrendered to it and grew...and allowed yourself to be guided through it.

    This is what I meant by this post.

    Allowing true Power to take me where I need to go!

    I can't thank you enough for adding your voice here, Greg.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you....

    And isn't it funny how when we get to certain point in our lives, where we realize we are not immortal...just how powerful we begin to feel?

    Peace, buddy!

  17. Mel, I think the Big Guy loves us moving the peices around, he gave us them to do what ever we want with....and also we are made in our own image, across space and time there there will never, ever , ever be another Mel,.To me THAT is God glorifying us.. and I believe that THAT is God expressing himself through us,that our divinity lies in our humanness, and our confusion.That that is where our true beauty lies.And maybe peace with the idea that you cant surrender...who would you be without the thought "I should surender?'

    Ron, my other career , is working as a Byron Katie councilor.

  18. PS Ron, i tried to email you the other day...and it doesnt work.

  19. Hey Enigma~

    Thanks for pointing that out to me.

    (I put a DOT where there should have been a AT!?!?)

    I changed it, so please feel free to email me me now.

    Talk to you later....