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I’ve heard it said by so many bloggers who have come to a point in their life where they no longer wish to blog, say that they feel it’s time for them to move back into the REAL world.

And they always seem to say it as though the YEARS spent enjoying and dedicated to blogging, was something that was distracting them from another life they should have been living.

It’s like they’ve had some "dramatic epiphany" that causes them to tell the rest of us to BEWARE of losing ourselves in a world that’s false.

I realize that blogging is not the "entire" REAL world. And that taking some time away from it is healthy, but healthy in a way that it is to take a vacation or break from anything in someone’s life. This is something that I do for myself every once in a while.

Just like everything…blogging is about balance.

And if someone is avoiding and/or neglecting their life with excessive blogging, then by all means…take a break and discover balance.

But just because someone may be blogging in an excessive manner…does not make blogging something other than the REAL world.

It’s a means of communicating just like a phone, which ALSO can become excessive. But just because you’re talking to someone on a phone, doesn’t make your relationship with them any less REAL.

I personally, have had some of the most REAL life-altering experiences with the people that I blog with. And these experiences have touched my life so profoundly, that it caused me to expand as a human being. Quite a few of these people are also doing some awesome things with their blogs, that support some pretty worthy causes in the REAL world.

I also know that there are people out there, who if not for blogging, because they may be ill and confined to their home, would have no other means to communicate and share with the rest of the world.

And if it weren’t for blogging, I would have never discovered my hidden curiosity for web design, or have a space where I can express my passion for writing.

Mainly, blogging has taught me how to PAUSE and clearly state what it is that I want to express - instead of just blurting out words. And gratefully, this has enabled me to practice this throughout my life in general.

Yes…blogging IS the REAL world.

But like any tool…it’s all in how I use it.

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  1. Very well said.

    I look at blogging not as another world, but part of my world. I go through spurts where I post every day and the stories or ideas come quickly. Other times I may go for three or four days in between when I'm either really busy or just not inspired to write anything.

    Like you, I've heard others say, "I have to give this up to get back to reality." Those kind of statements have always seemed strange to me.

  2. I think you are reading my mind Ron, I did develop bit of an obsession with the whole blogging thing,and I did feel it was taking over from my real life at one stage, but it occured to me last night, how much I really like and relate to the people I have met through my blog.

    I have had to drop a lot of my "spiritual" stuff, and some of my other projects recently,due to bussiness problems and have felt that there wasnt much of "me" left.
    I felt a real rush of love for you all last night, your insights and caring and compassion have helped me to feel much less alone, and I have had some amazing breakthroughs from knowing such an amazing , special group of I feel greatly honoured to be included in.
    And I am glad for blogworld for that.

  3. That's me...confined to my home! Not really, I am perfectly able, physically, I just am a stay at home mom....important part of that is "stay at home."
    I love love love blogging. I did a post while back on what I have learned from blogging.
    I have met the most wonderful and fasinating people through blogging, some of them I coorespond with through email almost every day. Of course, it is a little weird since I have never laid eyes on most of them.
    This must be the new generation of friendships, you think?

  4. Ron, you're dead on with your take on blogging and cyber-life in general. Some of my best and closest relationships are through the computer. Many have developed into "real life" ones as well. The reason is because I'm able to be ME through my blog and other cyber outlets, the REAL me. Since I can be real, people that are like me, find me and I them.

    Blogging and other computer related activities have truly expanded my horizons and talents.

    Taking breaks is required but you're absolutely right when you say blogging is "real" life, too.

  5. Ron~
    You have spoken so eloquently on what i have come to believe is a very important lesson.
    We learn, no matter where we are in Life. The blog world is it's own space in my day. It has it's own lessons to impart and it teaches me so much. I am trying to be a writer. As you say " picking and chosing my words" not just letting it all hang out.
    I wish more people would accept that living is more than just getting through a day in the "real world"
    gone a recommend it to a few folks!
    Thank you thank you

  6. Ron, are you telling me there's another world out there?????? (wink)

    I think for some blogging starts at a significant time in their life - like I started blogging to keep a diary of how my knee surgery went, then I suppose there comes a time when the blog has fulfilled its purpose and is no longer needed. When that time comes I guess its time to stop. I haven't reached that time yet. :)

  7. Helloooo Lady Sorrow~

    YOU...along with so many others that I share my life with blogging, I feel are doing some friggin' fantastic things with their blog! I hope you know just how much you've TOUCHED my life and the lives of others!

    I feel so grateful to have met you!

    Thank YOU, my dear friend...thank YOU!

  8. Amen.

    This phenomenom called blogging offers us many ways to connect with like individuals who are in this journey. Like all things in our life there is always a need for change.
    All of us here in Blogland have come here for a purpose. What ever that purpose may be it has helped all. It may have been the only way we could express ourselves to many, it could have been a searching to learn and teach life's lesson.
    I have learned that there is are no accidents in this universe and everything that we choose we choose for a reason that is personal.
    Well I guess that is my 2 cents worth.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. Hi Jeff~

    Thank you for sharing what you said here about how others have expressed, "I have to give this up to get back to reality."

    I guess our "reality" is all in how we experience it.

    Blogging for me...IS part of my reality. And it has enriched my life more than I could have EVER imagined!

    And thank YOU, sir...for being part of that reality. Your visits and humor are so appreciated!

    Thanks, Jeff.

  10. Hello Dearest Enigma~

    Your comment made me all teary-eyed!

    It's amazing that you felt what you felt last night, because lately I've been sharing and sending Reiki energy to all the wonderful people I blog with.

    I've always been blessed with the feeling of knowing that I am loved. And for the past few days I've been sharing that love with you and everyone else here. You are all such a HUGE part of my life, because it always adds so much more love TO that LOVE.

    It's been my pleasure getting to know you, Enigma. You're REAL...and I so enjoy that!

    Thank YOU for sharing your insights, caring and compassion. And for being a part of my REAL world!!!

  11. Hiya Nicole~

    I always enjoy what you add to this blog and feel so blessed to have met you!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!

    And said it! For whatever reason someone may be an "at-home person"...blogging enables all of us to connect, share, and enjoy one others company.

    I use to believe (YEARS ago) that the Internet was something that distanced people (and I guess if that's how some people use it...well) But for's actually brought me closer to interacting with others. I've always been one of those people who can FEEL more about a person, when I don't actually SEE them. Somehow I'm able to FEEL past the physical...and see MORE.

    Blogging has added so much richness to my life. And I love, love, love it too!

    Thank YOU, Nicole...for being a part of my REAL world!

  12. Howdy Nitebyrd~

    You said a mouth-full of truth here, my friend!!!

    I know people who have not only made friendship connections...but also intimate and marrage connections (and GOOD ones).

    Blogging gives us our own personal space that we can design and present how we REALLY are inside, which allows so many others to gradually get to know us and build a close and solid relationship.

    Building a relationship takes time...and blogging allows that to happen.

    And you're right...blogging has expanded my horizons and hidden talents too, and is something that I feel SOOO grateful for!

    I'm so tickled that the Blog World has enabled you and I to meet, Nitebyrd. I always enjoy your presence here and appreciate what you share!

    Thank you!!!!

  13. My Libra Buddy Dave~

    You were one of the very first people I met through the Blog World, and I hope you know just how blessed and honored I feel in knowing you!

    Your blog touches the hearts and souls of SO MANY people, who look forward everyday to receiving your wisdom, humor and LOVE!

    You've given me MUCH, Dave...and I SO appreciate your loyalty and friendship!

    I'm so glad that the Universe, through the Blog World...saw to it that we meet!

    Have a great weekend too, Dave!

  14. Good post again!

    You know my coming to terms with my love/hate of blogging.
    Now that I have embraced it wonderful things are happening. :)

    I was thinking about my blogging friends the other day and it hit me...we are without voices,faces,forms...only our spirit speaks this a taste of what lies beyond? I hope so because I find all of you quite divine!!

    Love & light to you Ron dear, and all that visit your blog home!

  15. Greetings Akelamalu~

    YOU, like DAVE are one of the very first people I've met through the wonderful world of blogging. And you've added so much joy, wisdom, and humor to my life!

    THANK YOU!!!

    You've made a very enlightening observation here. It's TRUE...blogging comes into our lives at a significant time (I know it did for me). It's almost like a "calling." Which gives us a valuable tool to use for a variety of reasons. And when the time for that reason is's time to stop.

    But's hasn't stopped for me either!!!! I friggin' LOVE IT!!!

    You're such a wonderful example of a dedicated blog artist, Akelamalu. And the love and loyality that you receive each and everyday through your SO deserved!

    Thank you for our friendship, my friend. It makes me very happy!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Oh, Gypsy-Heart...what you just said EXACTLY the feeling behind the words that I wanted to express!!!

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you just shared!!!

    For me, it's all about NOT seeing the hear the soul. And this form of communication (blogging) allows for that.

    "Without a form...only our spirit speaks"

    That's it!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    If used in a conscious way...blogging can be an awesome tool to create a VERY REAL world!

    I feel SO freaking blessed in know you, Gypsy-Heart. Your talented and precious energy...touches many!!!!

    And thank you for sharing it here!

    Good energy to you, my friend....

  17. I banned the internet from our home, onceuponatime.
    EVIL thing, dontchaknow....NOTHING good could come from it.

    <----now has five computers in this house...LOL

    I started connecting with people via the WWW when I was too sick to leave the house.
    Connecting is a good word--there is a connectedness that comes for me.....a feel, a huge sense of the person behind words on the screen....
    It's a connectedness of the heart that's beyond what gets experienced in the day to day. I get a chance to 'hear' what's being said, to 'feel' it, to 'wear' it and come back to say what's true for my heart.

    It's a heart/spirit connectedness for me....a feel.....a overwhelming 'click' that falls into place....

    The woman who forbid the EVIL internet to enter her home and her life......who married the Brit she met in a chatroom, who lives in the little yellow house on the corner with her happily ever afters that never 'shoulda' happened......

  18. Morning Mel~

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your heart-felt words on this post!

    I thought of YOU many times when I wrote this, because of remembering what you've always said about, "The face behind the words/screen."

    And isn't it amazing how (just like you) I was totally against anything having to do with the Internet.

    I LOVE what you said here about being able to "hear", "feel", "wear" and then say what's true for your heart. Me too, Mel. It gives me that time to PAUSE and then speak. Which is something that I don't naturally do.

    Through this post, I've discovered just how many other people feel so attuned to the heart/spirit connection of blogging.

    And're a wonderful example of how great things manifest from the Internet....

    Your union with "Himself"...and the "little yellow house" on the happily ever after!!!

    Which is something you deserve!

    Thank you Mel...for genuinely sharing what's always in your heart. I feel blessed to have you in my REAL world!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend....

  19. The feeling is mutual Ron xxxx

  20. Bravo!!! Very well said! I came over here from Everything and Nothing, and I am thankful that I did! I like it here - I hope you won't mind my visiting on a regular basis now ;-)

  21. Hi Misty Dawn~


    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. It's always so nice to meet someone new!

    So glad enjoyed the post.

    YES...please DO drop by anytime you'd's a pleasure having you here!

    Take care...and we'll talk soon!

  22. Hi Ron!

    As usual, I'm catching up with you. *L*

    Well said! As much as internet life can take us out of the real world, it can also be a tool that enhances our reality.

    Blogging does require some thought, and I've certainly seen web logs come and go. I admire those who have kept on, either by discovering their muse or through their gifts of observation. I think yours has a lot of both.

    If not for the ongoing process of writing my story, I probably wouldn't have one. However, posting my work once a week just happens to be a great method of being accountable to my friends, and to myself. Hello blog.

    Off to read your other posts. Great thoughts!

  23. Hiya Greg~

    As's GREAT to see ya, buddy!

    I SO love what you said about how the Internet has the ability to ENHANCE our reality. That's it, Greg! It can be SUCH an awesome tool to expand our lives.

    I mean, look at how it enhances what YOU share! Your story, your artwork. And it reaches so many people, 24 hours a day...all over the world! Yepeeeee!

    I STILL remember myself saying, "NO WAY...I WILL NEVER GO ONLINE!!!"


    Damn...I'm such a LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!!

    Thank you for enjoying my blog, and always adding such good energy to it, Greg.

    Much appreciated and enjoyed!

    Have FAB day!

  24. Hello Ron! I really liked this post. It made me think - though I don't what exactly yet. The comments also are interesting about this topic. HUGS-- sib

  25. Howdy Sibyllae~'s so GREAT seeing you!!!

    I stopped by your blog a few times this week and was wondering how you were.

    Glad you enjoyed the post. And VERY, VERY glad that the blogworld has allowed the two of us to meet and share.

    Thank you for touching my life!

    I'll be by later on this evening to say HI.

    Enjoy your weekend!!!