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I’m so totally unashamed to say that I LOVE the dollar store.

I mean, where else can I shop with $20.00 and come out with 20 items?

(I feel like Donald Trump on a shopping spree)

Not only do I shop at the dollar store for myself, but because of my job, I sometimes need to put together small visual displays - and the dollar is so cool for that kind of stuff. I’m able to take inexpensive items and make a display that looks like I spent a fortune.

(I enjoy taking a pigs ear…and turning it into a silk “anything“)

For my own personal use, I use the dollar store for things that I call, “doodad’s.”

*Trash bags, paper towels, hair and body wash, deodorant, shower curtain liners, cleaning products, and coloring books. And believe it or not, I’ve also gotten some nice wine glasses, soup bowls, and reading glasses.

Holidays are the best, because I can get all of my decorations for like, ten bucks and my apartment ends up looking like a festive whorehouse.

The only thing I don’t purchase at the dollar store are food items. I don’t know why…but something inside of me says, “No way.”

(dollar store canned chicken?…ummm…sounds a little like salmonella)

One annoying thing that I’ve noticed though, are how their batteries have about 2 minutes of life left in them. I swear, I can put 4 AA’s into my portable CD player and within a few days…they’re deader than a door nail.

(but, hey…they were only a DOLLAR!)

Last year, I had a funny thing happen to me when it was pouring rain and needed an umbrella desperately. I ran into the dollar store and asked the young lady behind the counter if they stocked any. She told me they did, so I asked her for a black one. And then like a mental patient, I asked her how much they cost?!

She looked at me like I was a freak of nature and then roller her eyes and said, “Sir, a dollar!”


Once I got outside, I opened it up and proceeded to walk back to my apartment. And as I got no more than halfway down the block, I big gust of wind hit me from the side and hideously ripped apart the entire umbrella. I stood there, looking like I had just gotten struck by a bolt of lightening. At which point, I flung the one dollar PIECE OF SHIT into the nearest trash can and ran home, getting totally drenched.

(but, hey…it was only a friggin' DOLLAR...right?!?)


  1. All I could think of as I was reading this was some corny line that used to be the rage back in the 80's, that went " I'll buy that for a dollar!"
    I couldn't tell you the last time i was in a dollar store...
    They scare me..
    terrify me...
    (don't ask..It's to spooky)

  2. We love taking the boys there when they have a few bucks burning a hole in their pocket.

    for three or four dollars the have a pile of treasure to paly with.

    I would have killed to have watched that umbrella go poof.

    Is that wrong?

  3. Helloooo Lady Sorrow~

    Perfect timing...I JUST posted this not 2 minutes ago!!!

    We ARE the night owls are'nt we???

    You are TOO funny, dear lady!

    I REMEMBER that line, thank you very much!

    A friend of mine and I had a garage sale once, and that was HIS line. "I'll GIVE that to you for a dollar!"

    YES...depending on the dollar store, they CAN be scary. If they're not well organized, it can seem like "sensory overload."


    Thanks for dropping in this morning @'s always a delight!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your day...tee-hee!

  4. Howdy Jeff!!!

    I wish you could have been there to see that cheap peice of CRAP...go POOF!

    It actually WAS hysterical. And the funniest part, is that NO ONE even noticed!!! life!

    Hey, I bet your kids LOVE going to the dollar store! However...they may start thinking that everything in the world cost a dolllar!?!!?

    (wouldn't THAT be nice?)

    Thanks for droppin' by on this DOLLAR VENT...ha,ha,ha,ha!

    Always great seeing ya, bud.

    Later, gator!

  5. i have those stores..and i am also the queen of second hand stuff.people think I spend a fortune on clothes, nut its all recycled....

  6. Hi Ron
    Funny because I feel.exactly.the.same.way, even about the food.
    I LOVE the $1 stores. And the $1 spot at Target. And the $1 spot at Michaels.
    My husband hates them though. He gets so irritated when I come home with stuff from the $1 store because for the most part, it is junk. The kids break anything they buy in record time. Then he has to pick it up and throw it (his hard earned $1) in the trash.
    This is his story, not mine.
    I still love it there.
    You know I am into scrapbooking. Well, I counted one day and I have almost $500 worth of $1 rubber or acrylic stamps from various $1 spots. This might have something to do with dear hubby's hatred of $1 spots as well.

  7. Dollar store, eh?

    I'm with sorrow.....they're spooky. LOL

    I think I looked in the window once---saw the plastic doo-dahs and dusty lookin' things and said "RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!!!".....and promptly did! LOL

  8. I too love £1 shops! Even though they are full of junk. But sometimes just sometimes there is a bargain!! Unlike your umbrella!

  9. Ron, I think we were separated at birth! I LOVE the dollar stores (and thrift stores)!

    I have a friend who had never been in a dollar store. I brought her in to one and you would have thought I took her into a sewer! LOL I can't pass up a dollar store or thrift shop, ever!

  10. Morning Enigma~

    Hey....I LOVE the second hand shops too!!!

    There's something about "recycled items" that's much too cool! It's like "reincarnation"...they've lived past lives and when you puchase them...the DNA comes with it!!


    And isn't great to LOOK like you spent a fortune...and yet didn't?

    "Shabby Chic" recycled!!!

    Great seeing ya, Enigma. Thanks for your visit...and happy thrift shopping!

  11. Morning Nicole~

    I LOVE the $1 Spot. We have them here too! My favorite are the Dollar Tree's. They seen to have a bigger selection of stuff and their store layout is more open and clean.

    YES!!!!! The dolloar store is the BEST for crafts, hobbies, etc....I like to color, so I get all my books, crayons and magic markers there.

    I need to check out the rubber stamps...I've never noticed them there.

    Because who knows???? One day you just MAY see me posting abouy my first SCRAP BOOK DESIGN!!!!

    I'll call it "VENTORAMA"

    God love ya, woman!!

    Thanks for popping by this morning, Nicole...I'll be by later this evening to check up on Flat Nicole...she's so cute!

  12. Mornin' Mel~

    YES, I TOTALLY agree...the Dollor store can be guite a hideous and scary experience.

    And like I mentioned to Lady can be a severe case of "sensory overload"!!!

    Some of them here in the city look like a HUGE "Flea Market" and those, I can't even go near...eeeeeewww!

    Since you and I are big colorer's I do love all the books and crayons. They have a GREAT kid's department!!!

    Thanks for droppin' in today, my friend...always a GIGGLE!

    Now..RUN!! RUN AWAY$$$$$

  13. Top of the mornin' to ya, Casdok~

    I was wondering if you had $ stores in the UK...

    (gee..I wish I had a "pound sign" on my keyboard!!!)

    Yes...there is a TON of JUNK. But you're right, sometimes I DO find a great bargain. I found these awesome wine glasses once, that looked as though I bought them at a fancy "home store."

    la, di, da....

    I felt like I was on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"


    Always a wonderful treat to see you, dear lady. Thank you for your visits!

    Enjoy your day!

  14. Good Morning, my fraternal twin sister...Nitebyrd!

    Hi Sis!

    Damn...I wish I knew you when I lived in Florida. We could of had one a day of the week set aside to meet one another at the Dollar Store...and had a BALL!!!!

    Thrift stores too!!!

    It's weird, because I've always been one of those people who can REALLY enjoy "quality- higher priced items" and yet, the same time...REALLY enjoy cheaper stuff too!! I find it FUN!!!

    (Chanel to Target)

    Hey...if I should ever come back to Florida for a visit, we'll make a date for the Dollar Store and lunch at Mc Donald's (they go SO well together, don' they)

    MY treat!!!

    ALWAYS such an awesome time when you visit, dear Nitebyrd....thank you$

  15. We have £1 stores here - that'd be $2 to you! You're right they're great for 'doodads'. Have you ever bought sellotape though? It's crap, it breaks and you can't find the end, but hey it was only £1!

  16. Afternoon Akelamalu~

    You ALWAYS crack me up, dear lady!!!

    Because YES!!! I have purchased celltape at the dollar store and YES it's a TOTAL peice of CRAP!!! Like you said...I can NEVER find the end and besides NEVER STICKS to anything except my fingers!?!?!?

    Oy Vey!!

    So glad to hear that dollar store cellotape is CRAP everywhere in the world!

    Peace, my friend. And thanks for your visit today!

  17. I love the dollar store too! You see, out here in the middle of nowhere, there aren't many stores to choose from. There is only one mom & pop grocery store, which robs you blind for a box of cereal or a loaf of bread. The one department store we had is going out of business. So, yes, I have definitely come to love the dollar store!

  18. Evening Misty Dawn~

    It's always so nice hearing from you!

    Oh my...where YOU live sounds like where I would LOVE to live right now. And as much as I enjoy the conveniences of living in a city...there's a HUGE part of me that SOOO enjoys the simple, country life too.

    I love the whole "mom and pop feel" of the country.

    And HEY...I'd fit right in shopping at the dollar store!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Misty Dawn...always a pleasure!

  19. I'm telling you we may find out were twins separted at birth.
    I like the dollar store, and I look for the same products!

    Well, for some reason I stopped writing and read the comments..and I saw nitebyrd's!! Hmmm..are we triplets unbekownst to us!! Florida...this is getting very suspicious!
    This may explain why I never fit in my wildness and rebellious spirit!! Now I can blame everything on this!hee, hee.

    Have you ever been to Tuesday Morning? Excellent bargains but I need to stay out of those because I end up spending
    100.00's not 1.00's!! :O

    Speaking of shopping..I did buy a French press coffee pot and you were right. It was inexpensive at Target and I love the coffee! It was funny I had three people looking for was not in the coffee pot area. (that would be too logical).

    Well, I have started a book here. I loved your post and your creations. I sooo needed this tonight!

  20. Good Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart~

    That is TOOOOOOO funny. I never realized that about YOU, Nitebyrd, and me!?! Thank you for pointing that out!

    And what I would like to WHY the HELL didn't we ever meet when I lived there???

    (ahhh...the blogworld)

    I have a VERY wonderful feeling that the three of us would get along FAMOUSLY!

    Maybe when I come back, we'll all meet in the middle somewhere and have a day at the Dollar Store and lunch at Mc Donalds!

    And no...I've never heard of Tuesday Morning. But it sounds like a place I would enjoy!

    HEY....I'm SOOOOO happy that you tried a French Press!!! I KNEW you would enjoy the ritual and the taste of the coffee. Isn't it awesome? I feel very European when I use it.

    It was SO WONDERFUL seeing you this evening, my dear friend. Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving your magical energy here at Vent. You always had so much!