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Last week, the wonderful Nitebyrd, graced me with a meme on revealing someone who I’ve had an inexplicable crush.


I had a difficult time with this, because being a Libra, I get crushes about every other day!?!?

Those of you who have been reading Vent for a while, know that I have a passion for old black and white films, and the movie stars of yesterday.

For me, attraction is all about classical glamour. And if you ever saw my movie collection, you’d see what I mean.

Ever since I saw Vivian Leigh on the screen, I became so totally infatuated with her. The lady took my breath away (and still does). From Gone With the Wind to A Streetcar Named Desire - I can just sit and stare at her image for hours. I’ve read every book imaginable on her life.

One day, a few years ago, I discovered a massive hardback book that contained old black and white photo’s of her. And as I flipped through the pages, like a giddy child, I tried to select the one photo that would be my favorite.

(which is the one you see at the head of this post)

For those of you who may know nothing about Vivian Leigh, she was a very beautiful, talented and gifted actress. Her beauty was said to have been something that hindered her career, because it limited her consideration for roles. In her private life, she contended with being bipolar and suffered severe manic depression, and also tuberculosis. She was born In Darjeeling, West Bengal, British India in 1913. And died at the early age of 53 in 1967.

Her most notable film role, was that of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind costarring Clark Gable. She was also a brilliant stage actress, who quite often toured the world with her husband, Sir Lawrence Olivier.

To me, she was always the epitome of female beauty.

She was feminine, yet had an incredible strength and sensuality about her.

So Miss Leigh, now you know…I always had a crush on you.

You’ll always be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on!


  1. Vivian Leigh WAS Scarlett O'Hara. There was no one else who could have been.

    She was a very interesting person, Ron. Myrna Loy and Ms. Leigh are two of my favorite actresses.

    Good choice!

  2. Beautiful post Ron!

    I must confess that I have never watched Gone With The Wind. In fact, with the exception of The Wizard of Oz and West Side Story, I have never watched ANY movies made earlier than maybe the mid 70's.

    I am culturaly devoid, I know. So sad!
    But the other day, I was browsing through that 2 for $10 DVD bin at Walmart and they had Mommy Dearest in there. I almost bought it. But then I thought I would get scared.
    Anyways...I am off topic.

    Vivian Leigh is quite a beautiful woman. I can see why you have chosen to write about her.

    And on a side note, yes I did start another blog for my little Flat Nicole. She even has her own profile. I am participating in an exchange and she will be all over the US during the next 6 months. SO I thought the blog could be a really fun thing.
    Take care Ron
    Have a Great Day

  3. Morning Nitebyrd!

    Aaaaaahhhh, Myrna Loy!!!! Yes...I agree with you too!

    There's nothing like the old black and white film stars, isn't there, Nitebyrd?

    There was something so very GRAND about them!

    And that's the "magic" of film...they're captured there forever!

    Thanks for tagging me with this meme, Nitebyrd. I had such a WONDERFUL time putting this post together!

    Great seeing you today!

    Enjoy your Monday, dear lady!

  4. Morning Nicole (also Flat Nicole)~

    Hey...I LOVED the Wizard of Oz and West Side Story. They were WONDERFUL films!!!

    If you should ever get the chance, and feel like it, watch Gone With the Wind (it's a masterpiece). You'll see what I mean about Vivian Leigh...she was a BEAUTY!

    Oh...that's too funny about "Mommie Dearest" (and only $10.00??). "No, wire hangers!!!!"

    I think the whole Flat Nicole blog is such a GREAT idea. I JUST discovered what "Flat People" were. One of my blogger friends here (from the UK) did a post last week...and I found the whole concept awesome. What a fabulous learning and communicating tool!!!

    I wonder how a "Flat Vent" would go over???


    Thanks for stopping by today, Nicole. Always a "tickle me Elmo!"

    I'll be by to visit soon!

    Enjoy your Monday!

  5. Yes B&W films were very grand.
    Beautiful choice!

  6. Morning Casdok!

    YES....aren't they just GRAND?

    I thought of you and my other wonderful blogger friends from the UK when I wrote this post.

    She was a beauty, wasn't she?

    Thank you for coming by today, dear lady. Always an honor!

    Enjoy your Monday!

  7. Ahhh
    finally a movie I have seen!!
    And yes, yes yes she was a lovely sensual looking woman!
    I must however confess, that Clark Gables lady from " It happened one Night" is my personnel favorite ..( Claudette Colbert)
    But I'm sure Clark never did give a damn about which pretty woman he had draped over his arms!
    Wonderful reveal...
    one of these days we need to compare B&w movies...I have a collection, but probably nothin like yours!

  8. No doubt about it Vivian Leigh was very beautiful, as was Elizabeth Taylor, in fact I always thought the two of them were very much alike.

  9. The AMC (American Movie Classics) channel was a favorite of Lisa and I, back in the days of cable (i.e. a two weeks ago.

    I enjoy modern films too, but there is something majical about the older ones. I think it's because they didn't rely on special effects and the latest computer gadget to enhance the story.

    Elaborate sets, intricate costumes and quality acting were what made or broke a films success.

    Vivian Leigh was gorgeous. I didn't know about the medical stuff though. Interesting.

  10. much to my dismay I have never seen Gone with the wind although I have always wanted to.

    When I started work aged 17 someone and I don't remember who told me that I looked like Vivian Leigh, at the time I had never heard of her but I told my mum and she said that was a wonderful compliment.

    One day I shall manage to watch all the films I want. these days there is never enough time to watch a film right the way through in one sitting.

    You have made a lovely choice.


  11. Evening Sorrow~

    Yes...I agree, she was beautiful and also VERY sensual. There was something about the movie stars of that time, that seemed to magnify all the actor's beauty. I think it was the way they were "lit" in the photo's, along with the fact that they were black and white!

    Black and white is so much more DRAMATIC!

    Aaaahhhh...Claudette Colbert...another lovely lady...totally agree with you!

    I would LOVE to see your collection of old films. A glass of wine...and a fine film...nothing better than that!

    Thanks for dropping in today, Lady Sorrow. And for adding your enjoyment!

  12. Evening Akelamalu~

    YES!!!!!! Liz Taylor!!! I agree, they DO resemble one another. It's the light skin, dark hair, and dramatic eyes! And they also had the same "energy."

    I actually saw Liz Taylor in New York City at a performance of "A Chorus Line" in 1975. She walked right by me in the lobby on the way to her seat. And her eyes...really ARE violet! I had chills!

    Great seeing you today, my friend. And thank you for sharing in my passion of the classical ladies!

  13. Howdy Jeff~

    I use to get AMC when I lived in Florida and LOVED it!

    You said it, buddy and I so totally agree with you. NO "special effects" or "computer graphics" were ever needed for the classical films. They had an "art form" all their own. And to was SOOOO much more effective.

    And yes...Vivian Leigh WAS gorgeous! She had a very bitter-sweet life. And she lived it in FULLNESS, without any reservation. And I so admired her for that.

    Thank you for stopping by today, Jeff. And for adding your appreciation and enjoyment of the classics! and white films!!

  14. i have just finnished reading an autobiography of laurence olivier, it is really touching how much he loved her...and what he went through when she started loosing it,in todays terms she wouldve been classified as bi-polar.

  15. Good Evening Lady in Red (or should I say...Vivian Leigh?)

    WOW!!!! what a wonderful compliment indeed. As you can see from just these two photos...she was a BEAUTY. She encompassed all features I find lovely in a woman.

    Hey...I know quite a few people who have never seen Gone With the Wind. It's a VERY lengthy film (4 hours). But I have a wonderful feeling that you would really enjoy it. It's GRAND...and very romantic. One day when you have the time, please treat yourself.

    Thank you for joining in on my celebration of Vivian Leigh.

    It's always a pleasure having you here, Lady!

  16. Helloooo Enigma!!!!

    So great seeing you, my friend!

    I think I may have read the same autobiography of Laurence Olivier...and was so touching how much he loved her. I saw him in an interview once, and he said that he would never speak out about his challenges with her, until she had passed. He never wanted to harm her in any way.

    When I read HER, biography...I cried. They had photo's of when she was in her prime, and also photo's of what she looked like before she died...and it was heart-breaking. With all of her illnesses...they took a tremendous toll on her beauty.

    But she lived out her life as the Vivian Leigh....

    Thank you so much for stopping by today, Enigma...always a wonderful treat!

  17. You actually SAW Liz Taylor in the flesh???? She was really beautiful when she was young. I suppose she still is considering her age and all the health problems she's had.

  18. Will someone cool Ron off with a fire hose!!!!

    Down Boy. I do agree with you that Vivian is a very beautiful person and you have every right to pant and drool.

    Talk to you soon.

  19. Afternoon Akelamalu~

    Yes, I only could get "standing room" tickets for that evenings performance (I think I only paid $7.00). It was when A Chorus Line had just opened. But had I been in a SEAT that evening...I would have missed her!! When she walked down the isle to her seat...the whole audience clapped!

    She was lovely! And with all her health problems and challenges, she still manages to remain a legend in her own time!

    Thanks for stopping back again, dear lady. Great seeing you!

  20. Howdy Mr. Dave~

    YES...get the hose and put out the fire!! Call 911!!

    I can't help it. And you KNOW us Libra's...we so ENJOY looking at beautiful things!

    Thanks for stopping for a look and a "drool", my friend.

    ALWAYS a joy!

  21. Yup....they don't make 'em like they used to.

    Stars or films, frankly.

    Geeze, I get tired of all the hype and noise nowadays.

    Or......maybe it was there and no one bothered?

    omgosh....I think I just sounded like my FATHER!

    MUST need more coffee!

  22. Good coffee morning to you, Mel!

    (and that's what "I'm" drinking now..too!)


    You said it, Mel...

    All the HYPE and NOISE!?!?

    However, I have seen a few (a very few) now-a-days, that are very similar in "quality" to the classics.

    A GOOD story!!!

    OMGOSH...I just sounded like my MOTHER!!!!

    Time for another sip...

    Thank you for your visit today, Mel.

    Enjoy your day and I bet you're SO HAPPY to be feeling SPRING on it's way!!

  23. Hi Ron,

    Great post... as usual. And a beautiful, talented actress from long ago and far away. Sometimes I think much longer ago and farther away than the physical years would indicate. Worlds away.

    Audrey Hepburn was probably my favorite actress, a bit later on... and so long ago.

  24. Good Evening Greg~

    Hiya, bud!

    I so loved what you shared in your comment, "Sometimes I think much longer ago and farther away than the physical years would indicate. Worlds away."

    I SO "understand" what you mean...and totally agree with your words!!!!

    Ahhhh...and Miss Audrey Hepburn...yes, sir! Another beauty! She had such an "angelic" and "pure" spirit. I always got the feeling that even though she was sweet and kind...she also had a strength and intelligence about her, that did not allow her to be a "push-over"...and I admired that.

    I read the book written by her son, after she had passed away...and it was beautiful! The book itself had such an "energy" about it, that it actually made me weep. I could FEEL her spirit within the pages!

    Did you ever see the movie about her life? I can't remember the actress who portrayed her...but you would SWEAR you were hearing and watching Audrey Hepburn. She did an awesome job!!

    Thank so much for stopping by this evening to share in my celebration of a beautiful and talented actress and woman.

    She WAS beautiful...wasn't she?

    Always a pleasure sharing with you, Greg. And thanks!