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For those of you who have been reading Vent for a while now, probably have discovered that I’m what’s called…a compulsive template TWEAKER.

(OCD Blog Tweaker)

For me, not only has blogging been a great way to socialize, but it’s also been a convenient way for me to express myself through the written word, and ironically, learn something that I believed I could NEVER do…which is web customizing.

Blogs represent different things to different people. And there are countless ways for someone to enjoy and express themselves through blogging.

Personally, being someone who is very visual, I enjoy using my template as a creative backdrop for my words; giving my readers something fun and enjoyable to look at when they come to visit. I think of my blog as my home, and sometimes I enjoy redecorating it by changing the layout, style, color scheme, and feel.

One of the things that I like about having my blog at Blogger, is the fact that they give you more options and freedom to create a template that’s suited for YOU. However, if you wish to branch out from the already nice variety of template choices, Blogger also allows you to go “behind the scenes” and start experimenting with the actual code.

Now I know what your thinking, “Oh god, NO…I could never do that…it’s too intimidating.”

And that’s true, it can be intimidating, but so is ANYTHING that you start off leaning. I’ve made a billion mistakes while puttering around with code, but every single mistake was correctable.

If you should ever find yourself interested in expanding your knowledge of web customizing, I would like to share with you two places that I have found extremely helpful and easy. Both of these websites deal mainly with blogger templates, but they also have a lot of good information about blogging in general.

Check these Out

I discovered BlogU many months ago, when I was googling for advice on finding free templates. Annie is a self-taught geek, who offers her readers a VAST array of tips on how to have fun personalizing your blog. I can’t even begin to tell you how much valuable information I’ve learned from this website. And the nicest thing about BlogU is the easy manner in which Annie explains things to her readers. She’s VERY kind and friendly; always responding to her comments efficiently. She also offers several really nice templates that she has personally designed herself! One of the coolest things that I learned from Annie, was how to add a post signature. And after I did it, I screamed like a kid! So if your interested, please take some time to visit BlogU. You won’t believe how excited you’ll get about “tweaking” your own blog!

I discovered Tips for New Bloggers from my blogger buddy Nicole, when I decided to add a third column to Vent. Again, this particular website deals mainly with Blogger templates, but I have found countless pieces of valuable general blogging information. Changing my template to a three column was probably the scariest thing I had tried in code adjustment. Tips made the entire experience REALLY easy. They explained everything clearly and simply. I recently found some awesome information on adding a Bookmarker, that you can see at the end of my posts. So if you’re interested, please check out this website - you won’t be sorry you took the time!

I realize that not everyone gets as excited about tweaking their blog, as I do. But if you're interested in branching out…I offer you two great places to begin…

Happy OCD Blog Tweaking Everyone!


  1. OMG like seriously? I am soooo the same!

    I'm obsessed with changing things around and prettying things up!!! But every time I changed my template.. my widgets got deleted! :-(

    That ticked me off, so I have been trying to contain myself! Thanks for this tho... it will help a lot! :-) xx

  2. Hi vbj!

    YEA!!!! another obsessed blog tweaker!!!

    It's a sickness...isn't it?

    However...I LOVE your blog!

    Please try these two sites that I listed...I have a wonderful feeling that you'll find TONS of stuff to tweak around with.

    Also, please check out:

    I used her templates twice and I NEVER lost a single widget. And she makes the COOLEST templates. I think you'll like her style.

    GREAT seeing ya, vbf...thanks for stopping by for a read. I'll catch you tomorrow!

  3. *shudder*

    There's years of stuff to be lost.

    Yeah, yeah--I know I'm a chicken. LOL
    And I know it's just 'stuff'.
    And it's not like I go back and read what I wrote.
    Heck, that's a well known fact from all the typos. LOL

    Play all you like, sir.
    I enjoy reaping the benifits!

  4. I tweak too!!
    Thanks for the links i will have a good look round and see how brave i am to do anything!!

  5. Me too!!! me too!!!
    Although I am trying to behave myself now and not change too many things. I have messed up my blog so many times but frankly I am pretty happy with it now. So I plan on just leaving it alone. Except for changing the sidebar elements occasionally.
    I still never figured out that samn signature thing though.

  6. Mornin' Mel~

    God Love ya, Woman!

    Hey, your blog is as you want it to be... and that's what's important. We can't all be compulsive maniacs, like me?!?!?

    You, GO MEL!!!

    Good seeing ya, this Monday morning. Thanks for dropping by!!!!


  7. Top of the mornin' to ya, Casdok!

    The nice thing about BOTH these websites, is that they can help you with MANY things (not just code tweaking).

    However, if your up for it, and would like to tweak "behind the scenes", it's there for you.

    Hope you find them as helpful as I do!

    Thank you for stopping by today, dear lady...hope your having a FABU Monday!


  8. Mornin' Nicole! blog tweaking friend!!

    Yes, me too...I'm very happy with my template. And the sidebar and lower page elements are what I'm playing around with, now.

    Thanks again Nicole, for pointing my in the right direction for the 3column...I SOOO appreciated that!

    Thanks for your visit today. Always cool seeing ya!


  9. AWESOME! I've been wanting to learn more, but just didn't know where to go to learn things (in easy to understand English).

    Thanks for this Ron!

  10. Now, Ron, this isn't the kind of tweaking where they say it won't hurt but once those tweezers near your face you know it's going to hurt BAD, right?

    I don't want it to hurt.

  11. I love the way you keep tweaking your blog Ron. I so want a signature and I took a look at the site you recommended but it may as well be written in Vulcanese! It scares the bejebus out of me! :(

  12. See, this is the reasons I have dust bunnies multiplying with amazing rapidity under and on everything - I'm too fucking lazy to switch things around. I'll add and subtract a bit but other than that ... leave it alone.

    Ron, thank you though, for the great info!

  13. Afternoon Misty~

    You have such a GREAT blog!

    I've actually gotten some good pointers from YOU! So thank you.

    Hope you enjoy these two sites. I think you'll find MUCH to tweak around with!

    Thanks for stopping by...always nice seeing you here!

  14. Howdy vbj!

    You're SO welcome, my friend.

    Matie Kay has some AWESOME templates. Hope you enjoy!

    Happy tweaking!

  15. Howdy Rhea~ make me LAUGH, dear lady!

    No...I think WAXING is MUCH more painful!@#!?

    When you have some time, and if you feel like it, try looking around on both these sites, you'll find a plethora of tips. Not only for "code tweaking" but also for MANY tips for Blogger blogs like: adding widgets, adding a new header, feed readers, etc....

    Thanks for popping by today, Rhea. It's ALWAYS a HOOT!


  16. is this one of those leap of fait things where I close my eyes jump and hope to land on the otherside in one piece?

    I do think about changing my blogs but then I worry about losing stuff so don't change the templates just add stuff or start a new blog.

    I think I will bookmark these sites so that I can find them when I am feeling brave enough to do something about it.

  17. Afternoon Akelamalu~

    I feesl scary!@!?

    How I learned, is by reading the instructions several times and then COPYING the instructions to NOTEPAD. Once the info is copied, I open it up, along with opening up the HTML tab of my blog, and then SLOWLY find where all the code adjustments are. Once I find the placement, I just add it in.

    Also, if you want to make your post signature for FREE, please go to:

    This is where I got mine.

    I LOVE having a post signature, and I think you will too!

    GREAT seeing you, dear lady. Thanks for stopping by today!


  18. Howdy Nitebyrd!'s SO GOOD seeing you!!!

    Welcome Back!!! You were VERY missed! I can't wait to hear all the sexy details!

    Hey...your blog is FABU just the way it is. I just wanted to share this cool info for those who may have the COMPULSION and OBSESSION...such as I.

    I'm SO glad you stopped by to let me know you're home. I'll be by your place this evening!

  19. Evening Lady in Red~

    THAT'S IT!!! That's what I finally DID...took a LEAP of faith and just did it.

    It CAN and DOES feel intimidating (even NOW for me) but I'm one of those people who really enjoys learning new things and I finally felt ready to just do it, ya know?

    When YOU'RE ready to jump just will.

    I really LOVE your blog.

    And even by changing and adding sidebar stuff (such as what you do) can be fun and give our blogs a little facelift.

    And you're right, some of the free pre-made templates on the WEB, DO remove some of the sidebar stuff. I had that happen to me quite often. That's why I decide to just get a BASIC template from Blogger...and just TWEAK the "inner workings" by leaning the basic code.

    Once you start doing actually is very easy to understand. It's like learning another language.

    Thank you very much for dropping by today, Lady. It's always nice to chat with you!


  20. This is be-au-ti-ful. I will go by and check out these sites. I've wanted to do several changes to the overall look, but I'm about as computer savy as a bar of soap.

    I generally just spend hours trying to figure stuff out and only get pissed off in the process.

    Perhaps these will make if understandable for me.

    I'm sure I'll be cursing you at two a.m. when I'm still deciphering code.

  21. Well..I am somewhat technically challenged so it's a major step for me to do what I am doing! :)

    I thought about changing to blogger, but I guess I will stay put with Wordpress since I am managing to post. They just changed everything, and it is an improvement...but I am sort of muddling through again.
    As before I am just winging it. I really don't know what in the hell I am doing. hee, hee.

    I built my web site last summer, and that was what it took me ALL SUMMER!! :o

    I love what you do here...I see it as your stage my acting friend!!

    Love ya!

  22. Howdy Mr. Jeff~

    Hey, listen...I'm actually NOT computer savy at ALL!

    Changing and tweaking a template really has nothing to do with computers (or I'd be a mess), I find it more to be about designing things. There IS a technical aspect to it, and I TOO got/get pissed off (believe me), but after I tried changing something small on my template for the first time and saw the results, it became a challenge for me to learn more.

    I seem to learn things best, when I'm left to my own devices...and make mistakes.

    What's really funny, is that so many of the things that I thought were WAY out of my knowledge and abilty...have also been the things that I ended up LOVING.

    It's hysterical when I think back to when I said, "I will NEVER have a computer. And I will NEVER be one of those people who gets involved with the Internet."

    Yea, Ron...

    If you're interested, do check out these sites. They've been very helpful to me. I have a feeling that you would be very good at this...and enjoy it too.

    And listen...feel free to leave me a comment and curse me out at 2AM anytime. Because believe it or not...I'm usually still up messing around with stuff on this blog or writing posts.

    Thanks for stopping by tonight Jeff. It's always great sharing with you!


  23. Good Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart~

    It's so wonderful to see ya!

    Hey...I DID hear something about Wordpress changing their format. I better go over to my other blog to check it out, in case I ever decide to post there in the future.

    Believe me, ALL blog hosting companies have ISSUES. I worked with Wordpress for a year and found so many of the things that they offered, a lot better than Blogger, but ALSO found it to be irritating as all shit. Blogger is the same way, trust me. It's just that Blogger gives you MUCH MORE freedom in the template department. I was ready to learn coding, so when I started Vent, I came back here. My other blog actually started out HERE, but I exported it to Wordpress.

    Hey listen, when you get a chance, please email me your website address so I can see your design. I would love to check out your site. You can use the email address I left on the upper left-hand corner of Vent.

    It's so intuitive of you to say that you see Vent as my "stage"...because that's exactly what it feels like to me!

    "All the worlds' a stage...."

    Thank you for dropping in on today's performance.

    It's always a happy moment for me!

    Love ya!

  24. Oh BTW, I've got a 24 Hour photo post up now if you're interested and don't want to miss it! :-) xx

  25. Mornin' vbj~

    I JUST read it...and SO enjoyed it!

    Thanks for the share!

  26. I'll take a proper look when my brain's not as addled (I've been back at work two days now!), thanks Ron.

    BTW you have an award to collect today my lovely. x

  27. Oh my, are TOO kind!

    I'll be over in just a TWEAK!

    Thank you so much!

  28. Ron, I'm going to slice off your tweaker if you keep tweaking at the end of each post. Seriously.

    I did have a chance to look around a little today at the websites you recommended. I also went ahead and set up my new signature from the site you suggested for that. I love it! Thanks!!

  29. Howdy Rhea~

    Lighten up. Seriously.

  30. Sometimes humor doesn't come across well online in typing. I hope you didn't take my previous comment personally. I was trying to be funny. :o)


  31. Howdy Rhea~

    The comment was receive with the "energy" in which it was given. And I never misunderstand the energy behind words.

    And this will be the last discussion about this comment.

    However, thank you for your previous comment.