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This is just a little something that I witnessed while I was in the laundry room of my apartment building, one delightful and irritating afternoon.

On this particular day, the laundry room was unusually busy and there were several tenants waiting in line to use the facilities.

Having all 22 washers and dryers going at the same time, made the room extremely hot and uncomfortable.

(and I would rather have my eyes poked with a straight pin…than be HOT)

So between the long waiting, and the 150,000 degree heat…I felt like I was having my monthly Bastard PMS and simultaneously going through male menopause.

(which I call, Man-o-pause)

Now on top of this, please let me share with you what I had to endure, which was truly a test of my patience and a faith in a higher power to stop me from SCREAMING.

As I was waiting to use a washer, I noticed a lovely middle-aged couple getting ready to transfer their clean, wet clothes from the washer to a dryer.

(oh, goody…now hurry up and get the hell out of my way)

However, I could tell from the way they were moving, that I was probably going to need a straight jacket, when the little men with the white coats came to transfer me to the mental institution.

I watched as the woman proceeded to take each piece of clothing (one by one) from the washer to the dryer. BUT… before she placed them into the dryer, she folded each article of clothing as if she was placing them in her dresser drawer and putting them away.

Example: She took a man’s long sleeve sport shirt and slowly carried it to the dryer. She then carefully folded it, as if she was an employee at the GAP; folding clothes after the store closed. And not only did she fold it, but she strategically placed it in the dryer and then gently patted it, as you would a puppy on the head.

Example: She took a pair of slacks and brought them over to the dryer and folded them; making sure there was a nice crease down the center of the pant legs. She then folded the pants in half and gently placed them strategically into the dryer; making sure they didn’t interfere with where she had just placed the shirt. Again…she gently patted the pants like a little puppy.

(slowly my blood pressure rose to 250 over 250)

I stood there watching her with my lips tightly perched together and my eyes spinning around like a slot machine as she went back and forth…back and forth, from the washer to the dryer….and the dryer to the washer…

(and this is no exaggeration, I kid you not)

She folded everything from socks to underwear.

And in my mind I’m thinking, “ Does this friggin’ idiot have any friggin’ idea, that when she turns the friggin’ dryer on, her friggin’ clothes are going to fly around like a friggin’ TORNADO???”

I’m sorry…but I just don’t understand this kind of normal behavior…


  1. Were you looking around for the hidden camera?

    If this wasn't some sort of "Candid Camera" show and this is just her "normal" (and I use that term loosely) way of drying clothes, please take a gun with you next time and put her out of her own misery!

    They've come to take me away, he he, hoo hoo, ha ha

  2. being the good neighbour that I am sure you are, did you have a tissue at the ready for her when she burst into tears as her laundry tumbled into the inevitable tangle that we all know it will withing a nanno second of the machine springing into life.

    It makes me cry every time my washing does this

  3. Maybe you have hit the nail on the head, maybe she was has OCD or something??

  4. How on earth did you stop yourself from dragging her washing out and shoving it all in the dryer?????

  5. Mornin' Jeff...'re on Candid Camera!

    Ya know...I never thought of that. But there IS a camera on the ceiling for security you've got me thinking?!?!

    I had visions of me stuffing her in the dryer, pressing the HIGH button, and then ON.

    (and NO BOUNCE, either)

    Thanks for dropping by and listening to my "dirty laundry"...ha, ha..

    Enjoy your weekend, buddy!

  6. Helloooo Lady in Red~

    I'nt it sad to think that those poor little clean clothes with have their lives disrupted???

    *Please hand me a tissue.

    GREAT seeing ya, Lady...and thank you for letting me VENT my "dirty laundry."

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Morning Casdok~

    That's VERY funny you mentioned OCD...because that's exactly what I was thinking, as I was looking at her.

    (like a SEVERE case of it)

    And her husband just stood there motionless and watched her.

    (maybe he was OCD co-dependent?)

    As's a pleasure seeing you, dear lady. And thanks for letting me "air out" my dirty laundry!

    Have a FAB weekend!

  8. Howdy Akelamalu~

    Frankly...I DON'T know how???

    I honestly don't have much patience.

    However, I think the spirit of GAHNDI was with me that afternoon...

    *either that...or the laundry fairy!?

    God love ya, woman...and thanks for dropping by for a spin in the "rinse cycle" (and alittle fabric softner)

    Have a "fluffy" weekend, my friend!

  9. Oh my gosh! You have got to be freaking kidding me!!! I would have lost it - I couldn't have stood there and kept my mouth shut. That's crazy!

    P.S. If you wanna see the face behind the blogs - visit Misty's Words

  10. Yup--sounds a bit OCD to me. *shrugs*

    I play with my OCD's--deliberately shove a pillow sideways or disrupt their orderly arrangement on their dresser.

    Sit and spin time! LOL

    Oh, I'm a naughty one.....

    Seriously--I'm soooooo glad that my washer and dryer exist and that they're mine, mine, mine! :-)

  11. Helloooo Misty Dawn~

    I know...sometimes I wonder how I didn't start screamning like a BANSHEE!!?!?

    However...the experience DID give me something to BLOG about...tee, hee!!!

    Hey...I'll be over to check out the FACE behind the blog in a bit.

    GREAT seeing ya...and as always...thank you for stopping by to say HI!

    Hope you have a FABU weekend!

  12. HOWDY MEL!

    You are too, too funny!!!!

    Me too! Somtimes when my own OCD'S get a little out of hand...(like making sure the bathroom is meticulously clean) I will purposely FORCE myself to leave the bathroom mirror with "water drops" on it...just to test my SANITY!!!

    (however, I find it very painful!)

    tee, hee!

    OOOOOOOH you LUCKY lady you!

    To have your own washer and dryer must be PURE heaven!!

    Well...I better go's time to alphabetize my CD collection...HA!

    Thanks for visting today, dear lady....always a treat!

    Hope you're enjoying a WONDERFUL Spring weekend!!

  13. I know that woman! She took my class "Laundry 101" and made an A! You mean you don't fold all your wet clothes? It's an ancient Chinese secret...

  14. Greeting Rhea!

    Oh...your comment made be BUST OUT out laughing!!!!

    I obviously NEED to take that class of yours...because apparently I failed "HOME EC." in high school!?!?!

    P.S. And if I I get an eggroll?

    Thanks for your wonderful visit, Rhea!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. OMFG! I can't stand that sort of stuff! I am a patient person, but only if it's UNDERSTANDABLE! That woman would have pissed me off something chronic, I would have convinced myself that she was doing it just to torture me! My eyes would start twitching and I would fantasize about shooting her in the head ffs! :-P

    LOL I am sooo with you!... This post gave me a good GiGGLe ta!

    Oh and that picture at the end!!! Very clever! xx

  16. Oh...vbf!...YOUR comment gave ME a good giggle!!

    You're so very funny!!!

    Yes...I don't know WHY I didn't shoot her in the head???

    I should have just shot her in the head with my fabric softner!!!!

    GREAT seeing you, dear lady. And thanks ever so much for stopping by!

    Hope you have a "cigarette-free" day!


  17. I think she is the woman in our dry cleaner's that couldn't find my skirt, someone tweaked her OCD and she was just so out of order.

  18. That sounds like something my mother would do!!

    I am proud of you for not going berserk!

    Hmmm...Man-o-pause, I knew there was such a thing!

    Love ya!

  19. Mornin' Dearest Gypsy-Heart~


    Man-o-pause! I TOTALLY believe that men go through the "change" and that they also have their monthly "periods" of bastardness!

    They may not like to admit it...but they DO!

    tee, hee!

    I actually couldn't tell if this woman was dealing with a severe case of OCD...or that she was simply ENJOYING taking her time...and LOVING her clothes???

    Either STILL irritated the shit out of me!


    GREAT seeing ya, my Capricorn friend! And thanks for stopping by and sharing your good energy!!!

    Enjoy your weekend on your "wonderful" little island!

  20. Top of the mornin' to ya, Lady!

    Oh my god, I think you're RIGHT!!

    I did see her folding and then refolding, and then refolding, and then refolding a SKIRT.


    Hope you're having a lovely Saturday, dear LADY!

  21. just been and collected my skirt and having checked it is the right one and now has a working zip too

    I think I shall wear it to work every day next week to make up lost time.

    I don;t know if you have heard of a tv program over here called the apprentice where 16 hopefuls vie to become Sir Alan Sugar's next assistant. THey have to go through a series of tasks and each week one person from the losing team gets fired. This week they were running a laundry service for 24 hours, one of the women was chastised for taking the items out of the drier one at a time to fold instead of piking everything into a bag to be ironed and folded later.

    It seems to have been a laundry week

    I wonder what the hot topic will be next week?

  22. Oh dear made me laugh HYTERICALLY with your comment about the woman on Apprentice!!!


    I wonder if she was the SAME woman who was in my laundry room that day?? And if it WAS...she deserved to be chastised!!!!

    (or maybe it was her SISTER?!!?)

    It DOES seem to have been a "laundry week", hasn't it???

    So glad you got your skirt back and the zipper is working!!


    Enjoy it wearing it this week!

    Thank you for sharing your totally amusing comment. I really enjoyed it!

  23. Holy Heck Ron. I have been gone for a little over a day and my blog feeds reader was soooo full. And since they are in alphabetical order, it took me almost all day to get to you!!

    So about this woman. Are you shitting us? Seriously, who does dumb stuff like that? I can see why you were irritated.

    We have a good friend who is seriously like this. He is sooooo OCD that it is scary. We went to his house for New Year's and of course he still had his Christmas tree up. He had strategically placed every ornament and light on the tree and then secured every ornament and every light with little....oh what do you call them....they come in a gun and sometimes retail stores use them to ties shoes together or put prices on stuff....I can't think of the word. Anyways, he had everything secured perfectly on the tree with these little tie thingies. So my husband and our friend's sister and father moved everything on the tree while he (our OCD friend) was a little drunk. He was soooo pissed the next morning.

    So anyways, as I was reading your story, it reminded me of our friend. You totally HAVE to mess with people like this.

  24. Helloooo Nicole!

    WELCOME BACK!!! do your TEETH LOOK??? I bet their shiny and white! Did they give you a flouride treatment? I love those. Especially when your mouth dribbles 4 pounds of saliva!

    So GOOD seeing ya, dear lady!

    YES...this woman was such a DELIGHT. I actually didn't even think of her as OCD until my readers all commented about it. And then I thought, "SHIT...she does have ODC!"


    And YOUR experience with your friend and the Christmas tree...made be HOWL!! I had a friend in Florida who was EXACTLY the same! Doing anything with him, was excruciating...because he took all the FUN out of doing something FUN!

    Hey..I went over and VOTED for your scrapbook! I LOVED it. I hope you WIN!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by tonight to let me know your back!


  25. Oh dear Ron, in 5 hours, yes 5, FIVE hours she managed to clean the left side of my mouth. Yay!!! So the left side look wonderful. And the left side is all clean. And my ass is still numb and I still have spots in front of my eyes from the light.
    I'll tell you all about it later. It was horrible.
    I have no idea how I am going to explain to a real dentist why I only need to right side of my mouth cleaned.

  26. OH MY GOD, sounded like the "Little Shop of Horrors!"

    5 HOURS and she only cleaned HALF YOUR MOUTH??? must have walked out of there...LOP-SIDED!?!?

    Bless you!

    Anyway...I can't WAIT to hear the whole story!

  27. Some people just plead to be taken out of their misery.

    Of course, if we could do that we wouldn't really have much entertaining stuff to piss and moan about. Or, write about, would we? LOL

  28. YOU SAID IT...Nitebyrd!!!

    And so true!

    If this irritating freak had NOT come into my life, that day...I wouldn't of had a thing to blog about today!

    So, thank you, Wash, Fold...Dryer lady!

    (but you STILL racked my NERVES)

    Thanks for your visit and enlightenment, Nitebyrd!