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Have you ever heard it said, that people and their pets resemble one another?

Not only have I found that to be very true, but I’ve also notice how people and their pets share similar personalities.

Animals to me, are one of the most beautiful gifts that we have been given on this planet. And I’ve always believe that pets are in our lives for a much LARGER understanding than we may even realize.

Pets are among the greatest of teachers.

I really enjoy all animals, however to me, cats…are the “cats meow.”

I was very blessed to have shared my life with a wonderful little feline for 19 years. His name was Jerry, and he was the coolest little kitty I’ve ever met.

Not only did we have the same physical similarities, but we also share the same characteristic traits. So often, people would jokingly comment about how much Jerry and I looked and acted alike.

He was small and slim in stature. His fur was salt and pepper. We both were very picky eaters. Whenever he would use the litter box, he couldn’t stand anyone looking at him (I’m also very “pee shy”). We shared the same spasmodic energy. He was very sweet and gentle, but had no problem showing his “fangs”…if anyone over-stepped his boundaries. And he was also a big-time snuggle baby and extremely affectionate.

I often wondered if throughout the years, he became me…or I became him.

We knew each others thoughts and feelings.

We shared a love that was unspoken.

His loyalty and faithfulness was touching and unwavering.

He made the move with me, when I relocated from Florida back to the North-East. And after six months of making sure I was settled in, he gently passed away....

I miss him dearly, and at times still feel his energy with me.

Wouldn’t it be something, if our pets…were actually our soul mates?

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. Jerry sounded like a sweetie pie. It's so hard to lose a pet that is like family to you.

    We have our first family pet now, a yellow lab named Annie, who we adopted from a lab rescue organization about eight months ago. We can't imagine our life without her.

    I don't know if eight months is enough time to develop similar characteristics yet though. She spends an awful lot of time grooming...she's very licky...she is funny about getting her paws dirty and uses the stepping stones in our backyard. And, I won't even mention the hilarious butt scooch move...

    I swear, I don't do ANY of that. I don't!!! However, she loves my boys like they're her own, she is a big cuddler in bed, and she loves to go everywhere as a family, so I guess those are definite good qualities we share.

    Lovely post, thanks for sharing!

  2. I guess both Nipper and I like to sleep for hours, we are more awake at night than in the day.....oh no thats most cats.

    I suppose it is true that both of us are friendly and will approach anyone when we chose but not keen on people approaching us. Very loving but wary of letting anyone get too close.she is not the kind of cat who likes los of affection but if she wants to sit on you she can be very determined.

    she always senses when I am either ill or upset and follows me around, even sleeping on my pillow. This can be a pain as I am allergic to her when we have close contact.

    Not sure we look alike but I do think that there was a similarity between a teenage LiR and my little Scottish terrior I rescued from the local kennels when I was 15.

  3. Ronnie!!! This is my FAVOURITE POST in the entire Blogland!!!

    I know exactly what you mean!

    Heck I adore pets and animals even more than humans most of the time! :-P

    Jerry sounds beautiful... may his beautiful soul rest in peace.

    Beautiful post... just beautiful!!xx

  4. I think my cat is!!

    Im taking a break from blogging so would like to thank you for all your lovely comments and wish you every happiness. xx

  5. Hi Ron
    I agree that cats are good pets, sort of. We tried having a dog and OMG are dogs a giant pain in the rear. We had a chocolate lab that literally destroyed everything that she could get hold of, one thing being our kitchen floor. She destroyed it so bad that we had to replace the whole floor. We found her a new home with some people who lived on a farm and got a cat. Then we had to get another cat to be the first cat's friend.
    I don't know if the fact that both of our cats are from the shelter attributed to the fact that they are both f'ed up in the head or not. But they are seriously the two most psychotic cats I have ever seen in my life.
    And they are both soooo freaking lazy as well.
    Ron, don't hate me, but I am not really an animal lover. I tolerate pets because my kids and my husband love animals. But I personally would not care if we never had another pet. Seriously. I don't hate animals. I do not participate in or enjoy knowing about animals being abused or hurt. But I do not like them. I do not like to touch animals. I hate when the cats rub on my legs. I REALLY REALLY hate cleaning up any messes that they make.
    I just never developed the ability to really love an animal. Might have something to do with the fact that I never had a pet as a child.
    Sorry about your kitty though Ron. I know many people who get so attached to their pets and losing one hurts them deeply.
    Have a great day Ron.

  6. Ron, you made me smile and cry this morning. How wonderful you had Jerry in your life. He must have loved you very much. You were very lucky to have found each other.

    Have a wonderful weekend,hun!

  7. Morning Rhea~

    Oh my God...I LOVE labs more than my own life!!

    Annie sounds ADORABLE!!!

    (especially the "butt scooch"...which Jerry did also!)

    To me...Labs are the most LOVING, and CARING of dogs. They're like a guardian angel. Whenever I see one, I just want to HUG it!

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your LOVE of your pet.

    They're the Best, aren't they???

    Great seeing you, Rhea. And thanks for stopping by!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Morning Lady in Red~

    Nipper! What a GREAT name!

    Yea..that's the thing with cats...they sleep by day and are awake at night! Like little vampires! But, like YOU...I'm more awake at night, than day!

    I LOVE the "Night Life"

    (another great Disco tune)

    And what you shared, I find to be true too. Pets will always "sense" when we are ill, or upset, or sad...and be there to comfort us.

    I developed a slight allergy to cats over the years. I enjoy rubbing my face in them, which causes me to SNEEZE like crazy!@#!@ But hey, it's SO worth it...I love kitties!


    Thanks for sharing a little "Nip" with my today! Always nice chatting with you, Lady.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Thanks for sharing

  9. Morning vbf~


    Your comment made me smile, laugh, and get teary-eyed all in the same second!

    That's so kind of you, dear lady.

    And I so TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY agree with you....I adore pets more than humans most of the time too!!!

    I think most animal-lovers will say the same thing!

    As always, I thank you for your visit, vbf.

    You always share such bright light!

    Have a nice weekend!

  10. Morn'in Casdok~

    Ooooohh....I will miss you terribly, but so totally understand taking a break.

    I love coming to your blog each day. You share such wonderful posts!

    You enjoy your break, dearest lady. And know that we will ALL be here, when you return!!!

    Give my love to C!

    Thank you for stopping by today.

    Bless you!

  11. Morning Nicole~

    I would NEVER hate you for not being a lover of animals.

    Hey...I realize that everyone is different. And I appreciate your honesty. I also think it's great that you allow your children to have pets. That's super!

    What you said I think is very true. When I was a child, I too never had much contact with animals, however, when my father remarried, my stepmother was a HUGE animal lover. So she introduced my siblings and I to the animal-kingdom.

    Suddenly, it was as if my heart opened up to other world and I was hooked.

    And don't get me wrong...some of the things that amimals do can annoy me too. It can be challenging having a new pet. However, they teach me tolorance and patience.

    (which is something that is not always easy for me)

    Thank you dear lady, for stopping by and for sharing. It's always appreciated!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Morning Dear Nitebyrd~

    Thank you!

    I DO feel SOOOOOO lucky to have found one another. I honestly felt like he was a "gift" that was given to me.

    And I so appreciated all the wonderful lessons he taught me about patence, tolorance, love....

    (and that it's ok to be "pee-shy")

    He was my little "guru"

    Knowing your "shared-love" of kitties, I also know that you understand the great joy they bring into one's life.

    Thank you for sharing your loving and kind energy with me, Nitebyrd.

    Thank you....

    And have a FABU weekend!!!!

  13. Ron, I totally agree with you about labs being guardian angels. They're awesome!

    I wish we could have cats, but my husband's allergic to them.

    My hubby wasn't allowed to have pets growing up, so he never turned into a pet person...didn't want us to get animals, but I put my foot down and said, "We're getting a dog!" because I think kids should have animals in their lives (and grown ups too). Plus, I grew up on a ranch and was used to LOTS of animals.

    So, we got Annie, our sweet lab, and now my husband has fallen in love with her too. hehe

    You can post about animals night and day, and I'll read your blog forever!! :o)

  14. BTW, I posted about Annie this morning and included lots of pics. :o)

  15. This brought back memories our our beautiful cross-bred 'Guinness' who was but 5 weeks old when we adopted him and 17 years old when because of his failing health we had the vet put him to sleep. I still miss him terribly. :(

  16. Howdy Rhea~ grew up on a RANCH??? Oh man, I'm SOOOOO jealous! That must have wonderful!!!!

    And good for you for putting your foot down about getting a dog. My mother had to do the same with my father, and what's ironic (just like your husband) my father ended up being closer to the dog than any of us!!!!

    And throughout the years, he ended up falling love with CATS too!


    I SO agree with you. It's VERY important to expose children to animals. They teach them all about true love!

    I know so many people who are allergic to cats. I actually started to develop one, as both my cats got older. However, I didn't let that stop me...I just kept sneezing!@#@!

    Thanks for stopping back to add your wonderful comment, Rhea. It's nice to meet a fellow animal lover.

    YEAAAAA animals!!!!

    P.S. I'll be by later to check out your post on Annie. Thanks for letting me know.

  17. Evening Akelamalu~

    Thank you dear lady, for sharing your story about Guinness.

    (what a GREAT name!)

    So I know that you know what that loss feels like. Animals are very much like family members. It can be very hard to say good-bye.

    Thank you for stopping by and adding your love to the post, Akelamalu!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    P.S. I can't wait to stop by your place to read your Friday Flash!

  18. If our pets were our soul mates - I can learn from her about not holding grudges, about being loving and forgiving, taking good care of self, and about enjoying life's pleasures :)

  19. OH MY GOD ANNIE!!!!

    Welcome home!!!!

    It's SOOOOOO great seeing you again!!!

    I love how you just POP up!

    Hey...when did you get back??? You are back...and not blogging from Germany, right????

    Tee, hee!

    Can't wait to see ya, at your place.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Annie!!!!


  20. Greetings Mimi!

    Welcome...and thanks for stopping by!

    I've seen you around, so I feel like I already know you!

    Hey listen, please don't hate me for this, but I'm no longer doing MEMES.

    But thank you SOOO MUCH for thinking about me!

    Please stop by anytime...the door's always open!

  21. Ron, yep, I did grow up on a ranch from birth to age 11. It was great! It wasn't huge, only 100 acres or so, but we had some cattle, chickens, dairy cows, donkeys, horses, pigs, rabbits, an orchard, a huge vegetable garden, fields, etc. A fun place to grow up. I post about my childhood from time to time on my blog. :o)

  22. Now I know why I'm so hairy. It's because I've had a pet dog or cat or both all my life.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    Seriously though, I can't imagine going through life without a pet to care for and love on. They are the best.

    So sorry your friend is gone now.

  23. Howdy Rancher Rhea~

    Hey...100 acres sounds like 600 acres when you live in a city.

    ooooooh pigs too???

    If you can believe this, I had a friend in Florida who had a Pot Belly Pig in her condo!!!She was the cutest thing I ever saw, however, when I went to visit one day, the little piggy RAMMED me with her my leg, while I was sitting on the couch!

    (I think she must have been experiencing some PMS that day)

    But she was sooo adorable...I didn't care.

    Hey, I just placed your blog on my google reader, so this way I'll be sure NOT to miss when you post about your childhood. Would love to hear about it!

    Thanks again for stopping by!

  24. Oh my god changed your AVATAR!!!

    Is it really YOU???

    It that you TONGUE hanging out??

    You're a RIOT!!!!

    Thanks, buddy...Jerry was such a COOL CAT. He actually passed away some time ago. However, yesterday when I was writing this post, and actually had no thoughts of even mentioning Jerry...I was suddenly inspired to do so. And I'm so glad I did...because it was theraputic for me.

    Always great seeing ya, Jeff. Thanks for stopping by!

  25. Hey Ron!

    Jerry was a true friend, and goodbyes should be outlawed. Maybe someday...

    I've discovered that people who own pets seem to be more well-rounded. Owning (or being owned by) a little one is the first best therapy and medicine for the broken and lonely spirit.

    I hope you find another little one who reminds you of Jerry.

  26. did you see this post I did earlier in the week ?

    oh and there are plenty of pictures of Nipper on my blog but later I shall try to scan a picture of me and Bonnie (my Scottie) if I can upload that you will see what I mean about looking like my pet......I have often wondered if we become like them or vice versa

    have a good weekend my friend

  27. Hellooooo Greg!

    GREAT seeing ya!!!

    Thank you SO MUCH for adding your beautiful thoughts and feelings to this post!

    So true....

    People who own (or are owned) by a pet DO seem well-rounded. And those who are lonely or broken Do seem to receive much good medicine from their "little one."

    I have a client where I volunteer, who once told me, that they believed that their dog was given to them as a "gift" comfort them in their illness. And it was so touching to watch their eyes "glow" when they told me this.

    Like I've always believed...pets are powerful little healers!

    And I guess if their weren't ever "good-byes"....their would never be "hello's"

    And through saying good-bye to him....I learned SOOOOOOOO much.

    It was "bitter-sweet" for sure....but I'm grateful for it.

    It's always GREAT to share with you, Greg.

    You always add such "good stuff."

    Later gator!

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  29. Good Saturday morning to you, Lady!

    I will have to go back to search through your past posts. I would love to see your little "scotty."

    Scotty's are so damn cute!!!

    There's a gentleman who walks his two white scotty's in the park where I sit on Sundays. They have the most adorable faces!!!

    They always remind me of "Scotch."

    Tee, hee!

    Thanks for dropping in, birthday girl!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  30. You're not going to believe this, but I had a potbelly pig in high school. I really wanted a puppy, but somehow (not sure why?) my mom talked me into a potbelly pig. I was resistent...until I saw them. They were adorable! So, we got one, and he was mine. He was so smart and such a hilarious character. He would sleep in my bed under the covers every night! I need to post about him and show pictures...he was beyond hilarious. (and quite the eater!)

  31. Hello new blog buddy... I am visiting from Rhea but could just as well be here via Jeff too.
    We have a Vizsla, a Rhodesian/Lab mix and a horrid little cat named Greta. Regreta I call her. Next time I will have to reconsider the whole rescue concept. LOL Actually, I have ALWAYS loved cats but this one is
    Did I read somewhere in your blog that you know astrology?? Please say yes! LOL
    I cannot visit your delicious blog for too long today but will be back to stalk you sometime soon.
    Have a great weekend!
    Peace, Mary

  32. Your furry soul mate sounds like a dear..
    So which pet do you suppose is me?
    The black cat?
    The black dog?
    The brown dog?
    The snake?
    the iguana?
    The fish?
    The cockatoo's?
    I think of myself as the pied piper s wife...with all the animals falling me about...

  33. That was an absolutely beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I'm the type of person who adores all types of animals too.
    In fact, I'm more likely to remember an animal's name over a person's. We've had, in the past, the food chain, at our house. Now we just have a cat - who is so laid back that at times he'll let you do about anything (think cool sunglasses - I have a picture of it up somewhere in blogland).

    And isn't is special to step in little doggie calling cards....... in the middle of the your bare feet....... because doggie just HAS to go out and take care of business?

  34. Howdy Rhea!

    OH MY WE have a lot in COMMON or DO we?????

    He slept in the BED with you???

    How freaking ADORABLE was that???

    Did he SNORT in his sleep?

    tee, hee??!?@??#?$?!

    Thanks for sharing that delightful story, dear warmed my heart!

    Long live...POT BELLY PIGS!!!

  35. Greetings Mary~

    Welcome...thank you for visiting me today and taking the time to leave a comment. That's so nice of you.

    And YES...I do remember seeing your avatar at Jeff and Rhea blogs!! Aren't they the coolest damn people???

    Oh my made me laugh when you mentioned your cat's alternate name: Regreta! That's HYSTERICAL!

    And as much as I LOVE cats, I DO know that some of them (such as people) can have very have "disturbing" personalities. However, for some reason...I find it easier to accept in a cat, ya know? may have read somewhere in my blog posts that I referred to myself as a Libra. I totally get into Astrology and have found it to be EXTREMELY accurate. I had a good friend of mine in Florida do my chart once, and it TOTALLY blew my mind! There is definately truth in it.

    Please feel free to stop by here anytime it moves you. I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    It's so nice meeting you. And thanks again for introducing yourself!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  36. OH MY GOD, LADY's SOOOOOOOO wonderful seeing you!!!

    And do you know something, weird?

    I was thinking of YOU when I wrote this post, and had this STRONG feeling that you were going to stop by!!!

    Isn't that somthing???

    Oh...and I'm so glad you did...thank you!

    I actually stopped by your place last night, just to look at your blog and thought, "I miss you, Lady Sorrow"'re probably a combination of ALL your pets, ya know?

    You're the "United Nations" of animals!!!

    And animals can FEEL a loving that's WHY they follow you!

    Thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedule to say hello!

    It made me VERY happy!

    Bless you, fine lady!

  37. This was such a sweet post Ron!

    I have to say Ringo is somewhat like me..he even came with baggage and issues. hee, hee.

    I do believe they are our soul mates, earth angels, and gurus!
    Besides how much they make us laugh..god knows that is soothing to body and soul!

    I am having my glass of wine right here's a toast to your Jerry wherever his spirit may be!

    Love and laughter to you!

  38. Greetings Jules!

    Welcome to Vent...and thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment. I so appreciate it!

    I'm very happy that you enjoyed this post. And thank you for saying so. I honestly didn't intend this to be about my buddy, Jerry, but like I told Jeff, for some reason, I kept thinking about I believe he must have inspire me.

    OH MAN...and I'm the SAME way when it comes to remembering an animals name OVER a human being!!

    To be honest, I think it's because animals leave MORE of an impression on me!

    (aren't I bad?)

    It's funny, because through this post, I've been introduced to so MANY new bloggers who share the same understanding and LOVE of animals.

    And thank you for being one of them!

    Hey...your "layed back" kitty sounds adorable! I'll have to check out those cool sunglasses!

    Please stop by anytime you wish. Your "good energy" is always welcomed here!

    Have a wonderful week, Jules!

  39. Evening Dearest Gypsry-Heart~


    And when I finished responding to a few comments, and then clicked over to my dashboard...VIOLA....there you were....GYPSY-HEART!!!


    And guess what????

    I'm actually having my evening glass of wine now, too!!!

    I think we're blog soul mates!

    Tee, hee!

    Yes, my dear friend, I believe just as you do...pets are our soul mates, earth angels and gurus...

    Most definately!!!

    My Capricorn friend in Florida is SUCH an animal lover. It's so touching to see how caring and giving she is to her pets. She would do ANYTHING for them!

    Thank you, Gypsy-Heart...for stopping by this evening. It's so nice having a glass of wine and a chat with you!

    What a GREAT way to spend a Saturday evening!!!

    So here's a toast to YOU and RINGO!

  40. ((((((((((( Ron )))))))))))))))

    BTW--the 'nake and lizards are himself's pets.
    My job is to pray for the crickets.

    I betcha miss your furry buddy like mad.

  41. (((((Hellooooo Mel)))))

    That is SOOOOOOO funny!!

    (praying for the crickets)

    Well...I guess they have to eat something, right?!?!


    Tell himself that I LOVE lizards too!

    When you lived in Florida, the little lizards are EVERYWHERE.

    (I think the lizard is Florida's State Logo)

    Sometimes they would accidentally get trapped in my apartment, and I would go NUTS until I could get them back outside to saftey.

    (you KNOW how CATS can be with lizards!)

    "Tennis, anyone?"

    Thanks for stopping by today, dear Mel!!!!

    I hope you're having a FABULOUS Sunday!!!

  42. You'd never guess it, but I'm addicted to dogs. Yeah, I know you're surprised, but it's a little unknown thing about me. :-)

    I have a male and two female Border Collies. The adult female, Molly, completely owns my heart and soul. She is definitely my 'soul-dog'.

  43. Howdy Misty~

    NNNNNO! I NEVER would have GUESSED that!!!!

    tee, hee!

    I love dogs TOO!!!

    We always had shepards in our family. Females. They were ALL the BEST!

    Your Molly sounds very special!

    And I DO believe in our animal soul mates, truly!

    Thank you for adding your love to this post, kind lady!