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I would like to start this weeks posts, by sharing a gift that was given to me last week.

Akelamalu, the 100 time Blog Academy Award Winner, graciously passed forward this “Good Chat Blog Award."

Isn’t it the COOLEST looking thing? It’s got a wonderful “vintage” feel!

Akelamalu and I, have been visiting each others blogs and chatting now, for a year and a half. She actually gave me my very first blog award - which made me feel like a million bucks!

Her blog, Everything and Nothing, has one of the most loyal readerships I’ve ever seen. And I believe it has to do with the manner and grace in which she treats her entire blog family. Not only does she share interesting and enjoyable posts, but she’s also a HUGE blog visitor.

She is LOVED…and deservingly so!

If you haven’t already been by to visit her site, please drop in and say hello. And BE SURE to catch her “FLASH 55” every Friday…the lady is BRILLIANT!

So thank you, Akelamalu. And not only for this cool gift, but also, for being the FABULOUS lady that you are!

Comments for me, are actually my favorite part of having a blog.

I enjoy making them…and I also enjoy responding to them. Without comments, I’d be sharing a monologue.

I’ve always told my friends who visit Vent (who are not bloggers), to be sure and go behind the posts and read the comments, because that’s where they get to hear the discussion. And that’s also where they get a chance to meet YOU ladies and gents.

I would like to share this gift, by passing it forward to six people here at Vent.

Gypsy-Heart - the magical thing about this lady’s blog, is the manor in which she shares both her amazing artistic talents, and also the journey she takes through her heart. Each post is a combination of a specific piece that she has worked on, along with how the piece reflects her inner self. She and I have a very special connection…and it’s been an absolute delight, getting to know her. Please do yourself a HUGE favor and visit her blog… she will really touch your heart!

Jeff - this gentleman is one of the most wittiest and talented writers I’ve met. Jeff has a wonderful way of telling a story and painting a crystal clear picture for you. A few months ago, he wrote a six-part story, that had me so engrossed, that I couldn’t wait to go back each day to read the continuation. And when it was over….I cried. He’s also a super nice human being, who has a very kind soul. So please don’t miss his blog…because you’ll laugh your BUTT off!

Nitebyrd - If you only get to read one blog a day…you MUST make this blog your choice! The day Nitebyrd and I became blogger buddies was the day I said, “Ok…I’ve finally met someone who loves the word FUCK as much as I do.” I really don’t want to say too much about her blog, because I want you to experience it for yourself. And please make sure you have a tissue handy, to wipe away the tears you’ll have from laughing so hard. I love this lady. And I know that you will too. So get you’re FUCKIN’ ass over there pronto!

Nicole - I so enjoy my conversations with this lady. She and I have discussed things from: designing web log templates…to disappearing socks in the laundry. Nicole is a very talented writer, who shares much about family life, Scrap Booking, and her latest creation, The Adventures of Flat Nicole (which is the most ingenious thing you’ve ever seen). She’s a very nice person, who I have enjoyed getting to know, immensely . So please stop by both her blogs…you’re in for a real treat!

Lady in Red - I remember the day that Lady left her first comment here. I thought she had the most beautiful avatar. And the longer she and I conversed…I saw that she also had a beautiful spirit. She and I are regular “chatterers.” I so appreciate and enjoy the way she continues to come back after we’ve talked on a post, and then adds her further thoughts. She has a lovely blog, where she shares on a wide variety of topics…and ROMANCE being one of them. So please stop by her space, where I know she will give you a warm welcome!

Vbf - I just recently met this creative and outrageously funny lady (and when you visit her blog you’ll know what I mean). Her blog has one of the most brightest and happiest energies - it’s DYNAMIC. Vbf has a wonderful way of sharing her posts. She always gives her readers a great “visual” to look at, and then uses her freedom with words, to share her feelings. Her blog matches her vibrant personality. So POP on over there as soon as you can. I know you’ll enjoy the shit out of it!

Now please feel free to take this Chat Award and place it on your blog. And if you should desire to do so…pass it forward!

*I would also like to thank each and everyone of you, who come here to read and comment. Your presence and added dialogue, are what keep me going.

God love ya, people!

Chat Award created by: Fixer


  1. Ahh, I am honored Ron!!
    Thank you so much! That is a cool award and I will post it right away.
    And Ron, I have had a really really crappy week, and you have just brightened my day!!

  2. Thank you, Ron. I'm honored to be in such wonderfully creative and talented company.

    I've been remiss in my blogging since last week but will be posting about the Convention this week.

    Finding you and your blog has been an amazing thing for me - who knew two random souls could be so fucking alike! ;)

  3. Ron, your generosity is a gift to all of us. Your words inspire thought and provoke many a conversation here in Connecticut. I am happy to come to your blog and as you know there are no accidents in this crazy place we call the universe.
    You have made great choices here and I welcome the future words.

  4. Morning Nicole~

    You're very welcome!!!!

    I feel happy to have met you, girl!

    Sorry to hear about your week - I've had some like that too!


    Oh you can CHAT about it...tee, hee!

    Hope you have a fabulous THIS week!

    Good seeing ya, Nicole!!!

  5. Mornin' Nitebyrd~

    Happy Fuckin' Monday!!

    tee, hee!

    You are SOOO welcome, dear lady. I'm so grateful for our chats. And I hope everyone stops by your place, and enjoys a "dust bunny."

    I feel very happy that our paths have crossed!

    Hope you have wonderful day!

    Peace, baby!

  6. Mornin' Mr. Dave~

    Gee-Whiz...I'm SO happy you're back!

    You've been missed by many....

    Thank you, Dave...for being a HUGE part of both my blogs since the beginning! I appreciate your loyal friendship, greatly.

    And like I've always said to you...thank you for adding your wisdom, light, gentle spirit, and freaking FABULOUS HUMOR to this blog!!!!

    You ROCK, Libra man!!!!

    Great seeing you today.

    Thanks for visiting!

  7. Ron you made me cry with the lovely things you said about me. You're such a darling man and I'm proud to call you my blogfriend.

    I'll be checking out your nominees for the award, I'm sure I'll like them because you do! xx

  8. Awww I'm gonna cry now I am so touched by your generosity. I first came here when you wrote such a great tribute to my blogging friend nitebyrd and keep findng myself back here. I enjoy the repartee as well as the funny and informative posts you share with us all.

    You have made me feel so welcome right from my very first visit.
    Thank you Vent

    LiR xx

  9. Oh and Ron if you like my avatar have you seen the award VBF made for me. It is fabulous

  10. Evening Akelamalu~

    And I am PROUD to call YOU my blogfriend, dear lady!!!!

    You are such a wonderful example of what it means to be a dedicated blogger.

    And I thank you for your loyal friendship!

    Bless you!

  11. Evening Lady~

    You're SOOOO very welcome!!!!

    I SO enjoy having you here, and your visits always brighten up my day!

    And like I've got a beautiful it was a pleasure to welcome you here!!

    Thank YOU, dear Lady!!!

    P.S. And YES...I did see the award VBF made for you. I read the post last week and commented to her about how FABULOUS they ALL were. She's such a creative, gal...isn't she???

  12. What a wonderful tribute to your friends. I've been checking out their websites, and I've enjoyed them all. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  13. look at how something so simple has made such a difference!

    Bless your pea pickin' heart, Ron.

    If there was a 'day-makers' award, you'd be getting one, hands down!

    And now, a visitin' I will go!

    Congratulations to you, sir...and to all your lovely recipients!

  14. You are an outstanding blogger and commenter Ron. You are deserving of that award, and all the others you have gotten. You put so much time, effort and kindness into blogging. It's a pleasure to read you and be visited by you.

    Happy Monday to you !

  15. Well, I scooted over here to read your words with my daily one glass of wine, and boy was I surprised!

    First of all congratulations Ron dear heart! I dare say, none of us are surprised that you received this award!

    I love coming is like a neighborhood coffee house (for some of us wine). hee, hee. All of the visitors here are fabulous, and I look forward to reading their words too!

    YOU ARE TOO SWEET..sharing an award given to you! You deserve it, and we love Vent and you Ron. So I raise my glass and I toast all that come here, and most importantly you my funny wonderful friend!

    Love ya!

  16. Greetings Dear Mel~

    Thank you, kind lady!

    And thank YOU, for being such a HUGE part of Vent!!!!!

    Remember, Mel? It all started with the post on my Bathroom Fetish!!!


    Thanks for sharing your "inner child" with's so fun to PLAY, isn't it?

    Great seeing ya, this evening!

  17. Howdy Rancher Rhea~

    Thank you SOOO much for stopping by for a read this evening!

    And I would also like to thank you for your presence here at Vent. It's been so much damn fun getting to know you!

    I thought of you yesterday, when I was sitting in the park, feeding my friends the squirrels...and thinking about all the neat people I met who are animal lovers.

    Anyway, the squirrels were VERY hungry. And one of them got very excited as I was handing her some peanuts, that she JUMPED up so high to take them out of my hand, she flew into the air and landed on my shoulder!!!!

    It was the CUTEST thing I ever saw.

    She looked at me as if to say, "What the hell just happened???"

    I think people who saw it, thought I was a "squirrel trainer."

    Enjoy your evening, dear lady!

  18. Evening Annie!

    Thank you, kind lady...that was so nice of you to say.

    And thank YOU for being one of my LONGEST standing loyal blogger friends! I so appreciate that.

    Ya know, I just LOVE having a blog. And it gives me great pleasure to create a space where people can come and laugh, think, and FEEL.

    It's total JOY for me.

    Love ya, Annie!

  19. Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart~

    Oh...this is TOOOO funny!

    You and I have our evening glass of wine at the same time.

    ME TOO!!!!!

    So I toast to YOU!!

    Thank you, my artist, Florida, Capricorn friend!

    Your words touch me deeply.

    It gave me SOOOOOO much pleasure to share this little gift with you. And I mean've got an AWESOME blog. And one that EVERYONE should have the pleasure of visiting!

    You've created a very special and sacred space, my friend. And it should be shared.

    And that's so cute what you said about this place being a "neighborhood coffee house"...cause that's really what it feels like.

    tee, hee!

    Love ya too, Gypsy-Heart!

  20. Ron, buddy. I'm really touched by your kind words. I wish there weren't so many miles between us cause I'd love to get together and have a cup of coffee with you from time to time.

    The way you enteract with your readers is so cool. I can tell you speak from the heart by the things you write and say. It is truly appreciated.

    Keep chatting it up my friend.

  21. Ron~ Congratulations on your award, This is the place to BE!
    I love the comments, In your Vent-world, they are so much a part of the experience!
    NOT to be missed!'
    Bright blessings my friend!

  22. Howdy Mr. Jeff~

    Me too...I wish we lived closer so we could grab a cup of java...and then sit there and rip apart every single ASSHOLE that walks by!!!


    ( NEVER day that may happen!)

    You're so welcome, bud! I can't tell you how grateful I am to have caught your comment on Mel's blog about "giving the finger!"

    I instantly KNEW you were BRILLIANT!

    Thanks for being a HUGE part of Vent, Jeff. You're presence here adds a SHIT LOAD!

    Enjoy your evening!

  23. wonderful Lady Sorrow, you!

    I'm SOOOOOO freaking happy that your back blogging again. I feel like you were gone a YEAR!

    Please know that I thank YOU too...for being Vent!

    You're a very special lady, who adds a great deal to these posts.

    It's all about the "energy." And YOU, dear Sorrow...share MUCHO awesome energy!!!

    Hope all is well with your daughter. I sent you ladies some Reiki tonight.

    Be well!

  24. I'm back again !

    can you tell I just can't keep away

    this award was so very apt as it is always great to chat with you.

    I think I am better at commenting on other people's blogs than on my own although I am trying to be better

  25. *Blushes* OMG Ronnie!!! I was soooo not expecting to be on your list!!! :-O HAHAHAHA I almost choked on my noodles when I saw my name! :-) Thank you... I'm very honored! :-) xx

  26. Good Morning Vbf~

    You are SOOOOO very welcome, dear lady!!!

    It was a BLAST sharing this with you!

    You SOOOO deserve it. It's super fun chatting with you!

    I'm so happy you left a comment that day and introduced yourself.

    Please enjoy this little token of appreciation, Vbf!

    We'll chat soon...HA!

    Have a FABU day!!!

  27. Good Morning Lady~

    Welcome back!

    ALWAYS great chatting with you!!!!


    I know what you mean about the enjoyment of commenting on other people's blogs. Sometimes when I leave comments, I go on and on and on and on and on and on....

    tee, hee!

    Hey...but that's why you and I got this award....


    Thanks for stopping back again, Lady.

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  28. Ron, tt's been so much damn fun getting to know you too! lol

    What a hilarious moment with the squirrel! I would have been shocked if that'd happened to me. I wish I could have seen the expression on the squirrel's face. hehe Thanks for sharing!

  29. Hello again. What a terrific way to honor your friends/readers. I see alot of these awards but have never figured out where they are in blogland and how to give one and if you follow comments, you might notice that I am a tiny tad pouty for never getting one either. That's it.... my blog is going NEKKID. We'll just see how much of a following I'm getting then..... hmmm? LOL

    I managed to visit a few of your recommendations and they really are terrific. I left comments and will probably go back and stalk a few later. The others I'll get to soon. All worthy I'm sure. Jeff I already knew since the moment I read his cleft lip story that I would keep going back. My son was born with one as well. So you just get a nice connection at times and one person leads to another to another to another and before long Mom has locked herself in the bathroom with her laptop and my family isn't getting dinner AGAIN tonight. I'm kidding... I don't have a laptop. ;)

    Thank you for this 'behind the scenes' chatting!! It really adds another wonderful layer to blogging and I've enjoyed being here. It's so great that I don't have to worry about leaving too long a comment.
    I hope it's okay to add you to my blogroll. :)
    Have a great week! Mary

  30. Thanks for the tips on some new blogs. Really appreciated!

  31. Evening Rhea~

    Her face looked like a "deer caught in car head lights!!!!"


    God love her!

  32. Greetings Boondock~


    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment...appreciate it!

    Hey...I LOVE your blog title! I'll be by later to check out your space!

    Hope you enjoy my blogger friends as much as I do (wonderful people). I know they'll enjoy a visit from you!

    Nice meeting you. Please stop by anytime...the door is always open!

  33. Howdy Mary!

    It's SO nice seeing you again!

    Your comment made me LAUGH about locking yourself in the bathroom with your laptop!!!(I don't have one either). I tried one last year, when I needed to replace my computer...and returned it after 4 days. I DO NOT like using the mouse pad or the flat key board. PLUS...I realized that I NEED time away from the computer. And a laptop is much too convenient. I'd have it with my 24/7.

    (I know myself too well)

    And about the awards....

    Usually they are handed down (or passed forward) by someone who received it from another blogger. When I got my first one, I had NO IDEA what to do with it, or even how to take it (by downloading the award to your computer). Akelamalu, helped my with that (since she had given it to me). And then, you can pass it forward to as many people as you wish.

    (it's kind of like a chain-letter)

    Some people create their own nifty awards (such as this one here) and then start passing it forward.

    And then there are some bloggers who are not really into the "award thing" and choose not to take it, or pass it forward. It's totally up to the individual. I just share them...and leave it up to the blogger to do as they wish.

    You also mentioned "following comments." I'm assuming you mean... does the search engines follow comments on THIS particular blog?

    YES...I have this blog set up to follow all comments left here. I simply removed the code in my template. It's very easy.

    And IS wonderful, how in blogland, we somehow make really cool connections to people who have similar storys. That STILL amazes me!

    (isn't Jeff a COOL guy?)

    So glad you took some time to visit the bloggers I mentioned here. They are the NICEST people...who I KNOW will give you a warm welcome!!

    It's been a PLEASURE meeting you Mary...really! And don't EVER worry about leaving a long comment. AS you can see...I do too!
    This is the BEST part!

    And thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I will be honored to do the same for you!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, Mary!