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I think when I was born, the angels must have hot-glued a little sign to the back of my head that says, “Please feel free to walk up and ask me whatever you want, because I have all the answers.

Maybe it’s the fact that I work in retail and have a certain “look.”

But could you please tell me WHY people in grocery stores constantly walk up to me, as if I worked there, and ask if I can tell them where certain “items“ are located??

“Oh, excuse me sir…could you please tell me where I can find black olives?”

“Yes…in the deepest part of your rectum.”

“What???? Do I look like a psychic?”

I mean, it’s my day off and I’m in street clothes. Why the hell do I look like an employee?? I don’t even have a name tag.

And not only that, but no matter where I am, be it in a restaurant, subway, Outer Mongolia…or even on the streets…a total stranger will frequently walk up, and tell me personal things about themselves, as if we were best friends.

One time (and I kid you not) a waitress, who was serving a friend of mine and I…actually sat down next to me in the booth (during our meal) and literally BURST out into tears, telling me how worried she was about her son, who was in trouble with the law.

And she was talking so loud…that I wanted slide under the table and never come up.

I swear…my friend and I just sat there looking at one another, like…..

“Where are the hidden camera’s?”

I also have this one individual, who finds me no matter WHERE I am in the city. And she even knows where I work. She frequently spots me in the bookstore, where I like to hang out, and tells me the same damn friggin’ thing every time she sees me….

“Oh…I have such horrible credit card debt and the interest rates are killing me. I’m forced to live with my hateful mother, because I’m so in debt and can’t afford to get a place of my own. My mother is such a pain in the ass, because she’s always in my face, complaining to me about how much of a complainer I am.”

(umm…like two peas in a pod)

Sometimes when I see her coming, I hide behind the bookshelves until she walks away.

One day, I asked a girl who I was working with, “Ok…so tell me honestly, why the hell do you think people do this to me. I mean, do I give off a certain “vibe?”

And she said, “It’s your eyes, you have very kind eyes - so you seem approachable. Which makes people feel like they can open up and talk to you.”

“Oh, really?”

“Well then…I think it’s about time I start wearing some DARK sunglasses.”


  1. Ah yes........the aura of being a compassionate person......

    Guess it's all in how you look at it, Ron.
    Himself is amazed at how people from all walks step up to me and somehow start spewing lifestories and woes, looking for a bit of compassion...and sometimes actually want help in finding a different way of doing things.
    I also have moments where I pull out my lapel pin that says "Please do NOT confuse me with a compassionate person". ;-)
    Moments, mind you---cuz I've wrapped my head around there being worse things 'assigned' to me, yaknow?

    BTW---I'm amazed when himself actually answers to where the olives ARE in the grocery store....
    Frankly--'over there' would be my answer....cuz I don't have a clue....LOL

  2. Well, as someone who worked as a phychic, I used to get really anoyed when i asked people what they wanted to know, and they answered"The future", duh.

  3. We've got squirrels in the attic FFS (to borrow a few words from Giggle!) I guess it's sorta like having bats in the bellfry only I can't get medication. :(
    My gawd, to hear those little scratchy claws scampering around up there. Last year they ate a nut tree and it was my version of a Martha Stewart nut tree so you know it was fabulous! So now they are in the other closet this year and I will surely go insane if my hub doesn't find how they are getting it. In a bungalow, we have an attic but the ceiling is low and the walls slant so we built two little closets on each side in that dead space. Squirrel party of 3 thinks we built them a couple of condos and have told friends the rent is cheap here. I think the landlady is going to soak some peanuts in hemlock juice and put a NO vacancy sign up after that.


    OH right.... you were asking US why people tell you their shit all the time. It's like why we can go on and on here at your blog.... you ARE kind and people pick up on other things too... sense of humor, your generous responses, how you visit blogs and say just the right thing. People need that. Life is very hard and some can be very mean and selfish so those who are not that way stand out. Even though you are wonderfully sarcastic, people still pick up on your sweetness.
    Aside from Librans being unable to decide things at times... should I help, should I run, should I hide, should I try, etc. it might be that energy people pick up on that Librans are at their best when with others. So if someone sees you alone, even though that particular person might not be whom YOU would chose to spend time with, THEY are sensing that you are wanting connection with another. Libra people are also charming! And being 'air' they kind of like certain abstract challenges and social activity. I don't even know the specifics of your birth chart (wanna share?) but just based on a sun sign and talking with you ... or rather typing... it's apparent that you enjoy people. Just a shame you can't pick only the ones you want.

    AND dear Ron, you do Reiki, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy!! People feel your vibe for sure! They might not know how you will heal them but get a sense in some way that you can! Or just make them feel a little better for a short time and we all need that occasionally. A beautiful soul shines everywhere it goes and this planet needs you! So your gifts are wonderful, but they all come with a bit of a difficult side.
    I'm afraid dark glasses will only work part of the time.
    Happy week dear one!

  4. This happens to me too Ron. I think it is because I smile and make eye contact with people. Maybe should just keep my head down and frown when I am in public???
    I used to work at an IHOP and I had a blue apron that clearly had IHOP embroidered on it. If I would stop off somewhere after work for whatever, gas, groceries, never failed, someone would come up to me and ask where something was. I would simply point to the IHOP logo across my chest and that would apologize and scurry away.

  5. Oh, you're one of THOSE people. It all makes sense now...hehe

    Just kidding. It sounds like your lot in life is to handle the crazies. I can't believe you get approached so much! wow. I feel for you.

    You need to start wearing dark sunglasses and a t-shirt that says, "GO AWAY!" hehe

    Makes for good blog stories though.

  6. Ron, we definitely were separated at birth! I'm working on a blog on this EXACT same topic. LOL

    WTF? I don't have kind eyes, I don't have a happy face and I concentrate on giving off, "Go the fuck away!" vibes. But in never fails that some random wayward soul finds me in the masses.

  7. A gift, and a curse.

    I bet if you put on a spiked leather collar or tattooed your face it wouldn't happen anymore.

    Just some suggestions!

  8. Morning Miss Mel~

    Yes...your right, it is all in how I look at thank you for pointing that out to me!

    All my life I've had this happen to me, and this is one of the reasons why I think I was drawn to work in the healing arts.

    But also I've had to learn set "boundries" too. Some people will take advantage, if I allow it.

    However, in all honesty, I am glad that I seem approachable, rather than unapproachable...

    Even though it DOES irritate the SHIT out of me sometimes....

    tee, hee...

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing, dear Mel! Enjoy your Monday!


    Are you back...or just visiting???

    It's SOOOOO GREAT seeing you!!!


    It's funny, I've heard other phychic's say the same thing, when sharing a reading with someone! It's like they want their whole life explained to them...


    God love ya, woman!! Thanks so much for stopping by today....what a GREAT treat!

    P.S. could you please tell me my complete future?

  10. Howdy Bek!

    Your does seem like a blessing and a curse!

    However...I freaking LOVE your idea about the spiked leather collar and tatooing my face...

    Although, somehow in THIS city...I think I would attract more!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by this morning,'s always nice talking to ya!

  11. Ron ~
    sorry, I don't think any of the above suggestions will work.
    Crazy people can spot sanity from miles away, they have radar.
    Your doomed.
    Just wear dark glasses and try to look more bored, maybe they won't spot you first!

  12. Good Morning Dear Nitebyrd (sister),

    Oh my god...I can't wait to see this other blog your talking about!

    It sounds so GOOD!

    Hey, maybe...regardless of the "Go the Fuck Away Vibes"...people can sense a feeling of compassion!?!?

    Also too...I can be quite intorant at times...which, when people come up to me and do gives me a chance to PRACTICE!!!

    It's kind of like a cat...a cat will always go up the people...who are not overly "touchy-feely." Because maybe they feel like they'll have the "space" to just BE!

    Oh...who knows???

    All I know is that it IRRITATES me sometimes!!!

    Anyway, twin sister...we need to hang out one day,wearing our DARK sunglasses!

    ALWAYS wonderful sharing...dear Nitebyrd!

  13. Morning Nicole~

    That's FUNNY about the IHOP apron!!!

    I too make eye contact with people on the streets. However, I've noticed that many people do not. It's something that sometimes happens to people when they live in a city.

    I don't ever want to get that way, either.

    So I guess it's better that we have others approach us...than feel like they can't...


    Thanks for dropping in this morning, Nicole.

    P.S. Oh, and by the way...can I have 2 eggs scrambled with a side of hash browns, and a cup of coffee?

  14. Howdy Rhea!

    I's funny, isn't the stuff that drives us insane throughout our daily life...makes for good blog talk???

    Life is SOOOO much better than fiction!!!

    Hey...and thanks for the idea about adding the t-shirt with the glasses..

    I may even try one of those multi-colored CLOWN wigs!!!

    Good seeing ya, Rhea. Thank you for stopping by!

  15. Good Day, CrystalChick~

    MY, MY, MY!!!!

    Thank you SOOOO much for your, full, kind, and sweet comment!

    Thank you!

    It's funny you mentioned the "Libra thing" father was a Libra also...and he had the same experiences with people as I do.

    Just to let you rising sign is Virgo...and my moon is in Aries. Most all of my other planets are in Libra and Leo! I also have a tad Sag, Pices, and Scorpio. I had an astrologer tell me, that my planets all helped to balance one anothers "excess."

    Anyway...thank you for all your intuitivenss into my "stars." I do BELIEVE in it!

    And your right...much of the work that I do with energy...DOES come with a difficult side. This work does not always begin and end in my office space. It's a vocation. And it's taking me years to achieve a healthy balance!

    (yet sometimes...I LOVE to VENT!!!! yahoo!!!!)

    Oh...and about the squirrels...I know they can be an annoyance...but PLEASE don't harm them (I don't know if you really meant that or not about the hemlock juice) but I LOVE squirrels!

    Try talking to them...really...I know that sounds insane...but try it. I once had some squirrels in the attic of a garage apartment I lived in. I could not harm them (but they were making a lot of noise) so I asked them to leave quietly a few times...and eventually they did!

    I swear!

    Thanks so much for always sharing such good stuff, Mary.

    It's a pleasure having your here!

    Happy week to you too!

  16. Morning Lady Sorrow!

    Oh shit...that's FUNNY!!!!

    I never thought of acting bored...but that's WONDERFUL suggestion!!

    (maybe even yawn a couple of times!)

    tee, hee!

    Sometimes I wonder if crazy people simply, SEE other crazy people!!!

    (not that I'm crazy or anything)

    Thanks for the excellent suggestion, Lady Sorrow!

    Bless you!!!

    Enjoy your Monday!

  17. LOL I didn't even know there was such a thing as Hemlock Juice until I just now googled it. I mean, I heard of the poisonous hemlock but just made up the juice part to be funny. Typical Sag. LOL
    Seriously, I would NEVER hurt a little woodland critter or any animal for that matter. I get seriously upset seeing any kind of news reports on them being hurt. Why I am not a vegetarian yet I have no idea.
    So ... no... I was not serious about that.
    The last time we had them, hub put some peanut butter sammies in a big cage and then relocated them down the road. They are smart tho, as you must know, and have found their way back. LOL
    Yes, I will absolutely try talking to them. First softly, but I'll tell ya, if it doesn't work, I might have to raise my voice dammit. LOL OR
    I might have to call you... Squirrel Whisperer... to come have a talk.

    Hmmm... your chart. So V rising explains OCD anyway, right? LOL
    Is your Sun opposing your Moon? Do you have intercepted houses? Is your Sun in the first or second house? Merc in Virgo, Libra, or Scorp?
    Okay, you don't have to answer. Some day you will just give me the time/date/place details and I'll run the chart myself. ;)
    Cap rises in my chart, Cancer Moon, Merc and Sun in Sag, etc. It's interesting how it all plays out.

    I have to go pretend I've actually gotten something done today. Sheesh, in this lousy weather I just want to eat and blog.

  18. You know Ron your compassionate nature comes over even on your blog - no wonder people want to talk to you. x

  19. *raises hand* yup... It's the curse of the Libra...

  20. LMFAO!!!

    I am SOOOO the same!!!!

    I have this one stalker that went to the same gym as me... I still don't even know her name! And we never said boo to eachother at the gym!

    But ever since then (and that was 4 years ago) She'll spot me around at the shops and stuff and come up to me and start going on about her life like we are best buds!

    But she is really strange and always stares at my tits ffs!

    The day that I REALLY started to avoid her was when she spotted me at the BLOODY MOVIE THEATRE!!! And she SAT next to me and blabbed in my ear the WHOLE time - which made me miss the whole movie!

    She even asked me to go 'Night clubbing' with her!!! (She's like 50yrs old)....

    I don't even know her friggen name ffs!!!!!

    LMAO Ronnie this post cracked me up!! :-) xx

  21. I feel your pain! I have the same problem.

    I thought when I had my nose pierced it might scare people away..but it didn't work. I think it made it worse! Explain that to me??

    I agree with others though, it is our eyes..they give us away. I hear their voices too..I don't mean out loud..but their thoughts especially when they have problems. That is a long story though. :)

    You could wear a blue tooth thing in your ear and when someone comes up act like you have a call. I see people walking around in stores with those having loud conversations..sometimes juicey ones. hee, hee!

    Good vent darlin'!

  22. Evening CrystalChick~

    Wheew! I thought your were just kidding about the squirrels!

    You are SOOO funny though, about having to raise your voice to them!!! YES...just call me, and I'll come over and give them a FIRM but GENTLE whisper to.

    And you're right...squirrels are SO freaking SMART! It amazes me how they can get into a bird feeder and steal all the bird food!

    I just LOVE them though!!! They're so damn cute, aren't they?

    And YES...Virgo as my rising is the REASON for my OCD!!!! Oh...yes!! However, I also think it's the reason for my attraction to the healing arts. Virgo's are always into that sort of stuff.

    One of these days, when you're in the mood, let me know...and I'll email you my birthdate and time...I would LOVE to see what you come up with. It's been a long time since I've had my chart done.

    And yes...being here in Philly, we've had your same weather today. Cloudy, humid and rainy. I stayed in all day and did as you. Tomorrow it's back to work!

    Thanks so much for stopping back for a chat!

    Enjoy your evening!

  23. Evening Akelamalu~

    Thanks for saying that, dear lady!
    That's very kind of you.

    Compassion mixed with a little VENT!!!


    I hope you had a wonderful weekend get-a-way!

    Hey...and I like how you've added your condensed version of your blogroll. I've seen it on several blogs and always wondered how they got it!?!?

    Enjoy your evening, Akelamalu!

  24. Greetings Anndi! does seem to be a "Libra thing" doesn't it?

    Both my mother and father are Libra's and they say the same thing!

    I guess it's our EYES!!!

    Thank you for stopping by tonight. It's always nice talking to you.

    I stopped by your place this past weekend and left you a LONG comment on your last post...but BLOGGER ate it! It was so late, so I didn't re-write it. I'll be by later to say hi!

  25. Howdy Giggle!!!

    Your comment made me LAUGH my tush off!

    She stares at your TITS???

    That could be a sign that she's interested...but it also could be a sign that she's a topless dancer and she JEALOUS of your ta-ta's!

    tee, hee!

    Oh...Oh...and I hear you on being annoyed at someone TALKING to you during a film. I HATE that! Isn't it the WORST??

    Hey...let me know if you decide to go "Night Clubbing" with her...that could make for a GREAT post!!


    Thanks MUCHO much for stopping by to say hello, dear always make me GIGGLE!

  26. Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart~

    Maybe it's because Capricorn's and Libra's are so much alike, ya know?

    My friend in Florida...the SAME thing!

    And I CANNOT believe what you just said about "hearing voices" too, my friend! And you're's not actually a VOICE...but more of hearing their FEELINGS. Sometimes when I'm walking down the street, and someone passes by me...I will hear/feel their emotions. It happens in a split second, but it's very LOUD and CLEAR. And as you shared...especially if they are in some kind of emotional pain.

    One of these days, you and I should talk and we can share more about this.

    You wouldn't believe some of the things I hear when I share energy with a client. It's a little difficult to explain, but I'm SURE you understand!

    I don't have a cell phone (if you can believe that), but if I did...the blue tooth would be a GREAT idea! And yes...some of things you hear people talk about in startling...isn't it? I especially love to hear people having these intense SCREAMING matches, while they walk down the city streets!!!

    Thank you dear, Gypsy-Heart for stopping by and sharing your "good energy" here...I'm so blessed to know you!

    Enjoy your wine this evening!

  27. You send out an energy that makes people feel comfortable in baring thier souls. You are blessed with this gift and you are to use it to aid all of those who seek comfort. You are a person who was sent here to aid others in distress and have a need to get thing off there chest and out of their heads. I know that there are times when this seems a burden and you feel that you have no time for yourself it is just another sacrafice you have to bear. So the next time someone has a problem that has to be told and you are the one that they are telling it to, when they are finished just closed your eyes and say " What the hell do you think I am? A Fu-king Shrink? Now dig deep into your pockets and pay me $150.00 for the hour of my time you took to tell me your stupid story. Oh, by the way here is $20.00 back and get yourself a bottle of gin on the way home and cure yourself."
    See if they come back.
    Oh by the way I have a little trouble __---- --

  28. Good Morning Mr.Dave~

    You are one FUNNY man!

    Wow...$150.00...that's a GREAT price to charge!! Thanks for the suggestion, I was WAY under-selling myself!!

    Your commemts are wonderful, because they always share something very profound and at the same time, the most awesome sense of WIT!

    Thank you for that!

    I'm sure, being a fellow Librian, and also in the healing arts, you experience much of the same. This is why I need my quite time alone. As much as I enjoy being with people...I equally enjoy solitude.

    (and my time with the squirrels)

    Thanks for stopping by today, my friend...and thanks for sharing your wonderful soul!

    Oh, and by the way, I'm having a little trouble....

    Tee, hee!

  29. I apparently have this look too. I'm also too nice and let people tell me all their problems. Then the next time they see me they tell me more.

    For the longest time this one woman kept calling me with all her problems and I couldn't get rid of her. I still can't. Why can't I be mean?

    I did cut her off while I was pregnant because she thought I should deliver her meals to her when I was 8 months and waddling. She was cooped up in her house due to knee surgery. I'm not sure how I became her slave, but ... again..I have that nice look I guess.

  30. LMAO Ronnie!!!

    Yeh I thought she mite be a bit of a Lezzo! But HECK No I aint taking her up on her clubbing offer! It can only end badlly!!! *GiGGLeS*

    BTW RAT GiRL Part 3 is out if ya wanna have a squiz :-)

    Hey! Just looking after my RAT GiRL Fans!!! So No one misses out! :-) (Take your time to come see) xx

  31. Howdy Giggles~


    I'll be over sometime later this evening to check out the Rat Girl!!!!


  32. Hi Jonny's Mommy~

    Great seeing ya!

    Yes...I DO think it's sometimes a "look" or a "vibe" people give off, that makes others feel like they can tell you EVERYTHING!

    Since writing this post...several commentors have said the same thing about themselves. So maybe there's A LOT of us LISTENERS out there!

    But as you shared (and as I also believe)there's a limit, or what I call, boundaries.

    Oh man...I can't believe this woman expected you to deliver her meals, while your were 8 months pregnant!?!!??


    Like I shared, it's nice that people feel comfortable enough to be open and talk...but it can be challenging.

    Thanks for stopping by, JM...always a nice treat!

    Enjoy your evening!

  33. Yeah, the dark glasses and the metal choke collar oughta stop 'em :)

    You must just really have helpful energy - the blessing with the curse :)

  34. Ron...I agree with bekah...leather spiked jacket, tattoos...and get that scruffy look going.

    Hum, on second thought, you know you just might be better off the way you are now. If you look scruffy with tattoos and looking might get arrested just for the hell of it. It would go like this.

    RON..."Officer, Why are you arresting me?"

    Officer...Cause tough guy, you look like someone who did something bad...Now get in the police car!"

    Hehehehe...see you are perfect the way you are after all.

    ciao babes.

  35. Howdy Annie!!!

    Great seeing ya!

    Yes...I've been seriously thinking about that "spiked collar and tatoo look."

    (it might go well with my recently cut Mohauk...that's GREEN)

    tee - hee! good thing, is that all these people who come up to me, give me some GREAT blog posting material!!!!

    Speaking of? How was New York? Did you get some good pictures with your new camera???

    Thanks for dropping in Annie. I'll stop by your place in a bit!!!

  36. Ola Spiky!


    You're RIGHT, if I look TOO scruffy...I may just be placed in a worst spot, than listening to all these CARZY people!

    Thanks for the GOOD advice!

    Always nice seeing ya, Spiky!