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There’s nothing I love more than to have the shit scared out of me, while watching a scary movie.

Now let my clarify here what I mean by SCARY…

I don’t mean scary as in…slasher movies, where someone gets their limbs chopped off with a buzz-saw.

(to me, that is just plan GROSS)

I mean…more of a suspense cat and mouse movie, where someone is being stalked by an intelligent and mentally deranged psychopath.

I especially love movies where a character is all alone in a house, out in the woods, and the phone lines have been cut, and someone is outside, trying to get in to murder them.

Oh my god….I LOVE these movies!!!

It’s like an adrenaline rush that makes me petrified and excited at the same time.

I like to sit in my apartment with the lights out, curled up on the floor with my pillows and blanket. I position my hands directly in front of my eyes, with my fingers slightly opened, so I can see only through a crack.

I do this to prepare myself, for when the psychopath is getting reading to jump out of the closet and strangle the homeowner.

But it’s always the “leading up to the strangle” that makes me the most frightened.

The anticipation.

One of my all-time favorite suspense thrillers is “When a Stranger Calls” with Carol Kane.

It’s about a babysitter who’s getting telephone calls from a creepy man who keeps saying, “Did you check the children?” Over and over he keeps calling her, “Did you check the children?” Until finally, she calls the operator and asks that the calls be traced. And after about another 20 minutes of being tormented by this man…the operator calls back and tells her to get out of the house as fast as she can…because the calls are coming from another telephone line IN THE HOUSE!!!

Eeeewwww…I get chills just thinking about it again!

So, if you ever want to get together with me one night and watch a scary movie, just let me know…cause I’m totally up for it!


  1. Ewe, Ron, I am going to have to pass on watching scary movies with you. I cannot stand to be scared. I cannot even stand to watch the trailer for a scary movie. My husband insisted that I watch The Shining one time, since he claims that it is a classic, and I almost gave myself a stroke.
    I used to be able to watch scray movies when I was a teenager. I don't know what really changed for me. But I can't take them now. My daughter was watching Goosebumps on Nickelodeon one day and I had to leave the room. And those are kids movies!!!!

  2. ...ummmm.......uh uh, pass, no thanks....

    But I will indulge in the popcorn, thanks.

    NO can do!

    <--- already sleeps with an 'anti-monster' light on at night

    LOL True!

  3. I'll bring the popcorn!!!
    Oh how I love me some movie popcorn. Oh heck, any popcorn... on Saturday at the craft fair there was kettle corn being made right near my space. Oh you KNOW I got a big bag!!!

    I LOVED that movie! When you find out the caller is inside the house ~ ooooh!!!
    I actually did like the original Friday the 13th, that scared the bejesus out of me in high school.
    And the original Halloween... oh we still watch that!

    I don't know if you would consider 'Funny Games' to be a slasher flick.... it's got a few really rough parts, but it's a kind of an artsy movie, in a very bizarre, deranged way.
    On my blog, go to the sidebar and click on the blogs for 'March' and scan down a little bit to my post titled 'Not so funny...' When you click on the link to the movie in the post, watch it. At the end, when the kid says, 'It's easier when things are polite' click underneath on 'View Trailer'. I think the music in that clip is Edvard Griegs Hall of the Mountain King??
    It'll give you the idea of whether or not you want to watch it. It's a remake of a foreign movie. I went by myself and just sat there cringing, thinking, munching on the corn.........

  4. Horror movies, scary movies, psychological thrillers, murder mysteries and even slasher movies are my favorites! As long as there aren't clowns in them, I'm SO there with you. (I HATE clowns, they scare me more than any crazed ax murderer.)

    John Carpenter's "The Fog," is my all-time fav scary movie. The original, not the remake.

    Scary movies are so good to watch with someone, 'cause you get to jump on them with good reason! ;)

  5. OMG
    Your scary!
    NO thanks!
    I have kids, thats scary enough!

  6. Bloody hell Ron, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end whilst I was reading that!

    I don't like the 'slasher' type films either but I do love the psychological type thrillers.

    You can't beat 'Psycho' in my book!

  7. If you haven't watched Disturbia yet, you should.

  8. Afternoon Nicole~

    OOOOOHHHH you make me LAUGH!!!

    Goosebumps on Nickelodeon???

    God love ya, woman!!

    I often wonder what makes some people LOVE them...and then others not?

    I guess it's like sad movies too. Some enjoy a good cry and others don't.

    (I actually LOVE sad movies too)

    I LOVE feeling all my emotions.

    Hey...and I agree with your husband...The Shining is a CLASSIC!

    Thanks for dropping by today, Nicole...and sharing in the FRIGHT!!!

  9. these sound like the kind of films that I would not choose to watch but might find myself watching if I happen to be in the room when someone else is watching ....invariably that person leaves the room and I end up watching on my own.

  10. Afternoon Mel~

    Tee, hee!

    A monster light!

    When I was a kid, my parents place them all throughout the house, in case any of us had to get up in the middle of the night to pee-pee.

    (and check for MONSTERS!!)

    I think I even found a few!

    Great seeing ya, dear Mel!

    P.S. Could you please pass the popcorn?

  11. Afternoon MC~'s funny you should be mentioning that film, because someone at work mentioned it too!

    Ok...then it's next scary movie night!

    Just the title sounds scary!!!


    Thanks for the recommendation, my friend.

    And thanks for stopping by!

  12. Afternoon Lady Sorrow~

    Ok...then I have an idea....

    You and MEL, can go see "The Little Mermaid"...and Nitebyrd and I will go see "Silence of the Lambs"

    And we'll meet later for drinks!

    Great seeing ya, Sorrow...thanks for stopping by for a BOO!

  13. Afternoon Akelamalu~

    EEEEWWWWWWW!!! Me too!!!!

    But don't you LOVE that feeling???

    So glad to hear you're a scary movie person! It looks like you, Nitebyrd, and I...will be getting together one night for a SCARY MOVIE FEST!

    (popcorn...and red wine)

    And I SOOOOOO agree...Psycho is STILL chilling to me!!

    Great seeing ya, my scary movie friend!

  14. Afternoon Miss Nitebyrd! crack me up, lady!

    And I SOOOOO totally agree with you about the CLOWNS...aren't they the creepiest things on this planet??

    What's up with them?

    I've been wanting to do a post on my feelings about I think I need to get together with you and VENT!

    See...the longer we blog...the longer we SEE the similarities!

    We're both kin!

    I've not ever see, "The Fog" but have spotted it in the video store. I'll take your recommendation on that!

    Great talking to ya, Nitebyrd...and if I get back to Florida or you ever get to's a scary movie date!

  15. Afternoon Crystal Chick~

    YAHOOOOO!!! Another scary movie person!!!!

    And you DID see the movie, When a Stranger Calls"? You are the ONLY person I've ever met who HAS seen it! Wasn't it the BEST damn scare of your life? I actually own the film, and will take it out and rewatch it when I'm in the mood to be SCARED!!!!

    And didn't you LOVE the ending???

    And I agree...the orginal Halloween is freaking AWESOME! I saw some of the other parts...but they didn't scary me like the first one!

    I've NEVER heard of "Funny Games" but I will definately check out the trailer on your blog. I love to get recommendations on other films! I bet I'll really enjoy it! it's a, Nitebyrd, Akelamalu, and I will meet somewhere in the middle, and we'll spend the weekend watching scary movies and SCREAM!

    (and I'll bring the POPCORN)

    SO GREAT seeing ya, M. And thanks for sharing your passion for the SCARY!!!

    P.S. "Did you check the children?"

  16. Afteroon Lady in Red~

    Ooooh...that is so FUNNY!

    And how DARE they leave you in the room alone!!!

    It's true...because you can start off by not really wanting to watch a scary movie...but then somehow you find yourself, drawn into the damn thing.

    I can't help it...I just LOVE watching them.

    Great seeing ya today, dear Lady. And thanks for stopping by for a scary movie!


  17. Hi Ron,
    Just came back to read comments, and guess what? I was just complaining about how creepy clowns are on my blog yesterday.
    Isn't that weird? We should start a We-Think-Clowns-Are-Creepy-Club.

    Oh and I do like sad movies too. I am always up for a good soul cleansing cry. But my real preference in movies is anything that makes me laugh so hard that I almost pee my pants.

  18. Now a scary movie to me is when the men's room door is locked and you just consumed that 30 gallon cup of soda. You just know that at any moment your bladder will show the rest of the people in the theatre what a flood is all about. I do like being part of the dramatic scheme of things that let's my imagination run rampant and you can bet the colonoscopy that your bowels will be in in uproar the minute the scary song reaches the cresendo. So, my friend grab your depends and curl up on the floor and have a go at it.


  19. Little mermaid???
    Come on Ron!
    Be a Love and let Mel and i go see a grown up movie!
    Something with yummy eye candy and romance or some deep introspective life folly.
    I am Soooooooooooooo kid movied out!
    pretty please with shrill screams on top?

  20. I would love to watch a scary movie with you!! I don't like slasher movies either, but a good scary movie yeah!

    I used to love a good vampire movie too! I swear my aunt on my Mom's side was a vampire. I suspected the whole damn family! They never saw day light! She had jet black hair with pale pale skin. She never aged either!! As a child, I was terrified to spend the night there!

    I loved so many scary that comes to mind...
    What Lies Beneath.
    Of course, it could be that I am told all the time that I look like Michelle. hee, hee.

    That old 1880 house that I am renovating on the island is doubt in my mind. That's one of the things I love about it. So many stories I can tell about that place. :)

    Good post,Ron dear!!

  21. I am SOOOOO On my way with some popcorn!!! :-D That is one of MY FAVOURITE movies TOO! :-O

    Although I must say I don't mind a bit of blood and guts here and there :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

  22. I can rarely watch really scary movies. It just gets too intense for me and I get too worked up. Now, give me a scary book any day...and I can handle long as I'm not alone, in the dark...

  23. Helloooo Nicole~

    OMG...that is SOOOO funny!!!

    I haven't read your last post about the clowns, so I'll be by later tonight and ckeck it out!!

    GREAT idea about the We-Think-Clowns-Are-Creepy-Club!!!

    Hey...maybe you, Nitebyrd and I can get together and do a joint post!

    Me too...I really love a good comedy film! Have you ever seen anything by Christopher Guest??
    He did, "Best In Show" and "Waiting for Guffman." If you haven't PLEASE rent either one of them....they're BRILLIANT!

    Thanks for stopping by again, Nicole!

  24. Evening Mr. Dave~

    You TOTALLY need to start a COMEDY blog, my friend!!!

    Dave....YOU KILL ME!!!!

    Damn...where you do you come up with these things???

    Such a DELIGHT, you are!

    The "Depends" is a RIOT!!

    One of these days, you and I will meet. And after we talk about all the spiritual stuff...we can drink some red wine and watch a thiller together!

    It would be my absolute pleasure!

    Thanks for your wonderful LIGHT, my friend!

  25. Howdy Rhea~

    Hey....I LOVE a good scary book too!

    Actually, I find that a scary book can be MUCH scarier than a movie!!

    Have you ever read any of Mary Higgins Clark? "A Cry in the Night" scared the POOP out of me!! I actually kept getting up from the sofa, to check to see if the front door was locked!


    I agree about a scary book!

    Thanks for stopping by, Rhea...always nice sharing with ya!

  26. Hello Giggle!'s a date, girl!

    You can either come here or I can come there. I've always wanted to visit Australia!

    We can get some VINO and Jiffy Pop...and SCREAM!!!!

    It's RAT GIRL and RONNIE night!

    P.S. And I'll just close my eyes during the blood and guts part, ok?

  27. Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart~

    Can I just tell much your comment about your vampire aunt...made me LAUGH!!!!

    (she never aged!!!)

    From the way you described her....I could actually see her!

    Like Martisha Adams! TOO! I am ape-shit over vampire movies!! I own three different versions of Dracula. To me...there is something so romantic and erotic about being a vampire!

    I know this sounds insane...but I truly think I have a little vampire blood in me...I HATE direct sunlight...and I enjoy walking around the city after it gets dark.

    Ok...and wasn't "What Lies Beneath" the BEST scary movie??? I've seen it 3 times. GREAT film!

    WOW...and you resemble Michelle Phiefer???? woo-woo!

    I always tell Nicole (who comments here) that she reminds me of Julianne Moore.

    Damn...I have TWO movie stars that visit VENT!

    Ok, Gypsy-Heart...the next time I'm in, Nitebyrd and I are headed to a scary movie!!

    Always so WONDERFUL having you here, dear friend!

    Thank you!

  28. Ok, Little mean Lady Sorrow... "Little Mermaid". How about something like..."Body Heat?"

    Lots of eye-candy, romantic...and I "think" even introspective!?!

    If pick!


  29. Ron baby...bekah is so right. it is a cool flick.

    Okay...I know a movie where I hold my breath and I can't makes me light headed and so very's 'Silence of the Lambs.' Jodie Foster (mon cheri) who reminds me of my high school g/f Terry. No kidding, our friends would kid her and call her Jodie.

    I was head over heels in love wih her. She would hold my books for me while we walked and talked to my art class. She would kiss me in front of everybody too...passionately. She would slap my ass as I turned to go into the class. uuummm, she made me feel wonderful. So...I kind of think it's like this...I so know how it feels to make love to Jodie Foster...hehehe. My that was a woman...sigh.

    Where was I...Oh yeah Silence of the lambs, when Jodie is in that dark room with her gun out...she is breathing hard and he is there right in front of her wih his nightgoggles on...I am freaking out...always. I am finding it hard to breath now, just thinking about god. Whew.

    fab post honey...Um, can you walk me to the break room. NO...I'm not a scare-dy cat. *wink*

    Ciao babes.

  30. Ola Spiky!

    Ok...I am SOOOO with you, when it comes to that scene in the basement with the nighgoggles in Silence of the Lambs!!!!!

    Every single time I talk about that movie...THAT'S the scene I tell everybody FREAKS me out the MOST!!!!! it not the BEST scare of your life??? eeeeeew!

    And I'm SO with you when it comes to Jody Foster too! The woman is one of the most awesome lady's in film. Something about her, just makes you want to be her best friend. I bet in real life, she's a wonderful human being. You can just tell, can't you?

    Hey...have you ever seen, "Panic Room?" It's actually one of my favorite suspense thillers. Jody has me on the edge of my seat with fear! If you've never seen it, please check it out...she's BRILLIANT!

    ANY movie she's in...I watch!

    And you made me laugh, about your high school friend Terry, resembling Jody Foster!

    Hot Damn! Lucky you!

    Thank you so much for stopping by today, Miss Jones. You always add so much good energy to this blog!

    Ciao bella!

  31. I scanned down through the comments and didn't see this one mentioned -- have you seen the one with Audrey Hepburn and she's blind and in an apartment alone and these burglars break in. She keeps saying "is anyone there" and they keep brushing past her and touching her lightly and is freaky!

    The other night we watched Rebecca with Lawrence what's his face..can't spell his last name so I won't even try....that movie was creepy just because you weren't sure who was really the bad guy and if that woman's ghost was going to come back! It was creepy.

    Just thought I'd share -- a whole day late, however.

  32. Wait, wait!

    I can do the Mermaid one.....OR the fishie one....or even the car one.

    But I wouldn't complain if you sent the two of us to see Phantom of the Opera for the umpteenth time either....

    Yes, I AM a sick woman....LOL

  33. Evening Johnnys Mommmy~

    YES!!!! YES!!!!

    I know that's called "Wait Until Dark"...and the scene that you're talking about, scared the HELL out of me too!!

    And the other one you mentioned..."Rebecca"...I actually own. And what REALLY scares me about that the woman who plays the maid (Judith Anderson)...she's SOOOOOO creepy!

    Thanks so much for mentioning TWO fabulous scary films, dear lady.

    And thanks for stopping by. It's always great sharing with you!

  34. Evening Mel~

    Looks like you'll have to see the "Little Mermaid" as a solo...Sorrow may not be up to another kid flick!!

    tee, hee!

    Hey...and can you believe I've NEVER seen the movie, "Phantom of the Opera?" But I DID see the broadway musical...and LOVED it!


    (and there was NO scary stuff either)

    Thanks for stopping by again, Mel!