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I thought that I’d combine two things on this post, considering that they both have to do with the same topic…Cracker Jack!

As bloggers, I’m sure you’ve all experienced when you’ve been thinking about posting on a topic, and simultaneously one of your blogging buddies has been thinking about the same thing.

This happened to me last week, when I went over to visit my buddy Jeff, and saw that he had created an AWESOME award graphic (which is the photo you see at the head of this post).

Isn’t it the BOMB?

So first, I would like to thank you Jeff for your creative genius, and for also passing it forward to us. And lastly, for giving me the perfect photo for this post!

Please stop over to see Jeff. The man is so gifted with words!


Now…let’s talk about Cracker Jack!

Not only do enjoy the taste of caramel popcorn, but even more so…I enjoy getting the little prize that’s buried deep within the box.

I always feel like a little kid digging for gold!

However, in the past several years, I’ve noticed that the prizes have gotten pretty uneventful.

(oooh…do think it could possibly be that I’m getting older?)

There was a time when I remember getting an actual TOY inside.

*Like a little plastic car that you could snap together.

*A ring.

*A lick and stick book of tattoo’s.

*A plastic magnifying glass.

*A charm.

*A time-share in Cancun.

Now I ask you, “What the hell happened to the Cracker Jack prizes?”

The last few times I purchased a box, the prize always seems to be the same…

*A little square piece of cardboard with a sticker on it.

Whoop dee doo!

So tell me folks….

Do you think I should just say, “Fuck the prize…and switch to Fiddle Faddle?”


  1. Jeff rocks! How can one not like his blog. And dang, how SOME bloggers get sooooo many comments. I have to be funner or something....?...register with bitchin' blog babes maybe???
    I grabbed that cracker jack blogger award right up and threw it passionately onto my blog!!

    Haven't had CJ in yyyyeeeeaaarrrsss. Oh I could polish off a small BUCKET of the boardwalk variety in the right mood, but the little box with the prizes, I hardly remember. Hmmm....I think the magnifying glass is a distant memory. Okay, yes, the tats too.
    Now had I known there was a trip to Cancun in there, I'd have channeled Veruca Salt and had the whole freakin' household ripping open boxes morning, noon, and night!

    You better write them and express your dissatisfaction with the chintzy prizes. OR, I think with the right lawyer, maybe Marsha Clark has her shit together now, you could make sure they are held accountable??

    If all else fails... yes, I'm afraid you might have to make the switch. Hey, Fiddle Faddle has 0g of trans fat...... wanna share a case??

  2. We dont have Cracker Jack over here, not sure that im missing out though!!
    Love the cracker jack graphic! There are some very clever bloggers out there.

  3. I saw Jeff's award and I think it's fantastic!

    Yeah, the Cracker Jack prizes have sucked for a long time. The old ones are actually collectible now. Who knew?

    Fiddle Faddle is good but there's just something about Cracker Jack that is more desirable. My recent addiction to a popcorn snack is Kettle Corn. It's so damn good, I couldn't care less about a prize!

  4. Mornin' Crystal Chick~

    Isn't Mr. Cracker Jack-Jeff the coolest?

    Glad you grabbed the award!

    Yes...I only got the "time share in Cancun" ONCE...and I traded it in for a "time share in Alaska" know ME and the HEAT!?!?!

    Hey...isn't the caramel popcorn you get on the boardwalk the BEST??? And the most mouth-watering part, is that it's STILL warm when you get it...


    It was my dad's favorite!

    You're right...I think I should write the company, and whine and complain...maybe they'll give me free cracker jack for a year!!

    If not...Fiddle Faddle with 0g of trans fat sounds excellent. There's 24 in a case...that's 12 each!

    Great seeing ya, M!

    P.S. Do you FEEL the cooler air today??? Yepeee!

  5. WOW always surprise me with your visits!!!!'s CASDOK!!!

    Great seeing ya!

    Cracker Jack is an American traditional sweet snack. It's REALLY delicious. And the cool part (for me anyway) is getting the little prize inside.

    Very uneventful lately!!!!

    Oh well...maybe it's because of Global Warming!

    Hey...and didn't Jeff do an AWESOME job on the graphic??? Check him out...he's a nice man and a talented writer!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

    Give a hug to C!

  6. No Shit Ron!! I swear, the kids and I were just sitting here watching Little Rascals (the movie), and the scene came on where Alfalfa gives Darla a ring and says, "I had to eat 6 boxes of Cracker Jacks to find that." And I was thinking, "Yum, some Cracker Jacks sounds good right now."
    But I am sure I had it on the brain anyways since I saw this award over at Jeff's.
    Who the hell knows what happened to the prizes. I seems like lots of things in life have a lesser quality than what they used to, or maybe my perspective has changed. I know when I was a kid most of the cereal boxes had prizes too, but now only the "specially marked packages" have prizes. But maybe it was always that way. Maybe my parents always bought the specially marked packages for me, and made me think that all cereal came with a prize?? Who knows.
    To answer your question, just buy Fiddle Faddle and not worry about it. That's what I do, my kids would fight over the sticker anyways.

  7. Morning Nitebyrd~

    Ok...leave it to my twin sister to know about the old cracker jack prices being collectibles!!!!

    (damn...what the hell did I do with mine???)

    And thank you for saying the same thing about the prizes being SO-SO lately!

    You're right...there IS just something more desirable about cracker jack. It's just more FUN eating it!

    Hey...and thanks for sharing the thing about Kettle Corn. I've not seen it...but I trust you...I bet it's to DIE for!!!

    I'll google it later this evening...tee, hee!

    Enjoy your day, Miss Nitebyrd!!!'s a little cooler here, today!

  8. HOLY COW, Nicole...that is TOOOO hysterical!!

    See...what did I tell you? Somehow in the blogger world, all our brain cells get blending together, and we start thinking as ONE!

    I think that's a RIOT!

    ooooh...and I use to LOVE watching the Little Rascals. Alfalfa and Darla were so cute together. Remember when he would sing to her?

    I think your absolutely right...many things in life have become a lesser quality. But when I think about parents use to say the same thing to me about when they were kids. So, it may be something that just happens?!?!

    That's funny about the "specially marked packages" because I DO remember that!

    Memories...light the corners of my mind!

    Thanks for sharing today, Nicole!!'s MUCH cooler here today. See...your husband was right!

  9. Okay Ron, I am going to cut your some slack since you don't know any better, but those are bad words. "Your husband was right"
    We never say those words. Okay? He already thinks he is the goddamn king of the world, no need to fuel that.
    Just the other day he told me, "Woman, I am still waiting for you to learn your place in my kingdom." Ha! He was only half joking.
    I wasn't joking at all when I told him to F off.
    Have a much cooler day Ron!!

  10. OH yes, it IS cooler today, thank goodness! Our A/C last night was really working OT. At one point the temp started to climb in here, when it got to 79 I started to panic and hub had to go adjust some stuff in the basement. I made him put the window unit in the bedroom ...just in case...

    Hey, I LOVE your sidebar with the neat links. The information on cooling with oils, etc. is FAB.
    Reminded me though of a time when I *accidentally* burned hubs balls after giving him a blend for the tub. LOL He was aching, so I mixed some stronger ones, probably cinnamon, peppermint, eucalyptus, ?? I don't really remember at the moment what I put in there, but OMFG I didn't put them in a carrier oil, just put some assorted drips in the tub and mixed them around. But DUH, oil and water don't mix. So the oil just stayed in little blobs and one found his delicates. Gosh, I've told this story or some version of it before I know, so forgive my repeating myself. But that is just what came to mind when I popped over to your other blog.

    GOOD information!!!

  11. Hey Nicole~

    My Italian grandmother use to ALWAYS say, "Men just THINK they're the KING!"

    (they didn't use the word F in those days...but I bet she was thinking it!)

    Tee, hee!

    I just read your was HYSTERICAL!!!

    Way to go!

  12. Howdy Crystal Chick~

    YES, my TOO!

    Yesterday it was so FREAKING HOT here, I was actually bitchy! I had to walk a lot outside, so I kept spraying myself with my cooling spray!

    No...I don't remember you mentioning about using the essential oils in the bath. That's why I ALWAYS share that they must be blended with epsom salts or a carrier oil before using in bath water. It's especially important when using any citrus oil.


    Thanks SO MUCH for checking out the links. I put them there last night! Glad you enjoyed!

    Thanks for stopping back again, M!

  13. Indeed, indeed!
    It's a very cool award thingy Mr. Jeff put together.
    I'm mightily impressed!

    And I'd never sacrifice CJ's for Fiddle Faddle.
    Definitely not the same thing.....even with the bogus toy thingy.

    *humming the crackerjack song*

    CrackJack AND fiddle faddle, maybe.

    Oh you know me...if some is good---

  14. I got my last ex boyfriend out of a Cracker Jack box. Nedless to say I won't be eating those anymore, too many nuts.

  15. Hey buddy, thanks for using the graphic. Way cool. Now I better get off my lazy butt cheeks and write something!

    I was thinking the very same thing when the whole Cracker Jack thing came to mind. The prizes used to be something to look forward to. Now...big flippin deal.

    What's the world comming to when a three cent prize has to be scaled down to a one cent after thought.

    I can just hear someone in management now, "I have a great way to save some $$$'s off the bottom line!"


  16. I said screw it a long time ago and buy those HUGE cans they have out during the loot gathering holiday, I stock up and give the birds the plain and my kids the cheese and HORDE the carmel all to myself!
    bwah bwah ha ha!

  17. Hey Anndi...your comment was PRICLESS!!

    I read it like 4 times...and HOWLED!

    That's so funny..."Too many NUTS!"

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful WIT, fellow Libra!

    It's always appreciated and enjoyed!

  18. Oh, man, no more good prizes in the Cracker Jack? That stinks. Now the kids get it in their Happy Meals and cereal, you know? Hand held video games pop up in some of those things, did ya know? CRAZY!!

    I love Jeff's new award. Congrats, Ron!!

    I decided to throw a surprise giveaway on my blog! Stop by if you're interested. :o) I can always send it as a gift to any special woman in your life since it isn't male-oriented. lol

  19. Evening Mel (fellow TOY lover)~

    Isn't Jeff's award the COOLEST damn thing?

    VERY impressive!

    uh, huh...I think I agree with you, dear lady. Even though the toys have been reduce to major
    bogus...there's still nothing like tearing open that box of Cracker Jack and searching for the prize!

    Also...the tastes are completely different, ya know?

    Good idea...I wonder what eating Cracker Jack AND Fiddle Faddle together would taste like?

    ....I'll let you know TOMORROW!

    Thanks for stopping by Miss Cracker Jack!

  20. Hay Ho Jeff!

    You're so welcomed, buddy

    I was so excited and HAPPY to use your graphic creation.

    It was PERFECT!! So again, thank YOU!!

    "What's the world comming to when a three cent prize has to be scaled down to a one cent after thought."

    DITTO, buddy! MAJOR ditto!

    (and DAMN...I sure miss those time-shares in Cancun...don't you??)

    Later, gator!

  21. Evening Lady Sorrow~

    YES!!!!! I too love those HUGE cans of popcorn you get during the holidays!!!

    We get them every Christmas in the store that I work in.

    Have you ever tried the popcorn drizzled in dark chocolate???

    TO DIE FOR!!!!


    And I agree...HORDE them!

    Thanks for stopping by, Sorrow!

    Always a "sweet treat!"

  22. Howdy Pink Rhea!

    I was JUST thinking about you, when I clicked over to my dashboard, after answering some comments...and there you WERE!

    How cool! gave me a GREAT new thing to try...HAPPY MEALS!!! A hand held VIDEO GAME inside????

    To HELL with Cracker Jack!!!'re having a "surprise give-a-way????"

    Ok...I'm there!

    See ya in a bit!

  23. What? Who? When? How?!!!!

    What are these Cracker Jacks you speak of? They sound bloody delicious and fun!!! Even though the prizes sound crap!

    But heck! I've never heard of such a thing! I WANT IN!!!!

    I am TOTALLY craving for some now! That last piccy looks delicious!

    Uh Oh! I feel a pregnant craving coming on!

    I can see it now... I'll be sending Hubby down the shop to get me some 'Cracker Jacks' and telling him not to come home without them!


    I guess I wont see him again... because they don't bloody sell them here!!!!

    *sigh* xx

  24. I loved your entry! I totally agree! The prize in a box marketing strategy seriously worked for me when I was a kid :)

  25. And what did you expect to find in the box of Cracker Jacks? Keys to the new Buick? In today's day and age you are lucky to get the pieced of cardboard. I am suprised that the IRS did not make you pay taxes on the prize claiming is part of your income.
    But, I can remember the plastic rings and whistles, the magic number set and all things like this when I was a kid. It was a joy to open a box of Cracker Jack the first thing you did was hunt for the prize. Then you ate the gook inside.
    Fiddle Faddle now that is another one of God's creations. That gooey mess of shit that sticks in your teeth and makes your stools turn the color of a mexican sunset. I say, we should ban together and have a march on Washington and voice our opion.
    OH! I got a NEMO sticker.

  26. Morning Nico~

    Oh...but the sad part, is that the box marketing SERIOUSLY works for me as an adult too!

    tee, hee!

    I'll but anything with a prize in it!

    Thanks for stopping by, Nica!

    P.S. And watch out for those "box tops" they get very addicting too!

  27. Holy Fiddle Faddle Stool, Dave!

    I just choked on my morning coffee reading your comment!!!

    "Paying income tax!"

    "The keys to a Buick!"

    Remember, "Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick...a Buick???"

    (I loved that commerical)

    Hey...I totally forgot about the whistles and the magic number set! Good memory!

    And I've NEVER gotten a NEMO sticker. Now THAT would be GREAT...all I ever get, is a sticker of someone I've NEVER even heard of!>!

    Ok...I'll get my picket sign ready, and meet you in front of the White House.

    (I'll bring the Fiddle Faddle)

    Thanks for adding your WIT to this vent, my friend.

    Hey...don't you love this cooler weather????

  28. Hi Giggle!

    You know, when I wrote this post, it never even dawned on me that Cracker Jack would only be a US thing?!?!?

    But let me tell you something, would freaking LOVE it! It's one of those things that once you can't stop. That's why I get the individual small boxes, so I can pace myself.

    Fiddle Faddle is great too. But it's more of a buttery/caramel taste and is crunchy.

    Cracker Jack has more of a traditional caramel taste and is more like the texure of plain popcorn.

    Both are great...however, I still enjoy Cracker Jack more!

    If you google'll discover more about it and maybe even find an area at least close to you that may have it.

    It seems like it would be a perfect pregnant snack food!

    P.S. you're so funny about sending your hubby to the store for food. You crack me up!

    or I should say, "Cracker Jack Up!"

  29. Love Jeff's blog!

    Crackerjack used to be a children's TV programme here, I didn't know it was a cereal as well!

  30. Evening Akelamalu~ had a show called, Cracker Jack???

    That is so cool!!

    I wonder if they gave out prizes to the children???

    tee, hee!

    Cracker Jack is a horrible snack addiction of mine. Once you try're HOOKED!

    Thanks for dropping by, my friend.

    Enjoy your evening!

  31. I always loved Cracker Jacks but the prizes weren't the only sacrifice to corporate GREED, where did the PEANUTS go? I've eaten entire boxes and gotten one stupid peanut. I say this product should be sued for false advertizement! Marching on Washington sounds good Ron but lets wait for Fall.

  32. Evening Laurel!!

    So GREAT seeing ya again!

    YES! YES! YES! You are SOOOO right. Where the HELL did the damn peanuts go? It used to be that almost every cluster of popcorn had several peanuts stuck to them. And the "combination" of peanut and popcorn, are what GAVE the
    flavor!'s a, I and Dave will meet at the White House in October...oh, wait...let's wait til the end of November. This way we'll have a new president to bitch to!

    tee, hee!

    Peace, Love and Bobby Sherman!

  33. Loved Jeff's award, and I used to love Cracker Jacks!

    I can't remember the last time I had any, but...

    "Have you ever tried the popcorn drizzled in dark chocolate???"

    Yes, I have and YOU ARE SO RIGHT it is....

    "ORGASMIC...simply ORGASMIC!"

    We always receive some in Christmas baskets from our bank and such. I remove that and hide it!! That and the bottle of wine!! I am such a bad girl..and right before Christmas too!!

    Years ago, when I was about 10 my friend wrote a letter to the Cracker Jack people because his box did not have one peanut in it. They sent him an apology and a lot of coupons! He gave me all the prizes that came in them!! :) That was true

    Thank you for a great vent!

  34. Hello Again Dear Gypsy-Heart!

    First of all, thank you so much for leaving a comment on all these posts...that's so wonderful of you!

    Cause I appreciate it!

    HEY...leave it to YOU and I to know about the friggin' popcorn with dark chocolate drizzled on it!!!


    In fact, I can't even SPEAK when I'm eating it. It's like a spiritual experience!

    Oh...and that's too funny about your friend writing to the Cracker Jack company and getting coupons!!

    Good for your friend!

    ooooh...and he gave YOU all the prizes??? Lucky you!

    WTF is up with the NO peanuts???

    Great talking to ya, my Florida friend!