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I thought I’d get this one major vent over with, and be done.

As most of you already know, I despise being hot.

(and hot to me is anything over 55 degrees)

I lived in Florida, so I’ve dealt with hot and humid weather.

However, summer in the northeast can be just as horrendous - especially if you live in a city.

City heat is a unique experience all it’s own….

Philadelphia is a city that’s predominately made of brick. And I ask you…what are most professional pizza ovens made of?

Uh huh…

So I would just like everyone to know that for the next 2 ½ months…I’ll be a pizza with pepperoni and black olives.

And it’s not just the heat that drives me insane…it’s what the heat DOES.

It makes the world around me smell like a huge litter box.

It magnifies every odor, to the point where I want to walk around with a wooden clothespin on my nose.

I honestly think there should be street vendor’s on the corner of every block, selling little body hygiene kits, so that people can purchase them to refresh throughout the day.

You’ve no idea how much fun it is to walk down the street and suddenly get caught in a wake of sweet smelling body odor.

Or to catch a whiff of food garbage, permeating from all the trash dumpsters.

(I just want to die)

And as you know, heat causes everything to rise…so the various scents, noise, and high temperature from the city’s subway system, continually adds to the sensory overload.

Also, heat does something to the overall energy of the city.

Because of the closeness of the buildings the heat gets trapped, and as a result, causes everyone’s blood pressure to rise…thus, making them impatient and just plan nasty.

Today, on the way home from work, I witnessed a woman being harassed by a street bum and heard her scream, “GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME…IT’S TOO DAMN HOT TO DEAL WITH YOU TODAY!!!”

Aaaaaah….summer in the city.

It sucks a BIG one!

Ok…I’m finished venting now…


  1. I knew something was up when I saw how early you posted this. Having worked in London during a heat wave I can sympathise. fortunately we don't get prolonged periods of heat these days.

  2. You are sooooo right on about all of this!!! I'm only across the river from you and it's not much better over here. :(

    And....I am at that age where heat is not a girls friend. I wake up some mornings wanting to rip someone a new a**hole because I am a little sweaty (eeeewww) and hubby lays there praying it won't be him. In the winter you can see his breath if he doesn't tuck the covers all around himself before beddie bye. I turn the heat practically OFF at night in the winter... we're talking 62.

    OMG, speaking of my honey.... he works in the City and is in construction. Today is one of his 'spray' days so he'll have on a paint suit and mask with respirator. It's a hot and dirty job normally but add to it the heat of a new building without air conditioning and temps today of up to 99 and severe weather alerts and you can imagine how worried I am. His boss sent him to the home center last week to buy 2 huge jugs to fill with water for the guys but it's still not easing my concern.

    Philadelphia is a wonderful City!!! But the smells that mingle together in the heat are strange and curious. LOL
    Hang in there Ron, Christmastime is coming!!

  3. Ron, I feel your pain. I hate hot too!! In fact, I also hate cold. I like when it is between 50 and 70.....perfect!!!
    We are getting ready to leave for the beach and just yesterday my husband was bitching at me for bitching about the weather. We were sitting on the porch and I said, "Damn, I hope it is not this hot at the beach." And he said, "Woman, we haven't even left yet and you are already bitching. It is supposed to be hot at the beach. Now be quiet or you can just stay home."
    Ah, good times!!

  4. Mornin' Lady In Red~

    Yes, can you believe it?...I finally posted this at almost 1AM!!!

    I was on the phone all night catching up with friends who I haven't spoken to in a while.

    (and talking about the HEAT!!!!)

    tee, hee!

    It's pretty much the same here. We get periods of intense heat...and then a cool down. It's just that this heat wave hit us SOOOO quickly this year, and no one was prepared for it.

    Oh, well...I only have to endure this for 3 more days?!?!

    So NICE seeing ya, Lady. And thanks for stopping by!!!

    Stay cool!

  5. Ive lived in a tropic country all my life. Imagine what its like! Well, Im pretty sure you can imagine haha. It gets hotter than florida I tell you. And youre right about heat in the city. It gets crazyyy!!!

  6. A COOL mornin' to ya, Crystal Chick~

    (wishful thinking)

    I'll tell ya something...I'm the same way. During the winter...I BARELY turn on the heat. I actually feel better during the winter months. It's always been easier for me to get warm, than it is to get cool.

    (I think I'm going through MAN-O-PAUSE)

    OMG...just the way you described your husbands job...made me SWEAT! God bless him...cause I don't know how he can do that during the summer!?!?!? I sweat profusely, so during the summer months, I've constantly got a water bottle with me.

    OK...this heat shit is suppose break by let's both hope the weatherman is RIGHT?!?!?!

    Stay cool, M!

    P.S. And you'r right, Christmas is just aroung the corner. Jingle bells...jingle bells....

  7. Oh shit, Nicole...your comment made me spit my morning coffee!!!

    I could just picture you and your husband sitting there and saying that!

    Too cute!

    And as you can tell...I'm with you, girl. You're right...NOTHING over 70 is acceptable!!!

    But I'm also one of those crazy people who enjoys bitter cold. I know...I'm a sick man, but I think deep down inside...I'm a penguin!

    Thank you for venting your similar distain for the FREAKING HEAT!!!! And any time you want to bitch about the heat...just come over to vent and go for it!

    Stay cool, my friend!

  8. Ron,
    ice cubes, clean streets, and houses spaced far apart with big lawns and sprinklers being cyber sent your way a.s.a.p. !

  9. Mornin Nica~

    Great seeing ya again!

    Oh dear...the tropics just did me in!

    I lived there for almost 20 years, and actually enjoyed it for 15 of those years. Then suddenly, I woke up one day discovered that I hated being HOT!

    Go figure!?

    Anyway, I keep telling myself it's only for 2 1/2 months...

    But that doesn't seem to work!


    Thanks for stopping by, Nica!

    Enjoy your day!

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  11. Annie...that sounds GLORIOUS!!!

    And I'll take it!

    Thanks, thanks, thanks,!

    Stay cool, my friend!

  12. So what your saying is it needs to be the city of Brotherly bathing?
    so many things about the city I forget and then you crack me up and remind me of why I live in no mans land, or as the boy puts it " Country for Old men"
    I recommend Orange juice with a twist of lime and a healthy amount of rum, a ceiling fan
    and some spanish guitar music..
    now close your eyes...

  13. Oh Miss make laugh with glee!!!

    How freaking funny you are!

    YES...that's perfect...the City of Brotherly Bathing!!!

    (as I'm SURE you remember)

    Trust me...ENJOY your no mans land. I wish to hell I was there right now with you!!! This heat only magnifies my distain for this city.

    And THANK YOU for your drink's sounds absolutely COOOOOLING!

    (especially that spanish guitar music)

    Always GREAT seeing you, COOL Lady!

  14. It's hot here too Ron and I'm LOVING it!

  15. You are EVIL, Akelamalu!!!!

    How dare you LOVE the HEAT!!! it's YOUR turn, I guess!


    GREAT seeing ya, my friend. Thanks for stopping by!

    P.S. Think of me tomorrow when it's 100 degrees!! OY VEY!

  16. I feel the same way you do about this heat. It is too hot for me to vent about it so thanks for stepping up to the plate. I think I could grill a steak on the sidewalk today. The lady next door has the distinct aroma of gorganzola today. WoW !!
    Hey send me up about 2 dozen of those clothes pins.
    Well I am off to sit on the top shelf of my refrigerator. The light really does go out when you close the door.

  17. I've been pissing and moaning about the weather lately too, but for entirely different reasons.

    Rain, rain and more (insert your favorite obscenity here) rain! It didn't get over 65 today and I am sick of it. What? oh you didn't hear me? I AM SICK OF IT!!!

    Feeling your pain brother, just feeling it from under an umbrella.

  18. Evening Mr. Dave~

    Even in your misery of the heat, you're a FREAKING RIOT!!!

    I swear to while walking home from grocery shopping, I thought I was going to have to make somone with a cell phone, dial 911!

    I got back to my apartment and just collapsed!

    GORGONZOLA...that's the PERFECT description of what this city smells like right now!


    I know...your not that far from Philly, so I know you must be feeling it too!

    Hey...and thanks for the recommendation about sitting in the frig. And thanks for letting me know about the light going out too!

    Your tooo funny!

    Thanks for stopping by to vent, my friend!

    Stay coolish!

  19. I'm not sure I've really experienced intense city heat and stench. It sounds super unpleasant! I love the giant kitty litter imagery though and the brick pizza oven. You have such a way with words, Ron!

    Do you have A/C? That's the only thing that keeps me going in these intense Texas summers...knowing I have a cold home to return to. I can sweat and toil as long as that remains the same (now watch my air conditioning go out!! ahhhh!!!)

    Don't melt on us, man, hang in there!!


    It didn't get over 65 today????

    I'm DYIN' ova' heeea and your talking about 65 degrees and rain!!?@?#?$


    I would LOVE to change places with you right now!

    Oh well...what else would we have to piss, moan and BLOG about, ya know?

    Hey, Umbrella man...thanks for stopping by.

    At least you make my heat stroke more funny!

    Later, Jeff!

  21. Howdy Rhea!

    Ok...first I have to tell you that I really LOVE your new avatar!

    (I know...I've said that about ALL of them)

    But I REALLY like the color PINK in this photo. It really makes the avatar POP! You look really great!

    Oh...and you should thank GOD you've never experienced this kind of heat. Like I shared in this post, I've lived in Florida (which is similar in climate as certain parts of Texas). But this kind of heat is much worse, because there is NO air movement (because of the buildings) And the humidity gets in the 90's!

    Yes, thank God...I do have A/C in my apartment. And also, my apartment is on the 21st floor, and faces North. So I get no direct sunlight heat, and it's high enough up, that I don't experience all the heat from the street level.

    It's when I'm outside walking the streets, all day...that it REALLY gets to me. It literally feels like a pizza oven.

    OY VEY!

    It's so nice seeing ya, Rhea. And thank you for dropping by for a little venting!

    P.S. I wonder what your next avatar will look like?

  22. Oh Ron Dear, I am back!!
    I had to run a gazillion errands today in preparation for our trip (I do all of my BIZ down in Northern Virginia).
    It was freaking 102 outside according to the read-out in my car. WTF??? The kids and I were sweating our asses off.
    My husband said it is supposed to cool down to around 80 soon. God I hope so.
    Night Ron!!

  23. You're not the only one. Theres a heat wave occuring here in New York...what happened to the good old days of the cool crispy air?

  24. Evening Nicole~

    HOLY SHIT! You sound like ME today! I had to run around the city, because it's my day off, and do things like grocery shopping.

    And can I just tell you HOW MUCH FUN IT IS TO WALK IN THIS HEAT?!?!?

    WOW...102? I think it reached 100 today and tomorrow I hear 103!

    And your husbands right, I heard by Wednesday, it goes back to the 80's...which will feel like the 40's to me!

    GOD...I hope I can last two more days!

    Thanks for stopping back, Nicole. It's fun to BITCH..isn't it?

  25. Howdy Doodles!

    Welcome to vent...and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

    It made me LAUGH!

    Hey...I use to live in Mahattan, so I totally know what you're talking about. I guess we're experiencing much of the same.

    Oh,'s only for two more LONG EXCRUCIATING MONTHS!@!?

    Stop back anytime.

    Nice meeting you!

  26. Poor baby! In all the years I lived in NY, I went to the city in the summer only twice. That was plenty. The cities seem to soak up and store the heat.

    Florida is more heat friendly. Of course there are cities here but they are avoided during any season.

    I wish you cold fronts, air conditioning, ice cream and no humidity from now until October.

    Stay cool, man!

  27. Hygiene carts! Brilliant business idea! I agree the smell of Philly is the worst part of the heat. Florida heat can't hold a candle to the misery of that hot smelly combo. You could cary a perfumed hankie like they did in Colonial times. Wait, strike that it might get you shot! I saw a piece on TV about a guy who refused to run his AC in his car to save gas and he wore an ice packed vest to keep cool. You could wear an ice packed bullet proof vest, carry a perfumed hankie and walk around safe, cool and aromatherapized! You could start a trend. How about that? Luv ya!

  28. Hello Miss Nitebyrd~

    YES!!!! Another person who KNOWS what it's like to experience a summer in the city!!!


    I know...Florida IS a totally different kind of heat. And you said it perfectly..."more heat friendly!" Because at least all the stores, resturants, etc. have their AC turned up FULL BLAST!

    Thanks for wishing me all that COOL STUFF...

    Bless you, dear lady!

  29. OH MY GOD LAUREL!!!!

    I can't believe of my off-line friends ACTUALLY left me a comment...I'm so damn excited!!

    Hey everyone, this is Laurel, a REALLY dear friend of mine from Orlando! She's also one of my theater friends!!!

    Hey, Laurel...your comment made me HOWL!!!

    That's the BEST idea I'm ever heard. BRILLIANT!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by for a read, and also leaving a comment!

    Luv ya, too!

  30. Ron,

    Thanks for all your sweet words about my new avatar! Can you believe I just bought that pink hat last week? I'm glad you've enjoyed all my different avatars. I've been changing a LOT. I hope to stay on this one for a while, because I think people like seeing who they're dealing with, you know?

  31. You're very welcome, Rhea!

    I mean it's my FAV!

    The pink hat is a GREAT touch!

    You GO, girl!

    Thanks for stopping by again, my friend!

  32. Ewwwww over 55 degrees??

    I feel for ya Ronnie! It's gets pretty hot here too!

    And there is that horrible point it can get to when things rot a lot quicker and you can't leave your fruit in the fruit bowl anymore!!

    And the CAT FOOD gets maggot ridden by the end of the day if the cats don't eat it quick enough!

    It's HORRID!!!

    I'm the kind of girl that will have the aircon on full ball and the fan on the higest even on cold winter nights! *GiGGLeS* I love to rug up!! xx

  33. Hey Miss Giggle!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for mentioning how EVERYTHING rots faster!!!

    The bananas I bought just 2 days ago are already BROWN! And the milk in my frig even goes sour faster!!

    ooooh...and when I had a kitty...same thing. The food seemed to get ant ridden!


    I'm with you, Giggle. AC on FULL BLAST, ceiling fan going FULL BLAST...and then snuggle with a blanket!

    Stay cool, my Aussie friend!

  34. Ron, dear heart, I feel for you! Alas, I am sitting here with a sweat shirt on with the hood up. My husband keeps the temp WAY down in here. I have to go outside to thaw out!

    I have always been more of a warm weather person. I had a reading a few weeks ago and found out why. Apparently I am an old of my previous lives was in Egypt. eh,eh,eh That explains SO much!

    I do think Florida is different, and the breezes off the river help.

    Sending you cool breezes!

    Love Ya!

  35. Howdy Gypsy-Heart~

    ooooh....I think your husband and I should be roommates!

    tee, hee!

    When I lived in Florida, I was the same way. People would come over to visit me and I would have to give them all sweaters.

    Everyone would complain, "OOOOH's too cold in here"

    And I would say, "Too freaking bad...cause this is MY apartment!"

    Aren't I EVIL?

    The heat has backed off a bit here, but I still can't wait for Fall. had a reading? Too cool! For some reason, I think I lived in Egypt also. I don't know why...I just FEEL that.

    Hey...maybe that's where WE knew one another???

    Love ya!