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As most of you have already figured out by looking at my avatar…

I love the Jetson’s.

(and no…I’m not George Jetson, although I would like to be)

And what’s really funny about this, is that I’m not a big fan of cartoons or even animated film.

(with the exception of Toy Story)

However, as a child, The Jetson’s always held a fascination for me, because it was so futuristic. It just seemed incredible, that they could fly around in these neat little car-like spaceships, that made cool sounds. And if they didn’t like the weather, they could just push a button that would make their house rise above the clouds to get away from the rain.

And what I find ingenious, is that the creators of this cartoon, seemed to of had a sixth sense of what was actually going to happen in the real future.

If you look back at some the episodes, you’ll find that many of the things that the Jetson family were using…are now a part of our everyday life....

Take the treadmill you see at the gym.
George would always take Astro for a walk on a treadmill machine that was connected to the side of the house.

And also the moving sidewalk we saw in The Jetson’s.

The electric toothbrush.
I use to love watching George get up in the morning and head for the bathroom, where he would press a button…and out from the wall would pop an electrical toothbrush device with arms, that brushed his teeth.

The microwave oven.
To watch Jane Jetson cook dinner was always hysterical, because you would see her take a small cardboard box container and throw it into a machine on the wall; press a button…and in a few seconds, out would pop dinner.

Sometimes you would even see the Jetson family eating little pills or freeze-dried packets of food that would instantly turn into a steak or pork chop

And when you look at how the astronauts of today are supplied with similar food supplements…it’s pretty ironic.

Let’s see, what else….

Oh, yea…the Jetson’s also had a telephone with a camera on it, so that they could see who they were talking to. And what’s amazing…is that now we have Camcorder cell phones and computers.

And talk about computers...!

Unlike years ago when cartoons were all created on cells drawn by hand, are now-a-days created through digital computer graphics.

I’m sure if you looked closer, you would discover even more things that we now use today.

So the next time you’re talking on your cell phone, or using your microwave oven, or walking the treadmill at the gym, or brushing your teeth with your electric toothbrush…remember something….

The Jetson’s used them first!


  1. I'm happy to report my daughter also loves the Jetson's. She wants to be Judy, she thinks her hairdo is cool.

    That's actually what I want, that thing they used to have their hair instantly coiffed.

    Until then, I guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way.... kidnap a hairstylist and keep him in my basement.


  2. Ruh-Roh Ron, now I think I have to go get the DVD version and relive some childhood. It must have been part of the Saturday morning line up of wonderful cartoons and other shows I watched as youngin. I think Jane was my favorite.
    So didn't George only work a few hours a day and all those gadgets were to make life easier? We might have alot of the stuff, but life sure still is pretty complicated for so many. They just aren't getting the concept I guess.
    Maybe we should set up speakers throughout the the City and start playing theme songs to remind people it's time to lighten up!!
    A little Jetson music, some Munsters, the Banana Splits song.
    We could show people how to chill out and have some fun. And when the cell phones start buzzing and humming and the they start talking about all the zillion things that have to be done before they go to the gym and after their business meetings we can just step inside our space ship houses, push a button and leave them all down on the street to trample each other while we're up in the clouds drinking coffee and eating chocolate.

  3. Morning Anndi!

    How funny you are!

    And tell your daughter she has good taste in hairstyles...Judy Jetson's hair is the BOMB!

    YES!!!! I too remember that coiffing machine that would just come down over Jane's head and POOF!....instant hairdo!

    And do you remember how when she went shopping for clothes...that "screen thingy" would drop down in front of her so she could see an image of what she would look like in each outfit!?!!?

    aaahhh...memories...light the corners of my mind!

    Isn't it fun still being a kid?

    Thanks for stopping by, Anndi...

    And for sharing in a Jetson's moment!


  4. Morning Crystal-Chick!

    You said a mouthful of TRUTH here!

    For all the wonderful advanced technology we have in the world right now...I also think that its' distracted and numbed us a bit.

    It's funny you should mention the fact that you feel people seem to be NOT having fun, because I TOTALLY can see that too! Just the other day when I was in Borders, I looked around and thought, "Does anyone even SMILE anymore or make eye contact?

    And humor???

    That's why I love having this blog and mingling with the people I've met here...

    The people I've met through blogging, have a better sense of humor and enjoyment about themselves, than the people I see everyday offline.

    (I like using to the term "constipated" when I describe them)

    Hey, M...I really love your idea about setting up some speakers in the streets and placing some Jetson, Munsters and Banana Splits music!


    And maybe that's the problem...

    People need to start eating more chocolate and drinking more coffee!

    (perhaps it's all that caffeine that makes me so HAPPY!?)


    Anyway, M...thanks a bunch for stopping by and always sharing such "good stuff."

    Have a HAPPY Monday!

  5. Hey Ron baby. You know watching the jetsons now it's like modern. It fits right in even now. I haven't seen but a few eps, but the ones I have seen are so cool. Their dog Astro is so cool...I'm surprised I remember his name...and he talks so cute. in airports they have those moving sidewalks...conveyors. They are feet savors when you're tired. I'm usually running through the airports though...I can't wait till it's like Star Trek...beam me up Scottie.

    Ciao babes...fab post.

  6. Hi! Ron ~ I'm trying to catch up.

    I also, always loved the Jetson's. To this day, I'll still watch them if I'm surfing and come across them. They definitely have stood the test of time.

    Ren & Stimpy and Daria are the only others I'll sit still for.

  7. Ola Miss Jones!

    OMG...don't ya just LOVE Astro???

    And YES...the way he talks is so damn cute...


    I remember stepping on a moving sidewalk in an airport for the first time....

    WOW!!!! It felt like I had just entered the MODERN AGE!!!

    Hey...and can you IMAGINE the day when "Beam me up Scottie" actually becomes the new MODE of transportation???

    Another way I thought would be very cool to travel...would be to have something like they use at the drive-in window at the bank. You could stuff yourself into one of those "tube thingys" and then when you pressed a button, you'd go flying through a tunnel and land at your destination.

    (kind of like a log flume..but FASTER) imagine!

    Thanks for "beaming" in today, Spiky!

    Always a great treat!

    Ciao bella Jetson!

  8. Helloooo Lady Nitebyrd!

    My favorite thing to do on a rainy weekend morning, is to make some coffee and watch either an old black and white movie (something with Bette Davis or Joan Crawford) OR...the JETSON'S!!!'s so much fun to sit there and just giggle like a child.

    I've never seen a Ren and Stimpy cartoon. But now that you've shared you like them...I bet I would too!

    GREAT seeing ya, dear lady!

    That's for dropping in!

  9. Whoever created the series was pretty smart - shades of Ray Bradbury !!!

  10. Do you remember the episode where the Jetsons met the Flintstones? Talk about culture shock. lol

    Fun memories, and too cool how far we've come, technology-wise.

  11. Hiya Annie!

    HEY!!! You know...I never thought of that, but you're so RIGHT!!!

    Thanks for that insight, dear lady!

    And thanks for stopping by this evening!

    George Jetson

  12. Howdy Rhea!


    I remember that episode well!

    And you're right about it being a culture shock, to see BOTH time periods together!

    That's another cartoon I loved to watch as a kid...The Fintstones!


    Thanks for stopping by this evening, Rhea!

    And for the cool walk down memory lane!

  13. Ahh, I loved the Jetsons, and the Flintstones. They were two of my favorites. Now if I try to get my kids to watch the old (pre-computer graphic) cartoons, they say that they are too ugly and won't watch them. Whatever (eye roll)
    Hey, I sent out your present yesterday, let me know if it arrives safely and unaffected by the 90 degrees. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

  14. Hiya Nicole!


    Aren't kids FUNNY?

    Although, I can feel for them because when I was a kid and my mother or father would tell me about how they only had RADIO to listen to TV shows, I use to say, "Oh my BORING!"

    OMG...I totally forgot about the present! OK, I'll email you when it arrives to let you know I got it!

    Listen, I hear this HEAT WAVE is suppose to end tonight. I think within the next couple of days, the temps. are going to drop a bit.


    This heat has been making me feel like a mental patient!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Nicole!

    Talk to ya, soon!

    Mr. Jetson

  15. Don't know how to type out the "whirrrr...." sound their car made, but I certainly remember it well.

    And now the theme music is running through my head, "na, na, na na... na na na na na, na" (pianos and trumpets playing)

    Simpler times...ahhhhh!

  16. Hiya Jeff!

    THAT'S IT!!

    It was a WHIRRR sound...kind of mixed with a BUBBLY sound.

    And come to think of it...the cartoon had a lot of sound effects that were COOL!

    ahhhh, yes....the simpler times!

    GREAT seeing ya, buddy!

    Thanks for FLYING by Jeff Jetson!

  17. Ah yes..the Jetson's and the Flintstone's!!
    I loved them both too! My Grandfather was just like Fred Flintstone. hee, hee

    We used to play like we were the Flintstone's rocks for furniture and such! :)

    My guru dog Ringo reminds me of Astro! :)

    Thanks for the memories!

    Ps I love chocolate too! I have a small square of dark chocolate 85% with my glass of wine. No one eats that chocolate because they think it is bitter. At first, I did too..but now I love it and the other seems sooooo sweet.
    By the way, tonight I am drinking Muscadine wine and it is delicious!! It's from a local vineyard...what a delicious discovery!

    Love Ya!


  18. Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart!

    OMG...I JUST finished leaving a comment on YOUR blog!

    How funny!

    Didn't you just LOVE the Flintstones and the Jetsons??

    Oh...and how wonderful your dog reminds you of Astro! God...I loved that dog, he was so damn cute!

    ooooh...ooooh you have a bar of 85% Dark Chocolate??? That must be like eating a piece of HEAVEN!

    And I can just imagine what it must taste like with WINE!!!!

    Damn, really know how to LIVE!

    Great seeing ya, dear Gypsy!

    Always a joy!

    Love ya too!

  19. I'll just smile, nod and hum!

  20. Howdy Mel!!!

    Great to see ya!

    Are you back?????

    YAHOO! and I can smile, nod and hum, while watching a Jetson marathon one Saturday afternoon, drinking our cups of coffee and taking an occasional break to blow bubbles and use our sidewalk chalk!

    Thanks for flying in Jane Mel Jetson!

    Glad you're back!

  21. Howdy Mel!!!

    Great to see ya!

    Are you back?????

    YAHOO! and I can smile, nod and hum, while watching a Jetson marathon one Saturday afternoon, drinking our cups of coffee and taking an occasional break to blow bubbles and use our sidewalk chalk!

    Thanks for flying in Jane Mel Jetson!

    Glad you're back!