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There aren't too many household chores that I mind doing.

I really enjoy keeping my apartment clean, organized and maintained.

HOWEVER…there is one thing that totally annoys the living SHIT out of me, every time I have to do it.

And that’s changing the shower curtain liner.

I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

I’ve even considered paying one of the maintenance men in my building $500.00 just to do it.

And to be honest, right now it desperately needs to be done, because three of the hook holes are torn, and the lower half of the liner is beginning to show GROSS signs of shower curtain mold, mildew, and amoebas.

I purchased a new liner like three weeks ago, but it’s sitting in the bathroom completely wrapped, just waiting to be hung.

But I keep procrastinating the NASTY deed.

There’s something so completely agonizing in having to hold my arms up for what feels like 60 MINUTES, while I detach and then reattach the liner. I can’t stand having to unsnapped those 12 DAMN hooks; take the old curtain off; put the new one on, and then re-snap them!

I end up getting totally light-headed, like I’m going to FAINT, and my arms always feel like they’re going to break off at the shoulder sockets.

And my favorite part, is trying to balance myself on the edge of the bathtub with my feet, which inevitably slip; causing me to grab the shower curtain and then pull the rod off the walls.

I finally figured a clever way of placing a small step-stool inside the tub, which gives me enough height to reach the shower curtain rod, so I don’t end up breaking my neck.

But I STILL hate doing it!

Ok…now that I’ve VENTED about it, I think I better get the deed over with, and just do it.

(I mean it’s Saturday night…I need to wash my hair)

Wish me luck.

ooooh...and if you should suddenly hear a PRIMAL SCREAM coming from the Philadelphia area, please know that it’s just me...

...doing the NASTY!


  1. Ummmm......

    If you can tear the rod off the wall--why not do it deliberately, sit yourself down and slide the rings onto the rod?

    *scratching head*

    Ours doesn't come off the wall unless one is doing chin ups, of course....which ain't happenin'!

    I found great ring thingies that have seperate hook jobbies that slip into the rings that actually stay on the bar and IN the curtain. They're awesome!
    Plus--I've decided that cloth curtains are favored.....cuz I can wash 'em and make himself put 'em back up.

    He's a good little shower curtain hanger-upper.
    And as of yet--no screams or thuds.

    Please note I said 'as of yet'.....LOL....arrangements can be made, I'm sure!

  2. i let out a primal scream when i do the nasty, but I don't think we are talking about the same thing...

  3. There's always one household chore that irritates isn't there? Mine is changing the lounge curtains. :(

  4. I swear we MUST be twins!!! OMG, that is such an icky job. I had a new liner in it's package laying on the bathroom scale (as what the heck else would I use that evil machine for) and there it sat, for weeks, like yours... waiting.
    I had just the curtain on there for awhile. I think I actually started to put the liner up and left it hanging, with it snapped in maybe halfway? And then Ron came in and finally finished it.
    THAT'S IT... you need a husband!! LOL They are good for tall jobs and strong jobs! A wife would work too, but just make sure she's atleast Amazonian! Altho where would you fit a tall brazilian bombshell with biceps like coconuts in your tiny apartment?
    Better call maintenance next time....

    In other news....
    The pic of Julianne Moore on your sidebar is nice. She's really pretty! I like quite a few of her movies too.
    And yes, I'm using eucalyptus, and gargling with apple cider vinegar, and made my own nasal spray with sea salt and water AND got hubby to give me a reflexology rub on the sinus points on the hands and feet and he massaged my face, but it's still taking AWHILE!!
    I hate feeling all clogged and cranky. I actually did pop in to the Doc's and he gave me samples of some nasal spray but I didn't use it yet... when I saw 'crystalline something or another' and 'methyl such and such' along with 200 other ingredients and warnings I got freaked out.

    Have a hap, hap, HAPPY week!!!

  5. I guess the most nasty thing happens when your body stops supporting you right at the 11th hook and you have to get down, stretch a bit and point at the heavens again just for the damn single hook.

    Moreover atleast for me, i dunno something happens and that damn single hook slips out of my hands and reaches the most unreachable part from where i stand.

    At this point i decide to drop the plan to hook the curtain with all 12 of them. Thanks to these repeated incidents, my curtain with 10 hooks rests today on just 4 of them ;)

  6. Hi Ron
    I'm home and just in time for this post! You have quite a way with the words!! This cracked me up. I guess because I can relate....been there, done that, you know?
    Let me tell you something about me that you may not know. I am a shopping addict. Not just retail store shopping, but internet shopping and those TV shopping channels.....LOVE those channels!!
    So this is what you need, go to and look up product # H06564 (I would just give you a link but anytime I send a link to a specific product on their website, it doesn't work. Just takes you right to their home page). ANyways, that shower curtain is the shit Ron, I am serious. It is a little expensive, but it takes all of 30 seconds to hang it up and it is mildew resistant. Make sure you look at all the photos and the video to see how it hangs up. It is cool!!
    Okay, I have to get back to reading the 456 unread blog posts in my reader. Have a great day Ron.

  7. OMG Mel!!!

    WHY the hell didn't I think of that?!?!?

    That makes PERFECT sense...

    (which is WHY I probably didn't think about it!!!)

    DUH, Ron!

    But you see, I'm ITALIAN...and Italian people are very emotional and dramatic. We have a love and a need to SCREAM!

    It's funny you mentioned those cool "hook thingys" because when I was searching for photos for this post...I kept seeing these odd-looking hooks, which I had never seen before...and I think they were the ones you're talking about. And ya know, they did look easier because there was no "snap thingy" like the ones I have.

    I have the ones that look like the photo in this post.

    Thanks for mentioning them, Mel. I will look for them when I'm a store.

    Yes, I too like the cloth shower curtains too. I have one now. And you're right...just pop them in with the laundry...and VIOLA!

    And what a nice man himself is. To hang the shower curtain.

    (do you think he would come to Philadelphia?)


    Thanks for dropping in this morning, Mel.

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  8. God LOVE Ya Lady Sorrow!!

    That was FUNNY!!!

    What a great comment!!!

    Hey...I WISH changing the shower curtain WAS as the NASTY!

    Wouldn't it be HEAVENLY?

    (I don't think I'd ever leave the bathroom)

    Thanks for the WONDERFUL Monday morning GIGGLE, Sorrow!

    What a great way to start the week!

  9. Bravo Amit!!!

    That's what I should do...

    Say, "To hell with all 12 hooks, and reduce them to 4...or maybe even 2!"

    Or better yet...VELCRO!


    Thanks for stopping by this morning, Amit!

    And thanks for sharing in my similar frustration!

    Ain't it the PITTS?

  10. Morning Akelamalu!


    I can see that, because it's VERY similar to changing a shower curtain.

    When my family moved to Florida, we suddenly stopped using curtains on our windows and switched to mini-blinds. They're still a pain to clean, but a little easier to hang.

    Great seeing you today, Akelamalu!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Enjoy your day!

  11. Morning Crystal Chick!

    SEE...that's one of the GREAT things about blogging...

    We get to meet our TWINS!!

    I have SEVERAL here at VENT!

    You're comment made me laugh, because I remember an old episode of Designing Women, when Delta Burks charater said something to the effect..."The MAN should have the job of killing all the bugs in the house."

    Didn't you just LOVE that show??

    Anyway, M....thanks for sharingin my distain for shower curtain liner's awful ain't it?

    Ah, yes...Julianne Moore!

    I searched and searched for the perfect photo of her, and really loved this one! To me, not only is she a marvelous and diverse actress...but she's breathtaking beautiful!

    She's everything. She can look very natural and soft...or very dramatic and sexy.

    She's idea for acting, because it's as if she's the perfect "blank canvas" which she can paint to be whatever character she takes on!

    Love her!

    So GLAD to hear you're feeling better, M! It sound like you're doing such GREAT things for yourself!! And it's GREAT to hear about the Reflexology!!! Isn't it amazing for sinuses??

    Thanks for sharing today, M!

    Always fun talking to one of my TWINS!!!

    Happy Monday!

  12. Afternoon Nicole!

    YEPEEEE!!! You're back!

    Hey, I know how busy you are right now, with getting home from your vacation, so THANKS for taking the time to stop by to say HI!

    And listen, I will definately check out the website you suggested, because anything that that could turn this job into 30 seconds...I MUST HAVE!!!

    Thanks for the suggestion, Nicole!!!

    Good to have you back!

  13. I am so with you on that. I just bought a new liner myself. I managed to get it out of the package, but it's just sitting on top of the dryer right now.

    I don't wanna go home and do it...wah!!!

  14. C'mon, Ron! Suck it up and change that liner. Why is it that we get clean in the bathroom but it's the grossest room in the house? Well, usually it is.

  15. I say bag the shower curtain altogether and take a bath!

    Think how relaxing that'd be!!

    BTW - I ablout fell over at Sorrow's comment. That was one of the funniest ones I've seen in a while. Bwahahahaha

  16. Funny! For some reason I hate emptying the utensils from the dishwasher. Plates and glassed don't bother me, but I hate sorting the spoons, knives, and forks. I often wait for my hubby to do it. Terrible, eh?

  17. Evening Mama Dawg!

    YAHOOOO...another shower curtain liner procrastinator!!!

    People like you and I should have those showers that are sort of walled in by title. The first house my family lived in when we moved to Florida...had this really cool sunken shower with just a half-wall...NO curtain. It was FABULOUS!

    Or maybe we could find a company that sends people to your home to replace shower curtains for a fee!?


    Nice seeing ya, Mama Dawg!

    Thanks for sharing in my distain!

  18. Helloooo Miss Nitebyrd!

    Can you BELIEVE I STILL haven't changed it yet?? In fact, I just got out of the shower and made a promise to myself that tomorrow morning I WILL DO IT!


    That IS funny about bathrooms sometimes being the grossest room in the house.

    Maybe because it's the DAMPEST room in the house!?!?

    Thanks for stopping by, Nitebyrd!

    I'll let you know if I keep my promise to myself!

  19. Howdy Jeff!

    It's funny, because I really DO prefer taking baths!

    During the winter months I DO. There's nothing like the feeling of coming home after a day in the freezing cold, and soaking in a HOT tub! It's so much more relaxing than a shower.

    And YES....Sorrows comment made me laugh til I pooped! I've alway said, the FUNNIEST people comment here!

    I'm so blessed!

    Thanks for stopping by, bud!

    Always good sharing with ya!

    Enjoy your evening!

  20. Ron: hahaha. You and my girl are the same in mindt. The second bathroom has a curtain liner. She hates to change it and recruits me.

    Her screaming: PRIVATE...get in here!


    Private Spiky...I have a mission for you. You know what needs done.

    Yes MAM...first sargeant...I won't let you down.

    Okay private, I'll be back at 1500 hours...have this mission accomplished by then. The free and unfree world is depending on you. Plus...there's a medal in this for you.

    HUh...unfree? I'm NOT doing this for medals, first sargeant...I'm doing this for my country...and I know a happy sargeant is a naughty sargeant at night. hehehe

    I'm going in now. If I don't come out...Just know I did my best and the shower liner got the best of me...please let my family know what happened to me. *Sniff*

    hehehe. Yep...Ron sweets, it's me that does it at my house. hehehe. That's okay because Sarg Deb...really knows how to reward for a job well done. hehehe.

    I loved your vent...babes, I would so do that for you...and all you have to do is pour us a glass of will be done in a jiffy.

    ciao honey. :D

  21. Hi Diane!

    So nice seeing you!

    Isn't it hysterical how we all have household chores we DON'T like doing?

    And I can see exactly what you mean about emptying the utensils too! It's the SORTING that I find tedious. And I'm also not fond of handling sharp knives when their grouped together with other things.


    Thanks for dropping by, Diane!

    Hope you're having a wonderful summer!

  22. LOL!! oh God, I completely agree! and when you snap all the damn snaps only to find out you did it wrong because you have an extra snap and it's all bunched!! ahhhhhhh, i have fallen more than my share as i lose my balance and grab for the rod! funny post!

  23. Dear Miss Jones...

    You freakin' CRACK ME THE HELL UP!!!!

    GOD, that was GREAT!!!

    I'm STILL laughing!

    You are TOO damn funny!

    Just imagining her "reward", probably puts you in the "mood" to change the shower curtain liner EVERYDAY!


    Tell your girl, that RON can so indentify with her dislike...because I HATE it too!

    And that's sounds GREAT, dear lady...

    The next time I need the shower curtain changed, I know of a FABULOUS Pinor Noir that would make the job such a HAPPY one!

    And THANKS for offering.

    Always an absolute DELIGHT talking to you, Spiky!

    You add "sparkle"!

    Ciao bella

  24. Hi April!

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU...for also mentioning about having the EXTRA snap left over, because THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME SO MANY TIMES...and it makes me go INSANE!!!

    I swear to god....shower curtains should OUTLAWED!

    OR...they need to come up with an inexpensive way to just through the whole DAMN thing out (curtain, rod and hooks) and just get a new one everytime.

    Can you tell....I DON'T like shower curtains?

    Thanks so much for stopping by, April!

    You've added MUCH humor to this post!

    Enjoy your evening!

  25. LMFAO!!!

    Awww poor Ronnie! *Hugs*

    I too hate changing the shower curtain!!!

    So much that I would rather have my house flood from having NO curtain at all!

    But that's just silly!

    So instead I stand in this awkward position with one foot in the air, pushing the curtain away from my body so that the mould doesn't touch me while I shower!!!

    You would think that it would be easier to just change the bloody thing!!

    But no...

    *GiGGLeS* xx

  26. Hiya Giggles!

    HEY...I need to try that! foot in the air...pushing the shower curtain away!

    This way I can practice my YOGA...and take a shower at the same time!



    Isn't changing the curtain liner worse than eating GLASS?

    Thanks for stoppping by, Giggles!'s Albert doing?

    Give him SMOOCH on the head for me, ok?

    boo-boo kitty!

  27. Hi Ron,
    Oh oh; this is what I call one of the "ungateful" tasks; gotta do it, but it is the PITTS !
    Guess who is on the shower cutain patrol here ? MOI !
    I get them down, clean them and hang'em back. No kidding; it makes your arms ache. Nicole had a great suggestion with the quality channel's curtain.
    Not the same ungateful task that I lothe; defrosting the freezer on top the fridge !

    Calgon, take me away!!!!!!!!

  28. Good Morning Barbara~

    HI! So good to see ya!

    Calgon take me away!!!

    I use to love those commercials! mentioned the ONE other thing that I don't dislike as much as changing the shower curtain liner, BUT it's still not on my "favorite things to-do list"...and that is DEFROSTING the freezer.

    I know it seems ridiculous that I don't have a frost-free frig in 2008, but I live in a small studio, and it came with a half-frig which needs to be defrosted by hand!?!?!

    Isn't it FUN????


    Thanks for stopping by, Barbara...and sharing in my MADNESS!?!!?

    P.S. I'll be thinking of you today, as I'm defrosting the freezer!!

  29. I love the smell of the new liner.

    I think I heard your scream...all the way to Texas! Sending positive thoughts your way!

  30. Howdy Rhea!

    Do you know what's FUNNY????

    I FINALLY replaced the liner this afternoon, and while I was taking a shower, I kept thinking to myself, "Damn...I really LOVE the smell of a new liner!!"

    I SWEAR!

    You're PSCHIC, woman!!

    Thanks for stopping by for a little shower curtain liner scream, Rhea!

    Always great talking to ya!

    P.S. I think I'll go sniff the curtain again!

  31. I so agree about changing sucks. :O
    NOW the smell, that's different...sort of like new car smell only 'tis new shower liner smell. hee, hee

  32. Morning Gypsy-Heart!

    TEE, HEE!

    What is it about "those" two scents that's so WONDERFUL???

    I've never heard anyone say that they didn't enjoy it. you know what I love the smell of???


    It makes me want to EAT them!

    Thanks for stopping by, my curtain-smelling lovin' friend!

    Enjoy your day!

  33. Shower curtains are evil. They attack you while you shower. I hate the plastic smell (smells like a Hollywood waiting room I expect - what?) when you take them out of the package. And they can't be cleaned properly.

    I have to replace mine soon too. Want to come help me?
    Or maybe I should get a glass door installed instead... No wait, I forgot... I don't do windows.

    Damn, foiled again!

  34. Ola' Anndi! reminded me of when my parents decided to install sliding glass doors on EVERY shower in the house.

    I think my mother thought they would be easier to keep clean...


    And after experiencing THAT for so many years...I was so glad to get back to a shower curtain.

    *even with having to rustle with that DAMN liner?!!?

    Thank for stopping by, Anndi!

    Always fun talking to another LIBRA!