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As we approach a new season, I thought I’d end this weeks posts with a salute to my absolutely favorite time of the year…FALL.

Soon, I will be walking through carpets of crispy leaves, and inhaling the aroma of fireplaces burning throughout the city.

My eyes, once again, will be in complete awe of how the trees ignite themselves before they sleep.

I will bring out my coats, gloves, and scarves…and spend many an afternoon, sitting in the park feeding the squirrels; watching, as they begin to store their peanuts for the winter.

I will begin feasting on hot stews and soups; dipping bread, and drinking a fuller wine.

The days will get increasing shorter…the nights, longer.

And I will begin my cherished time of inner reflection.

Not only do I enjoy the visual masterpiece of this season, but also because of what fall represents.

For me, Fall symbolizes a time of gathering all the wonderful things that I’ve learned throughout the year…and rooting them.

And I think it’s ironic that even though it appears as if everything is dying…nature actually becomes brighter and more alive.

I believe that it represents the excitement and anticipation of growth.

Each of the seasons seem to symbolized a cycle of life.

Winter - hibernation
- rebirth
- movement
- reflection

The seasons are interdependent on one another, because each cycle leads to the next.

There is a beauty to each of the seasons, however for me, Fall will always be my most favorite.

And I think it’s so appropriate that I was born in the Fall, because without a doubt…I’m a very reflective soul.

So I would just like to wish each and everyone of you, wherever you are in the world, the most magical and reflective of seasons.

And if you can, wrap yourself within nature this Fall, and enjoy it‘s beautiful gifts.

Happy Fall, everyone!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Ya got me hung up on "dipping bread". Everytime I'm working I smell garlic bread-don't know where it's coming from, but one of these days I will find it-because it drives me insane LOL. When I use the freight elevator I always smell fries, and yesterday somebody brought fries on the bus! Is that cruel or what?

  2. Hi :)Your blog is very beautiful : )
    Congratulations !!

  3. Hello Ron.. im Tiffany. iv been following your interaction on Spikys blog. (im jealous but at least i admit it ) And i thought i would pop over and say Hi! im a new blogger... 3 months old. A baby blogger! im certainly not as proficient as you are, but im really keen on feedback and interaction.. Not sure if you could manage a visit? Would love to chat.. Love Tiff

  4. ahh.. four seasons, we in malaysia there is no such thing though, just same all whole year. at least once of life time i wanna fell all the four seasons.. how the feel like, how the difference and all those thing, must be fun.. :D

  5. ((((((( George ))))))))))


    <--warming up for a full day of Talk Like A Pirate Day

    Happy Fall to you, matey! ;-)

  6. awwww what a sweet post Ronnie!

    Feels like it's SUMMER every day here! Especially at the moment I'm really feeling the heat from carrying this bun in the oven!

    Different seasons are hard to notice for us here, coz its just sooo damn hot all the time!

    Can I just say i HEART that last piccy!

    It's stunning! xx

  7. Get your camera out and post some pictures of "fall" for me. I cannot tell you how much I miss that season. It is/was my FAVORITE time of year when I lived in New York.

    Lucky you!

  8. Hey Ron, now thats another side of yours, atleast for me. So well written and fantastically articulated. Well said sir and completely in agreement with you.

    Though i never categorize the nature's looks into seasons. Just when it gets chilly, i just like watching nature cushoning itself in foggy blanket. Or when the splintered raindrops fill the air, i adore looking at the cloudy umbrella it hides under. There are many such sights but i just prevent myself from crawling into these misty thoughts of mine.

    Anyways, its been long i visited vent. Have lots to catchup and i soon will :)

  9. Thank you, Ron. That was a beautiful post.

    As much as I love Fall (and despite everything, it is my favorite season), I always feel melancholy this time of year. Not depressed, just thinking back on my past YEARS, not just the current one.

    Thankfully, this fall, I have a new baby squirrel to take care of. He's the sweetest little thing. I have a youtube video up on my place of me feeding him.

    Have a good weekend, Ron!

  10. Being a fall baby myself, I enjoy the beginning of fall too. The turtlenecks, the hot soup and comfort food, big soft socks, an extra heavy blanket on the bed.

    And the celebration Nature puts on for us, the fall babies, ROCKS!


  11. Morning Debi!


    God...don't you just freaking LOVE garlic bread????

    And FRIES!!! It's funny that you should be mentioning those, because I just went out for dinnner a few nights ago, and had the most delecious seasoned fries in the WORLD!!!


    Did you smell them in Hawaii???

    tee, hee!

    Always great seeing ya, Debi!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  12. Greetings Kasimpati!

    Welcome! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

    Nice meeting you!

    Thank you very much for your kind words.

    Please stop by anytime, the door is always open!

    Have a great weekend!

    Happy Fall!

  13. Greetings Tiffany!

    Welcome! Thanks a bunch for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    I too have seen your avatar and comments on Spiky's blog, so it's nice meeting you!

    Don't you just LOVE Miss Jones??? When we met, it instantly felt as though I was meeting someone I had known all my life. She's a very comfortable lady.

    Sweet and very smart!

    And yes...sometime this weekend, I will definately stop by your blog for a visit!

    And welcome to the blogworld!

    Isn't it FABU???

    Again, nice meeting you!

    Happy Fall, Tiffany!

  14. Good Morning Izzat!

    I'm orginally from the North-East, but lived in Florida for 20 years, and never imagined myself moving back here!

    But once I returned, I never realized just how MUCH I had missed the seasons. Florida DOES have seasonal changes...just not as distinct as the North.

    If you ever get a chance to experience a Northern Fall...I know you'll love it!

    It's incredibly beautiful and unforgettable!

    Thank you for stopping by today, Izzat!

    Always nice talking to ya!

    Happy Fall to you TOO!

  15. Good Morning to ya, Mel!

    Thanks for the warm Fall HUG, dear lady!

    That felt nice!

    Oh god, Mel...can you BELIEVE that OUR favorite holiday is quickly approaching???

    I have my George Jetson costume all ready!


    Thanks for stopping by today, Mel!

    Always so great seeing ya!

    Have a wonderful weekend...and HAPPY FALL!!!!



  16. Good Morning Giggles!

    I KNOW what you mean, dear one!!

    I lived in Florida for 20 years, and (especially in South Florida) it feels like one long season.

    However, Orlando (which is where I moved from) DID have more of a seasonal "feel" to it.

    As you know...I DON'T like being hot, so when Fall hits...I start jumping up and down like bunny.

    This week has been the first time, that you could actually feel the Fall approaching...and it's EXCITING!!!

    There's a chill in the air!!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Giggles!

    And thank you for enjoying that last photo...when I saw it...I thought the same thing you did...

    I HEART it!!!!

    Sweet, isn't it?

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear one!

    P.S. I'll email you some Fall later today! tee, hee!

  17. Afternoon Nitebyrd!

    Will do, dear lady!

    In fact, I keep my camera with me at all times, so the minute I start seeing those leaves changing...I'll be posting the photos to share!!

    Yes...and YOU being a Northern-Born like me, can totally understand how I MISSED this season, right?

    New York state has some of the MOST breathtaking areas for Fall, doesn't it?

    Thanks much for stopping by today, Miss Nitebyrd!

    And I think I figured out how I can send you some a CAN!!


    Do they still have those Florida Sunshine in a Can things?

    Have a great weekend!

  18. Good Afternoon Admit!

    It's always so great seeing ya, bud!

    Thank you for enjoying this post.

    You're so funny! I know, sometimes I must deter myself from the humor, and share my reflective side. It just seems to POP up unexpectantly!?!?

    I so enjoyed your words about the foggy blanket and cloudy unbrella, because I SO enjoy walking in a day such as that!! It seems to relax my spirit and makes me feel so good.

    No worries about whenever you read here, Amit. Stop by anytime that's good for you. It's a pleasure seeing you, anytime!

    Have a great weekend...and Happy Fall to you!

  19. Good afternoon Mama Dawg!

    You're welcome, dear lady.

    So glad you enjoyed!

    Me too, I know what you mean. I also get melancholy, but I feel that it's a "wonderful thing." For me, Fall is that time of great reflection, ya know?

    oooh...oooh...and you said the MAGIC word...SQUIRREL!!!!

    I LOVE squirrels SOOOOO MUCH!!!

    OMG, I have to stop by your place this weekend and check out that video...I bet it's ADORABLE!

    Aren't squirrels the sweetest little things? I wish I could pick them up and SQUEEZE them!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Mama Dawg!

    It's always so nice sharing with you!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    And tell the baby squirrel I said, HAPPY FALL!

  20. Greetings Anndi!


    Aren't you so grateful to have been born in the FALL!!!

    And I bet Canada has the MOST breathtaking FALLS!!

    Everyone I've EVER talked to, who visits your home, has nothing but WONDERFUL things about it!

    I need to take a trip one of these days and check it out for myself!

    And it's funny that you mentioned turtlenecks, because for some reason...I feel fabulous when I where wear them. They feel so COZY.
    And last night, I actually had to put on my big soft socks to sleep in!!

    (that's AFTER I put my FOOT CREAM on...ya know...HIGH MAINTENANCE MAN)


    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your excitement and love of Fall, Anndi!


  21. All the things you said... and...
    'Walking thru carpets of crispy leaves....'
    WHAT A WONDERFUL description of Fall and why you love it so.

    I, too, enjoy the Fall. Well, I like the change of all seasons for different reasons but Fall especially is a lovely time. My in-laws are heading up to Vermont for a week to see the colors of the leaves. She's been bothered by a bad hip/sciatic thing, so last thing you'de thing a person in pain would want to do... take a long drive in the car. But they just love to see the season change, especially there, so I imagine it will be very good for her soul and helpful for healing. Ron and I often say that sometime we'll go up and see the beauty. He hasn't been since he was very young, and I never have.

    Oooh, and with each day we're a little closer to Halloween!!!! Can you even wait??? LOL

    Aren't you just loving this awesome weather???? OMG today has been sooooo beautiful. I've been on the go since early this morning but with each errand stop I am taking in the glorious sunshine and the breeze.

    Enjoy the weekend! Peace, M

  22. Afternoon Crystal Chick!

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!

    YES!!!! the weather has been freaking AWESOME!!!

    I'm actually off today, and getting ready to run some errands. I can't wait to get out there. I have the windows open and the cool breeze feels like HEAVEN!!!

    ooooh...and you mentioned Vermont! I've never been, but I have a feeling if I ever visited...I WOULD NEVER LEAVE!!

    And YES.....HALLOWEEN!!!

    Mel and I have been talking about Halloween since LAST YEAR. She actually has a cute little count-down Halloween button on her blog, that she leaves up all year!

    Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by this afternoon, M!

    And for sharing in the LOVE and EXCITEMENT of FALL!!!

    Enjoy it, M!

    And have a AWESOME weekend!

  23. Hello Ron. I love fall too. My favorite. The Chicago weather couldn't be better. I love it. And thank you for stopping by. Reiki is awesome huh? Love meeting like minded people.


  24. OOh...if you've ever been to Bubba Gump, some of their meals come with a freaking BUCKET o' fries, my friend! Others, like burgers (make mine a gardenburger!) come with the plate surrounded by tons and tons of fries. (drool)
    Happy 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day'...ARRRRRRRRRR!

  25. I went to NY last year during fall. It was as if God took a paint brush and painted the trees. The colors of the leafs were amazing. I even took pictures of the leafs on the ground. It was so enchanting. Being on the west coast we don't have what you would call seasons?

    Nothing this beautiful anyway.

  26. WOW!

    What you wrote is just so beautiful it filled me up with a burst of warmth (not to mention that I'm sitting right in front of my space heater)! Ron, that is very insightful and inspiring! I LOVE fall- I never knew it really well til I moved to France! Living my entire life in So. Cal- fall meant the gradual change from a VERY HOT summer- to the crispy feel to the cool air, an earlier sunset, and of course, HALLOWEEN!! I could always "sense" that fall was "in the air" around mid Oct or so.. It just "felt different." I love fall... And even more now that I live in France and get to see the leaves CHANGE their color and FALL to the ground!!!! It's wonderful... Thanks for sharing your impression of fall with us... and BTW, when is your b-day... Did I miss it or something? I know it was your Blogaversary... Not sure if I missed yours...

  27. When you come up North to visit I'll take you to a lovely patisserie/chocolaterie... you'll swear you've died and gone to heaven!

  28. ,Do they still have those Florida Sunshine in a Can things?

    Yup. Along with the always hysterical "Florida Snowman." What brilliant mind thought THAT up!?! Florida humor sucks.

  29. Hello Shyloh!


    Never been, but I've met several people here in Philly who are transplants from Chicago...and they're always VERY nice people!!

    In fact, a gentleman who lives in my building, who is from Chicago, is always telling me how much I would love living there, because of how much I LOVE cold, cold Winters.

    Brrrrr!!!! Love it!

    And yes, Shyloh...Reiki is very awesome!! I try and use it on myself everyday, just to keep in balance. I honestly don't know what I'd do without it! I have a friend here, who loves to recieve a session once a month. She swears by it!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, Shyloh...and for sharing in this salute to FALL!


  30. Hiya Debi!


    I feel like a pirate!!!

    Hey, this BUBBA GUMP sounds like MY kind of deal! Any place that offers fries in a BUCKET....I'm THERE! I don't know if they have those here, but I'll ask around to see if anyone has ever heard of it!

    Thanks for stopping back, Debi!

    Have a great evening!

  31. Evening Domestic Diva~

    What a LOVELY way to describe it!!!

    And I so totally agree with you!

    Fall is truly a masterpiece of art, isn't it?

    You sound as excited about the leaves as I am!!

    One year, I actually collected leaves and placed them in several small ziplock plastic bags and mailed them to my family and friends in Florida!!

    (I'm insane)

    As I was sharing with Nitebyrd, I lived in New York City for five years, and visited Up State several times, and found it absolutely gorgeous!! I live in Pennsylvania now, and it's very similar.

    Thanks SO MUCH for sharing in the excitement and love of Fall, Diva!

    It's always so nice seeing you.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  32. Hiya Anndi!

    ooooh, baby....I'm THERE!!!

    And then on the way back...let's stop for some fabulous wine and giggle like two little silly LIBRA'S!


    Great seeing ya again, Anndi!

  33. OMG...Nitebyrd...

    ...PLEASE, tell me it's NOT true???

    And SHIT...I totally forgot about the Florida Snowman!!!!

    When I lived there, (if you can believe this) I was so INTO Florida, that my Christmas card one year, was Santa on a surfboard...wearing a G STRING!!!!

    (better that, than mistletoe)

    Ya see, Nitebyrd...that's why Florida NEEDS you!!!

    Your humor ROCKS!!!

    Thanks for stopping back, dear lady!

  34. oh ron...I heart you. You are such a sweetheart.

    I feel autumn reaching out to me right now. This morning especially. It's warmer here in So-Cal and the seasons aren't as magnificiant as they are there and up north.

    The beauty of an Oregon Autumn was breath taking. I loved it. I don't mind the rain or snow either.

    Like you it is my favorite season. It somehow brings me peace and many memories too. Holidays and wonderful hearty foods...yum.

    Have you ever seen autumn leaves brought to your door step on a cool breeze? Leaves of red, yellow and orange dancing in circles at my door step. It was so cute. Ron...I stood there with a smile wondering what song the they were dancing too. Silly huh?

    I love your post...sweetie pie. Oh and hey Tiffany is here too.

    (me waving wildly)

    Hi Tiffany sweets. *Sigh* She's dreamy Ron. hehehe

    Ciao Ron you have a fab weekend.

  35. HOWDY Leesa!!

    Oh, that's right...I keep forgetting you were born in California!?!?!?

    OMG...I can only IMAGINE what it must be like in France during the Fall!! All that beautiful architecture, surrounded with those gorgeous leaves! I bet it feels like your living in a FILM!

    (I'm DRAMATIC, I know!)

    And like you, I use to live in Florida, where the seasons are not as distinct, so when I moved back here...I fell in LOVE all over again with Fall. In fact, I enjoy the CHANGE in seasons. I'm not much for summer, but it's I deal with it.

    My birthday is actually October 2nd (I'm a Libra, like Anndi). And I'm SOOOO grateful to have been born in that month. I'm a Halloween freak, and I love candy corn and carmeled apples!!

    I had such a wonderful time writing this post, so I'm glad you enjoyed it - thank you, dear lady!

    And as always, thank you for your presence's so enjoyed!

    Have a warm and cozy weekend!

  36. Oh, Miss Jones....

    Can I just tell ya....

    Your comment about the leaves dancing at your doorstep was so touching! I was grinning from ear to ear. I could actually see those leaves swirling and dancing!!!

    It's the PREFECT little scene for this THANK you for sharing that!!

    Hey, and me neither...rain and snow DOES NOT bother me at all. In fact, I love nothing more than walking in rain OR snow, on a fall or winter day. It's so comforting and peaceful!

    And OREGON...I've met several bloggers from that area, and everytime they post photos...I just GASP!! It looks so freaking gorgeous.

    There's a part of my that really enjoys living in a city, and then another part...that CRAVES being surrounded in nature. I really love BOTH, but Fall and Winter always makes me want to be closer to nature.

    This time of the year makes me BLOSSOM!

    Again, dear Spiky...I can't thank you enough for sharing that magical story here...I just loved it!

    And YES...I really look forward to visiting Tif sometime this weekend. So glad she stopped by!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Ciao bella

  37. Here ya go. There's a drop down list when you click on "Locations"!
    It's a fun casual place with props from the movie (ours has Jenny's dress, scripts, etc.) I've only been to ours once, but want to go again soon! Anyplace that has meatless items on the menu (like Harley Davidson Cafe in Vegas!) is like fine dining to me!

  38. Hi Debi!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

    OMG...I can't wait to visit the site and see if one of these places is near me! sounds like it's got an AWESOME atmosphere!!!

    Thanks again, Debi!

  39. You make it sound so beautiful Ron you almost had me but you know I love the HOT HOT Sun!

  40. Good Morning Akelamalu!

    I're a lover of SUN BUNNY!

    That's WONDERFUL!

    Can you imagine you and I trying to decide WHERE to take a vacation??? we go to Hawaii or Alaska?


    You can bring the sunscreen...and I'll bring the ski masks!!


    Thanks for stopping by today, dear lady!

    Always a TREAT!

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  41. Hi there~ I like your blog very much ;-)~x~

  42. I came over for a chuckle and ended up with a case of the warm and fuzzies!

    Great post my friend.

    We're starting to get the colors here as well. It's still mostly green, but the golds are starting to take a hold now. Ambers and rust should be right around the corner.

    It's about time to trade in the BBQ for the crock pot. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  43. Greetings Indigo!

    Welcome! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

    Nice meeting you!

    Please stop by anytime...the door is always open!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    And Happy Fall!

  44. Howdy Mr. Jeff!

    I know...the weather is starting to slowly shift into cooler days and nights, so I was suddenly inspired to share about FALL!!!

    God...I love it!

    And I bet where you are, the Fall is absolutely breathtaking!!!


    I can just TASTE that stew!!!

    Thanks for stopping by today, buddy!

    I'm actually working all weekend, but I'm still enjoying this AWESOME weather we're having!!

    Have a great Sunday!

  45. Ron dear heart, I loved this post..your beautiful words and images!!

    Believe it or not we felt a touch of fall in the air here in Florida today, too! I can't wait for hot soups and stews!!

    I also love the clothes that come with cool boots. I have about six pairs of boots. :O I also have a couple of gorgeous scarves I bought in Italy.

    Thank you for sharing your world and your heart!!

    Love Ya!

    Ps I got such a laugh out of your high maintenance post. hee,hee
    The pea cock image was a perfect choice for your words. Gorgeous image! I am low maintenance as far as getting ready to go somewhere, but high maintenance in other what I like in my surroundings (or so I have been told, by those that share my world. hee, hee)

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying some cooler weather!

    Love Ya!

  46. Good Evening Dear Gypsy-Heart!

    Thank you, my dear friend!

    I SOOOO enjoy this time of the year and feel like I want to share my love of it with EVERYONE!

    I always hope that Fall goes REAL I can enjoy it for a long time, but like ALL the seasons, they come...and then go to the next. Which is a wonderful lesson for me, in "living in moment."

    And yes...I too would FEEL the season changes in Florida and get so excited!!! Orlando seems to get more of a visual change than South Florida, but I don't think people realize just how COLD Florida can get in the Winter. I've seen it reach the teen's and actually snow flurries.

    So glad you enjoyed the High Maintenance post, cause I had such fun time writing it. And yes, isn't the image of the peacock beautiful? It was taking off Flickr.

    BRAVO to the photographer!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by this evening, Gypsy!

    And it's so perfect that you commented right now, because I'm sitting here sipping my red wine INSTEAD of chanting my Buddhist mantra's!


    Happy Fall to you, my wonderful friend!

  47. OOOOH Ron!
    I just saw a commercial for "M&M's Premiums in 5 glamorous flavors" and I thought 'I better let Ron know about this!!!' ;)

  48.'re a GOD!


    Tomorrow...I'm stopping at the nearest drug store BEFORE work!!!

  49. Hello Ron...

    I thank you very much for your beautiful words and answer too.
    Yes ! The door is always open and I'm here again :)
    I'm a German teacher and speak a little English.But i can understand :)
    You are on my blog ''Zeugma'' :))))
    Nice to meet you..

  50. Guess who I'm meeting tomorrow!!!

    Maybe Chicklet and I will take them to the chocolaterie!

  51. I absolutely love fall too. It is my favorite! Wait til you see pics on my blog in a month or so of what happens to my yard in fall.

  52. Good Morning Kasimpati!

    Thank you so much for stopping by again to let me know which blog to comment on!

    I've been to Europe and spent the summer in Amsterdam (loved it), however one day I would really like to visit Germany. I feel very drawn there for some reason.

    Very nice meeting you too and look forward to sharing through our blogs

    Have a great Sunday!

  53. Morning Anndi!

    OMG, I know...when I met up with Barbara and her husband, she told me that you and they would be meeting while in Canada!

    You'll just love them both. Very sweet and very comfortable to talk with!

    Isn't it exciting to meet our blogging friends?

    Have a GREAT time meeting, Anndi!!!

    And thanks for stopping by today!

  54. Good Morning Nicole!!!

    Oh, man...I can only IMAGINE what it must LOOK and FEEL like in your part of the world!

    I bet it's breathtaking!

    I'd probably be jumping in all the fallen leaves, like a kid!

    And I can't wait to see those photographs!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Nicole!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

  55. Oh I was vewy vewy bad today.
    I ate Little Caesar's STUFFED CRAZY BREAD. I know, I'm pathetic.
    As if that weren't bad enough, they were followed by some Flamin' Hot Funyuns. :O
    I'm out of control!
    What kind of damage did you do today, dear Ron? (and my DOG...54're HOT! SSSssssss!)

  56. Hiya Debi!

    OMG...I LOVE Little Ceasar's!!!

    You're not've got TASTE!!!

    And let me tell ya...if I had been there, I would have eating it right along with you!!!!

    Well...I finally polished off the box of chocolates that your sister and Leesa gave I'm not far behind you, Debi!

    They were FABULOUS!!!!!

    Well, I'm off to la la land...

    Good night ZZzzzzzzzzz...

    Thanks for stopping by, Debi!

  57. I LOVE fall - for every single reason you listed, but especially for the smell of the crisp air and the fall leaves :o)

  58. Hello Run,
    I'have just seen your comment on
    this blog for me.
    It's common.Excuse me ;( ;(

    You said that you tried leaving a comment on one of my blogs,but found not place to leave a comment.

    You can find place on ZEUGMA for a comment.

    I thank you very much.
    That's very kind of you : )

    And anyway, so nice meeting you!


  59. Hi Christina! said it...the SMELL of the crisp air and the fall leaves!!

    There's nothing like it, is there?

    And a runny nose from eating hot chicken noodle soup!!!


    So glad you share in the JOY, Christina!

    Always so nice seeing you here!


  60. Good Evening Kasimpati!

    So nice seeing you!

    No worries, my friend! Not a problem!

    Thank you for leaving me the link to your other blog, that's very nice of you!

    Have a wonderful evening and thank you for stopping by!

    And Happy Fall to you too!