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For a guy…I’m high maintenance.

High maintenance with my appearance, that is.

I’m not nearly as concerned as I use to be, but I still consider myself an 8 on the high maintenance scale of 1-10.

God…years ago, I use to be a 10 ½ and almost a 12!

A friend of mine in Florida and I use to laugh at ourselves, whenever we’d talked about how long it took us to get ready for bed.

Between applying eye cream, face cream, neck cream, collagen lifting serum, and hand and foot lotion…if I wanted to be in bed by midnight…I’d have to start this routine and 8:30.

I use to call it…The Great Pickling Event.

(and that’s not including: brushing and flossing my teeth, or using a mouthwash…and then chanting my Buddhist mantras)

Thank heavens as I’ve gotten older, I don’t give a shit as much.

(but I still give a shit)

However, my routine has drastically been reduced to only a single face cream, hand and foot lotion, teeth cleansing…and NO Buddhist mantras, because I just recently replaced that routine with a big glass of red wine.

I also try and make sure that all my clothes are freshly ironed for work the night before, and are hanging in the closet where I can easily grab them in the morning, so I don’t have to think about anything except eating my breakfast and filling my blood stream with a LITER of French pressed coffee.

And before leaving for work, I DO check myself in the mirror, to make sure my hair is not freaking out, and I don’t have any lint sticking to my all-black attire.

Once at work, I may also take a few glances in the department store mirrors, just to see if I still look like Brad Pitt.

And other than this compulsive, addictive, obsessive and neurotic “high maintenance” routine of mine…

…I’m a pretty normal guy.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm laughing so hard The baby is KICKING!!!

    You are so cute Ronnie! I would love to watch you on a reality TV show like Big Brother or something.. just to watch all the adorable little moves you make!!!

    LMAO!!!! and I bet you're more handsome then Brad Pitt! ;-) *GiGGLeS* xx

  2. Hey Ron,

    You must have the softest darn skin of all!! I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous that you started at such an early age - If I had known you back then, you would have been my ROLE MODEL - hands down!!! My mom begged and nagged me to use sunscreen back when I was 14/15 (Can you believe back then it was 4,8, 10 only??!!) Now, I have my share of crow's feet and some other wrinkles creeping in and I'm only going to be 43 this Nov!!!! It's living under that California sun and spending all my summer days at the plage!!! My mom always used to say that when I was 26 my skin would look older than hers--- My mom had BEAUTIFUL skin even at her last age of 63- RIP Mom). She knew best- MOM!!! You have done GOOD, Ron, to take such meticulous care of your skin!!!! AMEN!!!!
    ---- Leesa
    PS... Glad you, Barbara and Didier had a great time and that you enjoyed the chocolates- they're my favorite chocolats, too!!!!) You have to eat them quickly, with good reason... They stay good only for about a month or soo.... So, eat up and enjoy!!!

  3. Ron Dahling,
    I'm completely the opposite LOL.
    I rarely wear makeup. The last thing I bought was a tube of stuff called 'Butt Fixing Creme' What it's supposed to do, I don't know, but I figured my ass can sure use some fixing. Do I use it? NO...I don't have time for it LOL
    I had TONS of bottles of nail polish, which I threw out most because I read about how bad the chemicals in them were for fertility.
    I just don't care if somebody don't like how I look au naturale-
    they can just kiss my flubbery stretchmarked ass LOL

  4. Ron - You are a hoot!!! (I know that you can tell how old I am by that comment.) I have always gone through pretty much the same routine since my 20's. Wash off make-up, cream everything, the teeth bit. (My husband calls it "the routine".) But now I am noticing that other people notice how nice my skin is. So I think that taking care of yourself (high-maintenance) is a really good thing.

  5. Ron that last picture cracked me up! Gasp!!!
    I wish my husband would be a little more like you in the maintenance department. Using your scale, he is a -22. Yes, that would be a negative 22. He showers daily but will get out, dry off, and put the same clothes right back on....for 3 or 4 days in a row. Granted, he works from home, at a desk and never leaves the house, but still, ewwweee!!!
    And he refuses to use product of any kind. He says that he does not like the way it "feels" on his skin. This would include hair products, lotions, and (here comes the gross part) deoderant. I cannot even imagine not wearing deoderant. Yuck!!
    I will admit though, that I am not even as high maintenance as it sounds like you are though. I guess I am somewhere in the middle.

  6. Good Morning Giggles!


    Aren't I INSANE???

    I just couldn't resist that last photo. I found it while searching "high maintenance", and when I saw it I HOWLED!!!

    Whoever it is...GOD LOVE HIM!

    Thank you, dear one...I wonder if Brad Pitt knows that he looks like me?


    Always GREAT seeing you, Giggles!

    Have an awesome day!

    Hope you and your hubby had a wonderful anniversary!!!

  7. Hey Leesa!

    Me too! I lived in Florida for 20 years and BAKED myself in the sun for 16 of those years, so I TOO show signs of sun wear and tear.

    Hey...remember using baby oil and iodine???

    Talk about BURNING your skin!!!

    Because of the work that I do (reflexology) I'm more concerned with keeping my hands soft and in good condition.

    I do take care of my skin, but I'm also one of those people who really finds AGE attractive. I like seeing "lines" and "age" on a face, and find gray hair sexy.

    I've always personally felt, that WOMEN look just as wonderful as a man does, as they age. There's something very beautiful about seeing someone age naturally, ya know?

    I'm at a point in my "high maintenance"...where I would like to look as good as I can at my age (52), but try to keep a balance about it.

    Susan Sarandon to me, is a perfect example of someone who ages naturally, and STILL looks beautiful!

    OMG...and thank you AGAIN and AGAIN for the yummy chocolate, Leesa. It's absolute HEAVEN!!

    Thank you for stopping by today, it's always so nice talking to ya!

    Have lovely day!

  8. Helloooo Debi!!!!'s so great seeing you back blogging again!!

    YAY...Debi's BACK!!!

    And good for you!!!...I think it's WONDERFUL that you feeling comfortable with yourself and don't give a shit what anybody thinks!!!

    You ROCK!

    I have a very good friend in Florida, and she feels the exact same way!

    Hey, listen...I'll be sure to stop by your blog later this evening to catch up on your posts!!

    So GLAD to have you back, girl!

    Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have FABU day!

  9. Good Morning to you Shyloh!

    So nice to see ya!

    Yes...I'm thinking of starting a men's "High Maintenance Club".

    (however...I may be the ONLY member!!)


    Thank you for stopping by today, Shyloh!

    Have a SWELL day!

  10. Good Morning Nicole!

    Yes...that last photo was taking when I decided to have some GLAMOUR SHOTS done about 10 years ago.

    I think I look like Doris Day, don't you?


    Actually, I don't know WHO that guy is, but whoever he is...he looks lovely in PINK!

    Your comment about your hubby's maintenance scale just KILLED ME!!

    That's funny!

    OMG...I can understand your him not using all the crap that I use...but NO deodorant???

    Oh dear god...if I didn't wear deodorant, I'd have to hand out gas
    masks to everyone!! I sweat PROFUSELY...and STINK!

    But, some people don't many your hubby is one of those individuals.

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by, Nicole!

    And thanks for sharing a wonderful LAUGH!!

    Have a GREAT Wednesday!!

  11. Greetings Miss P!


    It's so great to hear that you've taken care of your skin since you were in your 20's!!!

    I read somewhere that THAT'S the important time to start doing it.

    I actually didn't start GOOD skin care until I was in my 30's.

    Sun damage has been my biggest culprit. I've been blessed with a healthy "gene pool" and my family members all look really great for their ages. They also stay strong and health.


    Thanks so much for sharing in this post, Miss P!

    It's alway nice talking to ya!

    Have a GREAT day!

  12. There are days when I wish I could keep up with a routine of skin care.

    However, the most I can do is use Oil of Olay w/spf 15 on my face and neck when I get out of the shower. I use baby lotion on my legs, arms and hands and that is my routine (besides teeth care, showers, etc...).

    I'm just too lazy.

    On the flip side, I don't wear make-up (except for chapstick).

    I'm so low maintennance, it's not even funny.

    I love that last pic. It's a trip!

  13. Hiya Mama Dawg!

    Hey...don't you just LOVE the Oil of Olay stuff?

    I do too! I use their facewash.

    I think it's FABULOUS that you're low maintenance! REALLY!

    It's funny, because all the GUYS in my family seem to be so much more high maintenance than the gals.

    My mother use to laugh at my father, because he would actually blowdry and use hairspray BEFORE he went to bed!!!!

    He was such a funny man!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, Mama Dawg!

    You're always so FUN to talk to!

    Have a great day!

    P.S. so glad you enjoyed the last photo!

  14. You're a wise man to replace chants with wine. While chants may calm the soul, wine will help with circulation, decrease your risk of high cholesterol and increase your overall peace. Not high maintenance at all! Moisturizer is a must for everyone - young or old, dry or oily. Your picture shows that your efforts have paid off.

    The "pink lady" picture - creepy, Ron. Just creepy.

  15. Ron, I love you, because you gave up the Bhuddist Mantra for a large glass of red wine!

    You so make me laugh my friend. xx

    I'm high maintenance too, I have to be at my age! ;)

  16. Oh you are sooo stunning! I think I'll need to start your routine to look just like you! lol

  17. Why does the movie "Pretty in Pink" come to mind right about now?

    and Brad who???

  18. Good Evening Nitebyrd!


    And that's coming from a PROFESSIONAL!!!

    Thank you!

    And I've seen YOUR skin in photo's and it's so beautiful. I can tell you take good care of it!

    Oh, god...your comment about the WINE made my HOWL! But it's TRUE! I've heard that from several people about the cholesterol!

    And you're makes you FORGET about being high maintenance!!!!

    I'nt that last photo a HOOT? It looks like a Glamour Shot with all that HAZY effect!!

    I wonder who he is?

    Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by today, Nitebyrd. And for sharing your WISE advice!

    Have a GREAT evening!!!

  19. Good Evening Akelamalu!

    YAY...another high maintenance person!!!

    And that's WHY you look 28 years old!

    And YES...the RED WINE feels so much more CALMING than the Buddhist mantra's!

    (and it TASTES better too!)

    And wine is OUTSTANDING for the SKIN!

    I mean, think of all that GRAPE extract working on the skin...from the INSIDE...OUT!


    Thank you SO MUCH for dropping by today, dear lady!

    And if we should ever get together one of these days...we can have a "facial night" and drink our red wine and GIGGLE!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  20. Mr. Maintenance...
    I am laughing my butt off, An 8? realllllly?
    sorry, This russian judge gives you a 9.5
    I applaud your efforts...
    and Love the mantra replacement program!

  21. Good Evening Trixie!

    Great seeing ya!!!!

    Thank you...aren't a LOOKER!!!


    Yes...if you follow this routine religiously...I guarantee you'll look JUST like this photo!

    It's a little time consuming...but look at the RESULTS!!!

    Hot damn!

    Thank you for stopping by today, Trixie!

    It's always so nice talking to ya!

    Great evening to you!

  22. Ron baby, you had me laughing hard. That pic is adorable.

    Wot! You high maintenance! Oh noes. hehehe. You know I still iron everything I plan to wear for the following week on that Saturday or Sunday. I iron even the back of blouses or dresses...not like a certain person (brother in law) who said what'll only get in the car and it will get wrinkled anyway.

    My shoe...tap tap tap

    Heres where you can hear crickets...

    Pish Posh! I replied to that. Why do we make food look all looks like Goo in your mouth...I can tell because he eats with his mouth open...eeeewww.

    Anyway...sweetie I have to agree with you...yes its high maintenance...but I don't see anything wrong with it. hehehe.

    You rock babes.

    Ciao ron baby.

  23. Howdy Jeff!

    HOLY're right, man!!!!

    Pretty in Pink!

    I DO resemble Molly, don't I?

    (from about 700 yards away)


    Always great seeing ya, buddy!

    Thanks for stopping by today!

    Enjoy your evening!

    Your buddy,

  24. As long as the face cream goes on the face and the peppermint foot cream doesn't end up on your toothbrush..... you're good!


  25. Helloooo Lady Sorrow!

    After giving it some DEEP thought...I think I'd have to agree with you about me being a 9.5!!!

    (I think I was actually LYING to myself about the 8!)

    Yes...and the red wine is so much more productive than the Buddhist mantra's, because after I drink it...I instantly seem to LOOK better!


    Always a JOY talking with you, Sorrow!

    Thanks a BUNCH for stopping by this evening, dear Lady!

    Love ya!

  26. Dear Miss Jones!

    Your comment about your brother in law not only made me HOWL, but what you said to him, also made PERFECT sense to me!!

    I mean, you're absolutely right... why DO WE make food look so good, only to stick in our mouths where it gets all gooy?

    Because it's appealing to the EYE...and that's half the enjoyment of eating, right?

    I actually LOVE being high maintenance, don't you?

    Because you NEVER KNOW when the movie camera's are going to be rolling!?!?


    Thanks a BUNCH for dropping by this evening, Spiky!

    P.S. and listen...if you EVER want to borrow that pink dress...I can fedex it to you overnight!

    Ciao bella!

  27. OMG...Anndi...that was a freaking RIOT!!!

    You're actually VERY psychic!

    Because one time, I accidentally ALMOST used my atheletes foot spray on my FACE, thinking that I grabbed the shaving cream!!!

    So I can't thank you enough for reminding me to be AWARE!!!

    You ROCK, girl!!!

    ALWAYS a wonderful TREAT to see ya, Anndi!

    Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT evening!!

    Mr. Maintenance

  28. Ah a man after my own heart. Taking care of yourself is not high maintenance its cleanness. I hate it when I see guys that don't take care of themselves.

    Loved the post!!!!

  29. Good Evening Domestic Diva!

    So nice to see you!

    EXACTLY!!! You said it...Cleanness!

    (with a "touch" of Joan Crawford OCD)


    Like you...I too enjoy seeing both men and women who take care of themselves.

    I like things that SMELL good!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by this evening, Diva!

    Have a lovely evening!

  30. <--lost the instruction manuel

    Maintenance is suppose to happen?
    NOW you tell me.......

  31. Hiya Mel!

    Tee, hee, hee, hee...

    Listen...I have a couple HUNDRED manuals that I've saved throughout the last 20 if you want, I can email you a few!

    Of course, some of these manuals date back to the early 50's which involves the use of EGG WHITES for firming the I don't know?!?!?

    (and you must CLUCK like a chicken)


    Always FABU seeing ya, dear lady!

    Thanks for stopping by today!

    Have a GREAT DAY!!!

  32. First of all - I SUCK !!!
    I didn't mark your blogaversary. I just noticed as I scrolled about.

    I'm sorry
    I adore you and hope you know that

    Love the photo LOL
    I think I went out with him. Had to breakup, we were always wearing the same thing.

    And maybe you're HM but I can't imagine that ever being a bad thing with you - you're too adorable.

  33. OMG! HILARIOUS! You are the funnest dude on the web! BTW: is that Susan Sarandon in your highlighted actress pic at left? I believe she is truly one of the most beautiful actresses in the world - just lovely. I really like her best in that cheezy drama she did with James Spader - "WHITE CASTLE" (yep- about the burger place) WAH! Hugs- from sib :)

  34. Hi Dianne!

    OMG...your comment made HOWL!!!

    God, that was FUNNY!!!

    But I bet YOU looked so much better in that pink dress than he did!!!

    And no...that's not me, but whoever it is, he's just LOVELY isn't he??


    Hey listen, you DO NOT suck! Please, no worries about the anniversary post. I adore you too, Dianne!

    Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by today. And thanks for being such a wonderful blogging buddy. I so enjoy your presence here, and ALWAYS enjoy what you share on your blog too!!!

    So glad we've met!

    Have a great evening!!!

  35. Greetings Sibyllae!

    It's always so NICE seeing you!

    Thanks, my friend. I really enjoyed writing this post, so it's so nice to hear you giggled!

    Hey listen, a few nights ago I stopped by your blog and just browsed for about 30 minutes. It's SOOOO beautiful, Sib!!

    Not only the design (which I freaking LOVE), but also all the wonderful things you share on it. It's truly a WONDERFUL and MAGICAL space, and I'm SOOOO happy you're back sharing your gifts!

    Thanks for stopping by today, dear lady!

    It's so nice having you here!

    Have a great evening!

  36. P.S. Sib!

    And yes...that IS Susan Sanrandon and me she is one of the most beautiful women on this planet. INSIDE and OUT! LOVE HER!!!

  37. Hey Ron,

    Just check out Barbara's blog and she was able to put up a post... There's a really cute pic of you and her together.. Very CUTE!!! You guys look so happy- and you look as though you may have a piece of choc. in your mouth!!! : ) I have to say that it totally SHOWS that you take such good care of your skin-- You skin is GREAT!! And you have very pretty blue eyes, too!!
    I'm soo glad you got to meet up with Barabara and Didier... I can't wait to hear the stories from their trip.. Maybe Alex and I will make it out your way sometime... We have friends in Philly... My parents are from No. Philly- Strawberry Mansion, if you know where that is.. They left in 1961/2. I hear the neighbourhood is pretty run down now...
    Take care, Leesa

  38. Evening Leesa!!

    OMG...thank you SO MUCH for letting me know about Barbara's post!! I'll stop by just as soon as I finish my dinner.

    Boy...I can't believe she got the photo's up, because she was telling me how difficult is was for her to find an Internet cafe. Maybe she found one in Cananda!

    SEE!!! Didn't I tell you how MUCH I enjoyed your chocolate? I must looked hypnotized in the photograph!!!

    And yes...we were very happy meeting one another! Her hubby is such a nice man!

    Gosh...I had no idea that you had had family in Philly too!!! And heard right, North Philly is VERY run down, it's sad. Philly is either hit or miss. Parts are breathtakingly beautiful and others are pretty bad. Philly has a VERY strange energy about it - I've never really felt like I belong here.

    (even though I AM strange!!!)


    Thanks again for letting me know about the post, Leesa!

    Hope you're having a GRAND weekend, dear lady!