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As you can tell from this blog, I’m a little on the dramatic side.

And as a child, I was prone to making up vivid stories; causing everyone in my family to go insane.

My younger brother and I have a nine year age difference between us, but were very close growing up together. He’s a wonderful human being and has a very kind soul…so I felt terrible having the need to torment him.

Because I was older, my parents allowed me to baby-sit whenever they would go out on a Saturday evening with friends. My grandparents lived very close by, so if I ever needed anything, they were just a phone call and a short drive away.

Most of the time, my mother would have my brother already in bed and asleep before she and my father left for the evening. And once asleep, he always slept like a rock, and rarely ever woke up.

So basically, all I had to do was watch T.V. and eat whatever I felt like, until I decided to go bed.

However, because I have such a wild imagination, I would often hear strange noises in the house…

….like someone walking up the basement stairs, getting read to kill me.

…or someone outside, trying to break in with a butcher knife.

…or someone upstairs, hiding in one of the closets, waiting to jump out and strangle me.

I would sometimes get myself so worked up, that I would be tempted to call my grandparents and ask them to come over and stay with me until my parents got home.

However, I didn’t want them to think that I was a BIG BABY, so I would wake my brother up out of a dead sleep and try to convince him that he had heard noises too.

I would run up to his room and flick on the lights; gently shaking him awake saying…

“TOM…TOM…get up, get up…I think someone else in the house with us.”

Tom (half asleep): “What do you mean?”

Me: “I keep hearing strange noises.”

Tom (listening): “I don’t hear anything.”

Me: Listen…listen closer….do you hear that?’ Like footsteps walking up the basement stairs.”

Tom (listening): “No, I don‘t hear anything, Ronnie”

Me: “Sure you do, listen.”

Tom: “No…I don’t.”

Me: “Yes, you do.”

Tom: “No…I..


Tom (listening harder): “Well…maybe…yea…maybe…yea, I think you’re right, I think I do hear that”

Me: “SEE...I TOLD YOU. Someone is in this house right now, getting ready to murder us.

Tom (scared): “Oh my god, Ronnie…what should we do?”

Me: “Are you scared, Tom?”

Tom: “Yea.”

Me: “I mean, REALLY scared?”

Tom: “Yea.”

Me: “ Are scare you enough, that you think we should call Mama Moo and Pop-Pop to come over and stay with us until Mom and Dad get home?”

Tom (crying): “YES…YES…I’m really scared Ronnie…I think you should call them”

Me: “Ok…if you say so”

So off I went to call my grandparents. And when they asked me what was wrong I said…

“It’s silly…but TOM keeps hearing strange noises in the house and he thinks that someone might be trying to murder us. He’s crying and very upset…and asked me to call you to come over immediately, so please hurry.”

I'm sorry, Tom.


  1. I was the youngest in the family.

    I accept your apology on behalf of sister who used to use the same tactics. LOL

    BTW--she's STILL a drama queen.

  2. Awww, Poor Tom! That is horrible. You should be ashamed Ron. LOL, just kidding.
    I was the oldest child, so I cannot relate. But my poor husband was 9 years younger than his brother and he tells me the funniest stories from when they were kids.
    They shared a bedroom and at night when they were supposed to be going to sleep is when his brother would "get" him.
    He described it like this:
    Brother: Go out to the kitchen and get me a snack.
    My husband: But Mom said we are not allowed out of bed.
    Brother: Come on, please. Just sneak out there and get me an apple.
    My husband: No, I'll get in trouble.
    Brother: Please
    My husband: Okay
    Then he would sneak very quietly down the hallway, to the kitchen.
    Just about the time that my poor little husband would open the refridgerator, his brother would yell, "Mom, Billy's out of bed."
    It cracks me up when he tells that story.


    *Wipes tears*

    Oh my god! This post is too funny for words!!!

    I LOVE IT!!! xx

  4. Hiya Debi!

    I know...

    ...wasn't I a BEAST???

    He and I laugh about it now, but back then...I'm sure he wanted to kill me!

    He really IS such a great guy!

    Mucho thanks for stopping by, Debi!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!


  5. OHHHH Ron, you little devil. ;)
    I'm sure he totally forgives you!!
    Mama Moo and PopPop, what fun names. My Dad was a PopPop for my kids and now my hubby is PopPop for our little Alex.
    Our kids are also nine years apart!

    HEY, did you ever watch that movie 'When a Stranger Calls'?? The original one with Carol Kane. OMG, when she finds out the calls are coming from inside the house!!!!
    Oooohhhh! Talk about being scared at home with young kids. Can you imagine?? I'd totally freak.

    I don't know that I ever really did anything too bad to my younger sister. Well, unless you count the time I came in a little tipsy from a party and conked her on the head with a beer mug.

    I noticed your blog star change to Parker Posey. Don't know her too well and I haven't had the chance to click off on the link, but I think I remember her in a movie with Danny DeVito?? Something about Ohio, or O town, gosh what the heck is the name of it?????
    She's divorced or separated and gets herself a vibrator and just goes wild. LOL Danny is the pool man?? Do you know what movie I mean??

    Have a terrific day. It sure is another beautiful one in our little corner of the world. :)

  6. Hiya Dear Mel!


    Me too!


    And what is it about the youngest one ALWAYS getting the TORMENT???

    And THIS little incident is only HALF of what I use to do to him.

    I may do a PART 2 in a later post!!!

    ALWAYS great seeing ya, Mel!

    HAPPY MONDAY to you!

  7. OMG...Nicole....I'm laughing my ass off right now, picturing that!!!!!

    You're POOR husband!!!

    I wish I had tried that on my own brother!!!!

    It's amazing that the youngest one of the siblings ever grews up to NORMAL!?!?!

    I think I was always just bored as a kid, and enjoyed creating DRAMA!!!

    (the actor in me) poor family!!!

    GREAT seeing ya, Nicole!

    Hey, are you enjoying this FABULOUS weather?????

    I AM!!!!

    Have an awesome day!

  8. Oh, man, what I wouldn't do to have grown up with a sibling.

    Me being the oldest, of course. I think I would have been a great tormentor. No doubt.

  9. Hello Giggles!!!

    I need to call my brother and have him read this one....'s my apology post!

    You'd love my brother...he's a COOL guy!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear one!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!

    Tell Rat Girl and her Bitch that I said Hi!

  10. Howdy Mama Dawg!

    Oh man...I bet you and I would have been great tormentors together!!!

    Can you imagine if you and I were TWINS...and had a younger sibling???

    We could torment in STERIO!!!


    My other brother, who was older than me...did the same kind of stuff to me too!

    Maybe it's a LEARNED PATTERN?!?!?

    Thanks a BUNCH for dropping by today, Mama Dawg!

    Have GRAND Monday, dear lady!

  11. Hola Crystal Chick!

    I know...I'm a little DIRT DEVIL!


    He and I will sometimes talk about our childhood together and laugh. We actually have the closest relationship of the siblings. My mother always tells me that I watched over him, as a child, as if I was his parent. She claims that I spoiled him, by doing EVERYTHING for him.

    (including TORMENTING)

    Yes...isn't the name for my grandmother (Mama-Moo) hysterical?? She was my mother's mother and such a FUNNY lady. I always remember her was so distinct!! I miss her. And I have no idea why we called her Mama-Moo!?!?!

    (maybe she loved cows or something)

    And YES...I have seen the movie "When a Stranger Calls" and that's so psychic of you, because I OWN that film and just recently watched it!!!


    And the filmed you mentioned about Parker Posey, I HAVE seen!!!

    She's a FANTASTIC comedian and an overall wonderful actress. I especially enjoy her in ALL of Christopher Guest's films. If you ever get a chance, please rent BEST IN'll laugh your ass off!

    It's BRILLIANT!!

    Thanks SOOOO much for stopping by, M!

    ALWAYS a delight talking to ya!

    Yes....I'm so excited about the weather we're having right now, I could SCREAM!!!

    I'm VERY happy!

    Enjoy your day, M!

  12. Oh Ron you're BAD, BAD, BAD!

    I used to scare my baby brother too. LOL

  13. Hi Akelamalu!

    I know...I'm EVIL and I must be distroyed!

    But isn't it FUN?

    Thanks for stopping by today, dear lady!

    I was JUST at YOUR blog, only 1 minute ago!


  14. I'm an only child, so I had no one to torture.. er, I mean, babysit.

    All I had were my best friend/next door neighbor's older brothers... and being girls, we took advantage of being little and helpless and we'd cry (girls know how to cry at the drop of a hat) and make her parents believe the boys had tortured us. They'd get in trouble, and we'd get popsicles. ;)

  15. Ronnie...I love yah! I swear I do.

    You had me there with you like watching a movie. And hey damn it I thought I heard noises here...I'm like your brother..tell me I hear noises and I swear I will so think I did. hehehehe.

    Anyway...sweetie,, we are like two peas in a pod.

    I apologized to my brother for this. He is younger than me and he would just BUG me and he would tell on me all the time.

    lil brother: I'm telling mom you're talking to a boy on the phone.

    Me: Shut up squirt!

    lil brother: I'm telling mom you kissed Teri on the lips...I saw you.

    Me: I said...Shut up squirt.

    lil brother: Make me.

    Ron: I tied him up with my sister's panty hose. You didn't think I'd use mine did you? hehehe.

    I tied his legs, hands and gaged him...dragged him in to mom's closet.

    Thirty minutes later I'm talking on the phone with Teri...did your brother tell your mother about us kissing?

    No...I...Oh shit.

    I ran to mother's closet and he is sleeping there content as can be.
    I untied him and first thing he said when he opened his eyes was...I'm telling MOM!

    Yikes! grounded again.

    I loved the little squirt. He's 6' 3" now and lives in Kansas.

  16. Oh you little turd!

    (Shouting) TOM...I feel your pain!!!

    I am a little brother too and got to endure these kinds of things all the time. I of course never deserved any of it either. (stop laughing Ron)

    Still this was pretty darned funny.

  17. HA HA HA HA are you my twin? My brother and I are 18 years apart. Other children for their high school graduation got a car, I got a brother.

    I love him so much. We have this deal going. I will torment the bullies if they torment him, if protects me while I am older. As in not allowing me to go into a nursing home!!

    Cute story!

  18. God Love Ya, Anndi!!!

    Spoken like a TRUE LIBRA!!! had me CRACKING up, because whenever I wanted something...I would cry TOO!

    One time I wanted this little toy blackboard that came with chalk and an eraser, so I pretending to bang my arm into the department store counter and proceded to WAIL at the top of my lungs. My mother got so upset, that she bought my that chalkboard, just to shut me up!

    Dramatic...aren't we?

    Thanks for stopping by, Anndi!

    It's always great talking to another LIBRA!!

  19. OMG...Miss Jones...I WISH TO HELL, you and I had known each other as kids!!!!!

    YOUR the kind of kid who I would have LOVED to pair up with...and been torturous!!

    Can you imagine all the wonderful things that we would have come up with??

    HOLY SHIT, Spiky....I was laughing so hard, I was COUGHING, reading your comment!!

    You tied him...and then GAGGED him????


    That was WORTH being grounded for!

    Anyway...did Terri's mother ever find out you were kissing her???

    Thanks SOOOOOOOO much for sharing that great story, Spiky!!

    It's so good know that there are others like me!!!

    You rock!

    Ciao bella

  20. Howdy Jeff!

    Listen, Tom just wanted me to tell you..THANK YOU for your compassion!

    Honestly though, you poor younger brothers had to endure A LOT!!!

    And it's funny Jeff, because even though you and I have never actually met in person, something about your personality has always reminded me of Tom. He's the brother you may have heard me talk about, who's a chief!

    He's really a GREAT guy, with a great sense of humor.

    Like YOU!

    Thanks for dropping by, buddy!

    ALWAYS great talking to ya!

    Have a great evening!

  21. Hiya Domestic Diva! guys are 18 years apart???

    Oh, how got him as a graduation present!!

    Just from your comment, I could really FEEL that you love him. And I bet he loves you too!

    Out of all my other siblings, Tom and I seem to have the strongest connection. He's a very sweet guy, with a big heart.

    Thanks for stopping by today, Diva...and for sharing your sweet story!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  22. Ahh a kindred spirit once again...
    yes I am the oldest, and yes i did torment my baby siblings. I got the little runt to eat rabbit turds once, told him they were M&M's. But sorry to say i didn't just confine it to the siblings, I had to babysit too. I was asked to give a toast at one of the kids I baby sats weddings , I stood up and said " to the lucky bride, I now humbly bequeath the privilege of sitting on Andy and tickling him until he pees."Everyone laughed.
    It always surprises me how much I love kids, when I was a kid, I thought they were only good for torture...
    Good thing your brother loves ya, mine has never forgiven me... not even for putting him in a fence post hole and leaving him...

  23. OMG, Lady Sorrow....



    I wish you could see me laughing right now, because not only do I think that's BRILLIANT...but I only wish I had tried that on my brother!!!

    OMG...that's funny!

    And your wedding toast was TOO CUTE!!!

    I wish I could have been there to hear it!

    Oh, and me too...I TRULY love children. I really should have been an elementary school teacher. Or better yet...kindergarten teacher, because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the little ones!

    Lady Sorrow...I can't thank you enough for sharing those delightful stories on this post!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    P.S. and I'll think of you the next time I buy a bag of M&M's...or rather...TURDS!

  24. OMG!! That is sooooo terrible- but CUTE at the same time!!!! I can SOOOOOOOOO TOTALLY picture you tormenting your poor bro. like that... I used to do weird stuff to my brothers when I was little, too.. I'm from Hollywood, ya know!!!!!!

  25. Hello Ron! I was reading Barbaras blog today, and I started to wonder, who is this infamous Ron she and Debi In Hawaii keep referring to? So, I have come for a visit to Vent and I see why ! What a delight you are!
    I'll be back.... :)

  26. Good Morning Leesa!


    I know...aren't I wicked?

    I guess that's why he and I were born in Philadelphia...

    ...The City of Brotherly Love!

    HAHAHAHAHA! if we had been born in Hollywood...

    ...I would have most likely pretended that I was Bette Davis and he was Joan Crawford!


    Thanks a BUNCH for stopping by today, Leesa!

    Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

  27. Greetings Kate!


    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    Hey...I instantly noticed your wonderful avatar, and that a CAT was included!!!

    I LOVE CATS!!!!

    I also clicked over to your blog and read your profile page. I will DEFINATELY be back to read more!!!

    Meeting Barbara, Leesa and Debi...has been SUCH a highlight!

    AWESOME ladies, they are!

    And meeting Barbara and her hubby, was SUCH a delight. It's actually the first time I ever met a blogging friend in person.

    We had a lovely time.

    Thanks again for stopping by and introducing yourself, Kate!

    Please drop by anytime. You're always welcomed!

    Have a nice day!

  28. He he yes it is fun!

    As you like fun I'm tagging you for a meme tomorrow, hope you don't mind m'deario. x

  29. Evening Akelamalu~

    Gosh...please don't hate me for this, but I don't do meme's.

    I've been tagged by other bloggers in the past and have shared the same.

    Thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me though, dear lady!

    Enjoy your evening.

  30. Hmmmm..... Okay, so if you guys were from Hollywood, let me get this straight.... Would the movie then be called, "Whatever happened to Baby Tom???" God... that movie with Bette Davis made chills run up and down my spine... You aren't THAT evil, Ron!! Heheheh... Did your brother ever seek revenge when you two were little?

  31. Hi Leesa!!!!!!


    You got it...Whatever Happened to Baby Tom!!

    Oh, that was so cute!

    You won't believe this, but I actually OWN that film and watch it often. They're two of my favorite classical flim stars, who when you put them together...means I have to watch it again and again.

    It IS a creepy film, though...I totally agree!

    And no, Tom never sought revenge. He's probably waiting for me to be in a wheel chair, like Joan Crawford!!!!


    Thanks for stopping by again, Leesa!

    Always a DELIGHT!

  32. Evening Christina!

    My poor brother!!!

    Thanks for stopping by today!

    Have a wonderful evening, Christina!

  33. This was hilarious only made me Love Ya more!

  34. As the oldest of three, it is the duty of the oldest to haze the younger siblings. My parents, however, hated it.

  35. So glad you enjoyed Dear Gypsy-Heart!

    Wasn't I a little devil??

    That's probably WHY I have a devil tattoo on my right shoulder!!

    TEE, HEE!

    God love my brother!

  36. Hi Alex!


    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    And that was GREAT!!!

    My mother and father found out about all the stuff I did to my brother when I got older. My brother was so GOOD about not telling on me!!


    Please stop by anytime. It was nice meeting you!

    Have a nice weekend!