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I have a confession to make…

I’ve used a Sharpie for something other than writing a label.

Earlier this year, while I was ironing a black shirt for work, I noticed that the edge around the collar had started to fade to almost a gray - it looked horrible.

That’s the most inconvenient thing about wearing black for work…no matter what care you take in washing it, eventually it loses pigment.

(even dry cleaning seems to fade black)

Anyway, all my other black dress shirts were dirty and I was in major hurry, muttering, “Shit, shit, shit…what the hell am I going to do?”

Suddenly…and I have no earthly idea what mystical power made this happen, but I had a vision of a Sharpie. So I grabbed the little sucker out of my desk drawer and proceeded to gently rub the tip all around the edge of the collar.

OMG…it worked!

Not only did it fill in the faded area, but it also blended perfectly with the rest of the shirt.

And since then, I’ve used a Sharpie on several other things….

*scuffs on the heels of my black shoes
*scuffs on my black belts.
*filling in the faded areas on my black office chair
*covering nick marks on black wooden picture frames

One day at work, one of the ladies splattered some makeup foundation all over her black jacket and was flipping out, because that evening she was going out with a guy, on a first date.

I suddenly, shouted…”Have no fear, Sharpie to the rescue!”

I ran around the department asking everyone if they had a black sharpie in their register drawer.

I eventually found one, and then had her remove the jacket.

She watched, as the Sharpie worked it’s magic, exclaiming...

“Holy shit, Ron…that’s incredible!”

After I finished, the jacket looked absolutely perfect.

And once again, Sharpie…healed a life.

So I would just like to say, “THANK YOU SHARPIE…

… thank you for giving us a thousand practical and useful ways to use you…


  1. I love sharpies :)

  2. OMG RONNIE It freaks me out how alike we are!!!

    It was only 20minutes ago before I read this post that a little white spotch on my Black mouse pad was bothering me so much (my eye kept drawing attention to it while I was trying to read my Auntys blog!)

    So what did I do?

    I grabbed out MY sharpie and COLORED IT IN!!!!


  3. Sharpies rock! I love them. I use them to label everything that moves around here. The dog doesn't mind.

    Never thought of using them this way, but hey, Ron, you maverick, I'm all for it! Great idea.

  4. We really and truly are TWINS!
    I JUST BOUGHT a bunch of Sharpies. Okay, I needed them for a set of rubber stamps I have and the markers are perfect to get in the little spaces after the design is stamped out on cardstock.
    BUT I absolutely have used my black Sharpies for shirts that got a stain or bit of bleach or something on them. I've used them on earring wires if the black coating comes off and exposes the silver wire.
    And other stuff.

    So I know exactly how wonderful they can be!!!
    They need to come out with a better smelling one though as sitting at the craft table I could get woozy from the fumes if I'm coloring too long. LOL

  5. Thank you for this post!!!!! Now I know how I'm going to freshen up my most comfortable pair of black flats for work :) They're a little worn in the back (don't know how that happened) but I think a sharpie will do the trick :) I've been looking for new black flats, but have only found ugly ones that are in my price range (I really can't spend more than $40 -$50). Yay! Now I can fix these up whilst I look for new ones in my price range :) Thanks!

  6. Ron, I used to do the same thing when I worked in restaurants. They always cleaned the floors with bleach in the middle of the day when everyone was trying to work. So as I would walk across the wet floor, the bleach water would splash up onto the backs of my required black pants and leave ugly orangish spots. So I kept a Sharpie in my car to touch of my pants.
    But man, I don't iron!!! I wouldn't have a job that required me to iron stuff. I don't even own an iron or ironing board. If the clothes aren't wash and wear, coming out of the dryer without wrinkles, then I won't buy it.
    It's funny because last month when we went to PA, the hotel room had an ironing board it in. I swear, my kids had never seen one before.....the boys yelled out, "Look mom, it's a surf board." I was a little ashamed, but I got over it quick.

  7. You got a Sharpie fume buzz just writing this, didn't you?

  8. I've used felt tip pens in the same way.

    I always knew you were sharp(ie) Ron! ;)

  9. Whew! For a minute, before I left my reader, I thought you meant a Sharpee!

  10. Hi Fi!

    Aren't Sharpies the BEST???

    And I haven't even BEGUN to try using all the COLORED ones!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Fi!

    Enjoy your day!

  11. Hiya Giggles!


    Oh man, your comment made me giggle for so MANY reasons, but manly because how our MINDS think ALIKE!

    I have some spots on my mouse too, and it erks me. My pad is a dark green, so I need to purchase a green sharpie and see how it goes!

    I may have to blend two colors together.

    Thank for giving me the GREAT idea, sis!

    Always fun sharing with you, Giggles.

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  12. Howdy Rhea!

    Oh, thats FUNNY..."The dog doesn't mind!!!"

    Aren't sharpies AWESOME?

    When I was searching for some photos for this post, you wouldn't BELIEVE all the wonderful art work I saw, using sharpies!

    And also...some of the most STRANGEST ways people use them.

    It was VERY funny!

    Let me know how it goes when you try using them to FIX stuff!


    Thanks for stopping by, Rhea!

    Have a wonderful Monday, dear lady!

  13. Bwahahah!!
    Funnily enough, I too have done this!!
    I got the idea from Pretty Woman as she was 'repairing' her boot..
    I began using it then...
    Then came the day I was so bored I just searched the house for stuff to colour... some things don't work so well.. lol!!

  14. Hiya Crystal Chick! looks like you, Giggles and I are Sharpie TRIPLETS, because we all think alike!!

    And YES...I too have used them for when bleach gets on an article of clothing too!

    (I often wonder HOW the hell that happens)

    Oh boy...I bet they're PERFECT for all the wonderful art work you do. And using them with your rubber stamps is a GREAT idea!!

    OMG...I know this sounds sick...but I LOVE the smell of Sharpies! Sometimes I'll just open one and sniff it!

    (but then again...I LOVE the smell of ELMERS GLUE)

    I think it's a 60's era thing!


    Thanks for sharing are mutual respect and LOVE of SHARPIES, M!

    Perhaps you and I could teach a class at Temple Universtity...

    The Use of Sharpies!

    Happy Monday, M!

  15. Hello Christina!

    You GO, girl!!

    Sharpies are the BEST for scuffs on shoes!

    I'm forever touching up the edge of the soles and heels. I'm very rough on my shoes, so they scuff easily. It must be the way I walk or something. I also think living in a city and walking on cement all day, has something to do with it too!

    Aren't the price of shoes ridiculous? This is why I love Payless. I've found really nice, all-leather dress shoes for like $39.00! And I STILL have them.

    Let me know how it goes with the Shapie, Christina!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today!

    FABU Monday to ya!

  16. HOLY SHIT Nicole.....I wish you could have seen me suddenly SPIT all my lunch food on my comupter screen, when I read your comment!!

    DEAR GOD....that was SO FUNNY!

    A surf board???

    That was pricless!

    And you are SOOO wise to purchase only wash and wear clothing!

    ESPECIALLY with a family!

    I wish I could too, but unfortunately most of my dress shirts are cotton or a cotton blend. I try taking them out of the dry BEFORE they wrinkle, but they still need a little pressing!

    I also sweat very easily, so cotton is lighter and absorbs.

    God...when I was a kid, I remember watching my mother iron SHEETS and PILLOW CASES!!! Can you imagine???

    And see...our minds think alike, Nicole!

    Sharpie to the rescue!

    Thanks for sharing such a FUNNY story, and giving me a wonderful laugh!

    Enjoy your Monday, Nicole!

  17. Hiya Anndi!

    OMG...I didn't read your comment until I had read Crystal Chicks first, sharing about how I LOVE the smell of SHARPIES.

    So when I just read yours...I HOWLED!!

    Because you're absolutely RIGHT!!!

    God, doesn't it amaze you how our Libra minds think alike??

    What a funny lady you are!

    And thanks for sharing it!!

    Hope you're having a great Monday, Anndi!

  18. Afternoon Akelamalu!'re last line was so CUTE!

    Hey, I didn't know whether you had the name brand, Sharpie in Europe or not...but it's GREAT to hear you use felt tips the same way!!

    I think their pretty much the same thing.

    Creative minds think alike!

    Always a pleasure seeing and talking to ya, Akelamalu!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Happy Monday!

  19. Hi Diane!

    It's so nice seeing you!

    OMG...your comment made bust out laughing!

    How cute! just gave me a GREAT idea too.

    I could start breeding Sharpee's to be rescue dogs and call them...

    Rescue Sharpees!


    Thanks so much for stopping by today, Diane!

    It's a pleasure talking to ya!

    Have a GREAT Monday!

  20. Hi Trublmaka!

    HOLY COW....I've seen Pretty Woman like 50 times, and I don't even remember her using a Sharpie on her boot!?!?

    Maybe, subliminally...I DO remember it, and that's what gave me the GREAT idea!!

    So THANK YOU..Julia Roberts!


    It's great to hear you've enjoyed Sharpies in this same way too, Trubl!

    And you're right....they don't work as well on all things!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Trubl!

    Always nice seeing ya!

  21. You love the smell of Sharpies and Elmers glue??? That explains alot. LOLOLOL Just kiddin'! ;)

  22. Sharpies ROCK! Now with all the colors they have out, you could color your whole wardrobe.

    My Sharpie was confiscated at a House of Blues concert because it was deemed, "a potential weapon." I guess security thought I might get up in the talent's faces and draw "Grocho" glasses and mustaches on them. LOL

  23. Welcome to the world of motherhood! lol!

  24. lol. That is hilarious! I don't believe I've ever used Sharpies on my clothes, but I have used them on shoes and picture frames and some dark wood furniture.

  25. Whoa! just like a super hero...swoooosh. TA-DA! Have no fear...Sharpie Man to the rescue. It would be cool if you had a belt like a holster but intead of had every color imaginable, oh and a cape too.

    Las Vegas...summer of 1970

    Oh crap...there's trouble at the Flamingo Barber Shop. Um, the barber accidently sheared Elvis's right sideburn and he has a big performance to do...ahuh...ahuh.

    Sharpie man to the rescue...DFon't move Elvis...this won't hurt a bit. can open your eyes...see, good as new King.

    Elvis: Thank you Sharpie Man...thank you...thank you very much...ahuh ahuh.

    hehehehe. Ron you bring out the kid in me...I couldn't help but play along.

    Ciao sweetie. um...Elvis was still living in 1970, wasn't he? If not go back further in time. hehehe.

  26. Hi Crystal Chick!

    You're RIGHT!!!!

    One day while I was at work, and acting kind of CRAZY (which is how I always act at work), a sales associate looked at me, with a completely serious look on his face and said...

    "You ain't right..."

    OMG, M, I don't think I ever laughed so hard in my life!!!

    I should have answered him, "It's all those Sharpies and Elmer Glue I SNIFF!"

    Thanks for stopping by again, M!

    Always a pleasure!

  27. OMG...Lady Nitebyrd!!!!

    That's too damn FUNNY!

    They confiscated your SHARPIE???

    Damn...I suprised they don't start doing that on planes!!?!?

    Ya know...I need to get more colored sharpies and start experimenting with my other clothes and things.

    But you know ME...Mr. GOTH...everything in my wardrobe is practically BLACK!


    Always great talking to ya, Nitebyrd!

    Thanks for stopping, by today!

    Enjoy your evening!

  28. Hiya Trixie!

    So nice to see ya!

    Boy...I bet as a mom, you could write a BOOK on all the many uses for Sharpies, and also a lot of over things!

    It could be called, "101 TRIX for Sharpies and Other Things, by Trixie!!!

    I'd definately buy it!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Trixie!

    Enjoy your evening!

  29. Hi Jewelstreet!

    Welcome...and thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    Nice meeting you!

    Hey, I quickly just clicked over to your blog and saw some of the FABULOUS jewelry that you create...WOW!

    What great blog!

    Crystal Chick, who also stops by here, makes fabulous jewelry too! If you have some time, please visit her Etsy Page link on the left sidebar - Designs by MC.

    And aren't Sharpies the BEST for fixing little things, here and there? I've only tried the black Sharpie on a few pieces of my clothing. I have no idea how they'd be for colored articles.

    Please stop by anytime.

    You're always welcomed!

  30. Good Evening Miss Jones!

    You can be a KID here anytime...cause you're freaking HILARIOUS!!!

    What a great story!

    Ya know...I could actually HEAR the voice of Elvis when you wrote..."ahuh ahuh."

    How cute!!

    Hey...and there you Go...

    ...another GREAT way to use a Sharpie!

    While searching for photos for this post, I saw one image of a woman drawing a moustach on a guy, it was funny. He looked like Snidely Whiplash!


    And yes....I think Elvis was still alive in the 70's.

    One of these days, when you and I meet for coffee, I want to share about when I performed in Vegas for two months!!! You'll totally identify with it.

    Vegas is something, isn't it?

    I enjoyed visiting there for a time, but I don't think I could actually live there, could you?

    Anyway, my dear Spiky...thank you for always leaving such "good stuff" on Vent.

    We ALL enjoy it!

    Have a great evening!

    Ciao bella

  31. LOL ANY attempt at potentially contributing to this post was utterly lost when I hit the comments.

    Heck if I know what I was gonna say...LOL

  32. Hiya Mel!

    You always make me LAUGH!

    I KNOW....aren't the comments people leave HYSTERICAL???

    I'm so blessed!

    And ALL about a SHARPIE!!!

    So glad you stopping by, dear Mel!

    Always wonderful seeing you!

  33. I no shit you...I already did the Sharpie-on-the-chair. Color faded on one of the little tiny what do you call...bumps on the office chair. You know, how the used car dealers must do to trade ins with leather seats? Now if I could put pinstriping on this sucker that might help me sell it. You see, it's the freeloading leech loser of an Ex's chair. He didn't take it, so I'magonna sell it.
    Did you get my email?
    HEY...I just thought of something. I wonder if Sharpie would work on my gray hair!

  34. Forgot to mention, that I can remember when Elvis died, I was just a wee grasshoppa, I believe it was 1978 when the world lost The King.
    And I'm a frugal, (brokeass) practical chick, so went to Payless shoes over the weekend. I needed shoes for work-something covering the toes, cheap and comfortable (girl works 12 hours, you know?) So frugal, practical, brokeass me goes STRAIGHT for the clearance $8 ones and since it was "buy one, get one half off, I got ANOTHER clearance pair for 4 BUCKS.) I haven't been that happy in friggin' AGES. SCOOOOOOOOOORE!

  35. "I love the smell of Sharpies in the morning...they smell of..." Ah who am i kidding they smell like Sharpies, but ya gotta admit that not a bad intro.

    And wouldn't a good how to oxymoron book title be "Sharpies of Dummies"?

  36. OMG Debi!

    SEE!!! SEE!! the damn "sharpie thing" WORKS, doesn't it?

    Hey...Pinstriped...that's a good idea! Maybe I could do that to my shirts!


    It probably would work on gray hair too, and just's PERMANANT! So you'd only have to do touch-ups.

    YAY...I found another FRUGAL blogger!!!

    And isn't PAYLESS the best place to do FRUGAL? got two pair of shoes for $12.00!?!?

    I find the best darn shoes at Payless too!

    I can only wear leather shoes, and I've gotten a lot there. I have one pair, that people think are actually Kenneth Cole.

    (and I just let them think that, too)

    Thanks for letting me know about Elvis. I figured it had to be either late 70's or early 80's.

    I haven't checked my emails since earlier this evening, but I'll go check them now, to see if yours is there.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Debi!

    And for sharing some Sharpie advice!

    Have a GREAT evening!

  37. Howdy Mr. Jeff!

    HOLY MOLY COW!!!!!

    You KILL me, man!

    That's a freaking AWESOME title for a Dummies book!!!

    I need to google that to see if something like that actually exists!

    And I mean it...I really DO love the smell of Sharpies.

    It's right up there with the smell of a doll's head!

    (please don't ask)

    Always great seeing and talking to ya, buddy!

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by tonight!

  38. Hehehehe yep! Get yaself a green sharpie and color that sucker in! :-) I forgot to mention that when I was a teen ... my friends and I use to use sharpies to color our HAIR in too!!!

    Nothing too extreme... just little streaks here and there of the colors of our school sports teams!

    SHarpies are the best!

    Wow Ronnie I sware your amount of readers have increased A LOT!!!

    Well GOOD! Anyone that hasn't found your blog yet are missing out big time!!!

    Ooooo and I didn't know 'Trixie' read your blog!!! ... (she's my Aunty Vi!) :-) xx

  39. Yes, Dahling, it was a buy one, get one half off thing. I got sneaker mules and full sneaker. They're a little too white. Maybe I'll take a Sharpie to 'em, eh? Different color Sharpies. I'll just draw on some pinstriping LOL
    Dahling, I'm a coupon clippin, coupon printin', sign-up-to-get-member-only coupons, rebate sending, clearance rack raidin', buy-only-on-sale and stock up to my wimpy checking account balance's content.
    What's funny as hell is my FreeloadingLeechLoser X-B (let's call him 'Loser' for short, shall we?) was nothing like me. Didn't believe in buying things on sale, was financially irresponsible, bought stupid crap, had bankruptcy, no job, no home and no future.
    So you see, dahling, we smart frugal ones are da dog's ass in pajamas! LOL

  40. I can see the title of your new book now...1001 Uses for the Sharpie! The best part is they make Sharpies in tons of colors now. This reminds me of a lady I knew when I was teaching. She was the substitute in the class next to mine. She had on a white blouse and she had some major stain on the front of it - which she didn't notice until she got to school. She got the brillant idea to use 'liquid white out' to cover her stain - not such a good idea. Didn't blend well at all. Stick to using Sharpies! Enjoyed my visit :)

  41. Morning Debi in Hawaii!

    Great seeing ya, again!

    Just wanted to let you know that I checked my emails, but did not find any from you.

    I wonder where that email, went???

    Maybe the EMAIL ZONE!

    Have a great day, Debi!

  42. Hi Deb

    So nice seeing ya!

    Thanks for stopping by!!

    Your comment about the liquid white-out made me LAUGH, because I can't tell you how MANY times I've used it to repair things too (not anything cloth, though). I'm constantly filling in little chips on the white enamel around the doorways and also the walls!!!

    My next book title....101 Uses for Liquid White-Out!


    Thanks again for stopping by, Deb!

    Hope you have an AWESOME day!

  43. Hi Giggles!

    See!!! Debi was just asking about the use of a Sharpie on the hair!!!

    My god....can you imagine if hair product companies came out with a new special type hair dye pen called...SHARPIE?!?!?

    Yes...Trixie and I met a little over a month ago...I LOVE her blog! She's a RIOT! And I had no idea she was your Aunt!!! Very cool lady!

    Just like YOU!

    Thanks for stopping by again, Giggles!

    Have a great day!

    P.S. and thank you for your kind words, dear one!

  44. PS Tune in tomorrow Ron there's a little something for you. x

  45. Aw it probably is hiding in the same place that socks disappear to.
    I'll send another from a different email address. That always seems to work. (I have my website on signature from that account I used, and I *suspect* it got filtered out as SPAM SPAM SPAM!)

  46. OMG, Akelamalu....I always LOVE your suprises!!!

    I'll definately be stopping by tomorrow!

    Good seeing ya, again!

  47. Hiya Debi!

    Oh, RATS!!

    Listen, I just got online for the evening, and I'll be checking my emails soon!

    Hope you had a great day!

  48. <-- laughed out loud today when she took a Sharpie to the scuff mark on her black heels.

    <-- said (when she got an odd look for the laughter) "It's Ron's fault..."

    Just needed to report! LOL

  49. BRAVO Mel!!!!!'ve joined the Sharpie Brigade!

    Oh, let them look at you ODD...but I bet they have a TON of ugly scuff marks on THEIR shoes!


    Thanks for reporting, dear Mel!

    Have a SHARP evening!!!

  50. I got a pair of Dickies black pants for work but I hated the way the label on the back was so bright red. So one day I had a girl at work take a sharpie and color it in. You can still tell it was red at one time, but at least it's not super bright red standing out there saying "Hey you, look at me, I'm on her butt!" or anything like that.

  51. Hiya Orange Ninja!


    OMG....that's TOO damn funny!!!

    And I know exactly what you mean about the RED label on Dickies....I mean, do thing they could get the thing any REDDER????

    Talk about OVERKILL advertising!!

    Thanks for stopping by today, dear friend!

    And thanks for sharing your SHARPIE story!

    Enjoy your evening!

  52. LOL I accidentally uh, got a little bleach on my red shorts (like I'd do that on purpose, right?) and my Mom suggested a red sharpie to the rescue....damn skippy it worked;) LOL

  53. Hi LaneBoyzMom!

    Welcome!....thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

    It's very nice meeting you!

    OMG...that's FUNNY!!!

    SEE!!! Other person who has had a Sharpie to the rescue!!!

    I've not tried the colored Sharpies yet, but I imagine they work as JUST as well!

    Thanks again for stopping by today, LBM...and for sharing your great story.

    Please drop by're always welcomed!

    Enjoy your evening!