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Today I thought I’d share my love and adoration for all things feline.

I truly love and appreciate all of God’s creatures, big and small.

(with the exception of a few retched PEOPLE CREATURES that I work with)

Oh, yea…and I’m also not fond of pigeons!

Now, mind you…I would never harm them in anyway, but if you lived in a city such as I do…and had to walk in Washington Square Park, through a sea of 500 meandering pigeons who suddenly decide to FLY in your face…you’d understand what I mean.

(I feel like Tippi Hedren…in the movie, The Birds)

And besides that…I can’t stand how they “gang-up” and steal peanuts from the squirrels (who I happen to love).

And one of my biggest enjoyments of pigeons, is how one of them will casually decide to land on my backpack while I’m quietly sitting on a park bench…and boldly start rummaging through it; searching for gum wrappers and my debit card.

Pigeons are nothing more than FLYING GREEDY GARBAGE DISPOSALS!!!!!

(ok…deep cleansing breath, Ron…now let it go)

Anyway…getting back to cats…

Growing up, I had always heard that cats were sneaky, and possessed by some demonic power, and that they enjoyed sitting on a baby’s chest in the middle of the night; sucking all the breath out them.


(ok…I admit to being dramatic, but that misconception is WAAAAY dramatic!!)

I mostly admire cats, because of their independence and devil-may-care attitude.

And I always share with those who say they don’t like cats, “To know one…is to love one.”

Cats are more human than most people realize.

Like people, some cats are stand-offish, and yet others are very affectionate and enjoy being close.

Cats are cautious little creatures, however, I find that wise and intelligent.

They can be defiant and uncontrollable.

(but so can I)

Most cats are low maintenance, and require very little attention.

They have a wonderful sense of who they are…and don’t give a damn if anyone likes them or not.

Cats are keen observers and have a tremendous amount of patience.

They reserve their energy, and will never exude anymore than what’s needed.

But I think the most endearing thing that I love about cats…is watching how they sleep.

I don’t care WHERE they lay their carcass, whether it be on your bed pillow; leaving a blanket of cat hair, or high on a bookshelf, with their legs dangling off the edge…they ALWAYS look comfortable.

My favorite thing to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon, was to lie on the couch with my cats and snuggle with them.

And just the sound of their gentle purring…was enough to have me drifting off into La La Land, within minutes.


I LOVE you, Cats

But I'm NOT fond of you, Pigeons

(you, PUTAS!)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone...MEOW!


  1. Having my first of coffee as I read my "Morning Ron" while watching "Morning Joe" :)

    Remember Ringo, my guru, dog? Well, on our recent trip we left him with a gentleman and his wife. They are the only people I trust to keep him. We adopted him from the Safe Animal Shelter, and he has quite a few issues. :O I was worried because they have a cat, and Ringo can be aggressive at times.

    I was especially concerned about "Chipper, the cat" getting near Ringo's things, because he is not into sharing! As they say..Ringo requires a firm hand.

    When they met Ringo was hyper, and Chipper (a gorgeous cat, by the way) was cool and aloof.

    I called every day to see how things were going (and I admit it..I missed my Ringo boy), and they would say all was fine.

    Well, not only did Chipper get along with Ringo..I think she cast a spell on him. He even allowed her to sleep in his bed!!! He was happy to see us, but sad to leave her.

    I may have to get Ringo a cat of his very own now! I may go back to the Safe Animal Shelter and let him find a feline friend. :)
    Hmmm...maybe the couple will allow Chipper spend the weekend with us..that is if SHE decides to grace us with her presence! hee, hee

    Last night I had my red wine with you, and this morning I had my coffee with you. A good way to end and begin a day! Thank you.

    Luv Ya!

    Ps I love all creatures, but there is something about pigeons that irritate me, just a little. I still say..crows rule!!

  2. Cats RULE! (dogs drool).. Haha.
    I love our three kitties. Spooky, our pure white, odd-eyed cat, who "dropped from the skies" and landed on our porch on Father's Day last year, is one of the most unique, cuddly and smart cats I've ever known. She flops to have her belly rubbed, she has a sweet little mew, and she's a survivor!
    Have a great weekend Ron, Meow meow!

  3. Ha, that picture at the bottom could easily be one of the three tiger striped tabbys we have. Notice that I didn't say own? I'm firmly convinced that no one ever owns a cat!

    You are so right about how comfortable they look sleeping. I think they could flop down on a bed of broken glass and still look relaxed, and of course cool.

    Haven't had too many run ins with the pigeons. Guess I should count myself lucky.

  4. Good Morning Dear Gypsy-Heart!

    You and I are ALWAYS having our coffee and wine at the EXACT same time!!!

    (ok...let me take a sip of my coffee...)

    OMG...I LOVED your story about RINGO!!!

    I've seen photos of your little canine boy and he's so handsome!

    Hey, listen....I've always had cats AND dogs growing up (my mother is such an animal lover), so what you shared here about Ringo and Chipper doesn't suprise me, because our cats and dogs got along better than our cats. There was nothing more precious than watching Ginger (the dog) and Ashley (the cat) take naps together! was so CUTE!!!

    Cats can sometimes be very territorial with other cats. Even the two that I had at one time (a momma cat and her son) use to FLIP-OUT on one another. It was kind of funny to watch though!

    tee, hee!

    Hey....I happen to LOVE cows too!!! Don't they have the most precious little faces???


    Thanks SOOOOO much for starting your morning off with a visit here, dear friend. I so enjoy our chats!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Gypsy!

    Love ya!

    P.S. moo....moo!

  5. Good Morning Kate!

    Hey...I thought of you when I wrote this last night, because of your avatar!!!

    I knew you were a cat lover too!!!

    I actually love dogs also, it's just that for me...the perfect roommates seem to be cats.

    OMG...your kitty family sounds WONDERFUL!!!

    I love the name Spooky. My aunt had a wonderful dog once, named that!

    And there is something to be said about cats and their NINE LIVES isn't there????

    They're definitely survivors!

    Thanks a BUNCH for stopping by and sharing in this FELINE LOVE post, Kate!

    Always enjoyable sharing with ya!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Howdy Mr. Jeff!

    Morning, bud!

    Oh, that's FUNNY about the cat in that last photo resembling one of your tiger kitty's, because Jerry (the male cat I once had) looked just like that too! In fact, that's one of the reasons why I loved that photo. said it, Jeff!! No one ever OWNS a cat!!!

    (cats are self-employed)


    And your comment about a cat sleeping on a bed of broken glass made me LAUGH...because it's SOOOOO true!!

    Aren't they funny little creatures??

    And count your blessings about the pigeons...

    ...because you haven't LIVED until you've had one POOP on you!!

    Thanks for stopping by today, buddy!

    Always a BLAST!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh, a guy after my own heart! I LOVE cats.

    I'll have to do a post about my precious J.D. and how he came to be without his eyes.

    You'll love this story. Maybe next week.

    Have a great weekend, Ron!

  8. Afternoon Mama Dawg!

    Hey...I wonder how I knew that!?!?

    I guess anyone who loves squirrels as much as I do...MUST love cats as well!!!

    Aren't they AWSOME??

    Hey...please DO post a share about J.D....that sounds like something that would be VERY beautiful! I'd love to read it!

    You're the Cats Meow, Mama Dawg!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

    Enjoy you weekend!

  9. I agree with you about pigeons Ron. I'm not a cat person, I don't mind them but I'd rather have a dog. :)

  10. Hey Ron ... Such awesome description of the felines and the pigeons. Pretty funny.

    Frankly speaking i don't like either. Pigeons, just for their bloody habit to shit wherever they like. They just don't give a damn. The places may include the houses or bridges or which ever place it would suite least. They are in this habit to just paint the darkish looking place poopy-yellowish-white.

    And cats, i just find them spooky. I mean there glowing eyes or their whole sudden shout or their nasty jumps and runs. Everything is just so non-normal. Moreover have you ever heard their crying-baby-like sounding quarrels? If you haven't, try listening to them in a dark night with deafening silence. You sure will understand what i am talking about :)

  11.'s no well kept secret that Mel isn't so fond of cats.
    It's also no well kept secret that for SOME stupid reason, cats are fond of ME.

    No kidding....I've had 'em come out of hiding to find me and try to win my attention and affection.

    *shaking head*
    Silly things....the room can be filled with cat lovers and where do they come.....?!?!?!!


    And I'm not that keen on pigeons either....LOL
    If they start comin' for me, I'm GONE!

  12. First off: pigeons are rats with wings!

    I miss having cats. We had two lovely twin boys living with us: Boris and Igor.

    Boris was the hunter... Igor the lounger.

    My first ever pet was a beautiful calico girl, Coquette.

    I got her when I was little because I was lonely and petered my parents for a pet. Mom offered to get me a parrot. I refused... I was convinced the only words it would learn were: "Ann, time for bed!"

    My mother shared the story with the ladies at work who thought it was the cutest thing. Someone mentioned it to the sisters that live in the convent nearby and they had a lot of "wild" cats in their barn. They had never given one of their cats... but they made an exception for me. Aren't I special!

    Coquette lived to the ripe old age of 16. I miss her tenderizing my stomach with her front paws when I lay on the couch.

    Cats are the coolest...

  13. I love kitties. I think Like them, I walk like them. I circle my prey as I watch them squirm and shift from foot to foot. I purr like a kitty when I am sated and that pic you posted. hehehe.

    heheheh. (Pigeons...You Putas) hehehehe I laughed my ass off reading that. Why 2-3 weeks ago I had to tell my son what that meant seeing he used it but had no idea what it meant.

    I'm more cat like...but I like dogs too...if they are nice dogs. californais law is You have to have your dog on a leash when out in public. such law. A cat does what a cat does...anything it wants. hehehe, sound more like me all the time.

    Fabulous post ronnie baby...have a wonderful weekend. I have to get going a dish of milk, um...hehehe, I meant a glass of milk. hehehe.


    Ciao babe.

  14. Evening Akelamalu!

    Totally hear ya, dear lady!

    I know that some people enjoy either-or (cat or a dog).

    As passionate as I feel about kitties...I know that other people feel the exact same way about doggies!

    They're BOTH awesome!!!!

    Thanks a lot for dropping by today, Akelamalu!

    It's ALWAYS great sharing with ya!

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  15. Good Evening Amit!

    Your comment about BOTH made me LAUGH!!!!

    OMG...the pigeon poop thing is enough to make me insane!!! In the park where I like to's EVERYWHERE!! I have to make sure and check the benches before I sit down. And I've even had them poop on my head while flying over me!!!

    And cats....

    ...I know MANY people who feel the exact same way as you, so I totally understand.

    Cats are an aquired taste...and people seem to feel one way or another about them.

    We can't all like the same things, ya know?

    But I DO SO appreciate your insightful observations on BOTH!

    Thanks for stopping by, Amit!

    I always enjoy your thoughts!

    Have a great weekend, buddy!

  16. Hiya Dear Mel!

    OMG...your comment was wonderful!!

    Ya see...the thing about cats is this...

    ...they're EXTREMELY intuitive little creatures, and they can sense a "warm and kind soul" from miles away.

    So THAT'S why they come to you, Mel!

    And also, with cats...they like to be the one who approaches FIRST. So YOU, being more reserved about them... it gives them the "space" they like, to introduce themselves.

    I totally understand that not everyone enjoys cats to the extent that I do, and that's ok...we can't all enjoy the same things.

    Honestly...I was NEVER fond of cats until I actually had one...and now...I'm in love with them!!!

    Thanks a BUNCH for stopping by, Mel!

    I always enjoy our chats!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Helloooooo Anndi!!!!

    OMG,'s SOOOOOOO wonderful seeing you!

    I've missed our conversations! I go AGAIN talking about the "Libra Thing" but....

    ...I TOO had a calico cat when I lived in NYC and her name was Mary-Ann!!! And she had the most sweetest personality. I've heard that Calico's are known for that!

    And it's extremely RARE to find a MALE Calico for some reason!?!?!

    OMG...and your twin boys (Boris and Igor) sound ADORABLE!!!

    I miss having cats too. I really should get one, cause it's the perfect pet for a Libra, isn't it? Low maintenance!!!

    Both of my cats lived until they were 19 years!! And as I'm sure you was very difficult saying goodbye.

    And your story about the parrot made me HOWL!!!

    My mother had one for YEARS...and the DAMN thing would SCREAM at the top of it's lungs every morning. made me go INSANE!!!

    I am SO NOT a morning person. And I need quite.

    Thanks a so much for stopping by today, Anndi!

    It was wonderful talking to you!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

    And I hope all is well for you!

  18. Dear Miss Jones!!!

    And how did I just KNOW that you loved cats?????


    I know people think I'm nuts for saying this (but I don't care)...

    ...cats have a female energy about them, and I think that's WHY I enjoy them so much.

    I too LOVE dogs, and have always had them as pets growing up, but for perfect roommate will always be a cat. I just adore them!

    And I'm so glad you enjoyed the YOU PUTAS line, because it was a last minute thought, and like you, I LAUGHED when I wrote it!!!

    Living in Florida, I have SO many Latin friends...and of course, the first thing they all taught me, were the curse words! A very close of friend of mine in Florida, is from Puerto Rico...and everytime we email one another, she and I alway end it with a CURSE word!!!


    Anyway, dear Spiky...I can't thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule and stopping by for a chat!

    I ALWAYS enjoy it!!!

    ooooh...and today is Friday, so I guess your post is up!!!

    I'll be going over there soon!

    Have a great weekend, Miss Jones!

    Ciao bella!

  19. Welllllllll....I gotta tell ya, Ron--that's all good in theory but I've tested it out already. And whether I approach them or give them a bazillion miles of distance--some people are 'chick magnets'....I would be a 'cat magnet'. LOL

    I've got a few that plop at my feet, sprawl themselves out and paw at my shoes until I get to the business of petting them.
    And then there's the one that comes down OVER my shoulder from the back of the couch and just sorta glides down until she's nudging my face...cuz I've 'ignored' her too long, apparently?

    Perhaps it's because cats and I are so alike?
    Come to think of it, I do likewise to the Brit when I'm wanting attention.....LOL

  20. Morning Mel!

    OMG...that's so cute!

    SEE...the more UNattention you give them...the more they WANT!!!

    "MY" personality is definately similar to a cat's...and I think that's why I prefer them as roommates.

    I don't know, Mel...I suddenly have a wonderful vision of you sitting in a chair, with a cat wrapped around your neck and one on your you have your morning coffee!!!

    They truly are...delightful little creatures!

    Thanks for stopping by again, Mel!

    It's always nice talking to you while I'm sitting here having my morning coffee!

    Have a CAT-FABULOUS DAY!!!


  21. What the hell is that pigeon doing?

    I LOVE cats. Any kind. Well ... those hairless ones are a wee bit creepy. My current cat, Diva, is a reincarnated human. She is the least graceful cat I've ever met. She HATES to be touched but I love her anyway.

    Pigeons = rats with wings. UGH!

    One of my favorite movies is "The Birds." I just got my "The Birds" Barbie to go along with my Madame Alexander "The Birds" doll. If they make a "The Birds" troll doll, Ron - I'm on it for you!

  22. Good Evening Nitebyrd!


    Another CAT LOVER!!!

    Somehow I just KNEW you'd enjoy them!!!

    eeeeew....and me TOO...the ones that are hairless are kind of creepy!! I don't know...I like to see a cat with HAIR!!!

    OMG...your cat DIVA sounds EXACTLY like one I use to have (Zoe). She was part Siamese and I think she thought she was Egyptain Royalty. And same here...god forbid if you tried to touch her!!!!

    I LOVED her though.

    She was a very strong-willed cat, and I really admired that!

    You and Anndi described Pigeons perfectly....Rats with Wings!!!

    And you're a RIOT about the Birds Barbie Doll!! How the hell did you find that??? And they ACTUALLY make a Birds Madam Alexander Doll??

    Who knew??

    And yes...don't you just LOVE the movie??? It has one of OUR favorite stars too....Suzanne Pleshette!!!!

    Thanks a BUNCH for stopping by today, Nitebyrd!

    It's ALWAYS so great talking to my twin sister!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!


  23. P.S. Nitebyrd...those nasty pigeons are FORNICATING!!!

  24. I know just what you mean about the City and the birds/pigeons. We've sat in the park a few times and between people watching and checking out the antics of some birds it's hard to have a conversation. LOL
    Hey, speaking of Tippi Hedron, we saw her recite 'The Raven' at a Halloween show the Philadelphia Orchestra did years back at the A of M.
    Fabulous. She's a fellow cat lover too, altho the BIG variety. Lions!
    Worked for years with a preserve, either she funded or developed?

    House cats I've always had. My first was named 'Cinnamon', then had one I think we named Tabby, but memory is shoddy on that particular cat. Then had a 'Tinkle' that hubby adopted for me as companionship while I was pregnant with our daughter. That was her name on the card at the adoption center so we kept it.
    A baby of Tinkle's that we kept we named 'Harry' who had extra toes on his front feet. 'Rocky' was a white cat with one blue eye and one green eye that we found roaming around a greenhouse we used to get our plants from. Then there was 'T.P.' short for trailer park. Our friend found her under his trailer up in Pennsylvania and with small living quarters and already having a dog, we took her in. Hey, we had a dog too!!! (Wilbur, bless his heart) And a small house! But knowing we were the animal lovers having had birds and hampsters and goldfish and an IGUANA, don't ask.... we were always known to be pet people. My girlfriend said one time she wanted to come back as one of my cats! lol

    So now, we have Ollie dog, a Viszla. We have Rev, the Ridgeback/Lab combo you saw on my last post. And we have .....

    I sometimes call her
    She's a cat that Ron rescued as a tiny baby kitten on a construction site over in Philly. She was barely a couple weeks old and my daughter bottle fed her and she peed on a cotton ball being so little.
    She's a bitch.
    Talk about having a mind of their own.
    Her mind says 'lowly human, come near me and I'll claw your eyes out'.
    Guess she never lost the Philly alley cat attitude her mother and father must have had. LOL
    She's rough, that's all I can say. Hates to be held, loathes being petted unless she's in the mood, which you don't know until you try to pet her and either get to feel her nice fur for a minute or draw back a bloody nub. We all pretty much just leave her alone. She gets her breakfast by hubby, is
    given treats fairly often
    by me and I talk to her nice and give her a little pat on the head but otherwise, I stay away too. She used to sleep on
    my son's bed, he was the only one in the house she loved. But now that Rev is bounding room to room, she's pissed again and just keeps to herself, usually in the kitchen up on a high shelf or top of the t.v. on the fridge.

    I have to say that as much as I love animals and have always had pets, when these 3 babies get older and pass on, I soooo don't want any more. Hub says he has to have a dog, always and forever. Me, not so much. They are a lot of work. And messy.... OMG, you have no idea.... LOL

    Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend!!

  25. Good Morning Crystal Chick!

    Yes...I had seen a few documentaries on Tippi Hedren about her large cat preserve. In fact, she was actually bit by one of the cats that she raised!!! I think it was a lion!!!

    Oh...and I bet that was FABULOUS hearing her recite the RAVEN!!! Especially around Halloween!!!

    How COOL!

    (did you know that she is Melanie Griffith's mother??)

    OMG... Greta sounds similar to the cat I onced had (ZOE)!!! I think that was so wonderful of Ron to have rescued her. And how CUTE...she peed on a cotton ball!
    It's probably as you said, M...she's a "street cat" and I think once they're born in that environment...they always have that inside of them...

    ...and EDGE!

    But it's kind of the same way with people too. City people have an "edge" too!

    (I know that I do)

    Boy, really DO sound like an animal lover!!!

    Aren't they the best? Sometimes I would much rather be around animals than most people!

    That's one of things I enjoy about a cat....

    ...besides the litter box, they really are very low maintenance. My cats were always INDOOR they were very clean and neat about using the litter box, but I always kept up with it too. Cause I'n SURE you know what a nasty litter box smells like!?!?!


    Anyway, M...thanks a BUNCH for sharing all this "good stuff" about animals!

    I always enjoy sharing with you, dear lady!

    Hey...isn't the weather this weekend...FLAWLESS???

    I've been working this whole weekend, but I have off Monday and Tuesday, so I can't wait to get outside and enjoy it!!

    Enjoy your Sunday, M!

  26. HEAR HEAR for FELINES! I love cats of all sorts. Thanks for posting this one. And the image of cat through fishbowl is really funny! What a great pic! Glad to see you are well--- I too needed some "morning ron" as Gypsy said!


  27. Hi Ron,

    I don't know what to say, since I'm so darn late in commenting, everyone's already said it all... Hmmm...
    I hope you're having a nice Sunday...

    Okay... When I was growing up, my mom (Bless her soul in heaven), used to feed ALL the neighbourhood cats + our one indoor cat! I always used to say there was ALWAYS more cat food then people food in our house... And, my mom even friend fresh liver in a cast iron skillet (just plain, like that) for the cats.. It smelled sooo foul and wrong.. that it made me GAG!! YUCKK!!!

    Well, when my mom and step-dad moved to another part of town, my mom insisted in adopting all the stray cats that would come and eat food on our porch twice a day (we kids had to feed them, too). My dear mom couldn't stand the thought of leaving the cats behind- who would feed and take care of them (they were tearing our house down as well as the four other houses down to the corner of Sunset Blvd. She really loved all the cats... She brought them all to live with them in their new house and they lived there for many, many years until it was their time to depart to kitty heaven in the sky.... I still have lots of pictures of them.. I loved them a lot!!
    Also, I don't like pigeons, but I like the cool, weird ones with big feathers around their feet and neck that they show at the fair every year.... Pigeons are scavengers and can spread menangitis!!!

    Have a nice day!

  28. Evening Sibyllae!

    It's SOOOOOO great seeing ya!!!

    How are you???

    YAY!!! Another feline lover!!

    There's something SO mystical about cats, isn't there?

    It's like they just KNOW!!!

    I've always gotten my best "life lessons" from being around cats. Wonderful little "teachers" they are!

    So glad you enjoyed the first photo! When I saw it...I thought, "THAT'S a Cat!!!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Sibyllae!

    It's ALWAYS wonderful seeing ya!

    Hope you had a enjoyable weekend!

  29. Good Evening Leesa!!!

    No worries, my dear friend...I totally enjoy whenever you stop by!

    Hey...I think YOUR mother and MY mother were SISTERS!!!

    I swear to use to make my dad SO mad, that she insisted on feeding the cats BEFORE we ate OUR dinner!!!!

    And like YOUR mom, she use to cook chicken breasts just for them!

    eeeeew....I'm with YOU...LIVER is GAG ME!!!!

    My mother (as I'm sure it was for your mother) has a big "soft spot" for animals, and the thought of any of them, going hungry or abandoned...breaks her hear!

    I actually LEARNED how to appreciate and love animals through her, so I'm grateful for that!

    OMG...and PIGEONS!!!!

    Hideous creatures, aren't they?

    There's actually a little elderly man who walks aroung the park that I sit at, and WARNS people..."DO NOT FEED THE PIGEONS...THEY SPREAD DISEASE!!!

    *that's probably going to be ME when I get older!!


    Thanks OODLES for stopping by today, Leesa!

    I really enjoyed this share with you!

    (as ALWAYS)

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  30. Hope you had a great, pigeon free, weekend!

    What a wonderful and totally true tribute to cats.

    Right now Siren is on the back of the sofa, with everything but his butt under the throw and every now and then he wiggles his butt in his sleep. I can touch him a million times and he won't react but if I opened the treat jar ... ;)

  31. Okay I think we are going to have a love hate relationship. My grandmother told me that pigeons were rats with wings. I can agree with that. As far as cats, I am severely allergic to them.

    I have bad childhood memories of this demonic cat my father found on the street and brought home. I think he was possessed and figures that he loved my father. The cat would come up to me unprovoked and bite my leg. He would chase possums. And Watch Cat, that was his name would stand by the front door and keep my mother and I hostage in the house to not let us out.

    My mother would have to take a hose with water or a slab of beef to safely get us out the door.

    On one particular occasion I was sitting in my car waiting for my mother with the window open and the cat unbeknown to me was on the roof of the car. He hung his paw down and scratched me.

    My mother and I were just as devastated as my father was when the cat went missing. After causing stitches in the dog next door.

    Totally agree with you about pigeons, there disgusting creatures.

  32. Evening my wonderful cat loving Dianne!


    YES...of course YOU know that already!!!

    OMG...Siren sounds soooo cute!

    And that's very funny, because with both my cats, it was the same way...if I shook the little container of Kibbles and Bits Treats, I don't care WHERE they were or WHAT they were doing...they came a-running!!!!

    That's probably the ONLY form of control we have over cats, ya know?

    Thanks for stopping by tonight, Dianne!

    ALWAYS a joy sharing with ya!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, my friend!


  33. OMG....Domestic Diva...I wish you could have heard me LAUGHING my ass off at your comment!!!

    That was HYSTERICAL!!!

    I'm sorry to laugh, but when you said..."My mother would have to take a hose with water or a slab of beef to safely get us out the door"....I almost died!!!

    It's true...some cats can be just HORRIBLE little creatures at times.

    And this Watch Cat sounded like one of them!

    I can't help it though, something inside of me STILL loves them.

    (I wonder what that says about ME???)

    Hey...and listen, I too have a slight allergy to them. I didn't use to, but as both my cats got older, I developed it. My brother is like you...horribly allergic.

    OMG...I can't thank you ENOUGH for your WONDERFUL comment!

    It just made my evening!

    Hope you had a great weekend, Diva!

    Thanks for stopping by!